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  • my friend was at expo today and got him to look for RW stand and he said its there, stand 148!! ok will have to try the image i did click on it but it never did anything but i have a relic pc so its not much cop really
  • The RW stand is definitely there image  Just a reminder to anyone leaving stuff for collection that mark RW on it as well as your group/number/name as the Fetchies also have a collection there and I remember it was all jumbled up last year.

    Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday image

  • ah that was my next question what shall i put on the envelope, i was going to put jaffa cakes in there but i think they are just going to get moshed in there, so its going to be jelly babies and a couple of gels

    i'd taken apic of me in my outfit but if its raining i'm going to be wearing plaits in my hair and a flourescent yellow knitted hat
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Hi Peeps I have been off line for a couple of days, I suffered an ankle injury a few years ago and since Sunday I have been limping and unable to run more than 150m due to the pain. I had worked very hard since November to get into PB shape and this was looking on till Sunday night. I have withdrawn and defered my place till next year and you can guess I'm gutted so I'm taking a couple of weeks off to let this settle down and heal. I would like to wish everyone who is running this weekend all the very best the weather is to be perfect so if it's your first or your tenth enyoy the day.
  • i wont be cheering anyone

    i'm gonna stand the and LMAOimage

  • Mick will be waving to, shouting 'easy easy' at and supporting everyone.  If he doesn't I will send him on so many ASDA runs he'll be wearing their uniform image
  • aww no pain gutted for you, a very hard decision to make this close to race day

    Yes Mick i am looking forward to seeing you, and i will need a pic too lol
  • No Pain - really sorry to hear about your injury, take care.

    Mick - LOL..feel free...I will be a right sight by the time I get to 17!

    I hope ti get to london today, the plan was to be on the train this morning but my middle daughter who has been very for the last year had a really bad night, been up with her since 01.30, so will have to see how things pan out today.

    In case I don't get back on here...have agreta run/support/laugh everyone! Look forward to seeing you at 17image

  • Oh bad luck No Pain, I'm sure next year you'll come back stronger and faster image

    Is anyone else getting the impression that that Mick is a trouble maker ..... you're going to have to watch him on the day image


    Morning all!!

    No Pain- sorry to hear your news, such a hard decison but definitely the right one!!

    I'm going to the expo tomorrow but leaving my bank card at home.... guy I was with at my Olympic Voultneer training yesterday said he spen £60 in about 15 mins.......... I know he's tapering but I am lethal when left alone!!

    Newbie- have a a, b and c goal so one if you have the most day, not so good and bad day at the office!!

    righto- when does the ballot golive next year?    not that i'm entering as it'll be two weeks after our wedding image but husband to be has said I'm allowed...... almost agreed image

  • No Pain - sorry to hear your news. I hope you get well soon and fit and strong enough to be in PB form again!

    Thanks VikW - by the way, I'm thinking of doing the Amsterdam marathon this year, 2 weeks after our wedding. I'm not planning on drinking alcohol at my own wedding and will be eating healthily. Husband to be (a triathlete) has said I'm allowed too image

  • No Pain, so so sorry to hear your news. Wishing you a very swift recovery!
  • Vik, I think I need to leave my bank card at home tomorrow too! I've heard dangerous tales about the Expo.

    One of my friends has said she'll come down and help the volunteers on Sunday too, I'm not sure if she will be able to make it for 8.30 but she'll be bringing jelly babies with her when she arrives image

  • No pain - gutted for you mate but you've made the right decision!! Hope you get better soon

    Newbie - I ran the marathon 2 years ago and had thought long and hard about what time I wanted. I missed it by 7 mins and was absolutely gutted. I couldn't get away from the disappointment despite going from a complete non-runner recovering from a car accident to finishing the marathon four months later. Best not to put that kind of pressure on yourself. Its horrible when you realise you won't make it.

    I'd advise running as best you can and make up your mind around 22 - 23 mile mark what time you think you can do. At that stage all you'll want to do is finish and if that's your goal, time will only ever be a bonus.

    Xine267 - I was at the expo on Wednesday night and dropped off a bag with my details on it but stupidly I forgot to put which support group I was in. I hope this isn't going to be too much of a problem for you

  • Thanks for the advice Circus Strongman! I will go out there just to enjoy myself!

  • No probs.

    My aim this time is to make sure I enjoy it, trained far too hard this time (and last) to be disappointed

    Good luck

  • VikW - Great advice. I have been trying to keep calm all day!

    Everyone in work has been so supportive. Just got to get packed up and have an early night; heading down on the 6:45am train tomorrow.

     Hope everyone is feeling good. image

  • Hi Circus Strongman, no problem - I'll keep an eye out for it and make sure we have it ready for you image
  • just setting off for london now, i cant remember if any of the runners have my mobile number ( as i'm taking it on route with me ) so i'm going to message it to xine 267 ( only cos ur up above me so it will be quicker to scroll back through the other ones ) then i can text someone when i approach mudshute

    good luck group 4 i cant eat this morning as so nervous so goodness knows what i'm going to be like tomorrow!!!
  • Hi gang, expo done and dusted, No pain, tough break but the right move, doesn't make it any easier but the race will be there next year and you will have a stronger desire after missing out.

    Right bring on the race.

  • Pub link with info for Chandos after - we'd love to see you all if you can make it xxx

  • Just popping in for a bounce.

    <bounce> image

    Good luck to all our runners. Can't wait to see you. Should we have a bet on which one manages to run right passed without seeing us? There's always one. image


  • Hi guys, I'm chilling in the hotel now after eating a delicious king prawn pasta dish in Soho. I don't want to walk round to much incase I get sore feet!

     Very nervous! image

  • Good luck everyone!!

    see you all at mile 17!!!

  • Aw - expo done. Pasta lunch done. Pasta dinner planned and feet up!
    No pain - I understand your disappointment and fustration as a similar thing happened to me last year. Stay positive!
    Everyone else eeck! See you tomorrow!!!!
  • Hey guys - your support during my slight breakdown at mile 17 was wonderful. I dont really know what went wrong, but i still managed to finish. No sure if I would have carried on if it wasn't for your kind words and hugs. Definitely think im a better supporter than runner! Will Hopefully be on the other side of the fence next year!

    How did everyone else fair?
  • Hey BN, what happened?

    I had a really good run, paced myself till mile 25 when I went pop but then it was only the 1.2 miles to stagger .... Did 4.22 so very very pleased.

    So lovely to see you guys, sorry if I appeared a little wild eyed and mad demanding my Viper gels image

    .. and I'm gutted to get to go for drinks at the end but the crowds totally overwhelmed me and I had to runaway.

  • Pingu - you can be as mad demanding as you want. image

    I confess to deserting my post by getting carried away with a spot of socialising so well done to VikW and Xine for keeping the station going so well. image

  • Well done BiscuitNikki and Iron Pingu, I was so so proud of both of you! You did amazingly well.
    Pingu - don't worry about the gels, you were running a marathon - you were running a marathon! You could demand anything you wanted!

    VikW and Soupy, it was great to meet you both. Soup don't be silly, you didn't desert!
    I had such a fun time cheering everyone on, I was so pleased to meet Nikki, Pingu, Circus Strongman, Madwelshwoman and Hannahsmomuk - Very proud of you all, you all looked great when you got to us!
  • Hello all

    Thank you all so much for your hard work and support. I didi strugglewith the heat and a painful neck from about 8 miles, was soo pleased to get to mile 17! Thank you for the hugs xine and providing much needed support and supplies. I did pick up a bit after mile 17, your support made such a differenceimage My finish time was no where near what I wanted, 5.31.36, but happy to have got round.

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