Loch Ness Marathon 2012



  • We'll wave at you from the bar as you crawl by then!!

  • Evening everyone, have taken the advice from everyone from about 3 weeks ago and been building up slowly post my calf injury and missing weeks 5-12 of my 16 week training programme.  Did a 13mile last week and 18 today (2hr 48m), feel fine (at least at the moment) with no problem with the calf so think I will be seeing you all in a fortnight. Need to get myself organised with accom and flights now (as waiting to see if I would be ok), any suggestions folks??  Unfortunately my mate isnt going to make as his knee has given up on him and he now has to go into in for an op...poor bugger

  • BB - I feel like I've been running for 44 years today!! I was running in America once whilst on holiday and I heard somebeody shout 'Run Forrest Run' - looked round and it was my daughter and her friend shouting from the pool at the house we were staying in!! They still talk about it now and that was about10 years ago! I did have Forrest Gump length hair when I was 17 mnd you that was in the mid seventies.

    Just over 8 miles for me this morning, nice and easy.

    I am usually starving after a run, mind you I am just usually starving all of the time, thirsty too. We are travelling back straight after the run, I won't be driving though and we will probably stop off somewhere on the way back. 720 mile round trip but that is nothing compated to MSTH who I thinl lives in Hampshire.

    Anyway 14 more sleeps to the big day.

    Start my new job tomorrow, so exciting times!!

    Happy taper!!

  • JO5 good luck with the new job - just enjoy the challenge!

    JG13 good to hear your making it!

    I assume you will be trying to fly to inverness so not sure about that area ... If you fly to edinburgh tho a short bus journey will get you to the train station!

    My accomodation is premier inn (or travel lodge whatever 1 it is) and booking thru the loch ness mara website got a double room and brekkie for ??75 although not going to use breakfast on mara day I'm staying on the sunday too so its getting devoured on the monday morning!

    Quick question though folks ... My Fiance is wanting me to attend her friends birthday on the 28th, (the friday 2 days before) its a celidh and I probably wouldn't get home and to bed b4 1am - should I put my foot down and say I need sleep and so I'm not going?

    I don't want to ruin my marathon with a silly late mistake

    Happy Taper!
  • Morning all,

    jo5. Hope the new job went ok? you're also a lucky chap, i've never been able to grow my that long !!

    720 mile round trip after a marathon, hope the driver has a wheel chair ready the other end.

    SNC..Can't see a problem, you being 'nocturnal' ! Seriously, enjoy but stipulate you can't be on your feet all night and find a comfy chair.

    My R/H shin was sore last night..not going to panic just yet ( useual problem as I suprinate, worn hips! ) Icepacks on overdrive!

    We're flying to Aberdeen and driving to Inverness,very early start from LHR. No idea about the route but we'll take a steady drive there and the Wife might have to do the return! Staying in b&b in Scaniport.

    Off to work now. Take it easy everyone.


  • tricialitt wrote (see)

    I always thought thta I'd be wanting food and beer after a marathon, but so far I've struggled to eat/ drink much at all after the race- usually manage some crisps and FRIJJ chocolate milk, but that's about it , can't usualy stomach a meal that evening- odd, a lot of other folk seem fine. Dunno why it is? Any ideas?

    Darn.  i've been dieting for 6 months when i do my first marathon in 4 weeks i had dreams of staggering to the local Ed's Diner or Pizza Express and pigging out image

  • Will everyone stop talking about bacon butties, pizza and beer - now the proper taper has started I've got to be careful not to pile on weight over the next two weeks image

    I tend not to want to eat much after a marathon, but do plan to stuff myself the next day when I'll probably be starving. So, booktrunk, there's plenty of scope for a big meal on the Monday.

    We're taking the overnight train to Inverness on Friday evening (managed to book it as soon as the advance tickets were released so worked out cheaper than flying and I'm hoping it will be fun). Am also staying at the local Premier Inn so nice and close to the race start/finish (I think). Getting quite excited now!

  • Thanks SNB I'll try the website (and your breakfast on the monrning).  Flying to Aberdeen on the Friday to in laws and then train the next day; back on the Monday to London via Easyjet.

    As for the party SNB I'd go, unless you need an excuse not to otherwise include as part of your taper....will help you sleep the next night!!

  • SNB - I'd go to the party too - might avoid the alcohol though.

    Had a good day with the new job - it's strange to go from knowing everything and everybody to not knowing anything at all!!

    4 miles in the morning for me - 13 more sleeps!!

    Happy taper

  • Ok folks I've decided to go to the party, was wanting to go anyway but was worried incase it was going to be the stupidist thing I could of done ... I'll just make sure I go to bed early on the sat to fully recover

    JO5 good to hear ure first day went well

    Can't belive its almost here ... Long range forecast looks 11-14 degrees dryish with 15mph winds blowing from the west so not too bad at all

    Happy Tapering folks
  • jo5- glad the new job went ok. Its always strange being the newbie but within a month it will feel like home. 

    SNB- I would go but avoid the dancing and the booze, its rest time for the legs.

    Jon- glad your joining us. Have you thought about wearing a calf guard on the day?

    I can't believe it but I have a cold, so annoying. Glad I managed to get an easy 10 in yesterday but hope everything clears soon. I got sent home from work early today as they said I looked worse than the patients!

    Flying up from hampshire, husband in driving to the airport so he can carry me off the plane. Flight is at 8pm so lets hope I finish on time or I may be a bit stuck.image



  • More snail never even heard of a calf guard (sounds a bit gladiator??).  But guess you must be medical if you are dealing with patients.

  • Easy does it,  gentle 5 miler today incl 10 x 30 sec small hill reps. ( no real hills round here )

    Really, really looking forward to this Marathon now  image

    How is everyone?  This part always drags for me and I feel so sluggish ! 

    Wore my Ascis Gel Cumulus - 13  last week, straight out the box new & not a blister in sight after running a 21 miler ! How good is that..Sooo comfy. ( second pair bought this year )  

    Can you believe it - the  wife's complaining now cause I'm running in my sleep...cor blimey what's the problem image 



  • Wish I'd found this link sooner!

    First time marathon for me - training all going well until a fortnight ago when I developed peronial tendonitis. Have done up to 19miles in training (25th August) but had to miss out 20mile week due to injury. Physio says i've been running and walking wrong for years! image

    Kept fitness up during two weeks off with cycling, back to running today though (phew!) Not much to do now but taper and hope for the best!

    Hadn't really appreciated how difficult it is NOT to run getting this close to race day! Anyone else finding it difficult to keep the milage down this week?


  • Sooooooo it must be nearly time to start guessing theweather forecast - was a tad nippy here in Glasgow this morning-

    I found this- dunno if it will paste- they think it will rain, which is OK, if it's not too cold or windy.


    Sat 29/09   01:00 07:00 13:00 19:00 Ave Temp  7°C 6°C 11°C 9°C Wind 
    4.7mph Air Pressure  1011 mb 1012 mb 1012 mb 1012 mb Rain Risk  50% 60% 80% 95% Cloud Cover  61% 62% 68% 64% Forecast  Confidence  45% 50% 55% 49%
  • Nope that didn't work. Oh well

  • I can understand it alright Tricia ... I'm used to things not going right so I usually understand them if they are laid out wrong - Laura welcome!! Is this your first serious running or you just eventually stepping up to the big one?

    If u've read through I'm a total novice but getting into it so Hi!

    Happy Taper
  • Gentle 35 mins for me today - nice and easy!!

    Thaks for all the good wishes on the new job - feel like I've been there for weeks I've been made so welcome!!

    12 days to go and I still have a few minor aches and pains but nearly all gone now. Few more days of light training then 3/4 days of total rest before the big day with lots of sleep. Out for pizza and beer on Tuesday, last treat before the marathon.

    Happy resting!!



  • Hi Everyone,

    I have posted once before some time ago. I've been running for 9 years but the last 3 have been dogged with one injury after another. I had an operation on my knee 2.5 years ago and have had a real fight to get my confidence back. I've never been particularly fast but have a 4 hours 11 PB. don't expect to get anywhere near that this time. Training has gone well, i've stuck to the plan and only missed about 3 runs in total. Now, i know i should be full of confidence but frankly i'm bricking it! My knees hurt 24hours a day, not badly but enough to remind me that they're there, (this is a long term problem) they especially hurt on hills and now the little voice in my head is telling me i've bitten off more than i can chew.

    Any tips on how to keep a positive mental attitude, especially with the sluggish taper feeling taking over image)


  • Welcome Splodge, Well done you for sticking with the training whilst in pain...that means you must enjoy it, not the pain but the running.

    You have done well, very well indeed and should feel upbeat with your achievements in running. Great news you have only missed 3 training runs & even better news that you have a superb 4 hr 11 min PB under the belt.image Don't dwell on your finish time though. I'll probably be somewhere behind you!

    With that in mind you are already prepared with knowledge of what a Marathon asks of your body & mind.

    You already know you can do it, break it up in stages, feel confident, be positive in yourself that you've done the hard work, trained hard and prepared for this event and you know come the morning you have done your best.

    As I have said before on threads I have to get by with different pain killers due to Chronic Arthritis so if your problem is long term isn't it possible for you to prempt with prescribed painkillers?

    Try to enjoy the taper, I've my own solution to feeling sluggish I take my dog out for a long walk.. lucky to still have him as he had a stroke last March, now we both limp along together !

  • SNB - this is my first marathon but have ran a few halfs and a dozen or so 10ks over the past few years. Decided it was time I pushed myself to my limits and run the Marathon, raising money for Breast Cancer Care while I'm at it. 

    Just hoping to get over the finish line - I'm sure I will. Too stubborn not too!


  • Laura - welcome to your first marathon! Your aim to finish in one piece is a good one. I'm guessing from your training that around 19/20 miles is the furthest you've run so far so the last six miles will be hard. Just take the first half easy (no faster than your long run pace) and you should be able to enjoy the second half, especially once we get into Inverness and there'll be more support on the route). Good luck!

    Splodge - I can't add much to what Berlin Bolt says above. Now you've done the training, just believe that you can run a strong marathon (you've done it before). I also hate the sluggish leg feeling during the taper, especially when I do a short run the day before. But it always surprises me how much quicker and stronger I am once I set off in the race itself. There's a lot to be said for adrenalin so a few nerves won't do you any harm!

  • Gentle session on the exercise bike for me this morning - works wonders for the knees. Wanted to go for a run afterwards but slapped myself and went and had some breakfast instead!!

    Taper is really hard but it will be worth it in the long run, plenty of rest never mind the reduced aches and pains, will make the run more bearable.

    Only advice I would give is take it easy for the first half, better to conserve the energy for the second half then start too quick, trust me it's not pleasant when you suddenly realise you've gone too fast too soon!!

    Happy resting!!

  • Good luck Laura, my first too...too stuborn not to finish as well.....and I'm raise for H4H, no way I could ever giveup with that charity.

  • Jon - I'm raising for H4H too - such a great cause.

    My daughter is ex army, son-in law is a serving soldier so I support them as a my favourite charity where I can.

  • John and Jon - Brilliant charity. 2 of my brothers have served in Afghanistan. My younger brother was injured out there and spent some time in Selly Oak hospital, thankfully he's almost back to normal now.

    Thanks for the encouragement Berlin Bolt and Lemony. My knee pain is arthritis too so yes painkillers will be amongst my race kit image) I know i've done the training and, at the end of the day if a walk the hills so be it. It's a mega achievement whatever. I'm practicing my 'glass half full' attitude image

  • John and Splodge, I am 20 years ex-Navy (we have remember all the services are out there!).  Its a shame my mates knees gave out he is ex-marine/current navy.

    Splodge glad your younger bro is almost fully back up and running.

  • John Owens 5.

    Hello John. I understand by reading through this forum thread that you come from Chorley. Me too - although I now live in exile on the Isle of Wight!

    Just wanted to wish you a good run at Loch Ness. You sound ready and well prepared! I am travelling up with a mate to do the run, although I am not fully recovered from tendonitis (see how it goes). 

    Good luck - I hope it goes well for you.

  • Well done JO5 and JG13 for running for such a worthy cause. 2010, I ran for H4H's at the VLM and received such great support also helped having my name printed on my H4H's vest. Had a great massage afterwards at Wellington Barracks.

    I'm ex - RAF so's running for RBL on the day, but I'm hoping for loud support from the RBLRiders Branch as I'm a member.

    I've chickened out from biking up to the race, as It's the ride back down afterwards that would frighten me !  



  • Michael - good luck to you too. I am travelling up with my wife and 2 friends, I'm running they are supporting!!

    Splodge - my son in law has done 1 tour in Iraq and 2 in Afghanistan, he's back there next year too. Fundraising doing quite well so pleased with that. Pleased your brother is on the mend - give him my regards.

    10 days to go - can't come soon enough now. I have had the best prep ever for a marathon, just want that to be reflected in a PB!!

    Happy taper everybody!!

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