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  • Ran to work from Beeston image all feeling good got a bit narky at the bus driver who was over 10 mins late and i wasnt sure what time i would get to the trains station (as I had to run from center of LB out to train station).  Turns out I made it with plenty of time so image sorry bus driver for thinking bad thoughts about your driving abilities!

    There maybe chocolate at my house if husband remembers to pick some up at St Pancras on his way home - fingers crossed image

  • mmmmmm choclit

    I'm still feeling snotty, I've got the no frills duathlon on Sunday so i'm taking it easy till then, hopefully I'll be a bit better

    Go easy on the bus drivers Buttercup, they have feelings too image

    Keep up the chocolate Pirates

  • Oh I didnt say anything JP - am always polite to the bus drivers image it was narky on the inside!  And husband tells me there is chocolate in his bag - whether it makes it to our house is something else entirely image

  • image mmmmmm chocolate.

  • Out of interest guys, how long long do you spend training for the bike phase of Oly/Sprint distance per session in terms of time/miles/effort etc?

    I'm interested to know because unfortunately I don't have a bike (poor student) and even if I did invest in it I wouldn't really be able to use it in a city centre etc. I will buy one in 2014 at some point but won't really have access unless I'm at home. So instead I'm left with either the stationary standard bikes at the gym or the spin bikes but I am not entirely sure how to set them up.

    I'm asking about the bike because I've always ran through playing football and have no worry about that, and can barely swim 2 lengths front crawl so there's not much point asking about full training for swimming at the moment!!

  • JP - hope you recover for the weekend.

    Took the kids out on their bikes (I know I am resting but they are getting like caged animals because I haven't been up to doing much with them this week) we got caught in a few showers but made it to the cafe where I had a scone with home made plum jamimage I am not a big fan of jam but home made is special

    beanpole - depends how well you want to do really, but you do need to do some cycling. You could probably get a cheap bike off ebay or something, and use it for transport around the city centre - when I was a poor student I went everywhere on my bike! Much faster than walking and I never had to pay for the bus.... also, you can cycle to the countryside ...... depends which city you live in the centre of as to how far that would be....

    if your college/uni has a tri club you could join them for some swim training? You won't get to the bike bit without being able to swim

  • Beanpole - it's a bike race image with a swim to warm up and a jog to cool down - neglect the bike to your detriment - I would agreee with MC go on ebay and get the best bike your budget can run to and then go outside and bike a lot.  Except for when it's crap outside howling blizzard etc then get on your turbo and bike a lot inside.

    Oh and welcomes to the slippery slide of pirateyness image it's all down hill from heres!

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    My bike buying plans have hit the rocks... image Had a chat with OH and he doesn't think I should spend money on a new bike when I have my hybrid, no job and don't know where we're going to live next and when. All valid points, damn! Also got offered a used Planet X for £750 so very image but kind of have to agree with OH. And I do love my Charge Mixer as well and it'll get me fitter over the winter.

    Beanpole - you might want to put a wanted ad on on freecycle as well and have a look on gumtree for bikes as well, you might get really lucky and get one for free.

  • Elbeanpole, I got shown at spin class, something along the lines of sit on bike with one leg straight down with heel on pedal is the right height, also check with feet level that knee is directly over ankle.  Cannot remember how you know the closeness of handlebars bit, do what is comfortable to start with/ or ask gym person to set it up correctly, they in theory should know. I agree with others being on a bike for real develops skills not available in a gym.

    I feel a bit bruised from the massage and stretching last night but hope to get out later for a little plod.

  • pole on the very sim chance your sheffield baised these guys can help. link

  • mikasa - a shame, but you can get out and bike on your hybrid at least, develop strength etc and when you do have a job  and other stuff in life sorted then you can buy the one you really want

    right, I am starting to feel restless now so went for a little walk to be doing something that involved walking without it being taxing

  • did someone say chocolate?

    my clip problems aren't due to settings, but me not being familiar with it.  I'm used to toe clips so I keep trying to clip on the toe rather than the ball of the foot.  I'm also turbo'ing in the dark so I can't see what I'm doing...Don't ask!

    Mikasa, I had a very similar conversation wth her indoors, but I found a second hand road bike for 100 quid... she was OK with that...obviously I haven't mentioned the extra 100 for clips and road shoes... 

    I'm getting a bit anti-snob on this whole triathlon thing...when ponces are saying that their bike was £2K, I always say mine was £100...and I keep an eye on them...and during the race, it's my motivation to keep up with them and at the end when they are comparing times...I politely wonder if a £2K bike was really worth being only a few minutes faster than year...I aim to ask them their bike price as I over take them...(I just hope it happens)


  • image Good lad When they have a really posh bike and you overtake them on a giro they really don't like it. image

  • Ah Pete, I get understand your problem, it happens to me at times. I had to suss out where the cleat would be if it was on the top of the shoe, ie which strap it was near then I could have something to aim as a place to clip in and out. Seems at present my mind is forgetting and I seem to be making lots of fumbling attempts before I get in. The out is easier just think line dancing type move and move the heel out to disengage.


    I have walked tonight as hip area sore, even a walk was hard work.

  • pete - I like your tacticsimage having a good engine is much more important than how much your bike cost!

  • SteadyCJ wrote (see)

    Seems at present my mind is forgetting and I seem to be making lots of fumbling attempts before I get in.

    We're talking about clips right? I'm sure my wife has said something like this to me...image


  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Indeed, good engine is much more important than a fancy bike. And I definitely need to work on my engine more than I need a new bike and working on my old bike is free!  So hybrid work it is this winter. I need to HTFU!!!! image

    Starting to like running again. Only went for a 2 miler which ended up being 1.9mi. Did a new route which was much flatter and that helped my breathing so I think I just struggle to start a run going uphill.


  • Blimey, I forget how quickly it cracks on on here. Firstly, can someone hand me some chocolate!

    Aw JP, hope you recover from the man flu! A lot of it about. OH, just getting over his. Glad you're feeling better though Maths. Even with the kids keeping you on your toes. 

    Mikasa - keep the faith. Its all worth it in the end!

    Pete - you do make me chuckle image We've all had the clipless issues. I've endured some quality comedy topples getting used to clipless pedals. I can't wait to hear about you flying passed the TT brigade!

    Good work on the run Buttercup. Glad success this time on the runmute. 

    Spin spun today for me followed by 800m swim. Tried to swim yesterday but forgot my costume - imbecile! Popped a bit of cross trainer on the end of the session instead. 

  • I have half a bar of 70% Belgian chocolate if you want, get in fast as it will not be around by the end of tomorrow.

    I have forgotten my towel but not the cossie, usually I put that on before heading out to save time in the mornings.

    Spin class tomorrow.

  • Thanks for the advice everyone, it's something I'm going to have to look in to by the sounds of it.

    Cake - I'm in Notts so not too far away, but would be a long old ultra-run there to bike back!!image

    Mathschick - At my gym there is some form of Tri Club I believe, so may look in to that for some swim training but at the minute just trying to learn in the pool by swimming 3/4 times a week.

    Suckitup - that's a shame, I'm a huge fan of running!! image I'll do my best, I'm 6 foot 4 so will have to pin down a bike that has a fairly large frame size etc.

    SteadyCJ - Thanks. I asked the personal trainer and he didn't have much of a clue but came up with something which sounded fairly believable, but I adjusted it slightly as I was just too far away from the handlebars. I'll adapt to the way you've advised and see if that feels better.

  • oh I am in notts too!

  • Aw Steady you rule! Cheers lady! 

    Forgot to welcome Beanpole. Hellooo!!!!!! Remember, swim a bit, run a bit, bike A LOT! 

    Bedtime image

  • Beanpole, feeling you are too far away from the handlebars seems normal when you start out.

    I must go to bed now, early start as usual in the morning and it could be a very stressful day at work.

  • Evening! I was given a box of mini florentines and I very happy to share them with anyone.

    Welcome Beanpole. Great to have you join us.

    Just a 5 mile run today. But I do have some wonderful news. Two years ago two other ladies and myself set up our local parkrun. We have been shortlisted for the Mayor of London Team London Volunteer Awards! image Have to go to the award ceremony at the end of Nov to find out who has won.

  • Chili -  Really well done, good luck on the day!

    Hi Beanpole image

    I'm so frustrated to have hurt my calf, especially as I think I did it to myself out of impatience.  Oh well, better that than lethargy I suppose.

    I definitely need more tiger in my bike tank, but I don't worry at all about what kind of bike other people want to spend their money on, as long as I have a choice and don't have to spend thousands myself.

    Is there any more chocolate?

  • Awesome work Chili!! And DS there is always more chocolate mores the problem image 

    Beanpole I work in Notts as well live in Leicestershire tho' - apparently the Midlands is where all the cool people hangout image

  • Chili - hurah! Nice to hear you've been recognised for your work! image

    DS - sending you chocolate hugs! Ice, ibuprofen etc too! (Stern voice) "Now behave!"

    Very tired this morning, think an Apricot Croissant at Neros is in order! 

  • I'm into my 4th year in Notts now, it's a great city and not too big/busy. I live in Radford though *cue gasps* so I'll have to find a good bike route out of the city, I like Ruddington area and reckon there'd be some nice bike routes out that way.

    Also went for a jog last week in Rushcliffe Park for the first time, think that will be my new stomping ground!


    And well done Chili!

  • You are close to Wollaton park too - nice place to run. Or the Uni campus! Get a bike and you can quickly get out of the city and round country roads. NIce bike routes in any direction (except I guess heading down the A52 towards Derby which has got to be the worst road ever for traffic, even then once clear of the city there are nice places)

    Rushcliffe park is nice and there is 10k there in the spring - I think there is also a parkrun there on Saturday mornings (free timed 5k - google it if you haven't heard of them). Notts Uni has a great swimming pool and they put on aquathlons in the summer - so there must be a tri club on campus you could get involved in?

  • I'm at Trent! image ... So I'm much closer to the city centre, my address is technically Radford although I'm a couple of mins from Uni.

    Yeah I've heard of them, definitely think I'll go to a few as it's a really nice place to run, I've got a 10k at Wollaton in November image

    My gym in West Bridgford has a swimming pool, I selected it on the basis that it had good facilities for endurance sports so it's all about learning to swim there image

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