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  • And we complain when there is a few inches on the ground
  • SC, thanks. Brill stuff overcoming the vomit hurdle and glad you found your shoes!

    Asman, good week especially in the hols.

    VT, you've just penned a lovely xmassy picture. Love running in fresh snow. But must admit to hating the stuff generally cos we can't cope with if.

    35:57 for 5.6 miles at Todmorden this morning.

    Hrav 165, so kept a lid on it.

    Lovely 3 course lunch in the pub afterwards.

    Time to chilax now.....
  • You guys are putting me to shame, I've done 20 miles this week in total. Theres a "pay on the day" marathon in Liverpool tomorrow so I might try and redeam myself.

  • Ran the 5 mile old father time race yesterday in 36.04 secs considering all the booze and the long run the day before can't complain, no HRM so no stats.

    Gaz if you have run the marathon today how did it go,let us know.

    One last night of drunkness and then back to the grindstone.

    Happy new year to you all xxx

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Happy New Year to all you Haddites / Hadders / Haddphrodisiacs ... whatever the collective name is image

  • Yep echo those thoughts mace.

    May 2013 fulfill all your hr dreams. ....
  • Good wishes to all for 2013. My target has been decided already when I heard yesterday that there was going to be a FM and HM in York on Oct 20th 2013. FM is my aim and HADD +physio+new orthotics  is probably the way I will get there.


  • Coooooooooo Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Im back from my travels.   Will catch up later!

  • Struggled a little today ran well for 17 miles or so at sub 8:00 m/m but then hit the wind on the 4 times out and back costal course for the third time and the next 3 miles took everything out of me.

    Didn't want to push it and spend 2-3 weeks recovering from a "fun run" so jogged/ walked the last 6-7 miles and got over the line in 3:50 but got a solid 20 mile training run despite pettering out at the end. Grim day weather wise, esp on the coast.

  • Roy, well done mate cracking way to end the year

    A windy 90 min run tonight, and the first that averaged well below 75% image, checking back on my stats for the year and I have ran 1000 miles since starting running way back in Feb image

    Stats for tonight's run.


     90mins 1:33:26 @11:28mm avgHR 135(71%)

    Happy New Year one and all image  

  • At the onset of a new year, feeling positively haddorificimage. Hope everyone has a great 2013...

  • Arrrgh I can feel this years going to be haddtastic.
  • Haddy New Year everyone !!

    Not touched a drop of alcohol at all over xmas, the first time in 26 years !! ( i'm 39..)

    15.07 very slow miles this morning at 144 avg.

    Time to get rid of these xmas pounds now...

  • I hope there are not too many sore heads out there today, Good Hadding Ashman, and well done on avoiding the alcohol over the festive period.

    First run of the year was a group run with JS, an out and back to Dochgarroch, I even ran a 8:40mm before the turn back.

    The criac was good, and the cake and hot beverage at the end was a nice touch.

    10.8 miles 1:50:06 @10:11mm avgHR 150(79%)

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Well done on yearly target achieved SC. Just in the nick of time too!

    Impressive weekly mileage Ashman. Did you run all 7 days?

    Good LSR there Chick. Must have been interesting splits - depending whether the wind was in front or behind.

    VT - I remember reading a tweet from the Brownlee brothers (Gold and Bronze medal olympic triathletes) where they adapted when it snowed last year - sledging down and running back up for 2 hours

    Was it a paced, all out or controlled effort Roy? Well done on racing after the feast!

    That is an impressive time on feet run Gaz. Good for endurance building. 

    Great target JB. So a 40 week training plan starts here? image

    Welcome back Spen - good luck with the catch up reading. There will be a test later!

    and Haddy New Year to Bri, Mace, Andy and everyone else! image


    I've been a bit slow posting recently. Got a bit caught up in my RW sub 2.50 thread. However I'll still post here when I can. Last week I go another 50+ miles in including some 80% work, despite being ill on Xmas and Boxing day.

    I started off 2013 well with a nice run today. 15miles in 1 hr 55min. Within that I did 80mins @ 80% max HR - 151bpm (a touch below Marathon HR). This section came out at 11.2miles - 7.11m/m. Felt a bit fast at first, then as I got used to the effort felt nice and comfortable.

    I am going to continue with at least 1 of these per week in Jan, although maybe 11 - 12 rather than the full 15 miles. I might also drop in some 80% miles into a few LSRs as well. 



    I know its not got owt to do with hadding but does any one ere do intervals on top of hadding. Tday it crossed me mind that perhaps if I was to mark out a set distance on a quite stretch of road it wouldn't matter if the local track was closed like they were over crimbo. So off I went with me spray an "graffitied" 200, 400, 600, 800m marks on the pavement, all discreet like. An proceeded to do a session of 10x400m in 73-74secs. Thought get me little sub 5min mile campaign off the ground.
  • Hi Andy

    What rest do you have inbetween these intervals matey ? going to start some myself this week never done them before so any advice would be appreciated !

  • ashman I just had 60secss recovery. Seemed enogh to be honest.
  • JB, all the best for the York mara. I'm tempted by it, but I think we may be going to Amsterdam.

    Gaz, you're a tough cookie, completing 26.2 in training. recover well and quickly.

    Roy, nice 5mile race, and good time too.

    SC, improving stats and congrats on the 4 figures.

    ashman, was the drink thing intentional or were you ill? I haven't touched a drop since last night at 9pm.

    Keir, quality 15miler.

    2012 stats: Miles: 2540.34 Pace: 7:57 HR: 129.3 (70.2%)

    2012 Highlights:

    20M pb at Hull in March.. 2:09:15

    HM pb at Eindhoven in October.. 80:45

    2nd best marathon at VLM in April.. 2:55:16

    Marathon 2012 UK Ranking.. 35 (V50)

    Goals for 2013:

    Sub-80 HM

    Sub-60 10M

    Lower marathon pb (2:54:16)

    Top 20 UK Ranking

  • HADDY new year everyoneimage

    What a couch potato I've been compared to everyone else!! 30 miles in 10 days - Bah Humbugimage

    Back to it now - my highlights for 2012 were:

    Competing in my first race for 30 years and finishingimage and finally having the discipline to follow HADD and see my times tumble after the initial 16 weeks (just hope I haven't wrecked them over Xmas).

    Target for 2013 - to go sub 2hrs for HM's

    Future target - to be in the top 10 in my age group when I'm 90image

  • roy silver wrote (see)

    3 hours over the Breacon Beacons today, boy was it wet.

    No HRM, ran with a friend, great morning trying to out do each other.

    SC, just the confidence that HADD training gives you will help you break 2 hours, for sure.

    RoyS - do you live near BB's? - I'm only an hour away in Herefordshire.

  • Haddy New Year indeed image

    Some horrible HADD puns image and some great running, especially Gaz with a tough 20 miler on New Year's eve.

    2258 miles for the year, av. page 9.1 mm, av. HR 135 (75%)

    Highlight of the year: cracking 3:30 in October with a 3:29:15 image

    Target for 2013: 5 & 10k, HM & M PBs image

    Ding Dong Merrily on Bri. wrote (see)
    I haven't touched a drop since last night at 9pm.

    haha, that's what I call determination, Brian image

    Andy: I do intervals occasionally. I know it's not exactly conducive to HADDing but sometimes it's nice to blow some cobwebs away. Have you tried the interval thingie from the HADD doc? If memory serves he had Joe do 10k, alternating 5k pace and 5k pace plus 15secs, each segment to be 200m. Sounded a bit image to me ...

    Another 80% run done - 12 miles with 10 @ 80%. A smidgen over 8mm, but very consistent splits apart from the mile with the hill.

  • Right Im back properly now.   HAPPY NEW YEAR


    Did my first run yesterday of ultra training.   14 miles in 3 hours image.   Mud, rocks, steep hills and getting lost in Shrops.    NO point wearing a HR up there so my plan is:

    5 runs a week.   3 runs hadding and the other 2 off road so no point!

  • Bri, yes it was mate just wanted to see if i could do it.  It was hard thou still put on a few pounds pigging out on chocolates. Milage is really coming on now 27 this week will do some intervals tomorrow, Helsby half on the 20th Jan then Wrexham half in Feb, 7 today @ 140 avg...

  • spen, I know the pace versus HR is poor when off-roading, but if you are going to do the long stuff over similar terrain, then it is worth wearing the monitor because you can benchmark runs of similar type? This will still give you improvement albeit at a lot slower pace.

  • ashman, thats really good discipline at this time of year (well at any time of year really!). Good mileage too - sounds like it has done you a power of good. Good luck with the HM races. What are your targets?


    i like the posting of tragets on here. publicly commiting can be a good incentive. Good luck with the Following.

    Ding Dong Merrily on Bri. wrote (see)

    Goals for 2013:

    Sub-80 HM

    Sub-60 10M

    Lower marathon pb (2:54:16)

    Top 20 UK Ranking

    and you BD good luck.

    CHIICKADEEE i read about the intervals but my 5k pace (5:16mm) works out 78.5secs per 400m compared to yesterdays 75secs or less. i want to do a mile in 5 mins and then hopefully once thats achieved i can then spend the rest of the year working on increasing the duration i can keep that pace going for. i`ve set myself some targets i`d like to achieve in 2013. although some would just be time trials done on the track rather than in actual races.

    2013 GOALS

    Distance - target -

    1 mile -   sub 5mins

    3,000m - 9:19mins (5:00 pace)

    5,000m - 15:30mins (5:00 pace)

    5 mile   - 25:00mins (5:00 pace)

    10 KM - as much off 34:28pb (5:33pace) as poss

    Chester marathon in october. time goal will depend on how the year has gone.

    very tough targets but hey, it`ll be rewarding if i achieve em.

  • Bri 

    Hm - 1.25 by end of year

    Marathon (chester) 3.20 ish

    Just wish i was as fast as Andy !

    What are your targets for the year mate ?



    (that's me on the floor after reading Andy's targets image).

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Well, if its 'tragets' that Andy wants...image

    VLM Sub 2.50

    HM - Sub 80

    10m - Sub 60mins

    Pretty much same as Bri really image

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