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  • Thanks 330 or bust

  • 330 - hills are a different game, you cant really compare hilly and flat times. Chin up! You went for a run, it was better than sitting and watching tv in your pants! image Head for the hills more often and use them to bring down your flat times image

    Nice 5k last night with mummysaurus and a new PB for her! Down to 55 minutes now, only 5 to go and we are gonna start hitting park run image

    She has her own blog if you guys wanna have a look

    2013 - 431.49

    milo - 185.38

  • Will have a look later - B2B - there are so many threads on here at the moment that can't be accessed - following their upgrades - at least can still get on this one - I do wonder whether that guy DF3 who attacked this site and Fetch a few weeks ago is back on again doing damage.

    Enjoying the school holidays as the pressure is off to get back in time to get little Grendel ready for school - so managed a 7 mile fartlek this morning, 1 mile warm -up a mile warm down and 5 miles fartlek - I really do enjoy doing that as there is no set time or distance - if I feel like 3 minute I do a minute I do - the only structure is a minute recovery - 20 seconds walk then 40 second jog. 

  • Yeah i noticed a lot of problem with that of late. What happend to DF3? havnt seen him around. He attacked the sites? Why would you bother? image

    So nice to not have the pressure eh? Nice training! I went spinning yesterday for the first time. Wow it was hard! Give me running any day ha ha ha! 

  • Hi all

    I have got back into running seriously this year after several minor injuries, holidays and a few breaks where foolishly I forgot the benefits and enjoyment that you can get from running.

    I had a set back three years ago when I was training for the GNR and was running six miles a time I went to bed and got shooting pains up through my back and it ended up I had six blood clots in my right lung and two in the left.  After a short hospital stay and a load of warfarin I was up and around but had to stop running for two months.  Everyone thought I was mad starting it up again I think and I had to start my training again from scratch in June and do the run in September.  I crossed the finish line in 2 hrs 35 minutes and it was an amazing experience.  So for anyone considering doing this run, go for itimage

  • @ Liversedge lesley2

    Good to see you getting back into the swing of things and welcomeimage

  • Welcome Lesley! image Well done for getting back on the horse

  • WK4-R2 completedimage

    WOW that was hard, but did it.

    dont know if it was the heat or the full fry-up an hour before?

  • definitely the fry up!! image

  • Back2basics wrote (see)

    definitely the fry up!! image

    that settles it then one less sausage next time Lol

  • +1 for the fry up.

    Little Grendel announced he was feeling sick this morning - so I ran short laps for just over an hour - so I could pop in and check - he went back to sleep and was fine when he got up. 


  • ha ha ha kev yep that will sort it! 


  • PHEW! Back from spinning....still hard but really liked it today! Did a lot more out of the saddle. Its murder on the quads....I like it! image

    Hoping its going to help with speed and hills, going for a short run tonight to see if I can run ha ha ha!

  • Getting back into running myself now, after an absense of a couple of years at least and a ton of weight added around my midriff.. Decided to do a marathon in 4 months time to make me stick to a training program of sorts and joined a gym where I swim and it's amazing how quickly the weight has started to shift already!

  • Hey 00Dave welcome to the SAFTB crew! Well done for getting back into it and congrats on shifting some of the weight image

    Have a read back over some of the pages for tons and tons of tips and stories. It makes for good reading image 

  • Cheers B2B,

    am finding a lot of inspiration just from some of the distances people are mentioning and at ungodly hours of the day too!

  • Welcome to Lesley and Dave

    What marathon you looking at Dave - big target there good luck

    I am feeling a bit down at the moment. As you know have been keeping at it and I feel I have done well but the last 2 weeks have been a nightmare. Last week was 2 runs and this week looks like 3 at the most,

    I feel all the good works being undone even though for the last 2 weeks I have done a long run of 12 miles. I simply must get out tomorrow and do 12 at the weekend. Am off on hols on 15/8 and must get back to running at least 4 times a week between now and thenimage

    Good to see people doing well though - reading this thread is all the inspiration I need although feel a bit of a fraud this week with only 5.89 on the board

    Keep on keeping on

  • 00Dave - pretty much everyone on here except me likes to run at silly o clock! image I just like to run silly! image

    330 - Back the pressure down dude! 12 miles is a long way! You dont have to run a million times a week, just concentrate on quality runs. Hell, I have weeks where I will only run once, it doesnt mean everything is going to fall apart. Rest is just as important as the miles. Ease up on yourself find the fun again. Running isnt meant to be a chore, we do it because we love it! Chin up and take pride that you can put one foot in front of the other! image

    4.2 miles for me tonight (random number I know! ) Felt like opening the taps a bit today and floated along quite nicely! At 3 miles I quickly slipped off the sandals and finished the last 1.2 miles in 10.50 on concrete barefoot! Did the whole thing in 45 minutes. Really pleased with that! Felt wonderful to finally be over a mile barefoot.

    Strange isnt it? I have run 2 ultra marathons now and im currently chuffed about 1.2 miles!! image image

    2013 - 435.69

    milo - 189.58

  • B2B - Thanks mate can rely on you for a pick me up !! Co-incidence there reading about you running bearfoot I have just come off Sportshoes page looking to order new ones !! - barefoot running is certainly cheaper even with the shoes in the sale there still some price !!

  • Morning all!

    hello OODave and Lesley.

    moved house yesterday, haven't been out for a run yet this week image but I've lifted a heck of a lot of boxes!  Allways wanted to get Linda Hamilton (from T2) arms.... Not her actual arms, that would be antisocial image Feel I am one step closer.

    3:30 - hope you're feeling more upbeat.  At least you didn't eat your own body weight in Jaffa cakes (removal men let me down on the biscuit eating front) Why don't you have a look back at what you were running and posting in January?  You will see how far you have come.

    right, out either today, tomorrow or Sunday, depending how long it takes me to locate running kit in the boxes.  B2B, I might have a little run in my xeros....

  • Gammineez - I hope that the move went smoothly, you should be after muscles like Arnold Scharzenegger or David Haye. Linda Hamilton whats that all about!!! image

    B2B - running barefoot just sounds painful to me, dont your feet just get sore from all of the stones?

  • B2B i am in the same boat. In my past when I was reasonably fit I did a few marathons so I know I am capable of it again, but time has gone by and my waistline expanded etc. etc. I am doing a 5k tonight and it had me slightly nervous! 

    Running on concrete barefoot sounds hardcore to me though.. I hate concrete!

    Gammineez, I thought that was some kind of Greek name for a minute lol... Very good.and Linda Hamilton arms.. I remember T2 well.. Mm,m,mm,image


    oh and B2B I am looking at Dublin at the end of October

  • 330 - free is a good price! image You are welcome for the pick me up, its what im here for! image

    Gammineez wrote (see)

     Allways wanted to get Linda Hamilton (from T2) arms.... Not her actual arms, that would be antisocial image Feel I am one step closer.

    3:30 - Why don't you have a look back at what you were running and posting in January?  You will see how far you have come.

    ha ha ha ha about the arms!

    330 - some good advice there! have a re cap image

    Lesley - A little bit but im working on it! Ive been running for over a year now in sandals so im pretty used to stones on my feet. Barefoot is a little sharp sometimes! Teaches you very quickly how to run lightly though ha ha ha!

    00Dave - my ultras were pretty recent, 50 miles in may and 62 miles 2 weeks a go image Im just trying to work on barefoot now as well as going further. Waiting to hear if I got into a 24 hour challenge in september image Looking to maybe do a 100 next year, ive got a faster 50 booked for feb image 

    Good luck with the 5k! Just remember to smile it makes it easier image

    Nice target for 4 months!


  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Hi everyone and welcome to the newbies,

    A busy week and the stuffy nights have left me hitting the snooze button in the mornings and today was my first outing since Sunday. It seems to be one good week followed by one lazy week at the moment so my current target is to break that habit and get some consistent running going again.

    Went with the wife and our two boys this afternoon. I suppose it could be classed as a fartlek session with numerous stops, one for a water vole (I think?), ducklings, butterflies and squirrels all followed by a fast effort to catch up with my eldest boy and wife again as our youngest has to stop for absolutely everything bless him. Finished with an all out sprint over the last 100 yards to reel in the wife and prove who's quickest (she's watching me type lol). We covered 3.9 miles after having to turn round sooner than planned as the horse drawn barge approached us. Its not a problem without the kids but getting back in front with them in tow can be troublesome so we stayed ahead of it. Easy 5 planned for tomorrow morning.

    July - 62.84

    2013 – 328.96

  • WK4-R3 completedimage

  • Hey everyone, I just did something completely crazy...inspired by your recent ultra B2B...I have just entered The Wall (2 dayer/ Challenger, as not confident enough to complete in one hit)! I just couldn't resist the temptation as always wanted to do it...looks like Brighton Marathon is not my main event next year, but training for something bigger lol! imageimageimage

  • The Ultra bug has struck another member !!!!!

    Good luck with that Lisa looks a good one  !!! B2B I am sure can give you some training tips

    How long before we are all at it !!

  • Lisa

    Just looked at website and it looks brilliant !! Give me 2-3 years if we are all here we should get a group of us to do that would be absolutely brilliant !!!!!!!!!

  • I have noticed each time I have been running forefoot style my arches and heels and shin bone hurt for a few days.

    Ibuprofen helps but what am I doing wrong?

    Was wondering if its because im still using thicker soled trainers (new ones not here yet) so im more up on my toes than ball of foot.??

    At a loss hereimage

  • Hello all!

    Lisa that's fab, you'll have fun with that one!

    kev, I'm not an expert but I think when you run fore foot, it's important that you don't run 'on tiptoe', and that your fore foot touches first but that your heel also then makes a light contact.  Can you get a friend to take a video of you running on a phone or something so that you can see what you're doing?

    Ran 5k today in my vivos.  Felt quite good considering haven't run for a week.  It's much cooler today, with a bit of light rain.  One killer hill, one herd of (calm) cows and a few surprised old ladies later and I'm done.  Need to get some consistency going though if I'm going to do a 3:30 and break 12m.

    Eden project tomorrow, hopefully it will be less painful than Build a Bear workshop with only one person on the stuffing machine was today #neveragain

    happy running folks

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