Mental illness and running



  • I'm planning to run tomorrow. How far are you hoping to go LR?
  • I'm feeling poorly but can't sleep 

    I'd like to attempt a run if I'm feeling better so might join the VRC

    Keep fighting all, night night xxx

  • Big sleepy hug for SOLB  ((((SOLB)))),  Do hope you can get out for a run tomorrow.

    The run around 4 of the lakes comes to around 7k so I think that will do for me.

  • Ok, I will aim to do the same distance
  • Excellent - it's an official VRC run then.

  • Morning all

    Kettles on, what do you fancy for breakfast?



    if you are lurking
  • Porridge for me.  Then out for a run.

  • No run for me this morining but I've got my pom poms out for the VRC. Going away shortly for a restful break to help Mr Soup's recovery, provided the roads are clear in Devon. 

  • Hope Mr Soupy's doing OK.  Must get that porridge.  I'm stalling here - as usual.

  • mmm - I've had poached eggs layed this morning. Still got yesterday's eggs here if anyone wants a change from porridge. 

    Have a good run LR - stop stalling.  image

  • I'm doing it.  I'm doing it.  No need to nag.  Actually there is a need to nag - but the porridge is nearly ready.

  • I have to walk to the shops to gets cereal for moo. It's a mile each way. Can I add that to my total?

    Soupy, eggs sound really yummy? I wish we could keep chickens. Maybe in our next house.

    Solb, how is your chicken in this snow?
  • By 'eck, yes it counts towards the total, I have done my walk to the shops a mile each way.

    Not having a good day, sooo much to do, keep getting distracted and start on another little chore, not got the housework basics all done yet and found that I have no more anti static duster things that grab the dust. Waiting for my hot drink to cool down enough to drink, then hopefully I will feel revived to carry on.

  • That means I can count my two walking to work days - which were effectively in lieu of running anyway.

    Had my run - I stopped a bit short of the intended distance having done just over 3 miles.  My legs were aching - just nervous tension - and carrying on longer would only have made it worse.  I kept going non stop though so a run from which I can take plenty of satisfaction for my efforts if not pleasure at the time I was doing it.  Plenty of nice fresh snow to run on though.  I even forfeited my cafe treat to get home and get on with jobs at home to give me the best possible chance of getting out again tomorrow.

    My friends who have chickens are reporting that they're not liking this weather at all. 

    Go CJ - get those jobs done. 

  • Tibbles (who makes Winnie the pooh look intelligent) has been having great fun in this snow. And then he came in crying because he had a wet tummy.

    Tom kitten has been hiding but at least he's safe and warm in the house somewhere.

    Timmy has been out as necessary. The cold is certainly playing havoc with his arthritis.

    Miss by eck has played out in the snow with her friends, chocolate and watched a film.

    I don't feel like I've achieved very much
  • By 'eck - you certainly shouldn't feel bad about not achieving much.  You've been under a lot of stress lately and that really takes it out you.

  • Just popping back in to say, bathroom clean apart from the floor. So 1 job done.
    Put some food out for the birds (not on to do list) and so far only seen a pair of magpies come down and take a look at the stuff (proper bird suet pellets).
    Will go and do the hoovering and hope I don't get any more distractions.

    LR glad you had a good run, I know what you mean about not enjoying them until its over, plus it was non stop for 3 miles.

  • I have just had to empty out our dishwasher by hand:/

    It was a 2 mile walk in total. I now need something else to do. Mr by eck is in.his ooffice doing somethin and I'm feeling a bit abandoned
  • oh poo my kettle has finally given up the ghost.


    Would have to do it in the freezing cold image

  • Oh. that's bad timing, Bear.

    And apologies to by 'eck who says she's feeling abandoned then nobody responds for over 2 hours. image

  • No worries LR. Am absolutely shattered today.

    But moo is tucking into caramelized apple and banana crumble.
  • Ooh, sounds nice.  The run just about finished me off but I've managed to tidy up a bit.

  • The roads were clear this morning to I decided to go off for a swim, or three.

    100m done in the Ouse at 2.6 degrees
    200m done in the Cam at 3.8 degrees
    100m done in the Nene at 2.8 degrees

    Feeling really chuffed with myself for that.  It was a challenge mentally to get in the first time, and the other two were even harder

  • Sorry by 'eck, cleaned the kitchen floor now. Perfectly acceptable to be shattered and glad to hear moo is having apple and banana crumble.

    LR I just have one last little job to do in the kitchen then I am calling it a day. Oh and I must check on the slow cooker its been on all day, the smell keeps making me hungry.

    XFR bear, pants to the kettle failure, saucepans of hot water are not so easy to use.

    Feeling more positive now, think I know what caused the horrible emotions earlier on today. Once I can see a reason for something it becomes easier to deal with.

  • Apparently I am being a right b*tch today.
  • Oh who's authority?  And is their authority creditable?  I have a suspicion who might have said that.

  • It's hormonal, I did warn everyone and I am much much more snappy than usual.
  • You're showing me up there CJ, I was so tired I just had a nap.  Feel a bit better for it.

    Great effort there, Caz.  I certainly wouldn't fancy that myself.


  • Naps are good. We are just cooking tea - chicken and baby potato curry with homemade Pilau rice
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