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  • The simple answer is time on your feet. It will get easier, just keep going and dont let people without patience bring you down image If you need to walk the inclines right now then do it! You could maybe try a bit of cycling as well to help push your heart rate and strengthen other muscules. Hill reps are something I have never really done, I tend to pick routes that are deliberately tough on hills. Its pretty hilly round here so I dont have to think much! image I can see hill reps being a great idea if your area is a little flatter image

    Long story short, ignore the grump and have fun! image

  • crossed posts with Grendel but its nice to see we had the same answer! image

  • Hi, thanks Grendel and B2B for the encouragement.  I am definitely going to keep going as I know it will help me and they seem nice.  It is pretty hilly round here, we do try and run the smaller ones and generally manage them but get puffed out.  We do struggle with the long steep ones though I guess we will have to keep run/walking them.

    I did enjoy it despite the Grump, its fitness training next week so hopefully that might help give me a few pointers on things that I need to work on.  Thanks anyway for your advice, its much appreciatedimage

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Unless i'm running hill reps or a hard run i simply go up at the same effort rather than the same paceimage

  • some very heavy legs for me tonight after the lunch time spinning but I got an 8 in image

    Averaged an 11:30 so pretty happy with that, anything under a 12 is my target at the moment as im trying to get a little quicker.

    2013 - 469.73

    milo - 220.52

  • Loads of new people here and so many posts since I was last on -

    So hi to all the older members who remember me since my last post and a very big welcome to those I haven't had the pleasure of speaking to yet.

    I have not been out now since Sat before last. I am defo going out tomorrow then hopefully Mon, Tues and Weds before I go off on hols for 2 weeks. Wish I had not stopped but cant go back in time.

    Hope everyones well and speak soon

  • Just a quickie, rest day today!! a very easy 3 mile plod

  • 330 - Glad to hear you are getting back out there.  Are you going to be running while you are on holiday?  Are you off anywhere nice?

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    Morning everyone, this thread certainly moves on quickly 330. all the more reason to get a run in and a post run write up image.

    I was up at 5 again this morning. Took it nice and easy for the first mile. Felt relaxed so decided a fartlek session was the order of the day. Ran quickly to the next bridge and then eased down toba jog until fully recovered. Benches, trees and ducks became my targets and each time I waited until I felt ready and went again. Most efforts were around 25-30 seconds and the recoveries were from 80-120 secs. I didnt look at my watch until finished so was very pkease to see the fast bits ranged from just over 6mm to just under 7mm. Just ran to feel and it was all very consistent. Total of 5.08 miles.


  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    August 21 miles

    2013 - 359.96

  • Lesley

    Am off to Zante - wont be running - the wife hates me going out running in the UK also going with other non running friends (they all think I am mad)

    Am off Thursaday but got to get some miles in or I can see myself getting back from hols and not bothering anymore. And I don't want that


  • dont give up 330 even if you dont get anymore miles in!! Everyone needs a break its not the end! Its simply not allowed in the SAFTB club acording to rule 34 sub section 3.....ah...yes here it is.......yep, " up is strictly not allowed! In the event of someone attempting to give up the rest of the club has the right to come up with a forfeit. Forfeits shall include but are not limited too;

    • entering said party into an event, the sillier the better
    • forcing them to read every email in thier flooded inbox stuffed with encouragement until they give in and start training again
    • be photographed with a note stating the date of thier intended return to running and change all profile pictures to said photograph so that friends, family and the rest of the world may egg them on
    • be made to wear the "happy hat" (design to be determined by a SAFTB meeting) until the power of the hat gets them going again   

     So as you can see 330 its out of my hands im afraid! Rules are rules! image image 

  • 330- Zante very nice, I am off to Protaras after the GNR so Im looking forward to that.  I am taking my running trainers and hopefully can at least get a couple of early morning ones in if nothing else, maybe even some trips to the gym as I think that our hotel has one.

    Anyway stay positive, try and get out there is possible before your hols, if not just be ready after a nice rest to start getting some miles back in.  Enjoy your holidayimage

  • Thanks everyone

    B2B - forgot about the rule book lol !! its great on here - when your feeling down always get encouragement.

    So trainers on later (new pair needed shortly warmed up Mrs 3:30 so she has the chance to get used to it) and off I go. May see if I can get down seafront. Will report later if I survive

  • Lol B2B! Enjoy your hols 330, stay strong minded..put a picture of some sort of running up somewhere for you to see on your return to get you motivated again!

    Well I went for my run as promised on Wednesday, managed 5.1 miles. On hols in UK atm so it's been nice to run different routes. Had my mile swim this morning. Planning to go out for a longer run on Sunday. Would be nice to fit a short run in tomorrow, but having pelvic issues again (only mild aches but don't want to over do it) so wondering if it probably best to rest and wait until Sunday image 

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Brilliant B2B, don't panic 330, we'll still be here. image

    I cannot contemplate swimming 1 mile Lisa, that's awesome. Good luck Sunday, fingers crossed for a pain free run.


  • JR - I hope so im counting on you guys!

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    You have to get a run in anyway as we need your miles for the monthly challenge image

  • Morning ALL

    Due to my calf injury with my new shoes, I have decided to start the programm from the beginning again to allow things to adjust properly.

    Went out for my first 5min run/walk this morning with the dog since and although i felt a little pulling/tightness or whatever it was, it didn't go on me again so image about that.

    If all goes well over the week end with no calf pain after this mornings run i will re-start the programm again from the beginning on monday, if memory serves its a 30 min total excersise but only 8min of it is actual running the rest ar warm-up walk breaks and cool down.


  • Hi all

    I had a rest day yesterday and was ratty every second of it. Got back to the gym today and cut a minute off my recovery so have done 5min brisk walk warm up, 3min run, 2 min walk x4 then cool down walk and stretchesI only drank a quarter of the pool today so progress was made.

    My knee is cauing issues at the moment, pain below the cap on left knee, any tips would be gratefully received image I think a lot of it is to do with my size, so volterol gel, plenty to drink and I'm being careful to land with my foot under my knee rather than forward from it.

    Kevin I hurt my calf in the pool a few weeks back and it brought a whole world of pain that i didn't know existed. You have my sympathy!

    J x

  • Juju

    Have a look at chi or pose running videos on YouTube. 

    These both show how to run more effectively in an attempt to run injury freeimage

  • Thanks kevin, a real help, I hadn't thought to look there for running pointers.

    J x

  • Hello everyone, 

    wow, it's all going on here eh! it's only been a week-ish since my last post.  Hello to everyone new and all the ol'timers image

    happy holidays to everyone going a way, can you run in the pool?  It sounds as if Juju does that?

    i tried out a new route today, it was lush image, a trail run with lots of short sharp ups and downs.  Is it just me though, trails make you feel like you're flying but when you read the stats after you realise that ..... You weren't! Still, all good, apart from the bit where I tripped on something invisible and did a few comedy strides whilst madly waving both arms to try to keep my balance.  Narrowly avoided falling flat on my face and continued on with dignity almost intact.....

    lovely run though and managed 4.3m in 44m so i'll take that.

    hope the knees sort themselves out for all those that are suffering, sympathies on that , happy running folks

  • juju wrote (see)

    Thanks kevin, a real help, I hadn't thought to look there for running pointers.

    J x

    No problem, just dont make same mistake I did and change to minimalist footwear part way through a programme.

    You will get hurt

  • Good afternoon folks,

    Hope you all are well!

    Well no calf pain or pulling felt so far today so its looking good to start C25K tomorrow nightimage

  • Well I managed double figures for the first time since 2007!! image 10.16miles image and a lovely run it was too! First 3 miles was all uphill and in the sun, so I really struggled and almost gave up, but the route became much more interesting after that. It turned to trail for the next couple of miles, and further on I even had to stop at the level crossing for a steam engine to pass!

    Hope everyone else has had a nice run too today!

  • howdy doo!

    Well done everyone and I hope all the knees and legs are healing well image

    Well done Lisa, great to finally hit double figures eh?! image

    Well did my usual no running at the weekend but kept up with the north downs way 100 reports on Twitter. Edward Catmur came first with an astonishing time of 15:44:39 for 102.7 miles!!!!! Second was Anthony Forsyth in 16:03:47 and third Mark Perkins 17:45:48. All 3 under the previous record of 17:51:56 held by Manuel Lago!!! Ed smashing it by just over 2 HOURS!!!!image just outstanding running!

    Really wanted to watch the athletics as well but my priciples kicked up a fuss when they saw it was in Moscow, so I sat in the garden and enjoyed the sun with a beer instead image

    Rough intended schedule for this week...

    M-13 mile, T-45 minute spinning 3.1 run, W-rest, Th-45 minute spinning maybe 5 mile, F-rest maybe 5k, S-rest, Su-rest

    lets see how that goes! image

  • mummysaurus won 2 tickets to the colour run in september! image yay! messy run fun! 

  • Hello all,

    well done Lisa!  Great work on your double figures image

    colour run looks really fun, hope Mummysaurus enjoys.  I've been hearing about the Adidas Thunder Run, tempted for next year....

    Did a 'Grendel' yesterday and went out two days in a row, whopper hill but made it up to the top.  4.4m, felt good, managed to vary between 11mm uphill to 9mm on the flat. Tempted to go out again today but lack of clean kit and sensible voice in my head saying 'not a good idea' put paid to that, not a true 'Grendel' then......only a partialimage

    happy running folks

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