Edinburgh Marathon 2012

Did this in 2011 and have signed up again. Last chance to see if organisation can improve or find another marathon. . . Anyone else signed up yet?


  • Signed up as a past runner. Heard last year at the finish was a shambles. Would be good to hear from event organizers about how 2012 will be better. Entry was £48 so better be good!
  • I've signed up for the 10k on Saturday and marathon on Sunday - need to start training I suppose. . .
  • Latest email from Edinburgh Marathon says that they've changed the finish from last year to accommodate the increase in the numbers. Also just received my finishers T Shirt from May this year!

    Next year has to be better than that image
  • Hi Duffs and dunbarkev,

    I have also signed up for the marathon again next y

    ear. This year was going to be my last but well I have decided to do it for a 3rd time.As you say it had better be more organised than this years event.

    I have also entered for the Rock and Roll Half in April.

    Lets keep each other motivated as the months tick byimage I will start my training in earnest in January. Do you follow a structured plan? 

    Kev...Do you live in Dunbar???? Thats where my mum lives...Lovely place for running  image

  • Hi FrannyT, welcome aboard - I was starting to think there'd just be two of us on the day. I am a plodder and usually follow the runners world plans for 4:30-5:00. 2010 I was 4:59 and 2011 was 4:44 so aiming for 4:30 so the basic plans work to get me round.

    I'm doing the Rock and Roll half as well - I was a gold runner for the half when they changed it so I get to do this year as part of that package before they withdraw it.

    All for the motivation . . . I'm trying to loosely train for a New Year Half before starting proper in January as well.
  • Did it in 09 and 10, haven't signed up yet but do intend to!
  • I've signed up!!   Have done the last 5 miles before as part of a relay team.  Done loads of halfs etc but this will be my first marathon atempt - eek feeling quite scared now!
  • Duffs.....You are much the same times as me....in 2010 I was 5.08 and this year I did it in 4.36..wonder if I could knock half an hour off again. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Just back from the Bupa 10k Edinburgh run....hilly but areally nice course and enjoyed it...would have been happy with just under the hour( even though my 10k PB is 51.12 but that was on a flattish fast downhill course) Unofficial time 55.30 which i am quite pleased with.image 10k is not really my most fave run..prefer HM or Mara pace.....

    Welcome aboard Whitehead runner and Chynah..... Chynah.You will be absolutely fine for the Marathon......I did the relay (3rd leg) in 2009 and decided for 2010 to go the full distance and managed it so you will be fine cos you have halfs under your belt already........

  • Cheers FrannyT - Well done on your 10k. I'm recovering from a sprained ankle (3 wks ago) a week in Barcelona (2 wks ago) and a cold this week so I am struggling to get back into it - but planning to start properly tomorrow again fingers crossed.

    Chynah I'm sure you'll do well at the marathon if you've done a few halfs already.

    7 and a half months to go. . . .
  • Just signed up for this, completed a fair few halfs and 10ks, but this will be my first marathon distance - nervous but excited too - feel much more in my comfort zone long distance.

    have read a few things about bad organisation in last years race so hope it's better this year!

  • Welcome Brooke22..................I am sure you will be fine with the marathon distance as you already have done halfs..............the race this year was very badly organised at the end for the runners and specators.However it was good support along the way of the course and plenty of water and fuelling stations. This year they have changed the finish so should not be as bad as this year.....well  as Duffs said it cannae be any worse......

    Duffs...Hope your anke injury gets better soon and you get out running.....my official 10k time for yesterday was 55.19 so better than my watch said.image

    Have a great day everyone.....

  • Even better FrannyT. I did the Edinburgh Half in April last year and was a bit down about my time - then it turned out that the course was 13.3 instead of 13.1 so we all got a couple of minutes off - result image

    Back on the ankle at the weekend and did step class tonight and so far so good.

    Hope everyone else is doing well . . . .
  • Morning Duffs....

    Heard about that distance mistake...at least they amended you finishing times.....Is it the same course again for the Rock and Roll one? with the distance adjustment LOL

    Glad your ankle on ther mend.....Been out for a 6.5 mile run this morning.............its freezing and windy out there today.....Brrrrrrr

  •  Well done for getting out after the heatwave (that's when I usually hit the treadmill instead)

    Not sure about the route for the rock and roll one - the old one started at Meadowbank and left the city to Musselburgh but the rock and roll website says it takes in all the sites like the parliament and stuff so doesn't sound like it'll be the same. We'll see (as longs as it is the distance adjustment image)

  • Ive signed up for the Edinburgh marathon following my second rejection from London.

    Done the GNR twice, but this will be my first full marathon so a bit aprehensive. looking forward to it though.

  • Welcome Jonesy....shame about not getting in to London but you will like theEdinburgh One.......I am sure you will do well in your !st marathon.This will be my 3rdimage

    Hi Duffs...Hows you today? No running for me today..early shift at work and the weather is awful...chucking it down and windy....not nice

  • Second the Welcome Jonesy. I'm sure you'll do fine and I'm sure when the forum gets busier there'll be plenty of motivation and advice to get us all through

    Not bad today - made it out for some sprint sessions (6 miles altogether) and finally feels like my cold is leaving my head. Early start for me tomorrow - 1/2 day at work then 5 hour drive from North Wales to Glasgow for a weekend at the ma and pa house so plenty of Scottish Breakfasts to make up for over the weekend.

    Happy Wednesday (more than half of the week done day) everyone!
  • Mornin,

    Dufffs...good sprint session yesterday...well done.....glad your feeling better...enjoy yourself in Glasgow at the weekend and your scottish breaky made by your ma I expect.....will you be running when you're up?

    Hope the weather improves for you but don't hold out much hope for it...its freezing cold,raining and windy in Edinburgh this morning so just went and did a gym session and some intervals on the treadmill.

  • Thanks for the welomes guys,

     Ive only been out for a couple of runs since the GNR, played rugby twice, and that seems far harder than doing 13.1 miles!

    I'll probably keep the mileage ticking over for a couple of months then start training in earnest in january.

    My last GNR was 2:26:30 so would love to do a full marathon in five hours. do you reckon thats a bit adventurous for a first attempt?

  • Jonesy....Not at all too adventurous....I managed my 1st Marathon in 5.08.....It was a stinking hot day.....temp was 27 so that hampered my attempt of wanting 4.45 plus looking back I don't think i really trained hard enough for it......This year I did it in 4.36.........so was well pleased with that and am hoping to beat that again....I too will start my training in earnest in January...I like to start quite early cos you could easily lose a week of training if you become unwell which happened to me this year but was well ahead with my mileage by then. I am just concentrating on getting my speed up abit at hte mo and also concentrating on my form......

    You will do well and thats a good time to aim for for a 1ST

    The weather for this years marathon was a mixture of everything .....rain...sunshine...hail and gailforce winds right in your face on the 6 miles back...Ha Ha...it was fun though , Honest The day itself is electric and the atmosphere to...I just love it.....You will find your training daunting at times but I promise IT IS ALL WORTH IT ON THE DAY......I run for Macmillan Cancer and when things seem bad I just think of all the people I will be helping with my sponsor money and it gets me going again......

  • Thanks for the words of encouragement, i'm  sure I'll be fine once i get my head round the distance. Seem to remember feeling daunted at the prospect of running a half marathon so sure i can conquer 26.2   image

    4:36 is a great time especially with the weather.

    I'm off to the lakes this wekend so hopegully some fell walking will keep the strengh going in my old legs.

  • Hello

    I have entered for next year. It will be my first marathon so any tips will be much appreciated. 

    I ran 6.13 miles this morning only another 20 to go image

  • Hi Tracey and welcome to the thread...............its been quiet as some of the others have been away this weekend and I have been a bit poorly so not been on the forum. Well done on your 6.13 miles yesterday. top tip is to up your mileage gradually over the coming months.have you done any Half marathons or other races????

    Duffs...How was your weeknd in Glasgow????? any running whilst there???

    Jonesy...How was the lakes??? Was the weather kind to you????

    No running again for me today and did not get to my parkrun on saturday as have been struck down by a nasty nast cold and just not feeling very energetic.Grrrrrrrrrrr Got my gait analysed the other day and I overpronate so got some new shoes  and can't wait to try them out..

  • Hey Franny - no running this weekend image

    Many potato scones and pizzas though so need to get back on the marathon wagon this week. Sorry to hear about your cold - there's nothing worse than having to pause every two minutes to blow your nose

     I also overpronate and having been using Asics Gel Kayanos for about 5 years and they've been really really good for me (although some proper dodgy colours some years) - let us know what type you got and how you get on.

    Hope everyone else is doing okay. Put on some success stories so I can get some motivation please. . . .image



  • Duffs - oh yes potato scones..they are brill aren't theyimage They recommended asics GT1260 and they were in the sale so not too bad and yep the colours...mine are that lime green colour like the adiddas colours the kenyans are wearing this year...lol wasn't prepared to pay an extra 40 quid for pink one though. They felt comfy in the shop and i get 30 day trial with them even if i wear them outside they will find me something more suitable if i don't like them. Hope to get out tom and give them a try......If I find I like them i will be looking for cheap deals on line as last year i found it handy to have 2 pairs when in the midst of marathon training.image

    Glad you had a good weekend

  • Hi All,

    Just discovered this thread and I'm all signed up! I was looking for a new place to hang out / post drivel / moan / annoy people etc image as my old VLM 2011 buddies have all but disappeared!

    This will be my 2nd Marathon, this year done VLM / Edinburgh half  / GSR in September and just recently done the 10K but having a wee break for a few weeks before I get back into general fitness before the Marathon training starts again in the New Year! Only starting running a year and a half ago and really enjoying it!

    Must admit I forgot how much I enjoyed alcohol & take-aways though image so taking full advantage of it.

    See you all around!

  • Hovering over the signing up for the Edinburgh Marathon having  been a London reject again and having some cousins resident in the north thought I might venture up there but not read good reports about the organization of the event.  Whats your views on here folks? I have done four halves and the VLM in 2010 along with some fell runs and fancy a marathon pb as just missed a 4.30 finish........I have since run a 1.49 half so must be able to do better for the full 26.2....... though like the comments above the training is daunting, those long long runs in the last two months up to the day!!!

    All the best to those training in earnest  image.........I have dumped alcohol this last year and it helps..........and dont do take aways as Coeliac....................

  • Welcome Miggito and MCS.

    MCS - yes the organisation of the marathon this year was not good especially for the spectators and the finish for the runners. However they have promised it will be better in 2012???? The finish has been changed so its not as cramped as in previous years.As for PB..they do say it isa Pb course and i did get one this year.....However it really is weather dependant...some years it has been scorching hot and last year was all weather in the one day and was extremely windy on return home 6miles.....Your half marathon time is impressive so you'll defo get sub 4.30 finish if not a sub 4.....

    Miggito.....I did the GSR  in September too...How'd you get on....I missed out on sub 2...did it in 2.02.03 which was a PB but of sub 2 next HM in April 2012 is a must.

    As for alcohol...I like to have it in moderation.....Good for you MCS on giving it up though.....

    speak laters folks

  • Cheers Franny image I had a cold **my excuse and I'm sticking to it** image but was going for sub 140 as I got 1.40.01 in the Edinburgh half!! I ended up running 1.43 something so wasn't too disappointed.  I guarantee you'll get your sub 2 next year - if you keep up the training!! I'm determined to crack 140 next year! I went for sub 46 in the Edinburgh 10K and got 45.59 lol! so well chuffed with that!

    MCS - as Franny says if you can do a 1/2 in 1.49 you are definitely on for a sub 4 in a Marathon, never mind a sub 430 - again if you keep up the training. I was too keen this year for my first Marathon but learned an awful lot so I'm training for a sub 330 image I "ran" VLM in 4.27 so a bit of improvement is required lol image

  • Thank you Franny.

    No havent even done a half marathon the furthest i have run is 10k so will be a challange.

    The problem i have is that most of the good runs are cross country. but as i will be running in the dark dont fancy that. I need to find a good safe road route.

    Its great to have other people to chat to everyone keeping each other motivated through the winter months.


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