Fatman to Ironman



  • Afternoon all.

    Sounds like your saddle needs to come forward and the front end up a tad like you say Nursey. Little tweaks at a time till its right. Thats what i did. unfortunately i cant really afford the luxury of bike fits as well as everything else so have had to work it out myself image

    My aero bars are still a pain, didnt have any issues with comfort last year. I'm sure i'll nail it in time for the big un though.

    30 min park run with Arleya then did a 43 mile bike (snowed again)
  • Nursey - as they say, you do not get used a position, the position changes to suit you image

    As for the saddle, do you feel more comfortable when you slide forward? Can you get more power through the pedals? If so you may want to move it forward and/or downa smidge!

  • 2:09 for the half-marathon.  1150 feet of climbing, including something called "The Corkscrew."  You know you're in trouble when they name the hills!

  • Whooooo hooooo. 400m swim TT this afternoon. Soooo happy the time begins with a 6! (Only by 2 secs though).

    Inlaws are over for Easter. I'm hiding in the Kitchen. Shame I cant fake a smile.

    Anyway. All the best people. UK folk don't forget, clocks go forward tonight. Hmmmm lighter evenings.
  • Ironyank-good going on the half with all that elevation.

    Wow Irondonkey, beginning with a 6 is well fast, well done. Hope you aren't still hiding in the kitchen??

    Oldest girl still up at 6 am today although it was really 7am. Blue skies, sun in the sky, frosty and -4 at the moment, lovely weather for cycling and running. Have a cold, feel rough so just did 10 miles on road bike yesterday morning and then had an Easter fair thing I had to help out at for the school. Will cycle this morning but need to do a road & MTB so need to decided which to do. Could do both I suppose but would be more beneficial to do one long one. Going to SIL's for late lunch this afternoon.

    Been looking at wetsuits. Will an entry level tri suit be enough for Scotland's sea temp?????
  • If you're going to be comfortable in the sea in Scotland, you need one of these.

    Where in The Holy Land are you?

  • Good going in the half IY.

  • 11 mile run done.  It's chocolate time!

  • Indication of being a relative bike virgin: Have never, ever had a puncture, and after trying and failing to change inner tube a couple of weeks ago with cheap tools, bought better levers.  Tried again today, took 20 minutes and a bit of blood.  But at least I know I can do it now!

    Don't fancy it with frozen fingers though... 

  • Had a 10k event this morning at 9am, way too early considering the clocks went forward! It was the first ever event I took part in last year, so it was nice to give it another go this year and see my progress over a year. Ended up beating my PB by 8 minutes finishing in 41:55, dead chuffed! Aiming for 39:59 next year!

    Hope everyone has had a nice Easter!

  • DTT - the tyres themselves can make a huge difference to how easy it is to fix a puncture. On my TT bike I have relatively expensive slick tyres, which are a doddle to get off, with one lever. Takes less then 2 mins to change inner tube. Whereas my road bike has thick, cheap all weather tyres - I've snapped countless quality levers, spent ages at the side of the road swearing and eventually got then dam thing back on!! (Easy answer, I know - change the tyres on my road bike!!)

  • Yep. Conti Gatorskin tyres have had me howling with rage at the side of the road a few times. Tricky buggers.
  • Well done Budge, i missed out on a place beacuse of faffing, great time. Good turn out from Trianglia by all accounts, i think there were 24. That hills still a barstool though, lol.

    Just back from a 17 miler, taper down now till the marathon. Calfs hurt all the way round, then i started to get a blister under my arch so all in all a pretty horrible run

    Haha, they are gits to put on but i wouldnt swap conti gatorskins for anything else. I think they are a brilliant tyre. They have served me well.
  • Andy, hope the calfs get better soon.  Happy tapering.

    Here's my week 12 report ... 

  • Thanks Tim. I think they have only played up because i've had to ramp up the running so quick to get the VLM in. Should be less stress on them running up to IMUK.

    If you'd been attacked by that buzzard it would definately trump my run through middle earth battle ground last weekend image As you were not pecked or clawed though I'm afraid my experience is still winning image

    My goggle straps must be due to snap, may have to get a spare set just in case.

  • Good time Budgie!

    Calves are a nightmare. A tight RH calf has now ended up with a sore Achilles here image. Bike week then.

  • Nightmare, i remember getting an Achilles issue when i was in the army. Got so painful i couldnt even put a pair of boots on. They ended up zapping it with some ultrasound thing a few times, sorted it out.
  • Andy, Middle Earth definitely wins.  My Precious.

  • I'm through one short story and on to a second in one of Tim's book. Good stuff so far!

    Edit: finished the second one. White was so good. Couldn't stop!
  • Aaaaah, gotta love a rest day image

    Fri, Sat & Sun were my longest swim, bike & run so far (ever!).  Happy nursie.

    I did a few different stretches yesterday and don't have my usual post long run tight legs today - result. Although I may have raised an eyebrow or two if anyone had come into the office last night and seen me, in my uniform,  rollering my IT band with a rugby ball.

  • Bet that was a sight to see Nurseyimage
  • OK.  It's April 1st.  I'm in the South.  It's snowing.  That sounds like an April 1st gag although it's true enough.

    Thank goodness I've not been training for a Spring marathon as given the weather over the past 3 month or so I very much doubt if I would have been able to get the miles under the belt.  Kudos to all that have!

    Week 1 of my 24 week plan done and dusted with 11 hours completed.  Sadly I ran today without gloves and large parts of the skin on my right thumb and forefinger have cracked and gone oozy.  


  • IY, thanks!  Glad you liked it.

    ID ... nasty.  I get split skin on my thumb sometimes, have started moisturising.  Real men moisturise.  

  • As of today I'm a real man too.
  • Hahaha a submarine Nurse, how funny. You're probably right. Just looked up the current sea temp., its 5.6 degrees, oh my goodness!! In the process of trying to find some OW swimmers to swim with.........
  • Where in Scotland are you?

  • Donkey, try this.  Seems expensive but a little goes a long way and it's the best handcream on the planet.

  • In the highlands, about 50 mins north of Inverness.

    Yip the above cream is great. I use it lots especially great for nurses hands!
  • "In the highlands, about 50 mins north of Inverness."

    And you're going swimming in the sea? image

    Yer aff yer heid

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