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  • Vil - LISTEN TO THE PHYSIO - Resist the temptation of gunning it. I have been there with IT band syndrome and it knocked me outa the game for nearly a year BUT with treatment and the correct exercises I made a fantastic recovery and moreso - I far exceeded my original standard.

    I am presently at work after completing the 10 k this evening. Wow, the humidity drew even more fluid from me. I went out with 1.5ltr in water camel packand and took nearly all of it back on. Despite it being a 55 min 10k, I was feeling real fit with great cardio, able to pick up speed when necessary to push my mates along. I had a slight twinge in the right quad from the Insanity workout. Tomorrow I will be up at 12 noon and look to get the next installment in during the afternoon. I can't wait till you start so I can follow and encourage (also anyone else looking to start soon).

  • Really didn't feel in the mood today for this. I put it down to the fact I have been on nights and the weather is so warm. My mood lightened when I realised that it was Cardio Recovery today and this is much less physical, much less sweaty but none the less quite intense on the mussels. I kept the heart monitor on all the same. Remember that I was on a run yesterday and my legs were already slightly achey.

    After the stretch warm up it was then into the deep mussel work. I just can't keep the form for as long as ST wants! My legs go into lava meltdown! I have to straighten up and shake out before going back down into the deep held squat. I hope that with continued practice and work, I will be able to manage what the "machines" are doing on the DVD. Despite this, I felt the efforts for the work I did, and a little sweat was brought on. I must admit that my ballance is improving and I quite enjoy the "wax on, wax off" state of mind I go into during the held poses.

    It's cardio power & resistance tomorrow - and it's gunna be another hot day. Even though it's a day off, I might find myself some graft to do, so it might well be a late afternoon workout. I've just had a look at month 2  and the word MAX features in all but 3 days. OH GOD.

  • Had a belly of curry and beer last night. Went to bed about 1am (owing to being on nights this week - body clock out of kilter). I got up at 10am, and I had jobs around the house that needed doing. I will be honest, I wasn't looking forward to the workout session. As it was, I had to knuckle down. To begin with I started slow, not wanting to knacker myself out too early. I had some initial foot arch pain but this eased off. I kept my own pace and built up the speed as I got more into it. I didn't sweat as much as I have before and I think this might be down to dehydration from the beer! I found it easier than sessions before and this has given me confidence that I am building cardio and getting fitter HOWEVER, it's all preparation for the build up of workload soon to come.

  • Good afternoon image

    Well started my first run today just over a mile and a half but after nearly two months of no running it felt hard but  I really enjoyed it . the Calf felt good and had no reaction after.

    So after getting a few jobs out the way i decided to do the fit test today and start the first work out on Monday.

    the Results could have done better but two months inactivity and the interlocking mats I brought started slipping around the floor on some of the moves but hey ho next time I will put some weights in some of the corners and one corner wedge under the sofa leg

    switch kicks 72

    power jacks 42

    power knees 85

    power jumps 40

    globe jumps 4

    suicide jumps 11

    push up jacks 15

    low plank oblique 45

    That was hard sweated buckets drank plenty can't wait for Monday it can only get harder.

    Hope your enjoying the weather . time for a bath then out to get some sun for me.


  • Had a shit nights sleep last night - pacing the house and reading till 4am! Me and my strange brain! Even so, I got up at 10am and did some chores then hit the program at about 12 noon. It was another hot day and in the area I do the workout there is a skylite which at that time had the sun directly above it. Heat heat heat. A reoccuring theme is my angst at the impending start of the program. It's not fear as such, more an intrepidation. I know what's coming, so I don't quite understand it.

    The warm up is the same and I pace myself. I have a few tweaks of pain in the calfs and arches but I plough on. I am sweating quite some when it comes to the end of the warm up and the start of the stretches. I am finding that I can hold the stretches for longer and engage them deeper too.

    It's now onto the program propper. I have learnt to restrain myself on the first rep as I know that the pace gets quicker for the 2nd and 3rd. I am dripping like a tap now and it's then that I really notice Chris - this is the white bloke who stands at the rear left (as you look at the TV) in a grey vest top. He's the bloke you have for the Fit Tests. He looks like death warmed up. He has masive bags under his eyes and he looks like he's having a hard time of it. When S.T engages him, you can see him push into another gear just cos he knows the camera is on him. I can relate to Chris!

    I have to admit that come the last exercises of the 2nd reps and then again in the "plank-knees-to-outside of elbows" ski thingy, of the 3rd rep I am blowing outa my arse. I am done in. I don't remember being like this before, or as bad as this, before. I can only put it down to the effort that I put in for reps 1 and 2 and the warm up.

    Despite all this, when I conclude I feel great. I am soaking wet, having gulped all my water, and I am puffing. I quickly make up my recovery drink and down that double time. I think I might make up my drink before and keep it in the fridge just to make it cooler.

    Come the evening I feel great. I am looking forward to a rest day - but it might not be a TRUE rest day cos some of the lads wana do an evening run!!

    I have had some guests round for dinner this evening, Terry and Ed. Both these guys have good fitness and have said that they'll start insanity MONDAY, so expect them to pipe up and join in this thread. VALISGONZOZEN you are no not alone on your journery from the start. You are the Fit Test ahead, they are Fit Test Monday. Lads - I am here for the duration, and together we can do it.

  • Morning

    A little stiff in the thighs and hamstrings but to be expected after previously mentioned in activity.  This when I woke up this morning I actually wanted to start today i will allow the thighs to recover though,  I agree with you that when you finish despite being tired out of breath and sweating like a pig you feel great.

    I don't know if this will help you during the work outs I but i always put a few drops of elete in my water even though after all exercise i have a recovery drink , its a good way of keeping your electrolytes balanced especially as its that bit hotter and with this work out you sweat buckets anyway.

    you can call us Valis by the way,it saves all that typing 

    have a good day see you and your boys tomorrow.

  • Sunday - a rest day - I didn't do a run - Nahhh! I did a cardio cricuit session!! Why oh why?

    Four of us went to the local park. I set up the 20m bleep test (shuttle run). Did this as our warm up. Got to level 10.2

    Then did circuits. Six work stations, 1 minute at each, 2 circuits.

    1) press ups, sit ups, burpees - 5 of each, keep going

    2) weighted box squats

    3) log leaps over a raised bar

    4) log carry hill sprints

    5) weighted basket carry shuttle run

    6) standing kness jumps

    Then did 2 length of football field fartlec sprints

    Then ended with twice round two football pitches jogging doing random physical jerks. Good session.

  • Monday. M1W4D1. Another shit nights sleep. Got up and visited an older couple that won my auction of 10 one hour training session. This was very easy for me, HOWEVER I knew that I had the Insanity Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs to do before going to work this afternoon.

    It was SO VERY hot again. I had a slight back twinge but nothing else. Steady through the warm up and during the first stretch session my pores opened up and I was dripping wet. Again, I kept good form rather than trying to keep up with ST.

    This workout is a solid block and it really pulls the effort form you. I skipped the warm up for the ABS workout as I was running late for work, so I went straight into the "c"sit position. No worries with form here, so I seem to have naided the correct form but WOW does it hurt the abs. I find miself okay at the start, puffing away but all of a sudden the pain rips through the abs and I have to stop. I get right back into it and again the pain kicks in. I hope that I can keep pace with the "machines" on the DVD evenyually.

    I did put my recovery drink in the fridge before hand and it was nice and cold at the end. I do love it (mixing a little semi skimmed milk into it). I had to dash round like a mad thing to shoot off to work.

    Tomorrow I won't be in such a rush, so i will get into it around 11am. I hope to get a better nights sleep tonight.

    My workmates should be doing the fit test tonight, and VAL - you should be updating your first plyo workout. I look forward to your updates.


  • Week 1 Fit Test

    Buckets of Sweat

    Switch Kick 120

    Power Squat 58

    Power Knee 79

    Power Jump 56

    Globe Jump 10

    Suicide Jump 17

    Push Up Jack 32

    Low Plank Oblique 58

    Hanging out of my hoop! Medic required for this callsign.

    I expect to smash this in two weeks.

  • GREAt 1st FIT TEST scores Ed. Smashed mine> I look forward to your 2nd lot. We wait now for VAL and Terry to put on their days results and findings.image

  • M1W4D2 = I am loosing energy - I can't find the hidden Kryptonite! My sleeping pattern has gone to rat shit. I awoke this morning feeling pooped already. I scoffed a banana, did a quick errand then set up for Cardio Power & Resistance. As I hadn't washed my kit from yesterday I decided to do it barefoot today.

    Started off at a sedate pace, planning to give it the big'en later. It was 25c in the workout area and it wasn't too soon till I was soaking. Found the floor sprints most difficult. I think this might be for a couple of reasons. 1)Placement of this exercise in amongst others that load the arms and abs, 2)Having done Cardio Abs yesterday. I ramped up the pace and ended strong. I am dreading Plyo tomorrow but I hope I get a good nights sleep to recover.

    barefoot = slight foot pain in the right ball but otherwise okay.

  • loving this thread, didn't really know much about it before but guys keep going with the posts and well done on what sounds like a brutal programme

  • Barefoot training as well.

    Cardio Plyometric Circuit today

    I have not sweat so much since fighting in the desert years ago!

    I drank about 5 litres of water during the program.

    Feel really good now though.

    Keep it up Henstooth we all have lows and we need them so we know what the

    highs are. But skipping the warm up can be dangerous, don't risk injury when you've got this far. You still have hurdles to cross and mountains to climb.

  • Good morning

    Hi Ed ,HT and Claire 

    Well  I did not start on Monday as I intended Sunday felt a little stiff in quads but to be expected after the injury lay off .I went over to my mother to do the yearly cleaning of the fish pond . Got up Monday and my lower calf / Achilles was very tender and sore all that bending down and carrying buckets of water was a little too much so . If calf settles down I might trying a mile on Friday /Saturday then put a couple of weeks running together before starting Insanity.

    A bit peed off at the moment I brought Insanity just before my calf went and I have been staring at the box for the last month but patience is a good discipline to learn

    Will still post here and keep up with your progression .

    Keep it up  good luck I be there soon

  • Power Cardio

    sweating buckets again

    barefoot again, can feel my feet and legs strengthening as a result.

    needed a cold shower to stop sweating and cool my core down

    hanging out.

    Hey V, Start when you feel right

    It's there to improve your fitness or get you fit

    you don't have to be fit at the start, they take care of that.

    Thanks for the support from everybody on this thread those working out and everyone supporting it.

    Try it, I feel great.
  • M1W4D3 Plyometric Cardio Circuit. 27c in the work area!

    Had a much better night sleep last night HOWEVER I feel that the novelty has worn off. It's not that I'm dreading it, it's more a sence of exhaustion before I start. That said I feel GREAT afterwards! Perplexing.

    Warm up okay but got some pain in the front of my right knee, and against my normal policy, I applied ibuprofen gel to the area which dulled the pain so I could get back into the groove. It's all the knee bending I think. Will have to nurse them through.

    Sweated buckets again and not long into the main training both my calfs were killing. I had to flex them out - perhaps this was because I was barefoot for the last two sessions? Don't know - either way, both calfs are rock solid.

    Level 1 drills take it outa me, especially the floor sprints (as I said before). I had to stop a couple of times but on the last circuit of them I gave it my all.

    ED - as for the skipping warm up - that was only between Pure Cardio and the Abs workout combined, which follow on from each other, and I figured that as I had just warmed down from the Pure Cardio, (and 'cos I was running late) I'd move past the small warm up for the Abs, and just get straight into them. I totally except, that when starting and ending a single batch of exercise - the warm up and down are ESSENTIAL. Thanks for the concern though.

    VAL - listen to your body. Insanity will always be there. You would never forgive yourself if you insisted on starting, hurt yourself and had to stop and wait LONGER for the recovery. There is no doubt in my mind that once someone starts on the course they HAVE to have a +ve mental attitude and a burning desire to complete it. If you go in with an injury, and HAVE TO STOP, that does major damage to the mental side of things and I suspect it would have an impact on your attitude the next time. Take advice from physio and come in 100%.

    CWTH - nice to have you with us and thanks for the support.

  • Cardio Recovery

    barefoot as always (calves and feet feel strong)

    long hold on stretches, lots of much needed (for me) core stability work.

    Hot shower and only 1 pint of water consumed.

    Still feel good.
  • Still can't touch my toes! Never been able to do this and I've always been fit.
  • Right, I have ordered the dvd set (scary).

    I am pretty fit but having read all of your posts am sure that I might change my mind once I start this. I'm hoping it arrives before the long weekend so I can get going whilst I have a couple of days off.

    What advice would you offer for the first few days?

  • CWTH. Welcome to the gang. If you are pretty fit then this will be just right for you. You will, like me, THINK about stopping (even consider perhaps missing a day here and there) BUT, if you prepare mentally - you will have the strength of mind to persevere.

    For prep, before you get the DVD set - Get looking at your next couple of weeks and make sure, that in this vital time, you can not only start, BUT ALSO have no real "diversions" that could encourage you to "stumble" at that time.

    Next - start stretching. Limber up. Prepare mentally to comit to task. What I did was to have an objective and REASON in mind. Essentially I wanted to make sure I was in top form for the 3 Peaks Challenge in July. I also wanted to LOOK GOOD as I am fighting the Mid Life Crisis and in August I will be on the beaches in Spain with my family!

    When you have the DVD - The first day is the fit test. Do ONLY WHAT YOU WOULD DO NORMALLY in effort. Don't try and keep up with THE MACHINES on the DVD. Go at your own pace and that will be the measure of your fitness at that time and certainly will be something you WILL improve on. Get some recovery drink in stock. I didn't give this much attention (thinking it was a bit "weight lifter-ish") and I regret that because for the first couple of days I was in loads of pain from the mussel exertion. Once I started taking the protein / dextrose mix I was blown away with the difference in how I felt the next day, and this lifted my spirits and enthusiasm for the next workout.

    To prepare myself for the next day, mentally, I had a quick sneek peak at the next days workout, so that I was aware of the type of exercise and therefore not phased. This settled my nerves and I soon found that after the warm ups and stretches, I was ready for the work. At the start I tried to keep up with ST and his machines, but I have since gone at my own pace, built up in effort and rested when I needed to.

    My last post does evidence how I have since "dipped" in pre exercise enthusiasm, but also has evidenced how I still have that "post exercise" high and satisfaction from completing it and am another day further.

    PMA - Positive Mental Attitude

    WAYP - Work At Your Pace

    RD - Recovery Drink


    I will be here for the duration, as will others. I know Ed started Monday as has another friend, Terry. Maybe there will be someone starting with you.

  • Right I suppose I had better chime in as have been doing this since monday, and havent posted.

    My beginning fit test results were as follows:

    Switch Kick 100

    Power Jacks 39

    Power knees70

    globe jumps 8

    suicide jumps 14

    pushup jacks 20

    low plank oblique 43


    Think I could have done alot better if didnt try to go at it so hard in the beginning, but then that just means more room for improvement on the next fit test image

    Day two and three were a bit of a shock to the system, as never expected to be in such a mess at the end of it!  Day 3 seemed harder as I was still aching from the day before, although I no matter how tired I got I still carried on even if it meant pausing for a few seconds to get my breath back.

    Cardio Recovery was good as it seemed to help stretch out my muscles which were getting tight from the previous days workouts.

    I struggled with the lunge dips, which seemed to kill my knees after only a few reps and left my legs a shaking mess after.

    I will be getting a decent recovery drink and some whey protein as I doubt if my body could take 60 days of this battering without some sort of help.

    Despite the aches and pains, and the sheer exhaustion at the end, I am actually enjoying the training as Shaun T seems to motivate rather than the annoying bloke from P90X.

    Roll on Pure Cardio



  • Good to have you in the loop Terry. Good first test results too.

    Today was M1W4D4 - Cardio Recovery and boy am I glad of the rest it provides HOWEVER the sting is in the tail - or should I say QUADS. The sheer volcanic burn again in the quads. How the hell those on the DVD hold the sqauts and further more, complete the extra dips, I will never Know. In fact, I think it's Chris again on the DVD that I see having trouble like me and he has to stand up - Oh thank God - a fellow human! Honestly those squats burn like hell. I did find that I managed to hold those "Palau-Stance" (bend over hold arm in air pose) better this time. I didn't sweat much either. My body was happy not to be beasted again, and I hope to God that I get a good nights sleep 'cos it Pure Cardio & Abs tomorrow. GULPS.

    Thankfully no pain anywhere on the body, and I think that any rapid body shape has slowed. I suspect that it might all kick off again when I embark on the MAX stage..

    Keep it up everyone. Bed now - sleep I hope - up early for work.

  • Thanks for all the advice Henstooth bizarrely I can't wait to get started!

    Definately going to get some recovery drinks tomorrow, don't think my DVD's will arrive in time for the weekend so going to start next week when they do.

    So motivating to hear all of your stories on here, sounds really hard but also worth all the pain!

  • Ooh meant to ask when are you doing the Three Peaks? I did it last year and it was brilliant, we did it in May and the weather was shocking so hopefully the conditions will be better for you in July. I am doing the Trailwalker this year (trying to sign up for one big challenge every year).

    I'm sure insanity will more than prepare you, all that up and down mountains definately requires strong legs.

    Hi Tangol, thanks for posting your progress, looks like I will be about a week behind you so it's nice to know what's up aheadimage

  • CWTH - 3Peaks June 29th - 7 of us school friends who also run, party, holiday together. Doing this to raise money via Just Giving page for the MacMillan Nurses who cared for one of our mothers sadly passed earlier this year from cancer. I'd like to chat further about the challenge itself if you are open for a mail 2 mail conversation. Happy for you to PM me.

    Also - research your protein recovery shakes. There are loads but I have found the "make your own" are better and certainly less expensive, and you save money buying bulk. It's a matter of taste too - I did like those "Goodness Shakes" but once I started mixing up my own stuff (combining powders and flavour) I got used to and prefer my own.

  • Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs (M1W4D5)

    Had a better sleep and despite a very busy day at work I was looking forward to a good work out.

    A great session today - Part 1. Pure Cardio - only both calfs were well tight. Gave good effort and form. Lots of sweat although cooler day today. Part 2 - Cardio Abs - lasted a bit longer in the exercises but they still KILLED. The last, and very simple looking exercise, is MENTAL.

    Abs are showing more after this session. Kids commented on my shoulders and biceps. They had a good prod and poke and said that I looked good. This boosted my morale. A neighbour popped in, dropped something off, and asked what I was doing fitness wise - OH NO! He asked the question. I showed him the DVD set and explained the principle. He shook his head and asked "Why?". I found myself instantly answering, with true conviction "Because I want to be as fit as I can, at the top of my game and look good for a 45 yr old man". He's close to my age and he doesn't exercise at all. He countered, "Well, at our age we have to understand that you can't keep pushing the body. Be content with the way were are". There it was - the difference between those that WANT to do something, and those that DON'T.

    With effort and commitment we are the ones that WANT!

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    just read this thread, and insanity sounds hard! I may think about it for the winter when I will be happy to take a small break from other stuff and so some inside exercise. The dvds are pretty expensive though - where did you all get them from?

  • Mathschick, Its certainly not easy, but then you dont tend to get good results from easy exercise!!

    If you want to save money on the dvds theres always ebay........

  • Ok today was Pure Cardio (no abs as this is on the later weeks)

    The warm up started off ok but by the end of it my body was starting to feel it. The one thing about doing this is, I'm finding myself trying to  push on until the next scheduled  rest break, but they never seem to come before my body cant take anymore! Fortunately even a few seconds respite and a mouthfull of water is enough to allow me to carry on and just push that little bit harder.

    The rest of it was really just a blur and was over quite quickly, although I think when your lungs feel like they are going to explode, and your drenched its easy to loose track of time.

    One thing I am noticing is that I am recovering much faster after the workout than I did at the beginning of the week, so I am guessing something positive is happening.

    Not looking forward to tomorrows workout as the plyo absolutely kills me.......

  • HI Maths nice to see you over here from s.o.c.

    Tech guys I work with do say you can download via torrent streams( illegal) if that's your thing I brought mine and you can spread the cost over three months. you could buy them and copy them (illegal i might add) then sell the originals on ebay the the tech guys i work with say that if I had of tried that it wouldn't work due to protection ( basic) on the discs but there is a programme to break the protection and  to  copy them its just finding the right one ( yet again that would of course break the copyright laws) and I would not advise this to be a course to follow.

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