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    Just a little heads-up for anyone that might feel in need of a bit of a boost at mile 17 image

  • Wicked, thanks Screamy! Was just coming on to point people in our direction imageimage
  • Hi allimage

    wow Chimney -that rugby would take it out of you. I found the same when I returned to judo and wrestling a few years ago. I felt every bone on my runsimage. Stopped it as was getting old and got sick.

    Minardi - my kness used to suffer but since doing yoga ther are a lot better. Flexibility is a real must for me now I am over 21.

    Screamy, my wife was wondering where she could perch when I do the run. Perhaps the RW support wuld have her with 'em (depends who is there I guess).

  • She's more than welcome Stu, the more the merrier! Promise we'll look after her image
  • Sister Bad Habit wrote (see)
    She's more than welcome Stu, the more the merrier! Promise we'll look after her image
    thanks Sisterimage
  • Thanks for the heads up screamy. Now I've just got to convince my wife to stay in one place rather then follow me round the course.image
  • Hi everyone, hope the training is going well and the niggles are just a result of "getting back in the groove" after the turkey & mince pies!

    The weather has been so dreadful I've been forced indoors today - my first ever treadmill hill session!

    10x2 min repeats with 2 min recovery - 4%incline and speed set at 9kph. Didn't really know what to start on but the last 2 reps were hard but not impossible so think I got it about right. I listened to a podcast from Marathontalk about treadmill training. Recommendation was to alter incline but not speed so went for steady pace. Managed just over 4 miles including 5 min warm up & cool down. 

    Quite enjoyed it so if weather keeps on like this I will include it every couple of weeks - share it with interval session! There aren't many hills where I live so hopefully this will help if I can manage Leeds 1/2 Marathon in May (VLM recovery dependent!)

    Recommend Marathontalk site BTW. Weekly podcast, training tips & motivation. All free to download. The Jantastic challenge they're running is great.

    Training mojo is quite "up" at the mo. Long may it continue. image

    Happy Running Folks

  • Morning all, 

    Hi Sister Bad Habit (great name image) thanks for popping in. I've never done VLM support but I think it would be a good place to be for the rellies. Lots of friendly people, easy to find and on a relatively quiet part of the course.

    I did Yoga for a while too Stu but found it didn't help. Nothing to do with running really but downward dog would give me awful problems with my neck and shoulders - being pear-shaped, my skinny arms really aren't designed to support my entire bodyweight. To be fair I have been told that I am "too flexible" and should do Pilates rather than  Yoga - never got round to it though.

    If this wind keeps up I'll have to stay in and get on the bike tonight image

  • I've been meaning to mix in some cycling into my training but the weather hasn't really made it very appealing. image

  • Yep I'll second MarathonTalk - it's great. I forced myself out for a run last night and did 5 miles as planned but the weather here is horrible. Thought I was going to get swept off to sea!!! Tonight it's promising not to rain...

  • you will have to work on your arms screamy image Pilates -that is  sorta Greek Yoga innit?

    Weather crap here today but thankfully a scheduled rest day. I prefer morning when nobody is about (stemming from my "too fat days")

    Anyway dreadful weather doesn't last forever and it toughens you up -lol

  • Still stupidly windy here in London.
  • Same here in Wales, Screamy. Nearly got blown away on my run today!

    Club starts back on Monday night so speedwork in the wind'll be a breeze (not).

    Stu, you're right, when I get out in the wind and rain I always remind myself that if it's like this on race day then at least I've had practise in this kind of weather! Plus running on a calm, still spring day has "got" to be easier than this!!

    Happy Weekend, All.
  • Hi folks, hope the training is going well.

    Week 1 of the training plan is done - finished with a 14 mile LSR this morning. 4 seasons in 2 and 3/4 hours! image
    I was slow today. I'm never quick - steady is the best you could describe my slightly quicker runs, but today I was soporific. My legs refused to go any faster no matter what my brain said to them! Ah well, you get days like these. All part of the experience. I will keep smiling. image

    Happy running everyone.
  • Leedslass, are you doing Jantastic over at MarathonTalk? If so, message me your name and we can be rivals!!!!

    Did an easy 5 yesterday so that's 5 times 5 miles in 8 days...a good start to the new year.

    Hope everyone else had a good weekend. I had to work image
  • Yep I am. Have sent DM! image

    8 miles tempo tomorrow. Still got yesterday's 14 mile LSR in my legs, could be a toughy!!
  • Hi all,

    Well I need a new refuelling strategy after yesterday's 11 miler.

    The last mile and a half turned into a strange run/walk fartlek session as my legs ran out of energy but I still managed a fastish fnal 200m, didn't feel too tired afterwards and at mile 9 was about a minute and a half ahead of where I was on my 10 miler so it is clearly more of a fuel thing than a fitness thing. It was disappointing but it is fixable.

    It took 2.06 - would have been about 2.02 if I had managed to keep going.

    I see Mitiog has turned into a sheep over the weekend image does it help running on four legs instead of two? image

  • ooh definitely!!!!

    Not sure what to suggest about refueling Screamy - what are you doing at the moment?
  • Oh it's my fault entirely Mitiog, relying on JBs and water when last time I had Lucozade Sport  in mile 8 and a cereal bar at about the same point (with another at mile 17).

    I live in suburbs so I don't have anywhere en route where I can hide stuff. I've been trying to avoid looping back past my house for the sake of newer routes but I'll just have to bite the bullet and accept a bit of monotony from now on.

    No point in having  new routes only to be too shagged out to run them  image

  • Oh bum. wrote a whole message and then lost it.

    How I meant to start was: Happy New Year! And sorry I haven't posted for ages - loads of people over Christmas and then I've been away at a work thing in Baltimore till yesterday. Running well till I went to America and did nothing for a week. But did a short run before work this a.m.

    I promise to be more dilligent in both running and posting from now on. And hello to the new people. I haven't read back yet, but I did notice a couple of new names (and hello again to Stu from a former Coaster).

  • Hi all,

    Yaaaaawn - oh God I am so tired this morning! image

    Ran about 3.5 miles last night followed by about another half mile of fartleks (with a pause to stroke a friendly pussy cat - stopping to stroke cats is on of my rules). Have a bit of a sore glute this morning but hopefully that will go away soon.

    Hi Que Sera, good to have you back image I once spent an afternoon in Baltimore - went to the aquarium as I recall.

  • Afternoon all image

    Seeing Screamy's post re fuelling, how can you tell if you need fuel or if your legs just cba?  Sometimes my legs just feel like lead but I just presumed that's because they were bored, if you know what I mean image

  • At the mo I'm taking a gel on the half hour and swigging a bit of water. I felt wrecked after a "mere" 10 miler on Sunday. My wife thinks it's my hydration that's wrong rather than my nutrition. I'm afraid to take on too much water incase it has unfortunate consequences. image
  • Hi all, interesting chat re: nutrition. I used to 'bonk' really badly at 8 miles. This was despite Gatorade and glucose tabs. However, I found if I ate more carbs the day before I wasnt so bad.
    For runs of over 10 miles I now double up on porridge! I have some the night before as well as morning of run. Still take drink - Power/Gatorade as well and it seems to work.

    Sacco, I will get through 500ml bottle in a 13 miler and I've never had to find a spare 20p yet so I wouldn't worry too much about consequences. Try things out - that's what the long training run is all about! image

    I do have some runs when legs feel really heavy. Last weeks 14 miler was a case in point. But that was due to heavy mileage week I reckon.

    I'm a tad worried about London as I can't stand lucozade! It's too sweet and sickly for me. So I guess it's gels and water for VLM 2012. image

    Happy running folks, keep smiling.
  • Hi all image Lovely to see you again QSSimage

    Well I aint been so good in myself but the training helps lift me.  Gotta 16 miler Sunday and a wee 5 before that.

    Fueling is an hit and miss affair I find. I do water before for under an hour. Sports drink in first 30 minutes when an hour or so. Anything after 8 miles two sports drinks and Jelly Babies image Not got it quite right yet but learning from experience. Some sports drinks and JB's make me a bit bloaty. We can all share ourexperiences and learn from eachother I guess.

  • "Bored" legs - I know what you mean Minardi image

    Mine tend to go through phases:

    1. Heavy and not warmed up 

    2. Warmed up and fairly comfortable

    3. Tired but still moving

    4. Running on their own (or as if my mind is making them move even if they don't want to) this is the best bit  an is usually followed by more periods of number 3 but recently has been followed by....

    5. So heavy I have to stop

    I suppose there's no real way to know what's going on without someone testing your  blood sugar every mile but I know that, for me, I am not refuelling in the same way I did last time and that it must be having a negative effect. And of course there are always bad runs when it just 'aint happening. Luckily, for me, these usually come after a good run so I know it isn't that I'm just crap.

    Sacco - I'm not hydrating properly either. On Sunday I was trying to conserve the water I had in my doughnut rather than just drinking what I needed. Still, I suppose in it's good to find out what your body can and can't cope with at this stage.

    I sense mine is still protesting at what it's being asked to do. Again. I hope it wil give in soon.

  • As Stu says this is a good place to share ideas/experiences.

    Last time I did FLM I think it went something like this:

    Mile 1-5 1x  JB and water every mile followed by 2 every mile up to mile 8 when I had Lucozade Sport and a Seeds of Change bar. Then back to 2 JBs and water until mile 17 when I had another Seeds of change bar and more Lucozade Sport.

    I only trained up to 19 miles and it all went wrong with the weather on race day so the plan never got beyond that but it did seem to work out OK - up to a point. I think there might have been another cereal bar on hand for mile 22 but I don't remember. I felt very "sloshy" at half way so I think I would keep to 1 JB at least up to then.

    The other thing will be to get my rellies to supply a giant bag of salt and vinegar crisps at the end so that I don't feel faint on the tube like last time image

  • I'm terrible with nutrition, I did the london duathlon with a banana and some water. I couldn't run straight at the end. image
  • Sacco di Noci wrote (see)
    I'm terrible with nutrition, I did the london duathlon with a banana and some water. I couldn't run straight at the end. image

    Oh dear imageimage

    It can be difficult getting the balance between too little that you're exhausted and too much that you feel a sick. If suddenly gets warmer it makes it even harder. On balance though, I'd rather have to walk than to puke image

  • I don't know what I was thinking.
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