Support Group 3

The list below contains the name and details of all supporters/runners who are in this support group.


Angela McClelland 2
davewood 4 (plus Dan & Sam)
Simon Lister 2
Speedy G
CC2 Speedy.Goth

The supporters need to know:

Forum name
Name (suggest you email this if unhappy to divulge via the forum)
Race number
Estimated time to mile 17
What you'll be wearing
Any special needs*

*Special Needs - All reasonable requests will be catered for i.e. SIS/High 5 gel, banana, Jelly Babies, boiled sweets etc, even lager & Guiness have been requested before. To be sure we have what you need or for more obscure requests please leave items at the Runners World stand at the registration Expo. Supporters will be collecting them Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Items should be market with: name, race number & support group number.

Location of Support area

With approx 40,000 runners it is almost impossible to pick out individuals as they pass, therefore its important you know where to spot us.

The support area is on the right hand side of the road at the pelican crossing by mudchute DLR station. There is a water station immediately after the 17 mile point, pelican crossing is immediately after the water station. I will post a close of google map/google earth image of the area with exact location shortly.

Supporters will be standing in sequential group order along the course. The area will be festooned with blue and yellow balloons so should be easy to spot, when you get to us, look out for the support group numbers and go over to your respective group.

Please use this thread to ask any questions and look out for further information which will be posted up until the race. Any final instructions will be posted Sunday 15th April.

Good luck everyone..



  • Hi KK.  I'm astmatic so I will make sure that I have my ventolin with me, but probably a good idea for you to supply your own to be on the safe side.  You're a pro at this you you know the routine.

    Those of you that we don't know, it would be nice if you could provide a photo of you in your kit as it makes it easier for us to spot you.

  • Ah hello

    Better get my train tickets hadn't I image

  • Name: Sally

    Number: 255 (I think - will check)

    Wearing: Black + white Smiley Paces vest

    Mile 17: 2.04 - 2.06 (hopefully!)

    No special needs

    Cheers image

  • Thanks Sal.  Your details are on the spreadsheet so we will be keeping an eye out for you.
  • Name: Suz

    Number: tba

    Wearing: tba

    Mile 17: not sure, maybe around 3 hours (I hope you're still there!)

    Special needs: possibly some new legs....

    Hmm, this seems to highlight that I don't seem very organised! How do you know your number?

    Thanks very much in advance to the supporters, very much looking forward to seeing you!
  • Arriving a little late on duty ... hello group 3 image
  • Name: Catherine

    Number: 214

    Time to 17: 2hrs 3mins after I cross the start line (so maybe 2hrs 5 mins? All the fast boys and elites will be ahead of me but I don't suppose it will take them long to get over the line)

    Wearing: Redhill Road Runners vest (grey top, red band round boobs, white body) with black and red adidas shorts. Long black hair and pale skin usually give me away!

    Needs: none, I hope.

    Will venture over to IE to post a pic, can't do it in Chrome for some reason.

    Sloth - I think you'd only know your number if you had a champs, gfa or club place.
  • Eugh, IE is clunky and slow.

    It's my first time on the champs start. I'm hoping for better loos image
  • lol I hope you do get better loos image congrats for getting on the champs start image
  • Thanks Speedy Goth & Kittenkat....I've ahhh...dropped off the champ start too. Just for this occasion mind... :0)

    Will update number when I get it, and vest when I decide.
  • Congrats on champ start Speedy Goth, that's quite an achievement!
  • Wow, we have some speedy runners in our group!  But don't worry if you are a slower runner.  We will be there until everyone on our list has passed through no matter how slow they are - even if they have a bad day and turn up two hours after expected.

    Thanks for all the information guys.  Keep it coming.

    For those who are new to this, you can leave items at the expo that you want us to have for you at Mudchute.  We will have ample supply of the basics such as jelly babies, but if you have anything specific then we can sort that out for you.  When I ran London I was nervous about carrying too much around with me, so I left sports drink and gels at the expo and my team had them ready for me.  In the past people have asked for cups of tea, painkillers, cans of beer etc.

    If you leave anything at expo, you hand it in at the Runners World stand, labelled up with your support group number and who you are.   One of us will collect it on the Saturday afternoon and arrange for it to get to Mudchute.

  • Good advice Caz image I left a couple of gels at the Expo when I did it, I collected one at Mudchute, I was also given some lovely homemade fudge ... yum!!
    The supporters hand out loads of jelly babies and jaffa cakes etc to all runners, not just RW ones. In stead of donating a big pile of Jbs or Jaffas I (and lots of others) left some money with my gels at the Expo so that the supporters could buy goodies to hand out from the local Asda rather than having to carry stuff across London from the Expo. Obviously that is optional, you don't need to donate anything, I just thought I'd mention it image
  • DLDL ✭✭✭
    <knocks politely>

    Hello image' />

    Name: Lesley

    Number: That's anyone's guess at the moment - will let you know

    Wearing: Again this will be a matter to be pondered on - did Ashby 20 yesterday in shorts and a t-shirt and snow - do not intend to make the same mistake in London. Top tip - when considering the weather do not rely on online forecasts, consider looking out the window

    Mile 17: Need to work out timings unless one of you has a calculator. Hoping to get a 5 hour ish finish but could be slower

    Special needs: probably something savoury - perhaps a twiglet or two.

    As you can see - I have it all planned and settled in my head.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you - you lovely people.
  • Name: Tom

    Number: Don't know yet

    Time: 2hrs 20 - 30ish from start time (can't work it out as I'm not sure when we start) if I'm going well.

    Wearing: Not sure yet, might wear Pirate top

    Special needs: Marlbrough Light and Can of Stella (only joking)image' /> Probably just a cheer and a sweaty hugimage' />

  • Oh I best have a Jaffa cake off B just to keep the continuity from 2 years at the Beachy Head Marathonimage' /> Thanks B

  • DL, you don't need to worry about what to wear just yet.  Plenty of time.  Some people already know that they are running in club colours or charity vest and it helps us to find you if we know what you look like.

    I calculate that you should be with us after about 3:15 if you are aiming for a 5 hour finish.

    Jaffa cakes will certainly be on the list of basic stock TommyGun

  • Marshalling and handing out jaffa cakes at Beachy is a marvellous ploy to avoid running it again Tommy - shh don't tell anyone image' />
  • DL - I looked out of my window yesterday morning, saw snow, and put on a long sleeve top under my club vest for Ashby. I regretted it mightily. I was boiling! And I wasn't even racing, I ran it as a training run. I won't make *that* mistake in London. Club vest and shorts.

    If you're running to your limit, no matter if that limit is a 2 hour marathon or a 6 hour marathon, if you are pushing yourself as hard as you can you will get hot, whatever the weather. Better to be cold when you're standing round at the start than too hot and uncomfortable for x hours out on the course.
  • Completely agree with Speedy Goth.  I always race in one layer less than I would train in for the same weather.
  • I also agree, I was flipping freezing for the first mile of this mornings run, mind the sunrise was nice at 5.35amimage' /> HH base layer and t-shirt and shorts for me nearly all winter, had to put the long tights on and gloves a few times but not that many.image' />
  • Welcoming Ratzer to our group. *waves*
  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    image' />image' /> *waves back*

    Right, here.  (Lunch over...)

    Name: Paul
    Number: No idea
    Time: Well, I'm not in the easy starts because I haven't earned it, so it'll be get to start, + overtaking usual guy in the diver suit, plus 1:57-2:02
    Wearing: Club vest - wine red with a thick white band around belly.  The wine is more of a bordeaux than a burgundy, lighter and fruitier, without the heavy tannins of the fuller bodied bottles.  I'll find and post a piccie somewhere.
    Special Needs: Someone to run the last 9 miles for me.

  • Urm, not sure whether we can meet that last request.  I'll put a call out for volunteers, but you do realise that they will get the goodie bag and medal.  Do you really want to miss out on the free lipbalm and vouchers for products that you will never want to buy?
  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    I guess you're right, I always do look forward to getting a plastic bag shoved into my already sweaty hand, containing such richly running related items as tea bags, £400 off a sofa, and the inevitable moisturiser (don't put it on the chaffing until a day has passed!).

    Okay, I'll change that...
    Special Needs: Someone to run the first 17 miles for me.

    I will be looking something like this:

    image' alt='' onLoad='resizeImage(this);' width='234' height='350' onClick='ShowFullSize(this);'>

    I expect there will be far more runners around me and there might not be a smile.

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