Enduroman 1st - 10th June 2012



  • Whereabouts are you in Devon, Seren?

    I cycled in Exmoor during Feb half-term. I certainly wasn't prepared for the hills there. My planned 2.5hr ride turned in to 25miles.

  • mid devon near witheridge..........i have been cycling on holidays here for the last few years............but still struggle to find the routes without the steep ups and downsimage
  • Cat ... I did a 2 hour bike in Devon on Saturday and only covered 21 miles .. needless to say we found a flatter route for the Sunday !!
  • I can imagine!

    I cycled up the Toll Rd in Porlock (near Minehead). A long alpine style drag uphill, and great descent. Easier than Porlock Hill itself, which the car struggled up. Claims to be 25% in places. Certainly the steepest I've ever driven up.

    I was out this evening thinking how flatter my area is, compared to how hilly I found it when I started.

    Anyhow. Hats off to you Enduroman people. You crazy fools. image

  • great to see confirmation that teh double starts at 6 am....they did state 6 but maybe 9 originally..so pleased it 6 am as will be in line with the others for the day......

    can't see the difference on the run course

  • That's going to make for a busy little lake with 50-ish doublers and up to 20 decas and quinners in one go image
  • i doubt more than 35 will start the double.........just a feeling...........and i would still expect about 15 of the decas,quins will be still in.............

    still 50 in the water will mean should be someone for me to draft for the first few laps before they all start getting out

  • seren nos  wrote (see)

    still 50 in the water will mean should be someone for me to draft for the first few laps before they all start getting out

    Who am I going to draft on the Sunday thenimage

    What is the rules on drafting on the bike, not that I'd do it. I am assuming it isn't allowed.

    1 1/2 hr run later after family fun netball at 4!!

  • With not having been there before what differences will it make to where you camp with the start finish area being at the turning circle? I think I asked to be on the football pitch area where I think the finish area was last year. Am I best just leaving it there and let my helpers walk back and forth?

    Any advice gladly takenimage

  • i think thats the best place chilliboy..the run course goes down one side and back up the other.........so helpers can help you there if they wish.they don't need to be at the busy turning section........

    i am somewhere else as i have got electric hookup this year and am taking an old electric blanket just incase i need to warm up.......electricity means that youngest can stay in the tent all day occupied.........

    the other advantage of us starting early is that we have to be off the bikes by 6am on the sunday and so on our first run laps can watch and support the swimmers on the last day.....distract us from wanting to fall asleep.......

    I believe that there is no drafting allowed on the bikes....not so strict that if you overtake someone that you can't ride alongside them for a couple of minutes to chat and offer encouragement........

    i have gone for a walk in the sunshine with my OH and played pool and table tennis whilst enjoying a pint.........holidays are great.....just got to mentally prepare for teh ride home tomorrow

  • Thanks Seren, enjoy (?) the ride home if you can, you will tomorrow night!!

    I am looking forward to the camaraderie of the weekend, staying Sunday night so as to get the closing ceremony as well.

    I would have thought total drafting wasn't allowed but as you say a little chat here and there ok. Watching IMUK and IMW on telly the other month it looked hard not to be drafting others with so many out on the course at any one time.

    Did my 1 1/2 hour run in the rain this evening. I was quite warm but my hands were all for dropping off!! Should have had my thin gloves on ( makes mental note for next time ). I'm very much a too warm person than too cold. Anyway about 9.6 miles done so happy with that.

  • Good luck with the ride Seren.

    I feel recovered from Wednesday's minor op but will rest today to make sure I'm OK for the weekend. On Wednesday I was sedated for the op, the procedure only took 10 minutes but I took the opportunity to sleep all afternoon. I think it did me the world of good image image

    Chilli - well done on the run, your training looks to be going well.

  • Good luck for the ride back, Seren
  • I am following all your progress with envy

    So wish I was going to be there with all you on the start line

    Still next year possibly

    Amazed at the bike/run mile Seren and Purple are putting in, keep it up but remember that rest is also important

  • I have rested 4 days this weeek image image

  • i am gutted for my bike ride.85 miles in and riding really strongly........hit a ramp and my back wheel broke....1 spoke broke and 2 more are splitting.noit sure if it was wekened with all the crap rodes i have been cycling on or just one of those things.had to call the cavalry to get home......

    I was doing a good speed for me and coinfident of fionishing the 125 miles strongly.

    now need to sort out some new wheels.......and i'm so thick i don't even know if the cogs on the back are part of the wheel or seperate.........

    the bike needs a service anyway......was discussing on our training weekend that it should be serviced a month before the event so now i will have to......

    so cna't  and can't bike .......so will have to get a swim in.................

    or dig out the hybrid for a while...or could take teh specuialised out...not had it bike fitted but i could give it a spin no doubt........its only ever been on a turbo........

    right enough of my essay

  • Can you put the wheels from one road bike onto the other temporarily?
  • Seren, I think ive jinxed you since the weekend, youve now had a puncture, do you also remember the conversation about not needing spare parts image
  • Seren - Gutted to hear your news today.  I have two wheels I can't use for a while. Is it that simple?  Or do gears etc come into it?

  • You can only swap if the cassette's are compatible, i.e. number of cogs/speed and make (SRAM, Campag, Shimano).  e.g. youll get indexing problems/slipping gears if you try a Shimano 8 speed on a 9 speed set up.

    The easiest way to avoid this is to have the cassette from the broken wheel put onto the replacement wheel.  This is also a good idea because a chain and cassette wear in together.

    Sometimes you can get away with combinations of different makes/speeds but its a bit hit and miss.
  • And that's japanese to me image

  • ;-) the cassette is the bit on the back wheel with teeth, a collection of cogs if you will... and they aren't part of a wheel, they're an add on and therefore could be moved from the broken wheel onto the substitute wheel without necessarily upsetting the bikes gearing...

    Hope you get something sorted Seren
  • Gastank - thanks (I think)

    Seren - you're more than welcome to my back wheel if you want it and it fits

  • Schmunkee, I am Japanese as well, always have been. Others are Italian but it's not for meimage

    Get it sorted Seren, that's still far more miles than I have done yet. Purple hope you're on the mend. I've been told by the Physio no swimming for at least 2 weeks due to injury in my shoulder after the crash. Biking and running ok though.

  • Italian very pretty and fairly reliable; Japanese not so pretty but practically bombproof, on balance I go for the Italians though image
  • thanks for that Barley........gas tank.thanks for that explanation........i am crap on bikes......so the cassette comes off...need to find out size of wheel...the tyre says 700 so i take it thats a size..........can't find any writing on the wheel to tell me what it is..will have to look to see if i can find my original order for the bike.......

    there is an identical brand new wheel on my OH's shiny new bike in the shed........but i'm not allowed it although he said i could borrow thw bike..........but its set up for him not me......so wouldn't do many miles on it...........

    definitely jinxed myself barley...the chain will go next
  • Racing bike wheels are pretty much std in size, but tyre width varies Seren and yes the cassette can be removed a LBS/bike mechanic/bike geek could probably sort pretty easily - I've only done it once using a Hayes manual but was pretty straight forward with the right tools
  • Seren, if a spoke is broken and you say 2 more are split I would have thought you could take it to the local bike shop and get them to repair it, probably much cheaper than replacing it for now. If the shiny bike in the garage has an identical wheel could you not just borrow this for a week or two whilst yours get repaired/replaced? Don't think riding the other bike would be a good option but getting that wheel will only take a few minutes to change.

    As Gastank says wheels are just about the same size for a racing bike so not a problem if you get one new. Just make sure if your original hub is shimano/campagnolo that the new one is the same to be compatible with the cassette you have now. It doesn't sound like you have the tools to change the cassette so the LBS would sort this out ( easily if they are a decent shop ).

    One thought on repair though is if one spoke has broke and 2 others are splitting could others be affected and may need replacing themselves in the near future? May need to invest in a better quality of wheel this time.

    Anyway, did an 18 mile two up time trial today. It was windy and cold and whilst into a head wind early in the event it decided to pelt down with hailstones!! It was cold!! We did just under 50 mins so an average speed of of about 21.6mph. Quite happy with that given the conditions, pretty crap road surface and on my road bike.

  • OK

    Who is taking what kit to AT? I am spending the week down there and will take my bike and running stuff for a bit of training, supporting, getting in peoples way. I am sherpa'ing for one of my clubmates who is doing the quin and will maybe give Dave a break from the gobby one for a day if I can read his spreadsheets
    I have an empty ish car and can cram a few bits and bobs of spare bike bits in there, wheels/tyres/etc

  • chilliboy....where the spoke was attached to the wheel there is a big hole now so not sure they could make a repair.....will phone up a shop on monday to see if i can take it in.....if they can't sort it out soon i will have to work on OH to knick his wheels.....

    great speed for you....

    Plum.a new pair of legs would be useful.....

    i was thinking of taking my OH's planet x so that if mine broke someone could just take it off his.like swap a wheel if i get a puncture image
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