Overdone it?



  • Distance unspecified, about 5.75 miles, I think.
    Course: varies from year to year because apparently they keep bloody changing it but involves some off-road (a bit annoying in a road racing league) and possible hills.
    Weather: just been down the shops for some emergency pre-race flapjacks and it's a bit bloody windy out.
    Time: no idea. Whatever's reasonable for however long and hard (oo-er) it is.

    Thread: this is the long-awaited sub-3:15 thread terribly polite smackdown, as two of us are competing in the same league and this is the final race (of four).

  • Richard - just back from stalking - bet the Geneva half is lovely! Do you get to run along by the lake?

  • And do you win the league if you win the smackdown?

  • Yes. Otherwise I come second.

    Edit: just had a look and should add this is unless the woman currently in 3rd beats me, but also four other runners finish in between me and her.

  • I'll visit the thread for the report tomorrow with interest - once again, good luck!

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    good luck.

    i'm expecting another medal for my stable of athletes image

  • Hi Richard - Geneva half does sound good as does the idea of your kids being on a train journey and you racing it by foot (not sure I like sound of the running route though!).

    What's your boss's PB for a HM?

  • Stevie G . wrote (see)

    good luck.

    i'm expecting another medal for my stable of athletes image

    Hear that, Skinny? Better start winning some medals...

  • image - smug bitch!

    I was all ready to respond after you had posted about your great win tonight (??)

    I was going to say something along the lines of 'It's great to be part of a medal winning teamimage' - I won't bother now I'll just slunk off into my unglittery from medals corner and sulkimage


  • Well, if you're going to call me names I won't let you in on my amazing team pothunting plan....

    (Basically I was thinking we should find random races that allow mixed 'social' teams and then win them all because there wouldn't be any other teams. We could call ourselves 'Stevie's Harem' or something. You could be the token bloke).

  • Crawls out of corner mumbling a contrite apology.....

    That was before the edit - not sure 'token bloke in Stevie's harem' is my role in life!

  • Yeah, sorry, edit was because had to post quickly so you couldn't go back and edit yours and everyone would know you called me a bitch.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Haha, you two!  But how was the race lit? 

  • Aye. Come on, spill the beans, Lit.

    Tommy2D wrote (see)

    Bob - Yeah it was very hot and humid but I didn't find it that bad, I know a few people did struggle though. I was going to do the Newstead Dash as its just up the road from me but work got in the way. How was it? Are you entering for the Wilne 10k?


    Aye, I heard one poor lass had to be hospitalised after collapsing near the finish line at the Notts 5 - though was fine in the end fortunately. The Newstead Dash was good. A madcap helter-skelter down the hill from the start, and then plenty of leafy cover from the sunshine on an out and back section with a few lumps - at least one of them quite steep. Good race though - definitely one I'd recommend. 

    No Wilne 10k for me, though it was on the list of possibles at one point. I later decided to concentrate on shorter races, and even some track stuff, but then even those went out of the window when I picked up an injury, and have since realised I've got a prior commitment that morning anyway. Probably one I'll earmark for next year though.

  • Hi Richard - I was working away last night when out of the blue I realised that your club was Manx Runners - must have gone into the subconscious somehow when I was stalking your race times.

    That suggests you have lived on the Isle of Man. I used to know a Richard Hill who went to live and work on the Isle of Man - he was good at Fantasy Football, went to live and work there with a more attractive colleague from work and originally came from West Cumbria - are you that Richard Hill?

  • I bet you could find out by stalking his race photos.

  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭

    Will try and make it next year, a lot of my training runs go through the Newstead estate so I know all about the hills.

    Rather you than me on the shorter stuff, as I said before much prefer 5 miles to 5k. Having said that, I'm having my arm twisted to go to the 'track races for road runners' at Bingham track in early September, they're running both mile and 3000m events on the same night - I guess you've already seen it. It's only 3 days after Wilne so not ideal timing wise but might go along.  

    How did you get on lit?

  • Ah right - excellent. Injury permitting I've got that night at Bingham earmarked too, so I'll hopefully see you there, Tommy.

  • Tommy2D wrote (see)

      How did you get on lit?

    Oh all right. She beat me by 20 secs, so I have a shiny new medal but in the wrong colour. It's prettier than the gold one though.



  • Always wondered what a medal looked likeimage

    Well done - leaves you gold to aim for next year?image

  • Skinny Fetish Fan wrote (see)

    Always wondered what a medal looked likeimage

    Oh, sorry Skinny, I thought you genuinely might not know. image

  • Well done Richard! I am doing the Belper 30k today because I'm an idiot, but luckily there doesn't seem to be any sign of headwinds or driving rain (yet).

  • Richard - well done that sounds a really good run - bet the kids were pleased to beat you too! You might have been close if the weather had been kinder!

    Lit - hope that the 30k went okay - be interested to know if you raced it or took it really slow - sounds risky to race it with your target half only about 6 weeks away.

    Just got back from a 14.2 which is my longest LSR of this year I think - was meant to be 13 but got a new route a bit wrong.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Skinny, it's more that after not RUNNING more than 13miles for a minimum of 3months...possibly much longer, just doing an 18miler is a step up, let alone racing it!

  • Skinny Fetish Fan wrote (see)

    sounds risky to race it with your target half only about 6 weeks away.

    Don't you start...

  • image So did you race it? How did you get on? That's further than I have ever run (16 miles just before I started this thread).

    Richard - I roughly followed the Cumbrian Run route today out to Cumwhinton and Wetheral and back through Scotby but added a bit to start around cricket club and Rickerby Park. I cut through without going to Wetheral as slightly safer route - just added a bit more to the start than I saved on the short cut.

    In the winter I have quite a few different routes along by the river but too many cows in summer - never quite sure where they are going to congregate in relation to the stile/gate.

    Other than route to Dalston where do you go?

  • Of course I didn't race it. I did it at easy pace for the club championship points. Still got 3rd lady though (4th overall, but 3rd was 1st VF45 because actual 1st VF45 was 1st overall). I won a big carrier bag full of random crap, including, but not limited to: disposable razors, 4 cartons of Ribena, long life prosciutto tortelloni, sports insoles and giant-sized socks.

    It was slightly short, I think (18.34 miles), with some bloody massive hills in, and I took 2:34:17 for an average pace of a virtuously sedate 8:25. (Average looks more sensible if you overlook the range about 7:00 to 10:00 depending on terrain/profile). Annoyingly though, re. Not Racing, although the first lady was about 12 minutes ahead, the other two were within 3 minutes of me and I probably could have beaten them. I think the only proper prize was for 1st though.

  • Here you go: bag of random crap:


     Though actually those giant socks are starting to look pretty comfy. I might go and put them on.

  • Bizarre prizes! Nice to win when you are not even trying - does that mean you are simply brilliant or that there is not much strength in depth in the female entries for races like this?

    When I run as a V40, or V45 now, the top 20 places are as full of V runners as they are of seniors so think random goody bags are a long way off (not that not getting the prize itself is that disappointing but it would be nice to finish and get my name on a prize list!) I guess the secret is just to work on getting faster and eventually there won't be many people faster than me.

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