Fatman to Ironman


Newbie bald chain smoking fat bloke here, oh, &i'm 43. Well that was the case back in June last year.

Thought i would document my new fitness regime on my blog which i have updated regularly since last year & i will continue to do so.

I hadnt originally planned to do a Triathlon, let alone an Ironman. My original goal was just to complete the Norwich 100 cycle ride in 2012.

However, after reading so many inspiring stories on blogs, forums & books i am determined to become an Ironman. Hopefully in 2014.

So far i have completed 2 dualathons & a 10k run. I can swim breaststroke (learning front crawl)

Anyway, as i mentioned earlier the journey so far is captured in my blog.


Comments , advice & support are always appreciated. Thanks for reading & good luck to everyone in their own challenges.


  • Welcome Andy ....you'll fit right in here, as a good %age of people on this forum  were in much the same place when they launched into the seemingly implausible prospect of completing an IM race.. proof positive that its infinately do-able if you want it bad enough.    You'll have to change that forum name though  ;-)
  • welcome AB2

    first rule here is to get yourself a decent nickname - if you want the forum to come up with suggestions, we're quite happy to image

    just dive into whatever takes your fancy and if you enjoy some banter and piss taking, and don't take tri over-seriously, you'll be fine
  • Cheers

     I'll have a look at changing the name to something more apt. Maybe something to do with sausages considering my wife said i looked like one the first time i modelled my new lycra cycling gear. Going out wearing that in public for the first time has been the most traumatic thing so far.

      Piss taking & banter is right up my street so I should fit in then

  • Hiya, welcome to the forum, as said join in and ask any questions you like image
  • Andy Baxter 2 wrote (see)

    . Maybe something to do with sausages

    ooo that may be a bad call... but your choice... so lets start the ideas ball rolling

    Coctail ? ,    no offence image

    Battered Sausage ?,    

    if you happen to be from liverpool ??   Liver-wurst  ?

    or perhaps on the close fitting lycra theme .....

    Fits like a glove       (which neatly shortens to flag )

    May contain nuts 

  • damn.. too late
  • SausageDog - excellent - like it. you just need to get yourself a photo uploaded and Robert's somebody's uncle
  • Picture uploaded, of a sausage dog image

    Couldnt upload one of me, turned into a right mission trying to resize it.

    I saw an IM sign this morning, apparently Outlaw has offered another 50 places this year. Although i wont be doing it this year, i've decided The Outlaw will be my IM debut in 2014.

    Back to reality though, I still have my first Triathlon to do which is on Sunday. Doing the East Coast Triathlon in Great Yarmouth, anybody else on here doing it?

  • not up that way.should be out running on sunday........

    just want to say hi and welcome.........

    I fancy outlaw next year......
  • Henley next year I reckon   image
  • good luck matey.....i'll have a good look through your blog...read mine if you wanna know how to do it and how not to do it!!

  • Weather dont look great for Sunday so riding and running up and down Yarmouth prom is going to be fun image

    Really impressed with runners world forum, must be the friendliest forum i've ever been on. Thanks

    Good luck those planning an IM before me. I think next year will be a bit soon for me.

    I did the London Marathon in 2006 & hadnt trained properly due to a knee injury. Still ran/walked it. You know how it is when you have sponsor money at stake. Turned out to be a bad move as weighing 16 stone & not being used to road running , it took me 6 hours & i mashed the ligaments in the soles of my feet, bruising went right through my, couldnt walk for a week, lol. Wife & work were less than impressed. Proper prep this time, ive had my orders!

    As part of my prep i will do a half IM next year & hopefully a marathon. Sould be doing the Norwich half marathon this year. Furthest ive ran since 2006 is the Trowse 10k a couple of weeks ago. Did that in 58 minutes, slow but no injury.

    Swimming PB tonight, 3 x 25m front crawl in a row. Couldnt manage 25m last month. Breaststroke, i could do all day, i just get so out of breath doing front crawl. Practise, practise, i presme, any suggestions?

    Thanks for the link Andy, i'll have a read through your blog.

    Sorry for waffling, have a good evening.
  • Just noticed the tattoo Andy. Looks great.
  • good idea to make sure the preparation is in place........just keep on building this year and then assess in the new year.....

    i am a crap swimmer but yes i think it is practice......on my first half ironman i still hadn't mastered the crawl and did 20 strokes crawl then 20 strokes breaststroke....used the excuse that i was sighting for the buoys.......still managed to finish it within the cutoffs.....infact it was about the same time as the following year when i did front crawl the whole way...
  • Swim & the cut off time is my main concern. Mind you, i can do a mile breastroke in about 50 mins & have over 2 years to get better so i guess i dont need to stress just yet, lol.

    I feel really inspired & motivated again tonight. Buzzing would be another apt description.

    Will the outlaw be your first full IM ?

  • SausageDog wrote (see)
    Will the outlaw be your first full IM ?

    If that is to Seren, you better read the Enduroman thread!!!!

    You'll know what I mean then.image

    Good luck Sausage Dawg

  • I've completed 2 full ones and 1 when i DNF..wasn't my day on the bike.......

    i'm attemping a double in June..still crap at all 3 but stubborn....you never know what you can achieve unless you try ...i'm a middle aged overweight housewife.....but the feeling crossing the line is amazing...image
  • Wow, impressive, well done you

    My question was a bit crap then, your a veteran.
  • Hey SausageDog, I've just started the same journey as you!

    I read some of your blog and noticed you are around Norwich (same as me!) and that you finished the Trowse 10k (the same as me!) I also see you are part of the Tri Anglia club, something that I was considering joining. Have you been part of the club for very long?

    I will also be running the Norwich Half, I could bump into you! (Not literally I hope image )

    I started a blog yesterday, if you fancy reading it the address is:


  • Hi Lewis

    You did really well at Trowse 10k. Took me a lot longer to complete. I had two goals for the race.
    1 get round without walking
    2 do it in under an hour.

    I achieved both those so was really chuffed. Do you go to Park run at Eaton?

    I joined Tri-Anglia in January this year. i've done a few things with them so far. Really good bunch. Not sure how i've wound up in the national club relay with them later in the year though, lol.

    Pretty nerveracking first joining a club. I knew i was slow, out of shape & looked like that daveed character from little britain when wearing lycra.

    No fears after first event though, everyone was great & freindly. Great advice & encouragement from the veerans though.

    I also joined iceni velo cycle club, only did that for the two free inner tubes, two water bottles & streetlife discount though image

    May see you around then mate. I'm the only bald large bloke in tri-anglia gear, the male at the rear of the pack.
  • Damn, meant to post what i've signed up for this year.

    All the events i'm doing so far this year are listed on the below link.

  • No Crap questions just Crap answers. Most if us went to iroman from a veryimited ability. Just desire and hard work......
  • Welcome SausageDog

    I think the tile of this thread covers quite a lot of us here FATMAN to IRONMAN

    or in some cases you could doe the 'to'

    FATMAN IRONMAN ... not naming names image

  • lol...right now thats ME...i still sport the tattoo...and now the belly...i'm trying tho
  • Fatman Ironman

    I'm down to 14st 5lbs now. Was over 16st with an impressive pot belly i could stand a glass on at the beginning of the year. Never really understood why my belly always grew but my legs still stayed as skinny as they were when i was 16 & had a 28inch waist???

  • I started at 19st 7lbs image
  • you still are aren't you?? image

    "Was over 16st with an impressive pot belly i could stand a glass on at the beginning of the year"

    welcome to my world of the last 20+ years.....
  • I did an ironman at 17 stones, I'm still fat despite being 19 stones when I started - I'd be faster if I was lighter but I'm happy in my own skin these days.

    welcome - good luck with the training, the blogging and your journey to Ironman.

    If you are in East Anglia, check Monster events, I did the half IM in Ely last year and it's a cracking event.

  • Great stuff two new beginners to join the rest of us beginners image although sausage you've made a typo! You've said you're doing an IM in 2014, you meant to write 2013!!!

    ... And of course IronHolgs is mentoring you, me, RafikiD and Lewis11 and going to write a book about it of course

    Note - Lewis11 needs a new forum name, let's start a list of suggestions )where's Schmunkee?!?)
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