Excited new runner



  • How did it go today Silver? 

  • How is everyone?  I'm finally stopping aching, might try a little 5k tomorrow image

  • Where is everyone??? My race pack arrived today! Very very nervous now, feels so real and closer than last year.  Fingers crossed joints hold out another 5 weeks to allow me to jump for joy when I finish, I WILL do this image





  • Exciting Maam. Sure you can do it.

  • Another 5k done tonight and 5 seconds quicker than fastest since knee op image

  • Well done Maam.

  • Aloha

    I don't know if i've done the right thing - just ordered and devoured a rather large dominos pizza.  I got my long sunday run tomorrow and I was contemplating going out tonight but the heavens opened so I opted for food and early night.  

    Hoping that the pizza is ok tomorrow and fuels my run rather than giving me bad tum / runners trots!!! update to follow I guess.  16 miles tomorrow - which you prob all know anyway as I do bleat on about it on tweeeeter!

    Ziggy is at his aunty Sarahs tonight.  I had a shock today, he exposed his little doggy cock to me when he was in the back of the car.  I hope that it was a one off.  I hate the excited dog willy - makes me cringe.  It disappeared again pretty quick and i'm sure he didn't really understand what was going on.

    Mal - your little Leo signed baby should be here soon!  I don't know why i'm so excited about it!  But I am - keep us all posted via twitter or on here....

    2 weeks until my holiday - off to Kos to meet up with Rus - he's been out there since beginning of July.  I am like a spinster with her dog.... its actually been a full on time - new puppy, in the process of buying and expecting to move house in the next few weeks, my tooth extraction, the dog being poorly and teething loads plus working full time. 

    Has everyone here been and come back from their respective holidays this year?  or have you anything planned....

    130 days until Christmas image


  • Hi all

    Em - your so busy! How did the long run go? Don't tell me you are still at it lol All sounds exciting though image

    I did 10 miles yesterday, been back at work a week now and wish was still on holiday but 8 weeks and I'll be in Egypt so very excited about that.

    It's less than 4 weeks to GNR, OMG!!!!

    Mal - how the baby doing? Any sign??? x


  • My children! New arrival is Benjamin Luke, born yesterday at 7:37am weighing a shade under 10lbs!


  • Mal - I hope you are doing great and bubba is keeping you happy.

    Everyone - I need some advice, what length run to do on Sunday?  I planned about 12miles but haven't done a training run this week due to slight quad pulled. It feels fine now but with only 3 weeks to GNR need to build miles but don't want to over do it, any advice?  image


  • Maam - I'd see how you feel with another 10 miles.  They say its best to be 20% undertrained than 1% over trained.  

    If you struggle - walk some!

    The dog just farted.  really never known anything like it!

    Mal - i really love that pic of your girls and little Benjamin! well, I say little - a bouncing baby benjamin!!! Love a cuddly baby! x

  • Hi

    I've gone and done it, just went out and ran and ran and ran.  Had a target of 12 miles or 2.5 hours whichever came first and I did 12 miles 74.226 yards in 2 hours 29 minutes 59 seconds! Talk about planning image

    Then been out with the parents, in laws and fella for carvery lunch which was very nom nom and very much needed after my run!

    The question is with 3 weeks to go is there any hope of a sub 2.5hr half?

    Hope all are keeping well xxx

  • Maam you are doing so well image if you can get out for maybe one more LSR before the GNR that should help but is it really that important to do a sub 2.5 hr image after all you have been through the past year you should be proud of yourself doing it image

    I wish I could say I am back out doing 12 miles but unfortunately not lol I will get there

    Good luck anyway image x

  • Thanks Boo - the way things are looking running may be iffy again, I've got another throat infection which is wiping me out image 

    I'm hoping to push on but having a few days rest first.  Planning a 14/15 mile run on sunday all being well then next sunday only 10 miles while winding down ready for the big day!

    Hope all well with you and doggy image

  • Maam - hows it going? have you got rid of the throat infection and managed to run?

    Poppy is doing great image had her groomed again last week, she looks so lovely and cute with short hair

    Going to try and get out running this week, although I am kinda waiting till the hot weather is no more image I really hate running in the heat image

  • I've not been out now for just over a week, since 12 miler!  Feeling rough still, think infection now on chest which isn't really boading well.

    Back at Dr later so fingers crossed.

  • The bad news is I have a sinus infection.  The good news is as it is above the throat I can still run!!! image

  • Hi All - back to work this week and school starting again so its all going on. Footie tournament on Sat too. 

    ive also been under the weather Maam - feeling jaded and hot (sweaty) all the time. I've been like this for 2 weeks now and Im sick of it as Im normally full of beans! 

    Really fed up at work too which isn't helping. I have so much crap to deal with I don't really do anything I enjoy anymore - maybe it's time for a change!?!

    Wish everyday was a holiday - the boys have had a great summer and Ive loved doing loads of stuff with them. all I need is a lottery win - just a couple of mil - fingers crossed hey!

  • Silver - if you get that lotto win you need to share so we can all be happy image

  • You lot will be the first people on my listimage 

    spread the wealth, spread the happiness! 

  • So how are you both??  feeling any better??

    I know what you mean about the lottery win, it would be so nice.  I dont even want to be greedy, a million would do image I love my life but it would be nice to be comfortable and not have a mortgage

    Am loving this lasting hot weather image although I think today could be the last image I know I sound like a complete fraud where the running is concerned but I so hate running in heat I am waiting till it gets cooler before I really get on it again image am abit gutted to be honest as Northampton are staging a HM in a couple of weeks and would have loved to have done it image

    OH is going to get a turbo trainer soon so we are going to move the treadmill out into the garage and both train out there on occasions image this also means the dog can come with us haha

  • Sounds good Boo

    I'm still not feeling great so still not been running, really need to go tomorrow and Sunday or GNR will be crippling even more for me.

    Got job interview on Tuesday too! Fingers, toes and everything crossed for me please!

  • Feeling lots better today - all those hot flushes must be the male menopause! actially Ive been really dehydrated lately so i think that's the problem. Been drinking a lot more H2O  

    All manic at work and at home. Kids back to school. New projects in the office. Like you Boo a straight mil is all I need just enough to pay mortgage off, jack in work, and trade in the wife for a newer faster model! Haha! Just kidding! - I would get a new sporty motor though - a cabriolet so my grey locks can flow in the wind!image (and so I can pull some young bird!image

    Just in case Mrs S reads this - I am joking! 

    Booey - you'll love this 



  • Well, I'm up, dressed and getting sorted for going out on last training run before next weeks GNR, omg it is so close now!!! Here is to hoping this infection hasn't wiped me out too much and that I perform ok.

    Wish me luck, will report once done, possibly via twitter

  • I've done it, 13.1miles completed in 2hrs, 51min, 1sec.  Tough fight for first 15km to get into a rythem but towards the end felt good.

    I'm now feeling much more confident for next Sunday, just bit daunted at 2 HM in a week! Oops, maybe should have been a training run image

  • Thats alot of mileage to be doing a week before Maam image but well done and good luck for the GNR image get into your stride and enjoy it and give us a wave image


  • I'll do my best image

  • Last training run done, a little 5k to stretch the legs.

  • Good luck Maam I will be thinking of you and watching on TV image the weather is meant to be pretty bad so be prepared


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