Training for a shorter Tri



  • cake - well done!! your report made me chuckle as the very first time I met you - at Rother Valley you were running late and Sarah was parking! You left your bags with me while I waited for a short person to walk past...(I hadn't met Sarah before at that point)..image

    Sarah, well done on getting the timing right with the ice cream!! Must mention that to my OH...image though the kids might keep telling him that I am almost finished so they keep getting to eat the dripping ice cream image

    brick done

  • The short one is nice image you should do it! Go on ride the bike Bookie!!

  • right marathon done and legs in bits! 3:14:06

    need to learn how to swim and cycle a bike in 14 weeks!

    training starts tomorrow with a swim. gonna go for 40 lengths. try 4 x 10 at a nice easy pace.

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Well done Rich26, take this week easy as you are recovering from a marathon, gentle swims and a little bike ride.

    EP, ooh creepy dr sounds horrid.

    Cake I may take you up on the offer of ice cream, seem to remember when I first met you when I did the Outlaw as a relay back in 2012 and had some of your beer.

  • 1. EP. Getting hearing aids was a revelation for me. Now I can switch annoying people off. It's all a bit of a slow process but the audiology depts I was sent to were absolutely brilliant. Long queue to get in but once in it was at least as good as the private docs my work uses.

    2. I remember Cake was pretty shitfaced  by the time I got to run at Outlaw 2012. Good man!

    3. Managed 5.7 miles today in just under 11 minute miling!!!! Tried to open the gas a bit at the end but Mr ticker slammed the brakes on after about 200 yards and came to an old mans shuffle for the last 10 yards whilst Lord H laughed.

    4. Motivated by today, I think I might try and enter Shinfield 10K as my comeback race. Only thing missing will be Cake and bacon sarnies!

    Keep it up all!

  • Cheers Mrs D, extra bike seems the way to go as I definitely lost the most time on the bike And as for becoming addicted to Tri, I'm definitely going to beat my time next year image 

  • Scouse Elvis....great name!

  • DB if you say his name three times there is a good chance he'll turn up at the race anyways image

    Run and swim yesterday.  Ran in new shoes from Uni to Long Eaton train station - slow - well it felt slow and my legs were not all that impressed with having springy new shoes - will wait a couple of weeks to see if they stop complaining or might just have to go back to ones like the old ones.  Swimble was okay - currently viewing the swimming as a means to get to do the bits I like more about tri's image not really enjoying it for itself.

  • Scouse Elvis image

    I've got new running shoes too ButterCup, I still havent found any that are fast enough, I'll keep looking image

    Nice bike to work this morning, swimming with the tri club tonight, a lot of shouting at me goes on there, they call it encouragement....................they are really mean, I'm used to swimming while chatting with the old folk on my breakfast club swims 


  • I enjoy swimming - even when I get shouted at! The coach at the swimming club is the best at shouting 'go faster' 'make the next one even faster' as if I wasn't trying my hardest anyway!! It is working though....

    I even enjoy just plodding up and down the pool by myself - means I can zone out about everything else in life, nothing else exists apart from me and the water.....I do the same when I am running me the escape I need from reality!

    maybe I should have a total rest today - I am supposed to be tapering and a 2 hour brick (it was just slow and gentle) yesterday may have been too much for taper time! I feel fine but I don't want to bugger up the marathon on Sunday! I'll take the kids on the bikes if they ask though...

  • buttercup - what are you new shoes and what were the old shoes? If they are not the same model what made you change?

  • Last ones were cheapies from Sports Direct that happened to be good for my feet

    Possibly should have just brought new ones of that model but wiggle were doing a sale on puma faas 500s and they had had good reviews so I got a pair figuring if they dont work they only cost 35 pounds and I could always just get a new pair if they dont work out.

    Legs felt better today on the run - I loosened the laces a bit and wore my compression socks.  Was very warm out this morning.

  • they are two different styles of shoe - the adidas is stability, for over pronators and the puma is for neutral gait. Not surprising that they would feel different and potentially cause issues on changing from one to the other. Just see how the new ones go, but don't risk a longer term injury if they are not right for you. 

    well, exciting things planned today - need to get youngest a new karate suit and get some stuff for the gerbils! image might end up needed to do some exercise after that!!

  • Nah the puma one said it was a stability shoe - even the pix match they are very purple image

    They feel a lot lighter than the previous ones - will see how they go any way whether the foam thing is enough stability for me or not.

  • I am confused now because doesn't that link say it is neutral? Could be a difference in the heel/toe drop makes a difference, or any number of things to be honest. Anyway, you need to go on whether they feel ok and whether they cause problems. If they cause problems ditch them. I religiously always get the same model of shoe every time I get new ones.... 

  • Look - it - Pirate shoes image

    Shame I'm skint.

    20 miles biked before work today in the sunshine, cracking way to start the day, well it was once I'd finally dragged my sorry self out of bed. image


  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Ok, I will hire a wetsuit for the season, even if I can't do fc yet, as I have loads of lakes close to me. I saw some that were £60 for hire awhile ago which seems reasonable. Don't want to buy as hoping to change shape/size before the end of the summer. Can anyone recommend a good place?

  • image Rich very well done on the marathon time.

    Dusty me drunk? image err probably.

    Mikasa afraid I've not had much dealing with hire one someone I know has got them from here and was alright. You might find it better just to take a look around and buy a ex hire one through and might be roughly the same price depending on where.

  • Yeah MC will keep an eye on them image they seem to be okay up to about 7k, will give it a couple of weeks - it may be they turn into sprint race shoes image and I just go back to the old style ones for longer runs image

    Mikasa I have an orca one I got off wiggle for 99 pounds it works a treat - by the time you hire it and pay for shipping etc it may just work out the same price to buy one image 


    I have a pair of these, not as yellowy though, but yellowish

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Cheers. Ok, might look at buying then. From somewhere where I can tri ( freudian slip thereimage) it on. There is actually a place close to work I found.

  • mikasa - you might find that shops will price match to wiggle, so look up prices before you go and ask. The shop where I got mine from price match but you have to ask

    beautiful day, itching to get out and run but I guess that is the taper madness? So legs up on the sofa and catching up on all those TV programmes that I record and never have time to watch! Kids being good and playing complicated board games (Horus Heresy made by the same people as Warhammer - cake probably knows what I am talking about)

  • imageimage I do Me a geek Hope they kill them all!!!

  • foot injury update: swelling gone down dramatically, still a bit tender but able to walk on it without too much discomfort. have been able to pinpoint the source of the pain with the swelling gone down, its in the soft area between my middle toe and the one next to it (smaller one). hurts when i press on it but theres no pain when i press on the bones (phew). massive improvement from yesterday so fingers crossed image

  • Not yellow JP???? image

    PS MC I think it might be the heel drop thing as these new ones are 4mm and the old ones (cant find anywhere that says what they actually are - but look similar to the kayanos) so 10-11mm drop? Which is a bit of a change for my poor wee leggies! No wonder my calf's were feeling like they had a good stretch image


  • manimal - good news that your foot is recovering

    buttercup - massive in change in heel drop will do that to you! careful you don't end up with a calf strain! 

  • EP, hearing assistance makes you realise that rain makes a noise, mouses click and car indicators go tick tock, so many things you just forget that you took for granted as the time. And you don't have to worry about the subtitles on the telly (most of the time)

    On the flip side, when you thought your farts were silent..............

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