Brighton Marathon 2013



  • Good luck everyone who's running today as well!

    I was meant to be running 6miles with a friend this morning, but she cried off, so I went out on my own.... And then turned back straight away! Not only is the weather filthy, but my thigh is really hurting me again. I think the 3 miler I did on Friday has agrivated it. My sister's a physio and I'm seeing her next Saturday, so I may not run till then and see what she says. So lots of stretching and ice this week!
  • yes i second that and send lots of well wishes to those who are running today...especially to spen and mark d running  mk marathon ...that weather is not nice...glad i have my treadmill tucked up in my garage...
  • Afternoon all

    Well just sat down and worked out my training plans for the next 6 months starting Monday i have 3 weeks till the Bristol 10k then the training starts the week after for the GNR  then it works out there is 2 weeks between that and the Bristol H/M and then 1 week between that and Cricklade

    i am sat here thinking of our brave thread compatriots out there braving the elements i hope all is going well

  • Signed up for this last night. Amazing how brave you are after a few glasses of wine isn't it. I was gutted to have to pull out at 13 miles in London so have given myself a year to get it right.
  • Morning all

    Well i have just entered the ballot for the London marathon so  i will have to wait and see how that goes gym session today

  • Charlotte: thanks for the good wishes. Must have worked as yesterday I got a PB of 3:47:21 in atrocious conditions. I f I ever wake up on marathon morning with the weather like that I will stay in bed!

    Don't know how I did it. Gonna take a week off running now. Seriously sore legs. And a hangover image
  • Veester - that is an AMAZING time, well done! I don't know how you managed to do it so soon after BM. Enjoy your rest.

    Katie - I hope your leg clears up quickly. These running injuries are so frustrating. I've been finding it so hard to resist running while I'm waiting for my injury to clear up. Looks like I'm addicted!
  • Like you toby 3 i too have just entered the london marathon ballot.....waiting game now.....been reading the mk marathon thread and hats off to those who ran i think i would of chickened out and stayed in bed..
  • Good luck for the ballot toby3 and anyone else and well done veester awesome time! I have a question for all the more experienced of you: what are your thoughts on gels? Do I need them or will jelly babies or lucozade jelly beans suffice? I've only run up to half marathon distance before so haven't needed anything but my stomach has issues digesting sugar and caffeine so I'm not keen on using gels and I need a way to avoid hitting the wall. I know there is time for working out what works when I run longer but I just wondered what the more experienced of you guys thought? Rest day for me as my legs are hating the stair after a long run and big gym session over the weekend. :-/
  • Priscilla, I use zipvit energy chews as my fuel on long runs, seem to work for me.
  • Veester - excellent time - well done!

    Just posted my letter and evidence to try and get a Good for Age place at London next year.
  • £55 entry fee..........bit steep ok. They want to charge for spectators......ok. They have pages and pages of blurb on the entry for trying to flog you stuff..........ok. Now they want everyone to get on the bus and collect their number to save postage.....ok. And at the end they want to charge £2.50 for processing charge. PISS OFF!! For what. They are just trying to bleed every penny out of the goodwill of the runners. Cheek!! After three Brighton's I'm giving this one a miss.
  • Priscilla, jelly beans etc are good. But they do not have salts/electrolytes in them. You lose those in your sweat so trying to find something that has them in ( eg shot bloks blackcurrent - that they hand out) will be fine.

    The following from website explains...

    "When you're running, electrolytes are crucial in maintaining your body's ability to transmit nerve impulses and contract muscles. Electrolytes serve other biological functions, too, including water balance and distribution to working cells as well as acid-base balance.
    ........The symptoms of electrolyte imbalance are often the same as those of dehydration, since the two tend to go hand in hand. A common symptom is muscle and/or abdominal cramping. Other symptoms include light-headedness, nausea, confusion and muscle spasms."

     Hope that helps...

  • Cheers, charlotte & bawn-3. I'm now considering applying for london GFA. Charlotte, did you just use the downloadable race certificate from the marathon photos website as your evidence?

    Priscilla - I use sports drink & jelly babies. A couple of jelly babies every 3 miles or so. You have to eat them head first though.

    My legs are in pieces. No running for a wee while.

  • Wow thanks guys useful stuff, appreciate the advice
  • And yes I eat them head first so they don't feel anything image
  • Rang the changes today did a 40 minute gym session with some weights and then finished off with a 3 mile run on the treadmill

  • Veester - I have just sent them a print out of the Sports Systems time that was on the results page.
  • just had a look at the good for age times with my time i would have to between 64 to 69 years old
  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭
    Having just completed my spring marathon yesterday, I'm now officially counting down to next year image I have room for improvement!
  • Just been reliving my finest sporting achievement - crossing the finishing line with a smile on my face! Whilst I have yet to receive my 'official' DVD from the marathon, the short clip they sent me is whetting my appetite. Expensive, yes, but it means I can bore so many friends by reliving my first marathon again, and again, and again....
  • I looked at the video clips of me and thought they were a bit short and a bit crap, certainly not worth 10 quid IMHO. I would be interested to know whether you get much more than that when you buy the whole DVD from them though?

     I did buy the photos because there were 25 pictures for 25 quid which seemed reasonable to me. I looked terrible in most of them, but a few of them were OK.

    Today was the first run I've had since marathon day when I actually felt recovered and quite enjoyed the running again. I need to start thinking about putting some sort of schedule together for the next one in Amsterdam in October - time is flying already...

  • The video clips weren't brilliant but then again, who looks good when they are running (apart from Nell McAndrew of course). So far I've only been sent the taster clips, but will let you know what the DVD is like (takes up to 6 weeks). But as it was my first marathon I wanted to relive the experience - won't be so keen to part with my hard earned cash for my next one.

    Schedule already put together for Abingdon marathon - can't wait to get back to focused training.
  • Ahh - Abingdon Marathon - I toyed with that one because I've heard lot's of good things about it - it's the same day as Amsterdam so I guess we'll be on similar schedules.

    Just a couple of months of easy runnning before it all starts over again image

  • Morning all

    Am thinking of trying a different approach to my training next year after the gym session today i normally do a 5 miles run either side of my MWLR but after today i may well do what i did today a   40 minute gym session first but then shorten the run for 5 to 3 miles

    That will still leave one 5 mile run and my MWLR the same

  • I wish I had your resolve Toby to do a gym session as well as the running. I'm sure it will only do you good. Unfortunately I'm just a plodder and resist the cross training with a passion. May sign up to do the Dublin marathon in October. Has anyone here done it before?
  • I use karate as cross training just coz I know I'll do it. Probably not really running focused enough but good for upper body conditioning and helps with my flexibility(although flexibility still shockingly poor) I use gels on any run over 10 miles but avoid caffeine as it has unfortunate effects on my GI system!
  • 8 miles in the woods tonight, running through mud, puddles, streams, and generally feeling like a big kid. It was such fun running for kicks with friends, rather than for a training schedule. I'm going to enjoy this for a few weeks until the Abingdon training schedule beckons.
  • Morning all

    Colin I’m say i thinking about it mind you if i do how long it will last is another question

  • I´m missing my long runs! I never thought I would be saying that, because at times in my build up towards Brighton I had to be literally pushed out the door, but now I drive past roads that I used to run down and feel almost sad that I´m in the car and not running.

    What time did you do Tenjiso?

    How are you doing in your training Poohbear? You´ve been a bit quiet for a few days. 

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