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  • Er...Sorry about the baby talk guys, stopped now!!

  • Morning Ladies!  Seems the men have all dissappeared fron this forum So Im here to redress the balance!

    Mal - love your comments about the kids. If I was kid free I'd have money, time, patience and inner peace and not just Chaos! image still got to love them haven't you!

    I've had a manic weekend which started with a 5k Parkrun in Wycombe on Sat morning - got round but it was a struggle  Then I spent Sun and Mon running after my 5yo at the local car park as he learned to ride his bike. He did it too by Mon afternoon he was off on his own leaving me absolutely knackered with a bad back.  also spent all of Sun pm at a footie tournament. 

    so a busy one topped off with a run at lunchtime yesterday in the sun and loved it. Only 3k or so but it was great! 

  • Welcome back Silver, good to hear from you, I hope your back isn't giving you too much grief though.

    My run today is on hold, woke up and can only just breath! Full of cold again, so not fair image

  • Hi Silver, nice to hear I didn't scare everyone off! Hope your back isn't too bad, are you undergoing any treatment for it?

    I watched a women running in the sunshine today while I was driving and felt jealous, I momentarily thought about going for a run myself then remembered why I'm not. I blame the lady running, she somehow looked really fresh and radiant with that healthy glow some lucky other people get when they exercise (I'm in the tomato face camp myself!)

  • Oh Maam, hope the cold is better soon.

  • dont you hate those fresh faced individuals I'm in the old man close to a cardiac arrest camp myself. 

  • i'm tomato faced, face collapsed in a pained cringe, even though i'm not necessarily hurting camp.  Not a good looking runner (hence the 6am preferred start time!!)

    Mal - you can chuck as many baby comments in as you like.....I think from one person is ok - especially a pregnant lady (its your right)


  • Face collapsed in a pained cringe! - I can't even imagine how that would look Em - for some reason I'm thinking of The Elephant Man? - I can see why you run at 6am now You don't want to scare the children do you? Haha!image

  • Oh forgot to mention I ran at lunchtime again today. Just 3.2k but that wind in my face made it feel like 5k. Still time is vastly improving and fitness levels going up at last. Oh and Im loving it too, the countryside, the solitude, the smell of fertiliser - fantastic! 

  • Hello I am here lol and yes your right the Poppy dog has taken over my life image

    Had a fantastic week in Spain with OH's folks, they recently moved back there from France.  Weather was pretty decent and came back with a half decent tan image

    So, on to the important new doggie in my life image we have had Poppy exactly a week now and she has settled very very well.  First night a couple of grumbles and that was it, we had the first four days at home with her so the test was this week going back to work, she has been so good bless her.  We have got her into a routine which dogs need to keep them happy image week days I am up at 6 and across the fields with her then OH home at 2 and another big fields walk.  I dont think she was getting very much exercise with her previous owners so I am sensing she is very happy with us, which is great cuz its a big worry when taking on a 4 year old you dont know.

    Naturally running has taken a back seat at the moment although I managed a quick 3.5 miles last sunday image we are working on her heel on the lead at the moment on a slip lead as before she was on one of those god awful extender leads grrrr they should be banned image

    Am planning on incorporating my running with her in the morning over the next couple of weeks.  It will be all fields/trail running and am sure it will be alittle stop/start running but thats cool with me as am desperate to keep my running up some how image

    I can third the child bearing issue image never ever wanted kids, and like you Em dogs are so much nicer than humans haha Poppy and I have many a heart to heart whilst out walking image

    Hope your all good and I will drop in when I can image and post a pic as soon as I can of Poppy

  • ahe sounds lively Boo - Can't wait to see her. 

  • Poppy sounds brilliant, can't wait to see the photographs. Running with her should be lots of fun, my twin has been working on training my parents Dalmatian to go running, they both seem to really enjoy it.

  • Hey all

    I have my new fish, 3 skunk clownfish image My OH has also bought me Les Mis to cheer me up as I'm still off work with chest infection, if no better back to Dr tomorrow image

    Boo - hope the dog is going well for you x

  • /members/images/684170/Gallery/tn_DSCF1152.JPG

    My Puffer Fish image

  • awwww he's a handsome chappy!! image 

  • She is isn't she, she is only 3" long image so cute.   Has taken me a while to get some nice shots of her. x

  • Is everyone missing again image

  • they got fish envy image

  • Hello everyone image

    I'm bored at home so thought would say hi to you all and see how things are going.

    Boo - the dog being well behaved I hope

    Mal - taking it easy ?

    Boys - still out there?????

    I have a new washer, sounds sad but can now sort the laundry.  New fish are doing well thank god image


  • Hey Maam - it is a bit quiet on here of late!!! Don't know where they've all gone....

    So managed a run this morning and enjoying running early as lunchtimes are always a bit of a stretch - however, the lunchtime run is much more secluded.....

    I managed to burn a load of cakes I cooked the other day.... when you take them out of their case, their bottoms are a little bit black

    Stewart C and Tripes have been absent for so long.  I think they've found another forum to be friends with people on....


  • Sounds like you might be right there Em, I think they have abandoned us image

    The running sounds like it is going well.  I'm at almost a year since I last ran!!! Want to get back out there but until chest infection clears that isn't going to happen, planning on getting a little one in before I reach the 12 month mark but running out of time so quickly

    Don't fret on the burning buns, as long as they taste ok you can say it is deliberate decor image I've not baked in a while, might do some next week for going back to work, or is that for the bank holiday weekend when I'm away with friends.  My first diving holiday just me n dad image Well looking forward to it, and my cousin has just asked me n OH to tag along on their holiday next year too! Going to have a look at dates then see if possible. 

    So much going on, looking at changing car, might be moving house (very early stages to see if an option), I need to win the lottery big style image Don't worry will share if I do image

  • Hi image

    We had Poppy properly groomed yesterday and she looks amazing image got rid of all her long hair and she looks like a puppy image love her so much image we have had her two weeks now and she is so settled and enjoying lots of attention and exercise image

    I havent managed to do any running at the moment, but will do over the weekend image we both commented on how much Poppy has taken over our lives and how much less time we have to ourselves.....we love it though image its just another chapter in our lives and its sooooooo good image

    We are off to Wales to my folks over the bank holiday weekend so will be great to take Poppy on the beach image also booked a weeks camping in Bude end of June with her image

    Well done on the running Ems image we can rely on you to keep the side going image

    Maam - almost a year ah wow thats flown by image hope you can soon start trying to get running again

    Just about to change my car also, we are selling my BMW and I am getting a leased Volvo (through my dad as he use to work for them and also gets a lease car) its so cheap so even though not my choice of car if I was buying its a no brainer.  I get to chose whatever I want and spec I want image which is cool and its changed every 9 months image just in the process of changing my private plate over to my OH's VW Van as I dont want to get rid of it as it is my nicname image

    Have a great weekend everyone image


  • Booey - Maam, you both got to get on twitter ladies!! you too Mal...... its really easy to stay in touch assuming you got smart phones? 

  • and Booey - you can share your dog pics with us and Maam can show off her fish! image

  • I've never got to grips with twitter, but maybe I'll give it ago, can always cancel if it annoys me image

    I'll aim to be maamalade but will see how goes x

  • I'm maaamalade, don't know what I'm doing but I'm on!

  • ok cool - let me find you image


  • I'm on twitter but I haven't used it for ages @Em_runs_away if you want to find me.

    I'm taking it easy but not wanting to, the cardiac symptoms are getting worse and I'm probably facing bed rest much earlier than planned. I still have 14 weeks ish to go and don't know how I'd manage with my girls for that long without being active. It's really got me down this week. On top of that I have 2 essays, a course plan and 2 assignments to do for Uni in just 2 weeks. Not my happiest time lately!

    Maam your little puffer fish friend is very pretty, hope she settles in. New washer sounds good too, I get excited about such mundane things these days. Your holiday plans sound brilliant, I'm a bit jealous!

    Em glad you've got some running in. Did you get fish envy?

    Booey, Poppy sounds like she's taken her rightful place in the middle of your family and happily turned everything upsidedown! So pleased for you.

    How's everyone else getting on? What's new?


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