Fatman to Ironman



  • Hour on the bike 8 til 9.  It's stupid cold out there.  I love seasons, but I've had enough of this one.  Sun, please.

  • Quick question - on the bike, what do people carry for dealing with p*****res - cartridges, pump, or both?

  • Both - 2 cartridges in seat bag and micropump in monaco pocket - small, don't weigh much and extra piece of mind.

    Thankfully never been unlucky enough to get a puncture in a race.

  • As above for me too.  I also carry a small bit of thin cardboard (part of the box a tube comes in) just in case I manage to damage the wall of the tyre. 

    Slot the cardboard (or energy bar wrapper) between the tyre and tube and it should hold for long enough to get back home.

  • Flip I haven't even attempted to change a tyre, I'm a typical woman who is rubbish at things like that but I shall have to learn I guess.

    Nurse Ratched - ( im guessing your a nurse!!!??? so am I!!) I know I think it's the thought more than anything else. There is a tri club about an hour from me but don't think they start OW until another month or so, will have to check.

    Tried on a wetsuit today............
  • Both for me too. I use a micro-pump to inflate the new tube a tadge - makes it easier to seat in the rim when you first put it on. Plus, if the CO2 fails, you can just about get enough air into the tyre to make it rideable wiht a small pump!

    Good idea about the cardboard ID - I might use some of this months Tri 220 mag for that - can't think of a better use, can you Holgs? image

  • On my TT bike I only carry cartridges 3 just in case I managed to thread one or something stupid! On my normal road bike I carry a micro pump too however I don't fancy sticking 100+ psi in with that bad boy!

    Being a ex car mechanic I've made a few interesting bodges at the side of the road, namely a very buckled wheel being beaten with a large rock... It got me home but sadly I needed a new wheel! One thing I would recommend is carrying some quick links, if you have a SRAM or shimano chain (both can work on the same drive chain but campag can NOT) as I have t had a chain snap on a road bike touch wood but I have on a mtb... Make sure it's the right one e.g. 8,9,10 speed etc.

    Holgs not getting a puncture in a race is about the only not too have happened too you isn't it! I wouldn't fancy a carbon seat post wedged up my bum for 56 miles
  • ha ha I guess I've just been lucky with punctures image

    The carbon seatpost is not something I EVER wish to repeat.

  • Holgs, I loved the photo of you holding the knackered seat and smiling.  How long did the smile last for ...?

  • He was smiling cos of where it'd been wedged.

  • 5 mile run this afternoon, dead on 50 mins. 

    Steak for tea image

  • Evenng all. Swapped my rest day to today as still feeling a bit shitty. 10 days off work now image

    Welcome runnin. Best advice is sign up for an Ironman now, buy a copy of 'Be Iron fit' & crack on. Sounds like your further ahead with your fitness than a lot of us 2013 cherry popping ironman candidates. image good luck.

    Now off to find some pleasant images to look at & wipe away ones of Holgs with a seat post wedged where it shouldnt be image
  • *still* suffering from this sodding virus - every time I try and do some training, I feel really awful the next day image   Am off to Cornwall tomorrow for a few days at my mum's, so hoping to come back recovered and raring to go - and not *too* full of pasties image

    no internet connection where we're going, so I'll see you on the other side image

  • Godspeed Fraggle!image

  • fraggle - hope you recuperate fully at your mum's - have a good rest.

  • Been suffering with man flu just at the itme i wanted to get back to serious training. so only managed a couple of 40 min turbo sessions and a slow 30 min run this week. Had a good  walk this am and done some core work outside with hopes to get on turbo later today. Still congested though and struggling with temptation to enjoy the sofa....


    Got a psrint Tri in early june plus a 100 mile bike, aiming for an olympic late season and then poss try for first IM next year....

  • Swim this morning. Just for a change I did it all with a pull buoy, which I normally only use for drills, and did 2.5k in 1:02:03.  I'm ignoring the 3 seconds as they can be accounted for by having to swim around the blue rinse flotilla. How can 4 people take up the entire width of the pool?

  • Nurse ratched - they always manage too take up the majority of the pool, and apparently some of them can't read medium and fast lane.. Why do a painfully slow backstroke in a medium lane is beyond me, I'm no amazingly fast swimmer... Far from it... But common really winds me up! Rant over
  • Lol, pool rage. Same when a fast swimmer goes in the slow lane & feels the need to race you, tumble turn in front of you, swim under you, over you, kicking you & being a general all round pest. image

    Hope everyones had a nice Good Friday. 1 hour bike today, despite the blue sky and sun most of the day, i managed to time my ride perfectly to catch some snow.

    Calves feeling a lot better, probably going to try a gentle park run tomorrow.
  • Agreed with idiots in the pool.... Bloody club swimmers who are always faster then me... Stick them on a bike then we will talkimage I'm looking forward too going for my first park run tommoro can't wait!
  • Nice one, wheres your park run?
  • Nice Good Friday trifecta today.  1 mile swim, 33 mile bike, 1 mile run.

    Have a half-marathon in the morning:  http://www.runthebluegrass.org/  No real time goal in mind but it's such a beautiful area and I'm a sucker for a nice medal.  Think I'm going to go out with the two hour pace group and see how it goes.

  • Newbury (greenham common to be exact) I'm really looking forward too it... However legs still sting a bit image

    Yank - don't do what I did on my half and go too hard! I ended up going stupidly too fast too begin with and almost crawled the last mile, couldn't run for 3 days post race, best of luck mate!
  • Wonderful 90min out and back run this morning along The Ridgeway. Mighty cold and icy in places.

    Bike session later before settling down for the arrival of the inlaws ????
  • For some reason my :/ emoticon turned into a wodge of question marks. Bless. Wasn't intentional and I cant edit it from this Windows 8 device. Oh well.
  • IY - good luck for the HM, 

    gym, spinning and masters swimming for me this morning, before dropping kids off at the in-lawsimage

  • Hope the half goes ok IY

    A shade over 37 miles biked this morning.  OUTDOORS imageimageimage! Clear, dry roads but still lots of snow on the fields, blue sky and sunshine - stunning.  And, after some sound advice, managed a fair bit of it on the aero bars without being wobbly. 's all good.


  • Nursey, I also did 37 miles! Lovely day.  But I'm still not keen on aero bars, need to build confidence there.

  • Great minds Tim!
    I've been debating whether to persevere with the aero bars and a couple of wee things seemed to make a lot of difference today.  Firstly, our very own SossidgeDog said (at least, I think it was him) that if you're wobbly, try having the bars a bit further apart. So I moved mine slightly and it does feel more stable.  Secondly, I've been doing Chrissie's Audiofuel tracks on the turbo, and she's always piping up to say "keep your eyes at 45°, don't look down", and lifting my line of vision also seemed to help. 
    I've changed from the s-bend bars which were put on when I had my bike fit, to ski bend ones which I find much more comfy.

    However, I do need some FatmanPiratey saddle advice. I'm finding myself sliding towards the front of the saddle, so does it need to come forward a wee bit, or should I lift the nose, or something else?

    I suspect I could lose many hours of my life to bike tweaking!

  • Getting comfortable on the bars is key... Especially for iron distance! It is essentially free speed image you might want too get another bike fit done too help with positioning. I'm afraid the saddle does end up poking up the bum a bit especially on a road bike as these are designed with the riding on the brake hoods (this is a general assumption)... Try not too let your mind stray too much when on the bars as where you look bike will follow... Another good tactic is spend 20 minutes on and 5 minutes off, obviously this is assuming a flattish route, adventually you will use them without thinking about it... It's like clip less pedals just keep at it!
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