Starting again from the beginning!



  • Mummysarus -  lol !!

    Well, its official acceptance Mag here.

    Also a leaflet for a new race - The Scottish Half Marathon to be run for the first time in September 2014. Hmm sounds OK

  • Thanks mummysaurus,

    welcome to tha Dark Side by the way Lol

    you will do well im sure, and you have an excellent tutor to keep you in check as well;)

    if you have been following me you must know why I started from the beginning again but may I ask why you are also starting again from the beginning?
  • Welcome Mummysarus, you already seem to have made giant strides -

    So 3:30 it's official If that link was legit then I'm not so Halstead or Kent.

    My other half doesn't really approve but it doesn't impact on family life so I soldier on.

    Lisa - hope you feel better - one of the draw backs with children I am afraid. 

    Kevin I'm surprised no one has persuaded you to do a Parkrun yet - it seems to be a stock answer in all the forum threads at the moment - 

    Well 6.29 run this morning quicker than I was expecting and was trying to concentrate on form - but the big thing, 1401.39 miles run this year - so less than 200 miles to my 2013 target!!!! Happy days

  • wow well done Grendel! You should smash your target with ease.

    Went off hard at spinning today PHEW! Tonights run should be interesting!

  • Thanks Grendel 

    Kev - I started sort of following the C25K with B2B but because we keep stopping so that he can teach me something new about form etc ( I dont run in Lunar but I do run in minimalist/Zero drop) we tend to follow a much more relaxed run/walk off on trails and splashing in puddles kind of plan, so I decided when I run on my own which is usually at the gym it's easier to follow the podcasts so started from the beginning to get use to running on the treadmill image

  • B2B well done could always come to Pilates with me tonight image

  • Not on your nelly! image


  • Lol!

    Welcome Mummysaurus, we've heard so much about you/your progress!

    Well done on getting into VLM 330, I got my usual Sorry mag image

    B2B I dragged myself out tonight for a lil 4mile loop and my chest actually feels better for it. Only prob is my youngest has now caught the sickness bug, so i'm now paranoid i'm gonna catch that too as that's been going round at my work too! imageThe stakes seem to be against me in trying my best to stay healthy!

    Well done Kev on your progress too! Enjoyment is the most important thing to running, otherwise why do we all bother?! image

  • Why is my phone not showing smilies i can use anymore?
  • I thought tonight I will go eyeballs out and see what I can do after a tough spin class at lunch. I can really say that tonight I left everything on the road.

    I ran till my stomach hurt and then just kept pushing. I only stopped for roads and got round that hilly 10 mile in 1:37 knocking a minute off my PB for that route!! So chuffed with that! Check it out!

    2013 - 552.3 yes! 550 for the year only 150 to go to beat last year image

    Oh yeah forgot to add, I smacked my arm while doing a 9mm into a bloody great big nail hanging out of a wall!! It really hurts all down my forearm now image stooopid nail.

  • Lisa E -That's a shame.

    B2B good session

    5.39 for me still slow much slower than I would like to be for London (and its still in the balance)

  • Got my rejection mag too!!!

    Oh well never mind.

    A hard 4 miles this morning - seem to be trolling along quite well at the moment - 6 tomorrow and a 10 miles on Sunday to do - (Saturday working finishes until next July in about a month time so will be doing the long runs on Satruday after that)

    Just calculated (from my spreadsheet) that since I started again from the beginning I have done 3,630 miles!!!!

  • Good running all. 

    Nice pb B2B....image

    A nice gentle 2 miles after work today in 20 minutes. All set for Sunday!

    September 56.43

    2013 - 434.03

  • Good luck JR  looking forward to the race report


  • I didnt apply for the vlm. I'm more in to adventure racing and trail running. anyone else venture  off road much?

  • Good luck Sunday JR,

    I don't venture off road - but even now cross country is my favourite - used to do most of my long runs off road - and the National is still the best race in the world especially when run over Parliament Hills in the thick London Clay

  • Just a heads up guys Berlin Marathon on Eurosport 2 Sunday AM

    Hoping to be out the house for 7.45 - 8 tomorrow for 7

  • Lovely run this morning, Out at 8 and for the first time in months got out along the seafront as works on the prom nearly finished

    Beautiful running past Rhu Marina with the mist just sitting on top of the yachts (some cost more than I earn in a year !)

    7.1 miles done in 1:06:09 with second half slightly faster than the first.

    Nice to get out early.

    Sept 51.49

    2013 - 347.51

    Good luck JR tomorrow at Taunton.

  • Afternoon everyone... 

    Taunton 10k went well this morning. A little nervous before the race but probably the calmest i've been for any event. Lined up near the back at the start, probably a little too near the back as I eased past some very heavy breathers over the first mile. Resisted the temptation to weave in and out and kept the pace to 9:30mm as I settled into a rhythm. 

    I soon eased into a comfortable 9mm target pace and found I was overtaking plenty of the "i've started too fast" brigade over the first couple of miles. It's a pretty flat course and the few uphill gradients that are on the route I tried to keep pace moving my arms and keeping my form. When we had a little downhill stretch I picked off quite a few people each time with my "nose over toes" routine running relaxed. 

    It was during one of these gentle downhill sections that I cruised past a couple of female runners, one of which decided I was "showing off" by overtaking a few people. Her comment was duly noted and I made a pact to grind her into the groud should we cross paths later on. image

    I took a short walk at the water station at 7k, took stock and decided I was definitely going ok. My pace was nice and consistent, my body felt good and my breathing was nice and controlled, while plenty of people around me seemed to be gasping for air. I have to say, although I have only done around ten events in my running life that I have never heard so much laboured breathing?

    It was at the water station that my soon to be arch enemy went past me. She had dropped her running companion and seemed intent on pushing on to the finish, ahead of me. I gradually caught up, noting our pace had dipped under the 9mm and as I drew alongside I sensed the race was on. We ran side by side, picking off runners one at a time. I again took stock as we approached the final mile. Breathing...good, form...good, aches....none. I was feeling quite positive and then I sensed that the mp3 runner (which made me even more determined to beat her) was breathing a little harder. We hit 5.2 miles, "one more to go" I said. No reply. I let her gain a yard and ran on her shoulder, sizing her up. She didn't look as comfortable as I felt and I got the impression she was giving it her all with a long way to go.

    As we hit a short hill with half a mile to go I decided it was time. I pushed on, increasing the pace just a little. Fast (for me) but comfortable. The laboured breathing seemed to disappear, the challenger was finished. The "show off" had beaten her.image  I remembered the finish which can be a little deceiving as you take three right hand turns, each one seeming like the last before you realise you have to take another. I resisted the temptation to push too hard but just kept the effort going. One man past me, far too quickly, I let him go. I reeled in another half a dozen runners over the last stretch before turning the final corner. I was starting to feel a burn in my throat as I gave it my all and hit the finish line, stopping my watch as I went through.

    I glanced down....55:58.....job done. Don't think I could really have run any quicker and think I paced myself very well. I was just about done when I hit the line, and after seeing I covered the last half mile in 7:42 I wasn't surprised. Feeling rather confident about the Colyton Fiver in four weeks time now. 

    September 62.66

    2013 - 440.26

  • Well done JR what a great run you had, and loved your report I bet Miss MP3 will be more careful with how loud she makes comments in the future.........image

  • Nice one JR well done, brilliant effort

  • Nice running JR;)
  • Well done JR! Nothing like competitive spirit to urge you on image

    Well I had a just as good event at Ealing half today! The whole route was laced with supporters which made it really enjoyable. The so called "hills" which people keep moaning about on facebook were more like long gentle inclines/declines in comparison to last weeks Tonbridge half.. and what I usually train I'm guessing these people train on flat all the time?

    As for my time.... PB!!!! 2hr 4mins 25secs! Well chuffed as I've knocked about 9mins off!! image

  • Well done Lisa, can imagine some hills around station area

    Good time, how much you beat old PB by?

  • Thanks! Knocked 9 mins off! The closer I got to the finish I realised I could get sub 2hr 5mins so I really pushed the last mile. Now for more training to get under the 2hrs, that's my ultimate goal!

    Next week....Basingstoke half image

  • Go for it ....... you can get that sub 2

  • Well done Lisa and congratulations on your new PBimage 9 mins that's some fine running

  • Morning all

    Great weekend for running evenst with both Lisa and JR competing - well done you guys brilliant. Nothing like doing an event, I loved going to races !!

    Also the Berlin Marathon and a new WR, also Loch Ness which went will I hear.

    Next week is the Great Scottish run in Glasgow - an event I will do next year, we get it on the TV here so that will be worth a watch

    My run Saturday has left me flummoxed. 7 miles and it was so tough for some reason, the second half was quicker so I don't know if I was pushing it to hard but it was so tough and the thought of another 19 untinkable.

    Yesterday felt ill had to go to my bed mid-afternoon which I never do. But today feel better so out tonight.

  • Hey guys and girls!

    Lisa and JR - well done to you both!! 2 PBs in a weekend, fantastic! Pictures of the bling please!! image

    330 - Some runs are just like that. The key to long runs is to not think about how far you have left, instead concentrate as much as you can on the now image

    Big weekend for PBs and records all round! Lisa, JR, the marathon WR and also the US 100 mile track record was broken! Thats 402 laps in 11:59:28 by Jon Olsen image ......have to remember that for next September image pffft ha ha ha the laps that is...not the time! image


  • B2B

    Yup guess they are still upwards and onwards !! 402 laps ! OMGimage

    And the only distraction is running the other way for a change of scene  lol !!

    Lisa and JR yes piccies please


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