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  • Que Sera...that's one thing I have never had to worry about so can't help. I ran with Nip Guards last year but it was so flaming hit I was literally bathed in sweat and the left one fell off. Wouldn't have been so bad, had it not been that my top right safety pin was right over said exposed nipple. Try re-applying a safety pin after 18 miles of VLM!!

    Sea air must be doing me good....managed a slow 10k yesterday with a frien din 1:02, then went out today and did the same distance in 46:25. That may even be a pb!

    Good luck with any long runs. I am trying not rouse the word taper, and want to keep running as many days as I can to try and prevent taper madness!
  • Wow, well done Phatboy. I'm also going to have a look at my 10k time during the taper - my next race after the FLM is the BUPA 10,000 on May 27th.
  • FLM??? Virgin will have your guts for garters and baste you in an a non-buttery low fat spread for that!!

    I think the sea air is agreeing with me, although doing 10k in stormy windy rainy weather today was tough. All part of the conditioning I say...
  • Phatboyrunning wrote (see)
    FLM???  Virgin will have your guts for garters and baste you in an a non-buttery low fat spread for that!!

    Ha ha - I must have been having a flashback to 2007 image
  • Hello All. Had a terrible 12 mile run today - should have beena  breeze but I found it really hard, it took me ages and I ended up walking the last hill. Then when I got in I started shivering and my feet and hands went white - this is after I was sweatier than I've ever been on the first half of the run. Don't know what's going on - but I suspect I might be coming down with something. Hope everyone else is feeling good. I'm going to eat cake and watch Toy Story with the kids.

    On the plus side - the micropore tape is working a treat - thanks Screamy!

  • Hoping your ok q.s.s x
  • Thanks Siony- feeling much better today, but I'm having a couple of days off running anyway. Toy Story was great - hadn't seen it before!
  • How are you all?

    QSS - I had a dreadful 22 miler that ended up 12 anyway.  I am sure we have both done enough. Let us just enjoy the taper and the big event eh?

    good luck all xx

  • yes just wait now, run shorter stuff to keep sharp and then go have a fabulas day

  • Yes indeed. I know that I'm not going to break any records but am reminding myself that the reason I wanted to run Londond was jsut to experience something so big, and unlike anything I've ever experienced before. A target of finishing in reasonable health and having a good day seems a nice one. Hope you're feeling OK Stu.

    Keep well and positive everyone!

  • Absolutely Que Sera - the main reason for running the VLM really should be to enjoy it, you won't get support like it anywhere else. I missed my predicted time by over 40 minutes last time and for the first 24 hours I was really disappointed but after that it wore off and since then my only memories have been of how much fun it was image

    Stu - reckon your legs were telling you you've done enough at this stage. Enjoy the taper image

  • hi folksimage

    am fine now ta. Did a good "speedy" 4.3 today. Screams, you are right, leggies saying no!

    QSS - that's it just enjoy the occasion and throw a 26 mile run inimage
  • You're not kidding Stu -  I walked up the hill to the station in low heeled boots this evening - my legs were so tired I kept looking at my watch, it seemed to take forever - I was thinking "I can run this bugger in 11 minutes what the hell's going on??!" image

    Taper madness - don't you just love it?

  • Wibble...welcome to taper madness! I had a crazy week off before Easter where I couldn't stop running and felt great - managed 60 miles in 9 days, last run was on Monday a gentle 7 miler. Am off out tonight to do 4 or so, then 7 at the weekend. I hate tapering, I just want to get on and run!

    Am avoiding anyone that coughs or sneezes and have Vicks First Defence with me at all times!

    Don't let the craziness get you down, after all, its just a run in London on a Sunday morning!
  • Seems we are paranoid about the lurgy Mickster - on the tube this morning someone sneezed right next to me, it was all I could do not to pound on the doors screaming, "let me out!!!" image
  • image know want you mean,mi got pinned in next to the window on my train with a guy next to me who snuffled and sneezed the whole journey image my Vicks Dirst Defence is always close at hand.

    Just in from 4 easy miles. How is it a week ago I was storming I my runs, and now and absolutely paranoid about every tweak and twinge! Madness, I say, madness!
  • Just trying to keep things ticking over Phatboy - 4 miles in a bit, 6 on Sunday then 2 on Tuesday.

    Feels weird running such short distances now - not complaining though image

  • Ive had to rest all week after are groin niggle- hip flexor I think.
    So today is my first run in a week- god I hope it's ok

    Have oddly got lots of energy though from this resting!
    Whispers ... During the months of long runs I've been ready to bed by just after 9- I'm soo sad! But now I'm no longer tired !

    Take care all
  • Hi Siony, hope the run went well - I'm sure the rest will have done you no end of good.

    I went out for a 4 miler today, stopped a couple of times. Couldn't put my finger on why, I think it was a combination of boredom (it was on a route I have run many times) and knowing that I could have carried on if I'd wanted to but just not really wanting to today. Maybe at this stage it's ok to be a bit lazy.

    Meanwhile here's this which Xine posted on another thread - very inspirational:


  • V relieved - short run- only 3 miles but all in working order!!!!!
    Still- going to take it v easy this weekend
  • Hope you continue to feel fine Siony. I've just done 9 miles today - my last 'long' run! Was to have been tomorrow but I have a student field school this week and it worked out easier this way - so just 5 Monday, 4 Tuesday, 3 Thursday, then stuff my face with pasta.

    I know about the laziness thing Screamy - I am massively resisting going out for a run, so lucky I don't have many left to do.

    Trying to decide whether to write my name on my shirt - will I regret it? Or will I feel disappointed if I don't?

  • Hi All - not long nowimageimage

    my schedule is 6 morra followed by three 3 milers every other day. A bit of a rest it feels.

    Tranna chill this week so I simply enjoy itimage
  • I have just been out for a 6 miler and realised - training is over apart form a couple of miles midweek - whoop whoop! image

    Que Sera - I would recommend running with your name on your shirt. I'll have "Screamy" on mine as it seemed to go down well last time. It was good for starting conversations with other runners too.

  • Oh balls- have a cold!
    Oh well, at least I have a week to shake it.
    Maybee it's my body's way of making sure I rest this week

    This time next week we will be well into our run
  • siony wrote (see)
    Oh balls- have a cold!
    Oh well, at least I have a week to shake it.
    Maybee it's my body's way of making sure I rest this week

    This time next week we will be well into our run

    That's a bugger Siony image

    Vit C, plenty of rest and water, keep warm, eat chilli - raising your body temperature will help you fight off the virus!

  • Just in from a 'long' 7.5, sticking to the 'no more miles than days to go' method of training.  Probably a couple of short ones in the week then its brown rice, chciken and wholewheat pasta, with flapjacks thrown in for pudding!

    QSS - deffo put your name on your shirt.  When you are hurting (maybe...) in those last few miles, it is so inspirational hearing people cheer you on.

    Long range weather forecats is looking so much better than last year...suggesting 9-10 degrees.  So long as it is dryimage

     Starting to get a bit excited now.  Off to start putting all my gear on the spare bed.

    Top tip...take all your stuff in a rucksack.  Then stuff that inside the big red VLM bag when you hand your kit in.  At the other end when you collct your bag, you will be soooooo grateful for a decent rucksack to carry your kit home instead of the annoying VLM drawstring bag image

  • siony - try crushed garlic in water too. Take special care and you will be fineimage

    Me -I'm gonna be carry Barry The Baton on the day. Dunno whether to put him in bumbag or let him dangleimage
  • Thanks guys- come hell or high water will be there.
    Have made chilli con carne for supper- god help my poor hubbie- might have been a little heavy handed will the garlic and chilli!
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