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  • i decided to do the plan as stated so finished WEEK TWO today. my back is really sore so i feel a bit stupid as i know it needed rest.


    mostly positive. i felt fitter again today and any workout that makes you sweat so much has to be doing some good. i am not bored doing the DVDs and the time goes really quickly. The feeling afterwards is great.

    negatives are feeling a bit boxed in, i know it is a 60 day program so i know every day i am doing it. at the moment i cant see any difference in my stomach and chest which are my worst areas. (i feel tighter in quads and shoulders though)

    will i carry on? yes.

    do i think after 60 days ill look like daniel craig- nah!!
  • just done a wee bit of measurements, my waist is 38.5 and chest 43. is it normal for chest to go up??
  • WEEK 3 DAY 1 Fit test

    switch kicks 80.....125
    power jacks 44.....50
    power knees 80.....102
    power jumps 31.....42
    globe jumps 8.....10
    suicide jumps 14.....16
    push up jacks 24.....32
    low plank oblique 53.....72

    so thats an improvement in every single exercise and i am beating the "machines" on the tele with some of them so that feels good.

    lets hit it this week!!!

  • i am starting tonight, have the fitness test ready and primed....

    i feel a bit of a fraud having taken the mickey out of the mrs whenever she has suggested a fitness video... I suggested we could do this together, but she didnt fancy it.

    It does look pretty 'insane'...

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Don't be scared - you'll love it! Just remember to note down your results so you can see the improvement. It makes it worthwhile!

  • Hahaha! Ive done that. It ain't no rosemary Conley though!! Come here for any chat mate.
  • Ok, so i did the fit test, thought i was going to puke during the cool down at the end... will open the back door tomorrow night. 

    switch kicks 90
    power jacks 49
    power knees 75
    power jumps 34
    globe jumps 5
    suicide jumps 14
    push up jacks 22
    low plank oblique 41

     felt like a wally, but my ktchen is big and i am not overlooked, sure i'll get used to it....just smashed a protien shake. i can see it being good for my running, water polo and squash... will become more 'explosive'... and flexible..  just got to see if i can stick it out until xmas, going on the wagon as well i think.

  • Pretty similar to my initial scores so it shows that there is a decent level of fitness there. I can only advise you to plan the times you do the exercises and expect pains off it! Good luck mate.
  • WEEK 3 DAY 2

    just done plyo cardio circuit aim today was to not stop at all, apart from the breaks set in the dvd. got up to level 1 drills and body give up!! that, ski jumps and in-out abs in a circuit is probably the toughest of the first month!

    oh well, done and dusted!
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    @Sham plodder - make sure that your surface is "bouncy" (e.g. with a mat). My kitchen has tough tiles and doing some of the jumps hurt my ankle a little.
  • just had another weigh in, 15-11. so only lost a pound of weight, but do feel trimmer. last night i went to circuit training and felt stronger than ever so i feel good.

    waist measurement today was just over i've lost an inch and a bit. if by the end of the program i am 36-37 waist i'll be happy. probably gonna struggle to lose this week, as Lee Evans and a meal friday and christening sunday, but i will keep going.

    feeling positive today.
  • Completed day 2 last night, i have never sweat so much in my life. The wife said it was 'cringeworthy' and 'humiliating' watching me, I then went to Water Polo training for an hour. Needless to say i slept well last night...

     ...I can see it will be good for running with the emphasis on stretching and flexibility... something i never do enough of.

     Today my calves are sore, but i can live with that. Have to do cardio and resistance tonight, which should be interesting, particulalry as i will have to do it before playing squash at 8.30pm! I can see i am going to get results. It is also forcing me to address my diet, as i have been loosing weight since feb and have shed over 2 stone, but now i realise i will have to better fuel myself, rather than starve... the nutrition guide is just what i needed to read. Although, i have been pretty successful with myfitnesspal since feb!

  • sham, ignore your better half mate, i had me mrs pulling faces at me through the kitchen window, and giving me the V signs...i think its part of their "charm"!!

    funny when u say you have slept well, sometimes ive struggled since this there is too much energy in my body to sleep! weird i know. just keep it going, after day 3 and 4 i was aching, it does get less achy.
  • Week 1 day 3

    hard work, sweat buckets, but can feel the benift with every jump, lunge, press-up....

    awsome. legs were aching before i started, but as soon the warm-up started ii forgot the aches.

    ..then i played squash, and still felt sharp.. looking forward to cardio recovery tomorrow.

  • ouch....tough couple of days. yesterday i swapped exercises around and done the recovery for time constraints in the morning, and also played football in the night. felt good, but never slept im wired up! this afternoon i done pure cardio which is my favourite right now, followed by abs which im struggling with. feel like im not doing the c sits correctly. this is where an "in the room trainer" would help of course. my lower back is sore again. going to play 7 a side again in a couple of hours. i may take a rest friday and sunday to recuperate and relax a bit. saturday afternoon i can do it instead.

    someone in work said today "wow that marathon has trimmed u up" and i just laughed. not gonna say "no its bouncing around in me underpants to a video thats doin it"!
  • well well well!!! my major worry came true...after really hitting it hard and some days double exercising, by last friday my body knew it needed rest so a good few days of parties and drinking and i really mentally hit a wall and stopped doing the insanity.

    done a steady 6 mile run last night and felt ok, and insanity day 1 again and a game of footy today. i felt like ive never done it before, standards really slipped. hopefully i can keep back on track now till xmas.
  • keep it up gedino, the results will be worth it in the end.
  • i am missing a few days, i just cant fit it in every day. but the days i do make it feel really worthwhile. i have lost weight already that i have struggled to shift until recently.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    How did you do in the end, 'sham plodder and gedgino? What were your results like?
  • OMG - sham and gedgino have dropped off the edge of the world. I've read all this thread and now no update!.  I am currently M1W3D1 with D2 later today.  Some staff at work were talking about this disc and one of them has quit presently as he's too heavy and it hurt his knees.  He has loaned me the DVDs till he looses weight (and assures me that it will take him more than 60 days) so I know I'll have time.

    Like the others above, I found it very tough to begin with.  Both my FIT TEST results were very similar to gedgino and I was well happy with the recorded improvement.  I can honestly say, as can my kids, wife and work mates, that there has been a noticable body shape change.  I have always been lean, but now I am ripping up.  I take myprotein and dextrose with flavouring drops.  These have had an immediate effect on my recovery. 

    I have been doing my own runs and taking people for 121 personal training.  All of this is burning LOADS of cals, and I am eating LOADS too.  I am lucky as I work shifts, and I can slide my training times to suit what work / social plans I have.  The abs work caused me some aches.  I too am a little concerned with my "C" sit possition but like the earlier exercises, practice has improved my form.  I am certain I will complete the 60 days although, the reason for doing it (amongst my running events etc) is to get to optimal fitness for the 3 Peaks challenge in July with six of my mates.  I DO NOT WANT TO FAIL THAT CHALLENGE so have employed the Insanity course to raise my cardio, core body strength and essentially bulk my legs.

    My wife at first poopoo'd the discs, claiming I was already doing too much exercise.  She has become a little more interested (in effects only!) as I've continued.  She knows that if I say I'm gunna do something, then I'll do it.  She's aware also that I'm vain, and having a fit, ripped body for the summer holiday will UNFORTUNATELY be a side effect of the training. WELLLL - at 44 years of age, I want to fight off mid life crisis for as long as I can.  Only downside will be that she'll become more self concious the closer we get to vacation (as always).

    If there is an interest in this thread I will continue to post.

  • Hi hope you do continue to post ,I have had my eye on this thread for the last couple of weeks as I plan to start next week and post on here. I am just getting over a calf strain and fingers crossed it will be fine to start this on Monday. My reason for doing this is I run plenty but lack any core work or cross trainning of any kind.

    I will finish it that I have no doubt not sure I will end up with a ripped body I have always been more mr muscle in body shape apart from hitting 40 a couple of years ago when low and behold my stomach started to expand.

    Henstooth how far are you into it ? 

  • Okay - I have an interested party. This is good, as I now have an added incentive NOT TO LET YOU DOWN with my posts, so in turn it will give you a sneek peek into whats coming.

    I am currently Month 1, Week 3, Day 2.

    I have kept a little ongoing log on the Garmin and MapMyRun sites. There I enter my heart rate monitor results and fit test scores as well as how the workout has effected me that day.

    By means of an introduction, with sincerity, and as a sort of benchmark for you to reflect against your own level (and IN NO WAY BOASTING - but purely stated so as to show you where I started from) - I am 44 years old, am 168 pounds, 36 inch waist. I started Insanity from a very good cardio and physical level, having seriously taking up running in my late 30's. I was encouraged to enter a local half marathon, which moved to regular 10ks and halfs, then into the Beachy head marathon (done 3 times). I have completed a 33 mile ultra (killer but will do another). My best time for 10k is 45 minutes. Best 10mile is 1.16. I run twice times a week (on average between 5 - 10 miles at a time), I also take several people on 1.2.1 personal training in cardio, circuits, and runs. Actually when I list it like this, God only knows where I get the time to sleep, enjoy my family AND work!!

    Why did I decide to do Insanity? Good question. Running and physical exercise (and generally keeping busy) is my form of self counseling - it's the only thing that keeps me sane. I use it to get out my demons, and center myself. Also, if I can keep the dreaded MidLifeCrisis (MLC) at bay for longer, I will (perhaps this is it! OMG). Well, in answer to the question - I wanted to up my game and see just how good I can look, feel and perform. I've never had that "beach body" but was once close in my late teens. Also, as a group of school friends, 7 of us (who all run together, party, holiday etc) are embarking on the 3 Peeks challenge in July and I want to blast it. We, the S.E.S runners (self made name from school!) are all fighting the MLC and have so immensely improved our lives through running, so decided to push the boundaries.

    Okay - enough about me. More about Insanity. IT IS INTENSE! Right from word go, you are put through your paces. What I found first of all was that I couldn't quite get the moves right, or in time with S.T. Don't worry as your form will improve with practice. I gave the 1st fit test my all and recorded the times as required. The "switch Kicks" are counted individually i.e.left kick (1) right kick (2), so you would likely get a high number. The "power Jumps" are brutal, make sure you land with bent knees. Here are my 1st scores.

    Switch Kicks 110
    Power jacks 47
    Power Knees 70
    Power Jumps 30
    Globe Jumps 7
    Suicide Jumps 20
    Push Up Jacks 20
    Low Plank 39

    I had a couple of Goodness Shakes and I took them for the first three days, and in that time took some advice and bought a bulk load of protein whey and dextrose from myprotein. Great value especially if you use the flavour drops (vanilla for me). Before the delivery arrived, I had one day where I made up a semi skimmed milk, flavoured yoguart, banana and apple blended shake (nice). I can honestly say that the shakes worked for my mussel ache recovery. For the fist 3 days I was walking like a cowboy, but thereafter, no worries. Remember that I was also doing my own cardio student training, own runs and events! so my calorific burn up was huge. I generally eat well and a lot of pasta, chicken, potatoes was getting consumed. I do like a drink and was having the occassional Guinness (4 pints got me well tippsy now I was burning these callories!)

    Seriously, by Friday (day 5) I was beginning to see results in body shape change. Biceps bigger and firmer, high ribs showing on stretch, lats showing out, and stomach firming up! I


    was beginning to see results in body shape change. Biceps bigger and firmer, high ribs showing on stretch, lats showing out, and stomach firming up! I was well surprised - and guess what the wife even commented despite taking the piss and poopooing the whole thing.

    Tuesday (day 9) and the novelty had worn off and I was feeling quite exhausted. I figured that this was normal (despite my high personal workload), so I ploughed through. My form went to pot, but I stuck in there. I was begining to get a bit low, but thought of the piss taking I'd get if "Mad Pete" gave up.

    Friday (day 12) and my moral was picking up. By now there was a definate change in my shoulders and lats and my form was spot on.

    Saturday (day 13) and I am introduced to the ABS addition to the workout. OH My God they hurt. For so little movement I was KILLING. I was concerned with the "c" sit positioning, finding myself unable to hold form. Despite this, I was in such agony from the abs work. I have reflected on this and feel that like the whole "form" issue, it will come with practice - which I suspect will come in bucket loads as the program moves on. The recovery drink SO SO SO paid off here.

    Sunday (day 14) and I had a 10 mile race to do. I met up with three of my mates and their families. When we were preparing for the race the all commented on how I looked (oh yeah!). The wives were also interested (only vaguely so as not to cause any big headedness!). This was supposed to be my "rest day" from the workout, so I decided to run with one particular mate in order to get him his PB. Seriously, I found my cardio was unbelievable!!! I was fining the event easy, hopping and skipping along, chatting and encouraging my mate who was clearly finding the pace I was setting tough. I badgered him to come in at 1.24 (a reasonable time for anybody - a PB for him, and easy as hell for me.) I was even asked if I had actually run the race by another runner! That has encouraged me majorly.

    So, yesterday, Monday (day 15) I did the "fit test" again. Here are the results.

    Switch Kicks 130 ( was 110)
    Power jacks 57 ( was 47)
    Power Knees 100 (was 70)
    Power Jumps 46 (was 30)
    Globe Jumps 10 (was 7)
    Suicide Jumps 25 (was 20)
    Push Up Jacks 38 (was 20)
    Low Plank 56 (was 39)

    The score changes were comparable to the DVD people, so despite my initial concerns when I first did the test and heard how they had improved, I was now content. I was indeed "up with the machines"!

    So - here we are, Tuesday (day 16) Plyometric Cardio Circuit - I broke out into a heavy sweat due to it being a very warm day outside. I kept good form, had no aches and pains. Eating loads of carbs and getting ready for my 2nd night shift. Hope I haven't blown ya mind, but now that I am up to date, I will enter my days activities and answer any questions you have. Also I will be there for support and encouragement.


  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    There's another thread on here where we all posted our results before/after. maybe try searching for that for a comparison. I loved doing insanity and it really helped my running. Good luck with it and enjoy the second month

  • Hi everybody. I got an email today and linked me back to this forum and thought as I started it with full heart and endeavor I should let

    You all know what happened to me.

    I failed. The end.

    Haha no it wasnt as cut and dry as that but that

    Is the short answer. Basically I completed the Liverpool marathon and wanted a new challenge and this seemed it. I started it as a bit of a fatty who is decently fit aged 32. The problem was that i never focused only on insanity but instead added it to my training already. It was going well and

    I was seeing huge improvements on screen (not so much my

    Body) but alongside it I was still doing circuit training on a Tuesday night. Circuit training and football on a Thursday night and 6-7 miles on a sunday. Whether it was stupidity or loyalty, I always trained with a mate and he never let me down. I wouldn't therefore let him down either. So rather than doing insanity

    And resting up I was pushing my body too far.

    The straw that broke both mine and the camels back was a Thursday. I got home from work at 5pm. Done the longest of the first months DVD till 6pm. Then circuits for an hour. THEN football from 8pm-9pm. Pardon my French but I was fucked. I came home like i had been abused in the big

    House and my wife gave me an ear full that

    I was doing too much. The next rest day was Sunday and I couldn't walk and Friday I also had hill runs with my mate. I spat my dummy out and said no to everything and took the rest of the week off to recover. Monday and I would start again. But I didn't. I put the tape in, knew what was coming and bottled

    It. Never put it on again. I think mentally breaking the routine set by insanity gave

    Me the excuse to stop.

    My wife who was pregnant at the time (we have

    A gorgeous boy Harry now) was a bit less strict with her diet and after

    Months of marathon training and insanity I followed suit. Done the bare minimum and plodded on.

    Where am I now? Well I found a boxing gym and spoke to the owner and explained I have never done it before. He said come along and the lad who I train with was up for the challenge. It is actually harder than insanity which I never

    Felt possible as there are ex pros and amateurs training here. I am a complete novice but the peer pressure of keeping up means I push myself all the

    way. Do this on a Tuesday and Thursday night with a run on a Friday and Sunday too. My weight is similar to insanity and I feel almost as fit. This will improve as I do.


    Insanity is a fantastic regime but in my opinion unless you are a "machine" like pete sounds do it on its own. Try not to add too much exercise to it as your body may not be able to take the load. Get protein in you and make sure to have a mat for the jumps.

    Cheers. Ged
  • Ged - mate - so glad that you are still around. I totally understand what you have said. Far from being a machine, I would say I'm more of a "committment freek". When I say I'll do something, I'll do it BUT I have come off worse in times past. I hate failure and I am the worst one for beating myself up when I do. I get depressed and sulk. I take a lot of time to recover my pride and I then get motivated again. Presently I am on a high. I feel good and have the luxuary of shift work (hence an empty house at times) and a patient family who put up with my selfish commitments. That said - the workout is tough, especially on top of other stuff. I hope all of it combined doesn't break me!

    I am chuffed to bits that you've found something else physical that works for your lifestyle. You sound like me when you cite that "not letting a friend down" helps keep you in the game. Keep that up mate because loyal friends are rare gems - and you sound like one yourself.

    Hoping that you don't mind me hijacking your thread, I will continue to post. It might just help others in their quest to find what works for them. I do hate those "get fit for almost no effort" gimmiks, and was somewhat sceptical about this DVD. I saw workmates faint because they weren't eating propperly or training too hard, and I was worried that the DVD was aimed at the "well off, sedantry, I have loads of time" people or those "I am a total nutcase physical machine and I need my fix" types. I find myself able to work with this DVD (presently) and I can see it working, and I do not consider myself in any of the two lists above - sooooo - I will continue and report back.

    Is this for the ordianary man / woman? I don't think so - it's JUST that little bit too crazy BUT for the just above average physical person, it's a great launch pad.


  • Of course pete. Go right ahead. Take over from here. This is now your home and I look forward to hearing how you get on. Good luck!!
  • Nights - at work. Feel good.

    Forgot to say about aches and pains. Apart from the expected aches caused in the quads, glutes, hams, lats, shoulders and biceps, LET ALONE the abs - I have been suffering from aches in the knees and arches of the feet. I figure this is down to the repeated squats and tiptoe bouncing from foot to foot. Normally, I am loath to medicate prior to any run or physical as I feel that it would mask the pain too much for me to compensate my efforts to protect it during exercise, thus potentially making the injury worse. I believe in listening to the body, and managing any issues as I go, then treating issues accordingly post event. HOWEVERE, what I have done during this program, is use Ibuprofen gel on the knees some 20 mins before exercising. This has helped manage the aches, and I have then used cold / heat treatment afterwards. This has helped reduce pain as I've progressed each day. As far as the arches are concerned, I think this is a natural consequence of the continued tiptoe work. I say this because the pain soon goes away during the post warm-up, pre full work out, stretches and does not linger or present later. I conclude that my arches are getting accustomed and stronger. Lower back niggles inherent with age and continued leaping about coupled with new exercise patterns. Sleeping much better, but so much deeper which has brought on deep snoring (much to Mrs annoyance) hehehe. 

  • OOOOKKKAY. After a quiet night at work, I was still tired enough to sleep till 2pm and I awoke to find it a very warm afternoon. I was feeling a little jaded actually, knowing what pure cardio & cardio abs was gunna bring. I opened up the house to get some air flow through. Had a little trouble with the disc initially, jumping and mucking up my timing. Despite this, I restarted and skipped a little to the end of the warm up. No pain in the arches of the feet, only a little ache in the right knee.

    Stretches worked and clicked out the lower back. I was soon in a heavy sweat. I had to stop a little earlier on some of the exercises owing to the fact that I was putting a lot of effort into the start of each. At the end of pure cardio, I went straight into the abs. I found that I was better at the "c" sit possition, but still the work KILLED my abs. I certainly had to stop a couple of times in each exercise! I was a river of sweat!

    As for the body - I can feel the abs in lines under my skin, the higher ones are showing a little. In the end I was blowing BUT I felt great. I desperately wanted my recovery shake YUM YUM. I am planning a sub 50 10K at 8pm tonight with three others (once planned - I can't let my mates down) and then it's back to work for my last night.

    Keep with the program people. Stick at it and together we can make it. I've read that the 2nd month ramps up the work rate. I just hope the work in month one prepares you for it.

  • good work out HT the heat heat today would of certainly made it harder . did nights for a few months so i do not envy you having to go to work after a hard work out on a hot day . For me the lack of work made nights unbearable ,too much sitting around waiting for artics to turn up too much time watching shite t.v.

    Went to physio today , it hurtimage however if not too sore i will go for a usual 4.30 am run or Friday after a month of no running i am gagging for it however small steps to start maybe fit test Saturday  and in to it Monday.

    Emmy looked for other thread however all I found was Insanity before getting serious about running is that the one you were talking about

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