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  • Hi

    Well it was good to get started up again yesterday.   I did plyo cardio circuit in the morning which was a bad idea.  I worked hard but not as hard as I did before my holiday so I'll stick with a late afternoon schedule instead  -give my body chance to wake up  but boy oh boy that's a tough workout.  I must go round to my next door neighbour at some point and let him know what all the strange noises are as I grunt, wheeze, curse and pant my way through the workouts.  Ahhh.... it's all good fun though!

    Dozy....I hear you on things getting in the way of this 60 day commitment.   I'm not too happy getting 10 days in then starting again due to a holiday stopping the flow


    but at least we're getting bac k in there.  We've accepted the challenge, we can't let ourselves down now, can we?

    Misterb....are you sure pure cardio felt easier? image))

    Ok,  off to do day 3

    Good luck guys



  • Hi folks


    Quick question I have been thinking of getting Insanity for a while now but because I live in a 2nd floor flat I am concerned about the noise to the neighbours below us when doing the jumping etc Is anyone on here in my position ?Wondered if I got s thick ex mat if that would help? Thoughts anyone as I don't want to spend all that money if I am not able to do it without upsetting the neighbours






  • Do you mind if I join in? I've been doing Insanity for a while with my daughter while she's home from Uni. We've just done the recovery week and start the really insane part of the programme tomorrow. I feel a bit daunted just by the thought of it but I'm willing to dig deeper and give it a go.


  • Franny - I guess a mat would help, you do plenty of jumping around, but guess you could be 'careful' as to minimise the noise. I'm not sure myself as I do this on a hard floor in the kitchen, so can't really compare, maybe someone else has some advice?

    Givingitago - YES, please join in, let us know how your first MAX day went!

    I'll be back at it tonight, after 2 days off (few day's camping) feel shocking though as I've given the healthy diet the heaveho for the past 2 days, and eaten out at fast food joints image

  • Aaaarrrrgggghhhhhhhh typed a reply twice now and lost it. Off to type it into a word document so I can copy and paste!

  • Well, Shaun T’s no longer Mr Nice Guy, he’s turned mean. Fit test followed by almost an hour’s workout, Wow! I can really feel it between my shoulder blades at the moment. I’m really pleased with the fit test results, I’ll post the results when I have more time. I have a feeling I’m going to be back to aching so much I’ll be walking like an old woman tomorrow. I did get a bit lost with the full body drills I couldn’t remember what he’d said to do but that’ll come as I get into it.  Insanity  --  bring it on!

  • Givingitago - Did you find you lost weight to begin with? I've been at this a week and a half, and also am much more careful about what I eat, but I'm yet to lose any real weight.

    Gutting at the moment.

    Anyway, did Plyo yesterday, tough, I absolutely HATE the level 2 drills, but as I said earlier it is getting slightly easier, but I still can't keep going throughout the workout, I collapse a few times haha, reading the last comment, I'm not sure whether I'm looking forward to month 2 now!

  • Ha Ha hate level 2 drills just wait til you have to do full body drills! Hooray! misterb another real person doing Insanity I was worried you were all fabulous at this. I'm doing weightwatchers again trying for the second time to get back to goal. First week results 0.8 of a pound. Throughout all of this workout I've stayed roughly the same weight. I'm running with the old excuse of muscle being heavier than fat image. When I get the chance I'll post my fit yest results so you can see just how bad I am at this Insanity lark.


    Month 2 day 2 and I now know Shaun T. hates me, otherwise why would I hurt so much? I can feel it at the top back of my legs, my shoulders, back and down the back of my arms.


    The programme's really stepped up now and I must admit eventhough he goes through each drill I get to the 4th part and struggle to remember what I'm supposed to do, but no doubt after a couple of repetitions I'll be there. Can I do all the routine? Can I heck as like, but I'm in this for the long term and plan to do this more than once through. I may not be losing the weight but my body feels more toned and I can really feel the parts I've worked on. I love it.




    Here are all my fit test results so far:




    Switch kicks 52 – 56 – 66


    Power jacks 38 – 40 – 53


    Power knees 73 – 85 - 91


    Power jumps 25 – 38 – 31


    Globe jumps 5 – 7 – 8


    Suicide jumps 10 – 14 – 14


    Push up jacks 10 – 16 – 21


    Low plank oblique 22 – 27 – 30




    Not the best in the world but I'm improving.


    We took Insanity to France on holiday a couple of weeks ago, it was 33 degrees in the shade with no through breeze, we sweated buckets. I didn't lose any weight but I didn't gain any either. Wherever you are in the Insanity regime keep going, and work at your own pace. Whenever I feel disappointed in what I've achieved I remember that the alternative at that time of the morning (I get it out of the way early doors) would be laying in bed. I love the way I feel when it's over, the feeling I've done something good before the day's really even started.




    Remember - Dig Deeper.


  • Argh, just done Cardio Recovery, and once again saw the word 'Recovery' and thought nice! Then realised it's well tough!


    Good results there givingitago! So NOT looking forward to Month 2, another 2 weeks of this madness first though, I am starting to feel fitter, and can manage to do that little bit more each time, but am yet to see any improvements physique side yet!


  • I'm just starting to see where it's working, mostly in my arms and legs.

  • Oooh was I achey today, especially between my shoulders and it took a bit of getting into the swing of Insanity - I detest the warm ups. Some of the stuff he wanted to punish us with there wasn't a hope in H£ll of me doing. Namely the plank to standing and back to plank. By the time I'd got down Shaun and the machines were back up and preparing for the next one. It's a case of zoning out of his counting and going at my own pace.
    A few hours on though and my shoulders are less achey than they were, a case of hair of the dog I think. I do like the one where we punch forwards while holding plank position, I could feel that one working my upper abs. Water breaks were few and far between too, just one before the 1st stretches as I recall.

    Max recovery tomorrow, yeah right Shaun, my idea of recovery and yours are poles apart.

    I can see a difference happening though. My arms and legs are taking shape quite nicely eventhough they feel tender today.


  • Just been reading through the posts and was wondering where the best place to buy the insanity workout is? I do normal circuits 3 times a week but feel like Im needing to do more. I like the sound of the results you're meant to get from this! Do you need much room indoors to do the workout? 

  • You can get it off eBay second hand a little cheaper than buying new.

    I do it in the kitchen, which is fairly small, it would be nice to have a big space, but you don't need it, I'd say around 2 metre by 2 metre would be OK.

    Did cardio power and resistance tonight, looking forward to the weigh in at work tomorrow!

    Oh, because of my 2 days off camping last week, my day off is now Tuesday!

  • I got mine from Argos and we work out in the garage with the back door open and the front one lifted slightly to create a through breeze.


    Max Recovery today.

    You don't have to be superhuman to do this but if you are it helps.

    I'm disappointed with my performance today, I got up at 6 to fit it in before work and feel I let myself down. The pace cracked on at points and I was barely in position before he was moving on. Form wasn't good for most and I couldn't hold the plie moves for long before my legs were shaking.
    I was pleased with my low plank to high plank though and can only hope for better results next time.
    I'm digging deep but is it deep enough?

  • I've just got the insanity workout but not sure when to start? Got Reading festival this weekend meaning starting today is out as there's only supposed to be one rest day per week. Starting next Monday works out well as my 'recovery' week would fall on when I'm on holidays which I assume involves slightly less strenuous exercises??

    However, my main concern is that I've got 5 big races in 5 weeks coming up (Cardiff 10K, Bristol HM, Swansea 10K, Survival of the Fittest Cardiff, Cardiff HM) which start Sept 8th. So my question is would I be more likely to harm my chances of good times in these events by starting Insanity which I'd be doing for a couple of weeks before, and all through that 5 week period... or would the benefits of doing insanity result in improved times?

    As a bit of backround, I've done 8 half marathons and am comfortable doing that distance. I run an average of around 25 miles per week, and for the last few months I've been entering races nearly every weekend, so the 5 in a row isn't really anything new.

  • Hi all, I’m 51 years old (bless) and 3 weeks ago the sportiest thing about me was my athletes foot, I couldn’t run a bath never mind a marathon (I’ll stop now, you get the picture). My son got this here Insanity thing, I watched him do the fitness test and thought “why not?”.

    I never go too mad, I’m only too aware of what happened to Andrew Marr, but here‘s the results so far…… 

    Week 1                 Week 2

    28                           70           (left and right kick = 1 rep)

    60                           111

    20                           36

    7                              8

    10                           15

    20                           24

    20                           70 

    What surprises me is how I don’t ache all over, I think that’s due to the excellent stretching  Sean T puts you through.  I don’t seem to have lost much weight, but my clothes fit better and I feel the best I’ve felt since I played regular football twenty odd years ago.

    Anyway, just wanted to thank all the correspondents on this forum for their thoughts and advice, it’s been really helpful.

  • I'm loving that this thread seems to be getting some action again!

    Pure cardio today, wow, tough going. Hardly had anything to eat throughout the day, so was feeling it a little, bit annoyed about the crisps and pop I've had tonight though, supposed to be eating healthy, I'm just giving into tempation a little too easy!

    Anyway, tomorrow is my rest day, and boy it hasn't come quick enough!

    Roll on fit test No.2 on Wednesday!!!

  • Up at 6am again to fit Insanity in before work, I was disappointed to see Tanya didn't bother turning up again, lightweight. I have suspicions she may have been due for a new battery pack and an upgrade. After all these exercisebots must take some hammer in a week.
    I feel much more positive today, I kept up much better this time, mainly I think because the new aches and pains are slowly subsiding and I'm getting used to the new routine.  I can feel where it's working it's magic now.

    High knees and switch kicks is a bit full on for a warm up but then this is Shaun T and it isn't called Insanity for nothing.

  • Hi everyone


    We've just bought Insanity and I did the first proper session today (did the fit test yesterday). I didn't find it too bad but I'm under no illusion that it wont' be hard. Thing is, I've commited to some half marathons and I'm fitting this in around those. I ran one (my first) on Sunday, next is Great North in a month and the final one is the Great Eastern a month after that. I'm going to play the insanity stuff by ear, see how hard I can push myself. Anyone else successfully run 3 times a week (including up to 13.1 miles once a month) and completed insanity?


  •  Sorry, just noticed my week 2 results posted earlier are wrong. 1st and 7th test should both be 35, not 70. Even Tanya would have trouble doing that (probably).


  • Got home from work late last night. Mrs Zolagola didn't want to cook and said we should have a MacDonalds as a "treat". They didn't have any healthy options so I panicked and had a Big Mac. An hour and a half later I did workout number 2, pure cardio.

    I would not advise doing this, it did not go well........

  • 20 days to go before this madness ends.

    Max cardio conditioning today, there's no let up with this one and in 4 days time it's going to be followed by the cardio abs.


    I dream about Insanity.


    Remind me why I'm doing this again?????

  • zolagola - lol, love it. Pity you didn't You Tube it image

  • Hi Givingitago, if I had You Tubed it it would have been a true video nasty. Never again!!

    How are you finding month 2 by the way? I'm coming to the end of the first month and, to be honest, I'm a bit nervous about it. But as Shaun T says..........

    "Come on y'all, LETSSSSGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  • Hi guys I'm not a runner but a keen squash player so going to give this workout a blast in order to see what it can bring. It has been inspiring readding your posts, so wish me luck

  • Hi all well I'm in a puddle but happy... Roll on tomorrow after work. This thing gets sweating!! 

    Fitness test resultare;

    switch kick 114

    Power jacks  60

    Power knees 67

    Power jumps 41

    globe jumps 11

    Suicide jumps 22

    Push up jacks (used push hand bars) 27

    Low plank obliques 60.

    God that hurt but feel great!! 

  • Hi All

    Great reading on here mind if i chip in occasionally?

    I'm not doing Insanity at the moment (i have twice in the past once to about 2 weeks from finish and once for the first month). And i plan on doing it again soon.  At the moment i'm doing Shaun T's new workout Focus T25 - 25 minute workouts that are kind of Insanity without the rest breaks.  Alpha phase (i'm 3 weeks in with 2 to go) builds your strength and breaks down and progresses some of the harder Insanity moves eg obique knee pushups, but beleive me it is still not easy.image

    I'm definately getting stronger especially core wise really noticed the difference at Race The Train last weekend.

    Zolagola - lol at the thought of a workout after a McD's i work out on an empty stomach and have nearly thrown up a few timesimage

    Keep pushing play everyone

  • LeeRobinson2 - I play Badminton not squash, and although I'm only on week 3 of Insanity I've really noticed a difference in my physical agility on the court. Because I'm physically better and not wheezing I can think more tactically. Good luck with the squash!!

    As an aside, I weighrd my t-shirt before the workout = 121 grams, after workout = 332 grams. I look like someones thrown a bucket of water over me!

  • zolagola it's tough, it's time consuming, it makes you hurt all over again AND Tanya wimps out of one of the workouts, BUT it's fab, it makes you feel like you've really worked out. Switch kicks as part of the warm up are tough especially following on from high knees but I can feel my abs working and my core feels tighter. This is the section that's going to make the difference.

    LeeRobinson2 I no longer run, I don't do badminton but I do cycle. I joined 'cos I found the Insanity link, one day I will run again.

    Chrissi I too work out on an empty stomach, 6am is way too early to eat.

    This morning was tough, not the work out - that goes without saying. Getting up was the tough bit, I could have quite easily given it a miss, but that's the beauty of this workout. I couldn't miss it, the job had to be done, I had to mark it off the calendar and my 19 year old workout partner wouldn't have let me hear the end of it. I love the buzz I get from this and once I'm past the warm up ( I hate the warm up) I'm fine.

    Like zolagola my workout stuff is wringing wet when I've done.

    Keep up the good work fellow insane people.


    We're smiling cos we love it!!


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