Excited new runner



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    The awesome cake, only bit not able to eat is the doll!


    Detail of the back of the car.




  • Oh, cake board was 65cm x 45cm to give you an idea of size, took 2 of us to carry it.  My uncle made it from 5 x 12" square cakes!!!

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    The group, I'm in the middle, Poison Ivy from Batman.  The birthday boys are my OH infront of me complete with Aliens chestburster, and Andy the ghostbuster!

    And one just for a laugh - 6ft+ bender!


     With cake in the background image


  • Hey all, haven't been for a run today (knee tad niggly so don't want to risk it) instead walk round costco, sainsburys and done kettlebell workout! Feeling drained now image

  • Maam that cake is amazing image and love all your costumes image looks like you had alot of fun image

    Hope your knee is ok today, take it easy on it

    Taking my running shoes to Spain so looking forward to running by the sea again image and yes when we get home only a few days and then Poppy moves in for good image yeehaa

  • Thank you for the welcome, Maamalade and Silvertop image its such a high, isn't it, when you're wheezing and not sure if you can make it and you do. 

  • Wow, what a cake! 

  • The cake was a def WOW, made by my Uncle to my request of design, so pleased with how it turned out.

    Still taking it easy as knee still not great, collapsed today image

    Eva - good to see you still have high spirits and are still enjoying.

    Mal - how you doing? Fab I hope.

    Boo - don't run in too hot a day but enjoy image

  • I'm OK, doing the worlds most gentle exercise class for pregnant women. It's dull but better than doing nothing. I have a couple of similar DVDs too but I'd rather be running.

    Are you alright after collapsing? Sorry to see you are still having such trouble. Not fair!

  • What a fantastic cake Ma'am - a masterpiece! Maybe you could do one for my boys next birthday.

    I've been on a stag do to Brighton yesterday and feeling the worse for wear this morning BUT it didn't stop me running along the prom 3.5m this morning at 8am. Cleared the cob-webs away and the weather was beautiful. Now I need to sleep - out at a 40th birthday do at 8 this evening!

    Loving the running again! image
  • Hi all

    Feeling a bit better, knee still iffy but survived chester zoo yesterday and full day diving today so can't be all that bad.

    Silver - cake is not a problem, done to order, made by my uncle so let me know and he can give a quote. Very reasonable given work goes into them.  If you are on facebook his site is create a cake leeds, as you can tell they do travel as I picked up in leeds and drove to chester.

    I haven't done kettlebell, have eaten too much but had lovely weekend.

    Hope everyone is well x

  • hellooooo everyone - not been getting the updates from this thread so missed out on a few posts again.

    Cake looks great Maam and love the outfit and - well, just fancy dress in general!!!

    Marathon envy big style this week, so am going to do my first one next year. Either Brighton or hopefully, London.  Fingers crossed for the ballot!!

    Had a few days off work, thurs/fri/mon so dreading going back tomorrow.  want to be a lady of leisure!!   I'd dedicate so much more time to running!!

  • Got my stretchy relaxing class tonight, may use the opportunity for a sleep, trying to walk more but I'm bored of "very gentle exercise" already.

    Am baking cheesy bread, I was trying to be lazy and let the breadmaker mix and knead but I put too much in and it hasn't. Now I'm performing emergency bread rescue proceedures, wish us luck!

    How's the running going fit and healthy running people?

  • Good luck with it Mal, sounds like you are having fun!

    I've been back at the hospital today to see the Rhumatologist, she says definately something wrong but doesn't know what, so blood tests, 4 x-rays now have to wait for another ultrasound, the Dr to consult with my Colitis specialist then to go back for a hopeful decision on what next.

    Feeling exhausted so trying to rest some, but not working so well image

  • Mal!!!   mmmm cheesey bread!! send some my way.  its like my two favourite things in one hit!!!! image

    Maam - sorry you're tired! I hope they can fix you soon x

  • Oh Maam, I'm so sorry you are having such a tough time. 

    Em the cheesy bread take one in the bread maker went horribly wrong despite rescue attempts so I was forced to ditch the cheating machine and make it by hand. It was perfect (I hate cheesy bread or anything particularly cheesy but Mr Mal and children love it) and I felt angelic for properly homemaking bread!

    Had a long 3 days with uni and my volunteering so hopeing to get out for a walk tomorrow to relax me a bit, shame it's going to rain, we were planning a beach trip.

    Where is everyone, are they all to busy actually running?!

  • Actually running? well only if you count the treadmill Mal.

    Ive been at a wedding this weekend so Im knackered and haven't had time to run this weekend. I Waldorf eaten and drunk loads so the diets dissappeard for the weekend. 

    Hope everyone is well and having fun! 

  • Hi all

    Been a mad weekend, friends over yesterday so food and drinks, then today bit more social.

    Just finished packing as off to Edinburgh in the morning for work, back Friday.  Now time to chill out and pack the laptop away image

    Hope everyone has had a good weekend.

  • Hello from sunny Edinburgh, finally at hotel and glad to have kicked shoes off, first day in heals!!!

  • Have fun Maam.

    Tready counts Silver.


  • Hi Mal, how you doing? Can't be long now, or does it just feel like its ages since you said?

    Edinburgh is still sunny, and still loving it here, would much rather be here all the time image

  • Hi all..... so i've been procrastinating a fair bit of late - i went running at lunchtime today and did my exercise dvd tonight - its called Total Body Toner by the Firm and i am not joking, its a killer.  I only use the heavy weights for all the sculpting and I am feeling it in my arms and my thighs from the lunges.  Killer.

    Plan on an early morning run tomorrow to set me up for the day.  I put my name in the ballot for London Marathon next year so all keep your fingers crossed for me.

    Planning on doing the first ever Bournemouth Marathon in October this year too - its only half an hour down the road for me and even though I may get into London, there's 125,000 people in the ballot and nowhere near that amount get a place so..... fingers crossed!!

    Mal - how big is your bump now?  Are you loving being pregnant again?  And not liking cheesey bread - wow, I am miss cheese.  I love all things cheesey!!

    Maam - Edinburgh - how lovely!  My sis is going to a campsite called Sandy Balls in the new forest this weekend so we may go down there and visit her with our push bikes.... I had forgotten its the bank holiday - what a treat!

    Stripes still about?  Stewart C?  Booey on her holibobs still?  can't wait for the pic of her new doglet when she gets back.  So jealous - I desperately want a dog.  I have loads of different pictures of random dogs that I use for my twitter picture now.  I will be the dog equivalent of a mad old cat woman in a few years time.....

    Hope you're all good x

  • Maam, it's aaaaages yet, only 24 weeks pregnant due 22 August. Edinburgh sounds lovely, we went there a few years ago for a wedding, was beautiful.

    Em, Total Body Toner sounds excrutiating, so probably brilliant! Good luck in the ballet. Bump is definitely bumpy, will post a pic when I get around to it. *shudder at mention of cheese, Mr Mal was scoffing cheese scones and making me feel ill earlier, blurgh*

    Being a mad old dog lady sounds more fun than all the cats, at least there's all the amazing walks you could do.

    Where is everyone, it's very quiet on here. Is it coz I'm here talking about all things non-runner related? 

    *Quickly thinks of a sentance with the word running in*

    I passed on my enthusiasm for the C25K tonight, it was lovely to watch someone else get really fired up about the possibility of doing something they'd never felt they could do. Am also a bit jealous, wonder if I'll ever get back in to running again!


  • Hello ladies,

    my last night in edinburgh and loving it so much that the night I had booked here with OH for July has been extended to 2 nights, yipee, it is so nice, but also the office is refreshing, great people and actually been enjoying work! So long since I've been able to say that.

    Mal - sorry for thinking nearly there, never had kids so don't get it all really. But sure you are loving it, those that love kids love all of it from what I hear, just not for me image

    Em - good luck with the Ballot, can't believe you are going to join the mara club! Good for you.

    I went into a running shop yesterday to discuss best tactic for getting back into running and planning a little run at the weekend, if can fit in among festival, social and diving image

    Last night here so heading to Hard Rock Cafe again, but do I pig out on the haggis burger???

  • Don't be sorry, I don't like pregnancy much but I do like lovely, well behaved children after...just got to find some!

    Really good to hear work has been enjoyable and that you've enjoyed your time there so much. Not  too long to wait for July.

    Hope you're able to squeeze a little run in at the weekend around your million other activities!

  • Never had haggis - doubt I ever will.  I'm quite stuck in my ways with food..... Enjoy your last night Maam!  Why the sad face - do you want to have babies one day?

    Mal - i'm sure you'll find some time to run again, it may be when the kids are older but that's when a lot of women go running. They also say something about child birth enabling women to become better runners,....so with your brood, you could be up there with Paula in a few years time!! image

    Love dogs so much.  I like dogs more than humans...... lol

  • I'm back home now and missing Edinburgh already, but can't complain as at a Rock festival tomorrow. 

    Don't want human kids, got my own babies, some beautiful fish image   The sad face is I sometimes wonder if I'm a true female since that kids part of me is totally missing, I can't imagine anything worse than having a kid, having to give my life and bank balance over, I'd rather have me, my OH and the fish image

  • I think you are every bit a true female without needing to have children, it doesn't make you any less a woman (just better rested with more hobbies and with a nicer house!)

    I felt really awful just wondering around a fair today with my family, I held it together until my Mum went to her car then stumbled all the way back to ours, I'm starting to worry about the heart defect causing problems again.

    Have you all got bank holiday plans?

  • Mal - you mustn't soldier on if you're feeling awful!  you're too important to be unwell!  You should get yourself checked out xxxxx

    Maam - don't worry, i'm also missing that gene. Mines not fish though, i'd love a dog!!!!

    Speaking of Dogs.... when's Booey back - she picks up her doggie doesnt she, when she's back!

    The men in hiding?  don't worry guys, we've stopped talking babies for the time being....


  • Mal - I agree with Em, get yourself checked out, you need to put you first (and the baby) but you know what I mean xxx

    Boo should be back soon but probably too busy with new dog to show us pics etc image

    Don't know where the men are but agree they are missing!

    Not running today as I was on my feet pretty much all day yesterday being at the festival. Was a good day but didn't enjoy last couple bands, one coz there was so much pushing and shoving going on could hardly stand up, as result bit sore today and I'm diving tomorrow so best to rest a bit. Try on Wednesday instead but do need to get back out there.

    Hope everyone had a great Star Wars Day, and is having a lovely weekend image

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