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  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Cheesy well done on the 18 miler

    Andi yup the yoga is "hot" in many ways. It certainly gets me up in the morningimage. Well done on the 13.1m - that's some climb !

    I slogged out my first 20 miler of the campaign this morning.  I had got up early to avoid the heat but notsolittleTek was ill and I couldn't escape until nearly 8am.  It's still hot here despite the rain overnight.  The run went "badly" (9:08 pace at 71%maxHR average), but at least I got the miles banked.


    Weeks stats:  69.5m (+2m) in 10h11 @ 8:48mm (+0.11) and avgHR 70% max (unch).image


  • Txs Teknik and yup, sure felt hilly!

    I hope notsolittleTek is feeling better? "badly" isn't a word I'd use if I 9ever) posted 20 mile stats like thatimage

    As always, great weekly stats as well

    A hard 6.22 miles tonight and was fighting either reducing the HR% from 74% or getting the pace below 12mm's and luckily the last 1/3rd is mainly downhill so averaged 72.87% and 11:55mm.

    Weekly stats: 41.7 miles (furthest in a week), 8h06 @ 11:41 and 72.84% avgHR.

  • Well, nothing new to report. I haven't done any cardio since my run was cut short last Tuesday. I have, however, done a lot of foam rolling and found a pretty good PT routine (mainly glute strengthening stuff) that I am mastering. I've also gotten loads of sleep (8-10 hrs per night!). I have a big deadline at work this week so might just stretch/PT for a few more days before trying to run again. A really good thing now is that my Achilles has been healing (and the numbness is nearly gone). I think this time off might be a great thing for me. I'll report back when I test the waters later in the week.

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    jealous of your sleep hours there, VT image  I have to get by on 5 or 6 max. image

    Cheesy & Tec: nice long runs. Right now I can't imagine to do 20. So glad I'm only training for a half. Marathon training in this heat is a nightmare. I think I'll stick to spring marathons. Of course I'm very likely to start whingeing again when the first sign of snow appears image

    Major loss of mojo at the end of last week image  sooo just a swim on Saturday and a very short run on Sunday. Serious attempt to rediscover mojo last night with another short run, a bike ride to the lake and swim plus a very easy 9 miler (no HRM - Garmin battery was flat) this morning.

  • Hi all

    Well this week is the start of my Hadd running training. I have run twice but am really struggling to get my HR down to 75%. I seem to to get quite a bit of upward drift towards the end of my Run (slow shuffle). I have not had time to analyse the data yet but I will look at the data tonight.

    Still, back to back run after 8 months off and the legs feel fine so must be going really slow...I am hping that after a couple of weeks my fitness should start to come back and the HR go down.

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Andi - thanks, and yep he's better now.  Well done on the 10k, and nice stats for the week.image

    VT enjoy the time off - good news on the Achilles 

    Chick I'm sure you'll get back into the swing of things quickly - nice bit of cross training and well done on the easy 9m

    Tommy patience, it will take a while. Keep plugging at the milesimage

    14.9m MLR for me - mixed bag of a few on my own on the road, and a club run through the woods.  Absolutely drenched, but managed just under 9mm at 71%, plus a push for the last couple of miles at 8mm without the HR exploding.  Wet but happyimage.

  • VT, sounds like you have gone through the worst of your injury. Will you be keeping up the rolling/excercises after full recovery sort of like prevention rather than cure?

    Chick, I too have bouts of 5-6 hours sleep but suffer with my temper after a while and really need 8. I didn't enjoy running last winter (hence the lack of miles) but can't wait for this winter though will probably whine when we get the first frost lol. Do you swim in the lake then? I smell a tri image

    Tommy, as Teknik says, HADDing isn't a quick fix by any means. I'm about to finish month 6 and whilst my avg pace is no faster than at the start my avgHR is down from 152 (81%) to 138 (72%) and am currently running twice as far monthly (up to 123 now). And no injuries/pain (other than self inflicted ones) since I started. Before HADDing I'd need 1-2 days break before runs and have been out the last 7 days covering 55 miles!

    Teknik, as I've upped my mileage now would love to call 14.9 miles a MLR (one day). well done on keeping the HR under control too.

    Last day of the month tomorrow and need just 7 miles for a new distance record so hope to report good news at check-in tomorrow image 6.22 miles today bang on MP @72.87% and a full 4 mins faster than the same route/temp/HR on Sunday. I think my goal next month is to work on getting my HR to 70% avg for the month.

  • Andi: Yeah, I have noticed that when I do stop for more than a few mins, for whatever reason, my HR has dropped a lot and stays low for some time after.  I have done various run/walk tryouts, and plan to use them whenever needed, but at the moment want to keep my current build up as near as I can to running the whole distance.

    The backpack is one of the Ultimate Direction SJ's with front mounted bottles, I find that so much better than my old bottle belt, and it doesnt sit on my lower back which was a pain after a couple of hours (literally)

    Yesterdays run was another 'I cant slow down' runs, 7 miles at 11:00mm when I was supposed to do 12:00mm so HR stayed average 144 instead of sub 140.

  • Back from my jolly (nephews wedding in France) - a few swims in the pool and a walk on the beach was about the only exercise I managed. Back gave me jip after many hours on my feet (as is the norm at weddings!) but back in sunny old blighty now and raring to go. I'll get back on the bike this week and start my first (tentative) run after the injury (3 months ago) this weekend.

    Good to see nobody has been slacking whilst I was away - far too many reports to follow up on but I will wish VT a speedy recovery, IT band stretches are part of my norm routine.

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Wow, Andi - that's serious mileage and really good progress there!

    BeDe: good to see you - my back is killing me when I walk loads and I've had no injury, so I reckon yours would be par for the course image

    Good MLR, Tek image

    Tommy: HR drift towards the end is normal, especially when hot. Things will feel a lot easier when temps drop again.

    Got drenched this morning image - I like running in the rain but today was a bit much. Anyway 10 miles done at 8mm pace, av. HR 76%

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Andi McGill 2 wrote (see)

    Chick, I too have bouts of 5-6 hours sleep but suffer with my temper after a while and really need 8. I didn't enjoy running last winter (hence the lack of miles) but can't wait for this winter though will probably whine when we get the first frost lol. Do you swim in the lake then? I smell a tri image

    forgot to reply to that, Andi - no tri aspirations at all. I'm a crap swimmer and a lousy cyclist. I like to splash about in the lake in the summer, but just to cool down. I never learned how to do proper front crawl and become efficient so swimming as well as cycling is just for fun image

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Andi well done on another big improvement - good goal for next monthimage

    Cheesy nice 7 miler - 4 beats isn't too badimage

    BeDe enjoy the cycling and good luck for the weekendimage

    Chick great pace for that HR - well done on the wet 10 milesimage

    1.5m warm up then 8m subLT.  Managed 7:48mm, HR a few beats too high towards the end, but happy enough.image



  • Well, I have some really sad news. I had to put my dog down on Monday. He was a beautiful golden retriever...he was such as good, good dog. My heart is just shredded. I'm dreading my next run from home as he always greeted me on my return and would chase me around trying to lick at my sweat (I know, sounds gross unless you have a dog).

    Still haven't tested the waters as I have a big deadline looming this week and figure I might as well take a couple more days to finish that off and continue healing my niggles.  

  • Tek, nice solid sub LT run.


    Chick, really nice 75% effort. You are really dialing in...looks like the time off did you well.

    Andi, nice gains all around.

    BeDe, glad to hear you're ready for takeoff!

    Cheesy and others, nice work and keep at it. I've been too distracted lately to properly keep up with everyone.

  • VTrunner   Sorry to hear that news,  Heart wrenching.

  • Good running by everyone else.   I think I have either plateaued or regressed a little with all the heat.   But maybe when I get a cool run done might be different


  • VT, sorry to hear your sad news.

  • VT, my thoughts are with you, very sad news image

  • VT - my heart goes out to you - Raggs does the same

  • VT Sorry to hear that image but it really sound like you have lots of great memories to look back on!

  • Did my Tempo yesterday, and for once was actually pleased with the way it went! 1.5 mile warm up, then managed all 8 miles at almost exactly 10:00 mm AND kept average HR below 150 (80%) which was what I wanted to do! The 1.5 mile cool down back to the car I reckon I was grinning most of it!

    Ive also noticed (I think) that these steady tempos are making my long runs seem easier? unless of course just the whole HR thing is starting to fall into place... I guess it could be either. This is my second week up at 40 miles, previous 5 have been 35 ish, then 30 before that. I should HOPE something is happening!

    Good running to everyone else, I'm still envious when I read stuff like 10 miles done at 8mm pace, av. HR 76% image to keep mine at 75% I have to be between 11 & 12mm image

  • CR, sounds like things are starting to fall into place for you, am sure the longer term HADD'ers will confirm but it may well be the HADDing along with increase in mileage is helping. either way your going the right wayimage

    Damn, first day of the month and my quest to get my AHR down to 70% of MAX and my HRM started throwing a hissy fit for a couple of miles and was jumpng from 66% to 86% of MAX image Ended up doing 6 miles in torrential rain in 68mins (11:23/mm) and 72.34% of MAX so heading the right way and it may have been a percent or 2 lower without the hissy fit.

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    (((VT))) my heart goes out to you. really gutted to hear your news. image

  • First run since accident this morning. V.short, V.slow - back feels a little stiff but could be tension worrying about it. The road to recovery has started (I hope). image

    Not tempting fate though - will keep at this ridiculously slow pace for a while (more like an easy jog interspersed with walking) until I feel stronger and more confident. Also I guess will be really good base training keeping under 70%

  • So this weeks data is as follows

    Monday Dist 2.84 miles Time 32.53. Avg pace  11.35m/m    Avg HR 149

    Tuesday     3.08,                    35.42                    11.35                     147

    Thusrday    3.09                     33.28                    10.51                     137

    I know its early days but there was a slight improvement on yesterdays run which gives me hope of keeping this up for a while anyway. image

  • Hi all, *waves* - sorry I've been absent for a while.  Sounds like you've all been busy.  Sorry for your sad news VT - I work at a vets so I know just how much pets can mean to people.  Big hugs to you.

    BeDe - hope you enjoyed your run back!  It must feel strange after all this time.  Well done on your patience and I hope the recovery continues to go well.

    I've been a bit rubbish (as per my name!) recently.  Was finding it hard to keep HR under control with my low iron then had a holiday which definitely didn't help!  Trying to get back to it now but still much slower than I was.  I'm not at all sure about my GSR goal of sub 2h now but I'll see how things go over the next couple of weeks then decide if I'm going to try or not.

    Sounds like some good training being done by everyone in spite of the heat.  I know I shouldn't, but I'm really looking forward to the winter - bring on dark mornings and a cool breeze!  So much easier to keep HR down and I love running with my headtorch on - makes me feel hardcore image

  • 15 miles done tonight, 3:09 @12:35mm HR average was over 5 down at 135!!! image 72.5% MHR. Never had it that low on a LSR before image this seems to be following on from wednesdays succesful tempo run. I checked previous runs at similar distance or pace and 140-144 was the norm.

    Ill find out next wee if this week is a fluke, as I have a 20miler to do Friday plus a mid week long run (well, medium run really).

    Andi: have to say I actually like running in the rain, especially at the moment, its quite relaxing for some odd reason! still, 11:23 @ 72% is pretty good going!

  • BeDe, Welcome back!!!! it's been a long 3 months and whilst you know your body better than I do maybe follow a botched C25K? Short and slow is the right way to go and am sure you'll be flying again soon (but not too soon please).

    Tommy, yup, tis early days and the difference may be down to the weather? do you follow the same routes? Whatever the reason it is an improvement and am sure one of many so well done to you!

    RR, I'm another looking forward to the winter and on todays run I think it came earlyimage We all need a holiday and my recent break had 1 short run in 11 days and was meant to be a running holiday - am sure the rest will have done you good and all the best for the GSR, we all expect a 'full' review!

    CR, well done on the 15 miles and BIG reduction in HR! I've still not done any Tempo runs and happy plodding along injury free atmimage Oh, as for running in the rain, todays wintery conditions were not nice at all image

    My first 20 miler today, covering the last 10 miles of next weeks (flat) HM and similar terrain to the last 20 miles of LN. Very heavy rain for lots of the run and some big gusts of wind, thankfully when the wind blew to the side it blew me off the road not into traffic but was hard going running into it image I seemed to spend a lot of time stepping onto the verge to let the bigger vehicles past and did stop the watch at halfway to buy a Banana, sports drink and take a 'comfort' break. Only 1 12image* and 1 13image* mm so quite pleased with that and came home in 3:54:45 so a little over 5 minutes faster than planned, 11:44mm and just 28 seconds slower than planned MP so happy with that but AHR was up to 74%. 

    I may just sneak out tomorrow for a recover run though at 42.29 miles for the week have already beaten my previous best week. I don't plan on 'racing' next weeks HM so plan to go out Mon-Fri and rest on Saturday (will see how I feel tomorrow).

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    VT really sad newsimage.  Hope your niggles are healing.

    Cheesy well done on Friday's 15m - nice HR printimage

    Andi excellent 20 miler - well done fellaimage

    Chick hope you're ok

    BeDe many congrats on the first run !image

    Tommy nice improvement

    RR welcome back. I've had enough of the heat too...

    LSR of 20m for me today.  Managed to get out at 7am to avoid the heat, finished in 2h55 (8:45mm), HR avg. 73.6%.     69m for the week.


  • Teknik your long run pace seems to be the same as mine.   How much drift pace against heart rate do you get?

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