Fatman to Ironman



  • That is the plan but I haven't even got a wetsuit yet and don't know if I actually will get in the water!!!! There's lots of folk that do so surely it can't be that bad?? Can it?!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahaha. I will have to at some point...........

    No one else from Scotland here then?
  • Swam the Ironman distance tonight. Did it all front crawl for the first time & knocked 18 minutes off my previous time image
  • NR - thanks for the suggestion, will get a tube over the next day or so.

    On a totally different note, my vocal toddler told me this morning he wanted to become an Iron Ham (sic) or Nigel Slater when he was 4 or 5.

  • Well I see Sossige has been training if no one else has   ..... either that or lost ocunt of laps!

    I have been in Devon all weekend, it was feckin windy and cold and we lost the will to live on many many hills on Monday  image

  • Moved up a lane by the coach in swimming tonight, good for confidence!  Also had a good run today.  Sun!  Yay!  Still bloody cold, though, and snow still on the hills.

    Isca Duathlon on Sunday!

  • Bloody school bloody Easter holidays messing with my training.

  • Well done on the promotion Tim. I'm still in the old knackers lane , lol.

    Did a 21 mile bike first thing this morning. In Sunshine!
  • At last a good few days training for me - off work and managed to get in my first 100 mile bike, freezing but dry.  Was so cold when I got back home had a cup of coffee to warm up and my hands were so cold I dropped my biscuit in image although I had to have another biscuit then to try and fish that one out image.  Did a 3 hour run on the Sunday, then a 3 hour bike into 40 min run on the Monday.  Off to South Africa next week for the Ironman there, bit undercooked on the bike, but really looking forward to it.

    Good training everybody

  • Tim - well done on the lane promotion

    Sue - good luck in SA

    did a 3k pool swim today, wanted to do 4k but threw up after 3kimage I am hoping it was just down to swallowing too much of the pool or poor choice of cornflakes before the swim and not due to a bug


  • Good luck Sue.


  • Ive started back on brick session with turbo bike then run, but only 45 min bike and 30 odd min run at present, still a good step forward. Not yet started swimming and got first event in early june, hoping weather improves as keen to get to open water rather than indoor pool.


    Am quite tempted to set a long term goal of Outlaw and poss Beaver races in 2014, sticking with sprint an dolympic this year....

  • 06:30 swim on Wednesday.  So what do I do last night as I'm settling in for bed? I start reading Naming of Parts by a certain DimTimTris.  Needless to say, I couldn't put the darn thing down so I was up a bit late!  In the end though, 2500 meters done.  Much harder today as the 50 meter lanes just opened up for the spring/summer.

  • Good training everyone, good luck in the Ironman Sue.

    Which Ironman are you doing in 2013 Brandon?image

    Took Arleya swimming whis morning. Pleased to say i can now swim front crawl faster than my 13 year old daughter. image Although she can do tumble turns and i can't.

    Also sacked the hours run for a walk to give the pain in the ass calves more recovery time before the weekend.
  • A kills a kill Sossige  image

  • Glad it kept you awake, IY!

    45 min on turbo this evening, then a 20 min brick run, my 9 year old son tagged along.  He's keen, and I'm putting a DIY triathlon together for him soon.  100m swim, 8 mile bike, 3 mile run.  He's so excited.  I am, too!

  • Make sure you beat him Tim !!!

  • new bike new now sitting in the conservatoryimage will hopefully get out on it the weekend, but for now i'll be happy to turbo on the roadie. Lots of the little people doing sporty stuff, i'm hoping to take my 8yr old for her first park run this weekend.
  • Looks like good trainng all round.

    Good luck Sue.

    Finished DTT's Beserk last night, Nice to see a book based in the UK.

    TB - we need bike pics!

  • Evening all

    Swim swum before work
    horse done before work
    work done before sleep


  • Cat, hope you enjoyed it!

    Quick one hour out on bike, not too cold but BLOODY windy.  Felt like I was doing hills even on the flat.

  • Likewise Tim. Still, it was nice not to get snowed on for a change image
  • Twas good DTT. I like reading, and struggle to put a good book down.

    First TT of the seaon. Well paced but horrendous time. V cold and v windy.

  • Things can only get better eh Cat   image

  • You doing the Butler's Bonk Duathlon this weekend Cat?

  • Swam a mile this morning, not as fast as I'd like.  Find it quite difficult swimming on my own!

    Long bike tomorrow, then Isca Duathlon on Sunday.

  • Decided to start thinking about nutrition a bit more so picked up an app to track calories and weight.  Hadn't weighed myself since last September's ironman.  Put in 5 pounds over the winter. Sure beats last year's 15 pound gain over the winter.  Swam and ran a mile this morning.   10 mile race tomorrow then long bike on Sunday.

  • There's minimal and then there are these:



    (Quick note, I have no connection with the above company nor do I use or endorse the products contained therein the link above)

  • They look like very expensive flip-flops!!

    Actually, the look exactly like the shoes the Masai wear - which are sole shaped bit of rubber cut from old car tyres, with some rope the same place those zero shoes have them. The Masai will have them for copyright!

  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    Things can only get better eh Cat   image

    Got thge results...10th of 22, so not too bad. All the times were slow image

    Rafiki wrote (see)

    You doing the Butler's Bonk Duathlon this weekend Cat?

    Nope, not racing until the 21st Apr. Last minute training (though haven't run for a week due to Achilles).

  • Hope everyone had a great Easter. Had great fun supporting little bruv in his successful attempt to become British 100km champion image

    Other than that have also had man flu image but hoping to get a couple of hours biking in both days this weekend.
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