Starting again from the beginning!



  • Lol that's twice this week you have given us a good laugh B2B image

    Hi DS nice to see you, I love Chia in squash they look like frog spawn people at work think I am mad when I have them........I have a Chia recipe file somewhere I will try and find it for you. I quite like them straight from the bag they are a bit like poppy seeds but make sure you drink plenty and as B2B said they can be really filling so don't get too carried away or you will feel really bloated. 

  • image what was the other one?! image

  • Drunk more yesterday - including proper water!!! from a dispenser - 

    Plenty of water this morning, the wind coming in from the sea and the high tide meant the waves were coming over the top on the sea wall - still rain, sea it's all water so wet wet wet. 5.3 miles done -

    Happy days

  • So who else hates having to go out for a run in the rain, but when you are actually out there running and it's pissing down actually enjoys it.  I'm sure i have a bigger smile on my face when running in the rain, and yet i really do have to drag myself out of the front door. But, once my feet get soaked it's like a switch it engaged and it just becomes silly fun.

  • Booktrunk - absolutely! Slashing around in the puddles is soooo much fun! image

  • Love it Booktrunk - the waves were amazing this morning and being dark the first one was unexpected!!!!!

  • bet that woke you up?!? image

  • Nothing like a ton of water landing on you to bring you to your senses!!!!.

    I knw people think we are mad to be out and doing what we do, but in pitch black, the wind howling the waves crashing there were 3 fisherman with head torches on the  beach this morning further down - Now that is mad!!!

  • Grendel3: HAHA that's spooky because when i was running last night i came across a black tent pitched across a path by the canal i'd have gone straight into it without my head torch, and there were two blokes, each with 3 rods setup and they looked like they were set for an all nighter!

  • I need to get new batteries for my head torch - the fisherman I saw were on the beach so was ok but those guys you saw should'nt be spread across a path like that

  • phew! 45 minute hard thrash at spinning...hamstring feels great, guess this really is the way forward! 

  • B2B - The other one was the British Bloke Socks and Sandals image (wish they would get rid of these Christmas hats it's 9th January) although Slashing around in puddles might get you number 3 image

    Grendel bet that was chilly

    Booktrunk - Have to agree I am ok once out there but need a bit of a push when it's lashing down

    Haven't quite recovered from physio so no running for me today, well not on land anywayimage I am going to my first class of Deep Water Aerobics to do some nice stretching and a bit of pool running with a big floaty thing round me middle

  • DOH! really need to sort it out dont I?! ha ha ha

  • The hats are going by early next week according to Ben from RW.

  • Definitely agree with struggling to get out if its raining/dark/cold, but once out it's usually a fantastic/refreshing run!

    Sounds fun Mummysaurus! Enjoy!

    Well I did the Gravesend Floodlit 10k again tonight, was hoping for a pb but was actually about 40secs slower than last month. Bit gutted but I did have a stitch for 2 of the laps, and my left ankle was hurting on lap 3. Now it sounds like I'm making excuses, I did try but I just couldn't seem to go any faster? Disappointed with myself! Oh well there is always next month!!

  • Mummy I have a big floaty thing around my middle - a spare tyre!!!

    Lisa Well done on the 10k !!

    Booktrunk - was going to ask RW that question thanks for the info

    Grendel I agree I used to run along the canal when in London really annoyed me these fishermen taking up the whole towpath

    B2B - Spinning classes sound hard work !!

    Some really good running going on to kick off the year - nice to kick off the year with a good month.

  • 10m tonight, I think it might be my longest run after a day at work.

  • Morning Peeps, love the thought of morning runs before work just cant get my sorry ass out of bed.

    Rain is a real proper motivator ONCE you are out the front door. Always give a little wave to runners who are braving it as well. You can guarantee they are thinking the same as you 'He/she is mad as well !'

    Got myself out on Wednesday night for little trot 2.97 ,miles in 28.48 .

    Today is a big day for me, aiming for a new longest injury free run today 4.5-4.7 miles. Only a little increase to last weeks but it all counts and building my confidence that I CAN run without getting crocked.

    Anybody else notice loads of people out running? Must be lots of peoples' new year resolutions.  Good luck to them , hope they stick it out.



  • Unfortunately DS, unlike yourself a lot of them are just going to head out of the door and push too far. It will calm down a bit over feb when its really cold then they will all pop up again in the spring when its lighter and "nicer" to run! image

    Many will pick up an injury or 2 or just get put off by it being "too hard". A small handful will be like us lot and get hooked and hopefully carry on for many many years to come! image

  • Last night I saw a lot of others out running - but theres always a lot of people out running here.

    Given were so near Faslane a good proportion of them are Navy folk into the keep fit thing. Also we have a fairly big running club in town Helensburgh AC

    But as B2B said there will also be those whose new years resolution is to get fit - lets hope they stick at it !!


  • I'm in Loughborough and my problem is I see loads of healthy looking students from the Uni not fair!! I think i'm going along nicely and they all speed past me!

    Mind you last night I smiled, as someone passed me and he sounded awful and 100m later he was stood out of breath and i just kept on plodding past image He was probably at the end of a LT run but hey i'm allowed to still quietly smile to myself, me passing people is still an event image

  • There is another burst of new runners in late April or early May, who like me watch the London marathon and then think i've got to get my arse in gear and go running. 

  • B2B , I did exactly that only in August image  Started running, thought I was a running God and on about my third run tried 6 miles ! Hello Mr Physio ! 

    Its now taken me 3 months just to get up to 4.3 miles , what was I thinking doing 6 miles after only 3 runs? image 

    You never know we may get a few new joiners having read our sorry tales of woe. EDIT: AND SUCCESS I MIGHT ADD!

    Wish I had of found this site before I started , but even then would I have listened? Probably not.  I do now though image

  • 330B - Faslane , been up there once on HMS Invincible (RIP) nice part of the world.

  • Blimey you log off and suddenly the thread jumps to life -

    I very rarely see other runners, in fact I very rarely see anyone at all!!!! - A very very easy 4. something miles this morniing as a rest day run, won't put the overall time but must have been around 45 minutes!!!!  - so 11 minute miles or so -

    Oh well a runs a run!!!

  • an email this morning.......I got in! I have a place, oh dear.....I got a place in the Thames Path 100!!!!!!!!!image

    Im not sure if I should jump around or vomit!!!!! image

    I have no more words.......

  • Plenty to keep your mind focused this year then B2B!!! 

  • indeed! image Thames trot in 3 weeks, Thames Path 100 in May and Tooting 24hr in September!!!! GULP! image

  • B2B - busy boy then - remember to add those miles to the RW v Fetchies challenge !!!!

    I am off for 6 tonight - 94 less than you will be doing in one Run in May - sounds outragreous !!

  • ha ha ha it does indeed!! image

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