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  • Well done in the park hollers
  • Hollers, yes the first three miles up hill last three down, I feel kinda guilty posting this type of run here as is has nothing to do with Hadding image, tomorrow it's a flat 12 miles out and back along the canal, it will give me an opportunity to keep the HR down image

    Keir, Good running, I think you've earnt that extra helping of pudding.

    Ding Dong, must have been a strong wind, I've got to say I have been quite fortunate up here it has been wet but know where near the same scale as down south. 

  • Thought I would try the image trick to import some data. 60 miles for the week and I got a nice shorter 80% run in on Saturday (see below, 1 m warm up/cool down on either end). Same pace as last week's, but HR was much lower and it didn't feel so fast this time around.




  • Santa, You can derive your max from the max and average from a race. But others have said the sameabout how the 80% runs feel, so I wouldn't worry. If you want to reassess your max, supply some HR data from a recent race, and how you ran the race ie. all-out, controlled etc.

    SC, Nice hill work!

    Keir/VT, good 80% stuff.

    VT, Good weekly mileage too. And the 80% runs are beginning to make a difference by the sound of it.

    6am gym for me this morning. I think my problem yesterday was a stiff back cos it was very stiff this morning. I'm wondering whether the speedy stuff I did on the treadie on Saturday caused it? Ay else had back problems from the treadmill?

  • SC, Santa baby more fire is a good book to be fair. Theres alot of real examples of what the best kenyans are doing. with typical training weeks for athletes who specialise in all the various distances. 800/1500m, 3000/steeplechase, 5,000/10,000m, half marathon and Marathon.

    One example in the book is a guy called Felix Kipchoge Limo d.o.b 22/08/1980.

    In his case he says that he does long runs 38k with the longest being 40k and he does them at 60-70%effort the same as his easy runs.
  • Fairplay keir your goin to rightfully smug when you sit down for puddin. Knowing youve burned it off before eating it. Enjoy.
  • 15 miles for me today @ 75% (bang on 9mm). Run was progressive with a 2 minute negative split which was a bit unplanned but felt great.

    Merry xmas, all. Hope Santa is nice to you image

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    I've heard many Kenyans do Long and slow as their staple runs. Was that something which came through the book from most / every or just the odd runner Andy?

    Only managed 9 muddy and hilly miles, so might have to restrict myself to 3 portions rather than the usual 4x puddings. image

  • Brian, I do have problems with my back  but have not linked it to the treadmill, will keep an eye on that

    Am well into my drunken phase at the mo

    58 BPM , 37% MHR  distance o miles,

    Merry xmas to you all xxx

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    image  image image image

  • we three keirs the general consensus was long runs of 40k or 38k with some. yes most did there long runs at a relaxed intensity. Which was good to read. one runner for example called Lornah Kipligat did easy 10k runs in 52mins. the general mentality seemed to be that its better to do miles at a relaxed pace so that the speed work can be to a very good standard.
  • 12.46mile today in 1:30. happy with the build up of training so far because apart from the 17m on friday its started with 1mile and increased by 1mile perday to todays 12m. only had drizzle today so did well on the weather side of things really.
  • Santa baby, good run. It's geat when it feels good like that.

    Keir, I thik you've done enough to deserve 4.

    Roy, possibly some scope for a higher intensity!

    AtD, good progression.

    For e it was 15 miles at 75-80%.  Felt good, especially becuase it was very early this morning before most of the rest of the world was up.  Stats below as I know Brian especially likes to see them.

    Split (miles) Distance Avg Moving Pace Avg HR % Max Max HR Calories
    1 1 08:42 133 72 142 120
    2 1 08:09 136 74 142 113
    3 1 07:50 139 75 146 108
    4 1 07:54 139 75 145 104
    5 1 08:07 141 76 149 107
    6 1 08:11 141 76 150 106
    7 1 08:11 140 76 145 97
    8 1 08:15 140 76 144 92
    9 1 08:30 138 75 144 89
    10 1 07:44 143 77 154 92
    11 1 07:54 141 76 144 84
    12 1 07:52 143 77 148 89
    13 1 07:37 146 79 150 100
    14 1 07:42 148 80 151 111
    15 1 07:32 148 80 151 99
    16 0.13 08:48 141 76 149 10
    Summary 15.13 08:01 141 76 154 1,521

    Sorry, can't get this pasting right.  Tried to do the first 9-10 at 75 then push on for last 5-6.  Right calf reacted so slowed during mile 10.

    Haddy Christmas everyone.



  • Santa Baby, great running and pacing

    Keir, but those hills where muddy! go on you desreve another image

    Hollers, good run, hope the calf is ok

    AtD, you seem to be doing all the right things, how long do you think you're going to be base building

    Today was my 2hr run along the canal toepath, the weather was nice for the time of year, hardly a breath of wind and it only drizzled in the the last half hour,  the plan was to keep HR to 75%,

    11miles 120mins 10:57mm avg HR for the run was 144(76%)


     as you can see there is a bit of HR drift, I've got lots to work on.

  • Merry Xmas everybody
  • macemace ✭✭✭
    Merry Xmas to you too Brian and everyone else on the RW forum

    11M early doors today 6 @ MP +10 and 5 @ MP +20%.

    Have a good 'n runners image
  • Yes, merry xmas Hadders!

    Yesterday had an early christmas present. 14 miles at 8:40 m/m @ HRava 133 (67%). HR steady the whole way with pace actually improving as run went on. That's the lowest HR ave I've ever had on a long run like that (typically would have been around 140-143). Anyway, thanks for the mitochondria Santaimage

    Didn't mean to get out that long but was at the in-laws place and they locked me out (so had to keep running until someone got up (or else wake all the kiddies!). Anyway, brought my week to over 70 miles. Will take my foot off the gas now...

    Also, kind of a delicate subject, but I was literally passing blood in my stool yesterday. I read 20% of marathon runners have this during training. Anyone else had this? Was scary (and seems to have passed as I'm OK today). I think I ran too many miles (plus the new 80% run thrown in).

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Good run VT - but personally I would see a Dr if it happens again. 

    Hope everyone had a good xmas. I was a bit ill, but it meant that I didn't over indulge! 

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Keir - i think i've probably had your share image

    Into week 3 of P&D and this morning's 13M MLR was 71%HRav @ ave pace of 8:29. Coming a day after an 11M i was pleased with that. I've been knocking around these sort of numbers for the last 3 runs and thought maybe it was a blip but it seems maybe the plan is working image

  • Well done, Mace. Love it when a plan comes together.

    Keir, will likely go in regardless and have someone take a look to rule out scary things. Today there were no problems or discomfort .

    11 M today (1st 6 sub 70%, last 5 75%). 8:08 m/m ave, HRave 72%. Like Mace, I think my blips are sticking as well.

  • Merry Christmas image, hope everyone is well and have recovered after the festivities, Keir, hope you're feeling better today

    Mace, good to see a plan come good, 

    VT, that's great news, I'll know what to ask Santa for for next year image, fingers crossed the stool thing is nothing to worry about but get it checked out if it happens again.

    After over indulging yesterday on booze and turkey I was back on the wagon and went out for a 90 min run, Usual route relatively flat, it was a bit cold with some black ice so I had to be watchful.


    stats for the run:  92mins 11:06mm HR avg 143(75%)

  • Some good training happening here over christmas. Well done folks.

    I'm impressed with the mileage people are doing by the way.

    I never ran on christmas day for first time in four years. To be honest I haven't got it in me to go for a run with a training mentality and then eat rubbish when I get back. I just loose all motivation when I have industrial quantitys of biscuits an choc so have decided to not wear a watch while in lardarse mode. Went out today an only did 2miles because of feelin sluggish/bloated. I just struggle to take it seriously with all this junk food round the house.

    Maybe it would be best to just wait till I've finished all junk food before takin pace an stuff seriously. Basically I might just try an do enough slow 8min miling to offset the junk food.

    Sorry for going on aswell.

    Has anyone read the seb coe book. Got it for christmas and jus wondered if anyone liked it or not? Thankyou.

    Hope everyone had a good christmas time image
  • HAPPY HADDY XMAS everybody.

    My pre-pudding run was another milestone - my times are dropping like I can't believe at the moment. Now at 75% a full 1 minute/mile quicker than when I started HADD. Something has to give!!

    Distance    Split time    Avg. HR    Time
    1.00    9:58    135 (74%)    0:09:58
    2.00    10:19    136 (74%)    0:20:17
    3.00    10:41    137 (74%)    0:30:58
    4.00    10:07    137 (74%)    0:41:06
    5.00    10:18    136 (74%)    0:51:25
    6.00    10:19    136 (74%)    1:01:45
    7.00    10:19    139 (76%)    1:12:04
    8.00    10:34    138 (75%)    1:22:39
    8.50    5:15    137 (75%)    1:27:55

  • Andy Red Nose - I know what you mean, I'm struggling to get my miles done both last week and this week. Only managed 24 last week and looks like less this week. I've been trying to do my runs before I start the 'stuffing my face with food and beer' sessions.

    Also have a little niggle in lower calf (soleus I think) and I am having a massage today - hope to be back on track soon.

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    BD - that there is the reward for your patience, well done image Assuming you're confident with your HR max i'd have a think about dropping the HR closer to 70% for a few weeks and see how you get on.

  • christmace - haven't done a HR max test for over a year. Might do one in new year - in a week when I do less mileage - concerned about injury if I push it. In the meantime I'll drop to 70% - 72% area if I can. As I understand it your HR max doesn't change too much?

  • Hope everyone had a good Christmas. Some good running going on.

    I've eaten too much, drank too much too image. One more serious assault on my liver over New Years, then it's onto the wagon image.

    VT: that sounds a bit scary. I'd probably have it checked if I were you ...

  • VT, Echo the thoughts on getting a check-up.

    BD, Great stuff!

    Andy, Not read a running book for a while now. Reading Angels and Demons at the mo. Glad Crimble is over and I can get back to running and not over-doing the eating/drinking thing.

    After 2 "rest" days, got back to work and out on the canal for 10miles at lunch. Lovely conditions, albeit still a little muddy on the towpath in places.



  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    I am mainly reading Alberto Salazar's autobio - '14 minutes'. Takes longer than that to read though!

  • VT if that happens again or continues definetly get that checked out. Dont want to scare monger but that could be serious if not caused by running.
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