oh bugger, another fat newbie.....



  • Wicked sense of humour mate! To answer your questions to your very first post on this thread:

    1) you probably don’t NEED anything but have a new pair of running shoes will go a long way to your comfort and remaining injury-free. There is no MUST HAVE equipment – make the most of what you already have and treat yourself to something new if you like but it’s not necessary. The main thing is finding something/some reason to keep your motivation up through the training and racing. It’s different to everyone so find your reason and make it very compelling. 

    2) you definitely can find races around Birmingham, just google it.  

    3) a big part of your entry into the sport of triathlon will be to manage your ‘inner game’ -- that’s not just about ‘mental toughness’ but more about getting your mind to support you and keep you focused on what matters to you. Might want to check out http://www.triathletemind.com/your-best-triathlon-year-ever/ for a simple to follow guide to getting ready.  

    4) absolutely not! Give it a go and just enjoy it.

  • having a lot of outside influence crap to deal with. its getting in the way and annoying me imensly.  'I need to exercise, and dont give a sh*t about you having crap in your life - its not my monkey now fcuk off.'

    Ahhh, thats better. 

    managed a bit of running. almost 20mins in 10 days. its just not fucking on.

    got a greenlight for the long weekend , so entry awaits

    got incouraged nods for a couple of half marathons next year.

    got a grrenlight for the aquathon in november.

    ( somethings brewing - this is too easy )


  • thanks mr Yanzen.

    holly crap, that first post is over a year ago and ive made far too little progress. its really is just not fckuing on.

    i should have done a review....

    1) more trainers bought, lots of gear and a gym membership to aid swimming access.

    2) aquathon finished ( witha busted ankle ) - not really built upoon it

    3) Far too many guides; be better to bag them and carry them around - do more for my fitness than buying and reading and starting them all

    4) errr, well. probably but its punishment enough really


  • Lard which halfs are you fancing? image

  • Never fancy a half, (prefer a pint  image)

    I'm down for Helsby 4 Villages, Wrexham, Chester and Bala next year

  • managed 5k today. sick family. shit work.

    time to get back on the pony

  • damn and doh!

    another blasted injury - tendontitus in the hip. cant sit, cant drive, cant run, can complain. big girls blouse. a week of the impact stuff.


    meanwhile ive platoed . no loss, no improvement on pace. so....a diary of intake is needed. day one of the diary has me 900kcal in the red!  so exercise is keeping me flatlined only! and im not exercising enough to stay that way. DOH!

    Time to padlock the fridge/cupboard.


  • Wondered where you'd been hiding....

    ..... Step away from the fridge
  • http://www.uktriathlon.co.uk/birmingham/ have a look at this link sgt, could be a good local one, wouldn't mind it myself as I live in brum but will be away in Wales after doing the long course weekend marathon. Read this thread from beginning to end, top man sgt! keep at it.

  • Sgt, we all have our demons. You've admitted some of your on here, and that will help you to manage them. I've got my own, but that's another story.
    Good call on the calorie count diary. It's a bastard, but honesty could be necessary.

    Regarding exercise, I'd strongly suggest getting mileage by stiff walking. If you are serious about the long range game (unmentioned) there will be a lot of walking anyway. A mile is worth the same number of calories whether walked or run.

  • well. thats been a bastard 6 months I won't want to repeat.....

    annual rise earned and denied image

    job transfer fudge image

    bonus earned and denied 2 days before christmas ( worth 10k cash imageimageimage)

    workplace harassment ( I wasn't feeling the love but was feeling somethingimage )

    homelike crisis ( stress kills you know  image)

    constructive dismissal invalidated and exit stage right. image

    freedom.  image

    starting overimage

    summertime image

    an ironman in my back garden! image 

    enough f'ing excuses - jfdi




  • Ay up Lardy hope your cool like the fonz and everythings ok now mate. image

  • Hello stranger
  • Hello Again

    Getting some spin classes and lots of rowing but not enough consistency. Wieght still a problem.


    I just entered the stafford half ironman.  so the easy bit is done with

  • a little stunned that its sold out already !

    to be honest, I was a little stunned I got the pre register invite email. I was sure Id missed the boat on that task....

    so the email invite was a great start to the weekend.

    a  half ironman just on my doorstep ( has to be a sign of something )

    - I can ride the bike to drop off, and a 1m jog back to home.  I am glad they have refilled the reservoir though. not sure a 1.2 mile mud run would be a good way to go.

    - just have no excuses left for now. so bring it on

  • - just wondering id their was a full iron distance still open next summer.....

  • Outlaw full opens next week but will fill pretty quickly (not as quickly as the staffs 70.3 though)

    See if you can find the pre-registration link on their site, or it may have finished.

  • Pre registration finished on Sunday for the full, have to be up early doors on Tuesday, hoping it doesn't sell out as quickly as the staffs half! That was obscene.
  • Entry for the Cotswold 226 (mid-August iron distance) opens on 1st October. Don't think it'll sell out as fast as Outlaw cos it's not on the telly. A flatter course too so mebbe a good choice?

    I'm thinking of having a go but can't decide whether to stick with the outlaw half and aim for a biggun in 2016.

  • Ill have to be ready to act then. can always apologise later to the other half. a flat half ironman and a flat full long distance ( not that brands matter ). costs for outlaw is about 300 i think ?

    meanwhile, other than the training thing. Is their anything else I need to be thinking about as I plan my journey to actually doing a half ?

    the swim isn't scary - I've gone farther and I'm already fast enough with my built in wetsuit layering/balast. haven't actually been swimming in months. might get some coaching once the lard has reducted below 'new species of whale discovered' levels

    the bike isn't too scary - I've ridden those roads - the traffic will be scary. lots of idiots in staffordshire lanes - i can manage about 2hrs in the saddle now at 14mph isn in the area. so longer and faster as a build over 10 months.

    run is horrible. i don't like running. i haven't run more than a mile in a couple of months, and I've never run more than 6.2 miles ever. I can see the event : its flatter than a flat thing - i suspect its a tarmac track around the estate and hope its not a trail over the fields. 

    their is a lovely wimpy down in milford, and a very large pub.  good luck getting parked anywhere near it..


    ( its my first triathlon,  I want more kit than I can afford, and I've more weight than i can race with )

    actually, planning a wetsuit in march/april ready for some open swim practice and T1 practice

    thinking hard about a bike fit for my current steed rather than a new one. ( although a new one would be very nice mr santa )

    must get some running in. need to be making 5k regularly by guy fawns and 10k by chrimbo. 

    pirate suit don't fit. or rather it does but its a bit too much like dafyd from little britain.

    odly I'm worrying about doing it and not thinking i can pull out up to 12wks out or so.

    ( not pulling out. had better be dead first )

  • Welcome back!

    Start with some run/walk at you nearest parkrun and work from there. If it's close enough you can cycle there too. image

  • Just build it up slowly and take it from  there. You can worry about distance come next feb march time. For now get some training fitness base and get into the habit of going stuff and having a laugh. If you have a real weakness nows the time to think about it and take autumn to get some confidence in inproving it.

  • I'm obviously in need of medication.  ( and somewhere to live when the wife finds out what I've done image)

    Just signed up for the full outlaw. I had expected it to be sold out and now I'm deeply committed(commitable?)

    SO, stafford 70.3 on june 14th and outlaw on .... ( when is the outlaw on ? )

    Im going to need a lie down and a stiff drink before a lot of work image



  • bike porn alert


    went looking for something lighter. board man team carbon looks nice ( 1000 ), they (boardmand) have a deal on the elite 9.0 ( 1500 ) ..... sized up in halfords on a 53 ( current steed is 56 ) - when did they buy board man bikes ?

    weight is damned silly light - 8kg all in except pedals.  Interestingly, current steed is 11kg all in with pedals.

    lots of deals on ebay of course, but sizing is risky and risking 2nd hand carbon is silly ??

    depressingly, 3kg off the bike makes sod all difference for 1500 : 30kg of me seems a better ( and mandatory ) weight loss.

    i could tinker with the current an loose 3kg with wheels and a bit of carbon. but why bother.  wheels seems the obvious place for a bit of effort though ( magic rims with steel spokes and record 8spd hub ? )


    thoughts ?

  • I might actually have to do some training otherwise its all going pear shaped.

  • Do you have a plan for the training yet mate for next year? Doesn't need to be exact at this point but worth while training it through.

  • My OH keeps mentioning that me shedding a couple of stone would be easier than spending a fortune on carbon...

    .... Never seems to work out like that tho
  • My other half suggested the same thing dave, although she was a little more direct in her language. and it didn't involve any carbon

    the plan is lots of base.  I (have) been doing far too much too hard - hrt up 150-160 for an hour or a little more.

    planning to reign it in a little and stay sub 150 and build time. power will have to weight until the weight drops off.

    thinking very hard about a runabout bike while I'm working away from home. halfords carerra or something similar of ebay.  spinning is OK but its a tad boring and the stationary bikes much the same : id benefit from just getting the miles in at the moment . 

    id rather not go through the palava of explaining why I'm taking road bike to work with me right now. so a cheap runabout i can dump in the office for the weekend might be the trick.

    of course, ebay is full of lovely unused used shiny kit ..... so setting a budget of 300 should keep me away from the sofa sleeping consequences.

    ( rather wishing I didn't give away my old carerra with the chorus upgraded wheels, mechs and shifters )

    so, 4 days a week on the(a) bike ( spinner ) mim 60mins, a bit of running/walking ( min 30mins ) and a stone of by guy fawns ? is that a plan?


  • Sounds like a plan but I wouldn't get to court up if you don't lose the stone by guy folks. What about swimming dude is that in the bag or something need to think about?


  • Morning all

    Working away and yet to find a pool. onto the todo list with that item. I know their must be one. 

    however, I have done 2.5miles in 90mins already in the pool looking like an well fed manitou. so I'm rather 'too' relaxed about it for now. goal is to get comfy(?) riding for 2+ and running for 1+ before getting some swim coaching and going all don fink at christmas. ( i suspect its a mental thing - can swim the distance in the time, can't ride or run it yet )

    am worried about 112 on the bike and then running a marathon.  thats just silly - who bloody came up with that. its like riding a bike from stafford to luton and then running into london. thats mental that is. people should be locked up for that sort of thing.

    managed 35mins on the spin bike lat night - (excuse alert!) man flu coming on so an hour of spin and a little run ( brick ) tonight to tell it who's boss.

    Spining classes are not appropriate .so just spinning solo with a couple of climbs and a bit of sprinting - changing the resistance every 15 mins for a blip and non of the dancing about on the handlebars or sprinting out of the saddle for minutes bollocks. ( all fun I'm sure but I'm not here for fun, just the mind numbing suffering ) - also keeping the hrt under 150 but above 135 as its the fat engine I need starting 

    now a spin bike is a set circumference and so, resistance is not making the thing go faster ( just harder making the thing go ). so 27mins for 10m, 60mins for 20m says more about the cadence magic number.... ( 95+/-5) than about how fit I am. although the resistance, rpm avg and the distance combined will .... enough analysis - just get the sodding miles in.




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