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  • Tommy2D wrote (see)

    Hopefully Skinny will update the spreadsheet to include you soon enough.  

    No pressure, though, Skinny. Also you have to format it so the whole thing fits in a forum message.

  • Cheers, Tommy. Aye - 'tis an odd one.

    Do you know which way round the distances at Bingham are? I fancy a real blast at the mile, so might just do that if the 3000m races are first up. If the mile is first though, I'll probably do both - injury permitting.

    And yep, as per Lit's post, I won't stick my stats up for the time being, particularly as Skinny said he won't be around much for a while. I should be able to assist with getting an image for the spreadsheet up here in due course if it helps though.

  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭

    Not sure, I think last time it was the mile followed by 5K's, would imagine that it will be something similar this time around. Might be tempted into doing both but we'll see.  

    Yeah no pressure Skinny, just whenever you get a minute!

  • Thanks, Tommy. Sounds promising. Hopefully see you there. Guess this is going to be too close to Wilne for you to get a pass out from the boss man, Lit?

  • I am not interested in track races. Anyway I am busy that night. image

  • Think that's exactly the point of this particular event - to give an opportunity to road runners, and those that wouldn't normally run on the track, a chance to try it! image

    What you busy with...downloading more cheesy power ballads on to the old MP3 player? image image

    Sorry, won't mention it again. image

  • Ok - boring musings as promised. When I look back on all my good races I've always presumed that it was the 'magic' of race day that has enabled me to out perform my training - adrenaline, being with other runners. In actual fact they have all had a period of taper of some sort and whilst I am sure they all have an impact it may be that getting the taper right is the key.

    This week coach planned me a taper of sorts from Tuesday which (mid training plan) is about all you can afford - unfortunately being stuck at work all Tuesday meant doing a hard session on Wednesday night which was simply too close to Saturday for an optimum race effort.

    I'm okay about my time yesterday now - I think it was the first time tohugh I have turned up to race and not got a PB or exceeded my expectations so was a bit of a shock!

    Also I am still quite a novice at actual races due to my low number of outings so all part of the learning curve.

    I didn't do much of a race report but yesterday I spent most of the last two laps trying to close on the leading woman (who had gone off too fast) so was slowing slightly faster than me. In my head I pretended she was Lit and this helped me get an effort in closing stages through pain - anyway I got on her shoulder with about 250 yards to go but she ran away from me in last 100 yards - so I wasn't happy about Lit beating me either!

  • In Other News

    Richard I 'm not as senile as I thought - number for Dumfries 10k arrived yesterday - looking at website they don't accept entries on the night.

    In Other Slightly More Interesting News

    I will be lining up with Mo Farah and Haile Gebrselassie on 15th September - my mate has an entry for Great North Run but can't do it and has let me have it. After a discussion with Coach I'm going to do it as a training run and enjoy atmosphere the first half then build from there. Having run it once before the first half is very claustrophobic anyway so it will be a lot less frustrating just accepting the pace.

  • Stat                   Skinny       Lit            Lou       Richard    Tommy

    Age                        45         31              40          42             31

    Height                    6'0"       5'4"            6'1"       5'10"          6'0"

    Weight                10st 4     8st 12       11st 7    11st 5        11st 5

    5k/pr                   19:15      20:16        20:08        NT          21:32

    5m                      31:17      32:12        32:16      38:40        34:46

    10k                     41:19       40:59       40:10       45:04       43:46

    HM                  1:29:08     1:28:26    1:29:02    1:38:46    1:41:30

    HMs 2013                 0               1              2              7              1

    Marathon                NT     3:06:16           NT    3:56:57    3:54:19

    2013 Miles            979          1500         682           940          800

    Medals Won              0  LOADSimage           0 &

  • Okay - the above shows we've reached our category capacity so before adding extra we would need to lose some other categories. The end of the above message read:-

    Slightly improved to show who the Top Trump in each category is at the moment and also added the miles - all the other suggested categories I can't do because don't have sufficient information and haven't stalked Tommy.

    A column for Bob looks a step too far for the functionality on here!!

    Cheers, Skinny

  • I think we can lose the medals cat. No one really cares about that.  Intersting to see that you appear to have capitulated wrt height and taken tallest as best.

    Have fun with the GNR. I know my dad ran it a few times when he was younger and reckons its a good race. Do you know where you will be starting?

    So. Training this weeks has comprised. 4M easy, 4M easy w 5 hill reps, and yesterday 7M w 5x100m  strides. All felt good with no sign of the calf problems.  However, this morning I could feel a familer ache, so I replaced the planned 10 miles with 4 easy. No pain but I can definitely feel 'something'

    I think I'll carry on with just easy running. No strides, nothing and see what develops. Very disappointing.

  • Re:yesterdays race, sometimes it just doesn't work out. Can be all sorts of reasons. It's all good experience.

     Amused be you imagining the woman infront was lit. My immature imagination immediately pictures a Benny Hill style high speed chase. Just need a short bald man to pop up and get his head slapped.

  • Skinny Fetish Fan wrote (see)

     In my head I pretended she was Lit and this helped me get an effort in closing stages through pain 

    I am not commenting on this. image


  • On reflection, I think the training mileage category doesn't really need to be there as it's the most labour-intensive to update and it's not an area anyone's going to be competing on, since we're just doing whatever training seems sensible. Medals, by contrast, is the most important category.

    Lou, sounds like things are improving even if not as quickly as you'd like?

    Bob, I am not ashamed of my excellent taste in music. There are all sorts of exciting things on my mp3 player.

    Skinny, will you be doing GNR in a banana suit? I was offered a free entry to the Royal Parks half but I said no. Partly because it is the week after the Robin Hood, and partly because it clashes with the much more excitingly-named Goose Fair Gallop.

    PS, Lou, have changed my forum pic back to the Benny Hill one. image

  • I have no doubt that there are, Lit. Just a shame about the Cher. 

    Nice work with the profile pic! image

  • I've obviously mentioned my previous GNR effort beforeimage

    At some point over next 3 weeks I'll post the full story coz it's worth telling even if it's not worth readingimage

    Bob - well done on parkrun PB - in between the still injured and managed a parkrun I understandably missed the part where your parkrun at tempo pace was actually a PB!

    Lou - I can manage the bald head but not the short part - Lit appreciate the change of avatar - helps me imagine what I'm trying to beat in my next race di di deedee diddly deedee diddly nenana na na na na na na!!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Skinny - I'll be at the GNR.  It really depends on where you start from as to how busy it is.  I've run a few PBs there.  What colour is your number?


  • Run another PB Minni and get on the VLM champs start...

    I'm scared of bananas, btw. I'd definitely run faster if there was one chasing me.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    So hard putting the effort in though lit.  I'd rather run a marathon 48 seconds quicker. image

  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭

    Skinny - Enjoy the GNR, it's on my to-do-list.

    The last couple of times I've been on this thread I've got songs stuck in my head - yesterday was 'If I could Turn Back Time' and today it's the Benny Hill song.

    Lit - just had a look at the Goose Fair Gallop, wasn't expecting it to be where it is, it's nowhere near goosey. Could be tempted but not sure I fancy the idea of racing over/under the motorway... 

  • Minni - no idea where I will be starting till I get my mate's number but definitely not racing it - not my target race plus I'll be running under his name so won't register as my time. I doubt I'll be anywhere near the front - mate tends to run around 1:45.

    Anyway after last time I have a few bad memories of the last few miles to erase!

    LIt - how can you be scared of bananas?? what do you eat ridiculously quickly after a long run if it's not a banana?

  • Wah! I wouldn't eat, touch, or indeed go near a banana. Shudder. image

    Er... maybe some yoghurt?

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    This is what I tried to put in up there image re the GNR. image


  • Minni thanks - yep I ran it in one of those banana costumes! It was 25th anniversary year and I also  got interviewed by Jonathan Edwards live about half an hour before the start which was kept in for the highlights show. Unfortunately this is on a video casssette and I can't find on t'internet or would have posted a link.

    As publicity for my sponsorship effort I also ran the dad's race at my childs sports day in the outfit and won - I think I do have a copy of that photo and will try and post at some point.

    1:48 and 3rd banana out of 25 - 75 mins for first 10 miles, 33 for last 3 very painful miles!!

  • 37.5 miles last week incl the 40mins MP/HMP session, the parkrun and a superslow 12.1 miles yesterday that should havve been 13.

    Cheers Skinny

  • Lou - just reading back - all the niggles/injuries I've had all lingered on a bit after I started running again

    Have you got some strengthening exercises for the injury? probably easy running for a while is the way to go - hopefully over a few weeks you will find you can run without it getting any worse.

  • The Cumberland News reckons you were second banana but they might have been getting you confused with another banana. You could use the sports day photo as your forum avatar.

  • Hmmmmimage. When I finished I was in the tent for about 20 mins before the third banana arrived so when I got back to work I told everyone I was second banana - upon reviewing the results about the 5th banana over the finish line had a faster chip time than me because they had started right at the back but it was too late then to change my story.

    However in my defence it was a really hot day and I wore my costume properly and with pride for the whole race - a lot of the other bananas took the hood off to let the heat out.

    PS stop stalking me!!

  • It's gun times that count for places, so you still count as second.

    Googling someone doesn't count as stalking.

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