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  • Morning all.

    Some excellent running going on in the last couple of days, good stuff everyone.

    Andi - watch that knee and take care of it.

    I've decided that during my HADDing I am going to do something a bit different once every fortnight, just so that I dont get too 'bored' of running at a slow/steady pace all the time. I have done 5 HADD runs this week with none of them over 5 miles but today I entered the Longshaw Sheepdog Trials Fell Race. It was a boggy 5.8 miles which I finished in 1:02:49 and that was me pretty much giving my all i.e. I wasn't bothered what my hear rate was. The first 2.5 miles were all gradually uphill with the ascenta creeping up to 9% in places. I felt fairly comfortable and my average HR was 156 (my normal HADDing has me between 123 - 131) and my MHR crept up to 170 (I'm using a previously recorded 175 as my maximum for HADD). There was then a slight decent followed by the mother of ascents where the gradient peaked at 36%. Obviously I was walking at this stage and it was interesting to see that my MHR for this section was also 170. The last couple of miles were downhill but I am not the best of decenders and didnt have suitable footweasr for the conditions so it was a steady decent. Overall the 5.8 miles were @ 10:52 with average HR of 158 and MHR of 170. 

    It was thoroughly enjoyable and I am now happy to get back to HADDing for a couple of weeks.

  • Since this thread is still invisible on the forum, I think it's time to abandon ship and go here...


  • Hey Dr D, are you running Brian61's 5 miler in about 10 days. I intend running  - if he allows me to  (in-joke).

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