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  • Hi all I've been away from the forum for a couple of weeks - IMPORTANT REMINDER -there is an 18 or 20mile training run with Chester marathon pacers tomorrow morning at 0900 from total fitness Liverpool road Chester- all welcome. Last month there were around 70 runners in ?8plus pace groups with bags of support chat and flapjack at the end.


    I'll be There helping pace the 4:45 -5hourget around group- the goal is a steady slow 18+mil run to ensure folks get the distance in their legs.


    Pac groups for every pace time 3hr every 15 min to 5hr


     Happy running talk later - I've lots reading here t catch up on. 

  • Aha I just turn back one page an there's a post from Chris H organiser of Chester marathon encouraging folks to attend tomorrow - aid stations on a training run, how good is that . image

  • imageGreat but no good for me i from neath s,wales have to catch up on the day,have a good run allimage

  • Ah Neath Mr Reaper - one of my fav marathons was the 'great' Welsh @Llanelli coastal path 2011

  • imageimageWrexhamrob,in doing the 40 mile born to run ultra there in march,well i think that is the route mate lol!

  • 2oldnever: Not rambling on at all. Only you know whether this is right for you, and how fast to start out.You've done a 3H09 marathon last year, and a sub-43 min 10K last month.  I suspect you've therefore got the speed.  

    I'd include in your training a slow 20-miler this week and next week and see how you feel after those two.  If you can manage these in 50-mile training weeks and feel OK, it might be worth it!

    I know I couldn't race a marathon re-starting from scratch two months before, but we're all different.

    2oldnever wrote (see)

    Hi All

    Not posted here before.Ive got a place for Chester but am still unsure if I will give it a go and if I do what to target. I had to DNS for VLM in April (target sub 3.10)due to achilles trouble and havent run much until August (I did tri training though)when I did 150 miles and LRs of 16 and 18 miles and a few around 10. Managed 20 last night at average 0f 8.05mm but it was pretty gruesome in the last few miles. I guess I can get another 20 in next week and and 16/18 the week after then taper whilst monitoring my achilles to ensure I dont break down again so that I will probably have done about 350-40 miles in the 90 days pre race with 5 LRs totalling 94 miles. I ran Liverpool last year in 3.09.I did a 10k last month in just under 43 mins. Im in uncertain territory because of the lack of aerobic training and volume-normally would do av 50m per week


  • Hello all. Running warrington half tomorrow. Probably will just use it for mp practice...even that is a bit daunting the way my legs are feeling.

  • Good luck for those racing tomorrow.  I'm looking to get 18 in, and if I feel OK, I'll get up to 20.  But I did a steady 10 miles today, with some hilliness... so I'll take it easy if needed. 

    Not long now.

  • Looks a beautiful morning for a run here in Flintshire . Porridge eaten kit on soon to drive to Chester for a little warm up before meeting 60+ other keen runners. Have a good day all

  • Have a good time Rob, i did mine yesterday becuse we wanted to got to a party last night I might pop down and heckle though.


  • Can't wait for this! image

    I've ran two marathons before and finished in around 4 hours 10 mins both times. I'd really like to beat 4 hours and think I should be able to based on my half time (1:39), but I always seem to crash and burn around about mile 22 or 23!

    I think long runs (or lack of long runs!) was the problem the last two times, so I've put in a few 18+ milers so far, including two 20s, as well as generally upping my mieage. 

    Third time lucky, hopefully... image

  • A big thank you to the organisers of the training run today image We were aiming for the 18 miles in 3.20, did the 20 in 3.10 thanks to some miscommunication and some great running partners. Made up but I think I'll be feeling it tomorrow lol!

  • Hi adam - sounds like you are looking forward to the marathon ! I'm the 4 hour pacer so just make sure you are not in front of me until the last 0.2 miles, beat me with a spint finish and you'll beat 4 hours!!! .Easy when you say it quick  image. Good luck to you all - well done to all who came to the 18/20 mile training run today you are begining to make these long runs easy!.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Thanks for your views guys. Did the English Half today in 1.30 so its really all about endurance and i still have my doubts . I will do another 20 maybe up to 22 this week and see how I feel then though doing a marathon with less tham 5 20 mile LRs is foreign territory to me .

  • Hey 2old, I was also at Warrington today for the english half. Thought it was really good, enjoyed the parachute display thing at the start. I managed just under 1.21, first half I ran at about mp...2nd half I took advantage of the downhills and was under 6/mi for a lot of them. Knackered now though. Anyway, I recommend this race, think I may be back for more.

  • Good plan dwho68! image

    I think I'll be following you very closely. My last two marathons I've avoided running with the pace group, instead I started after the 4 hour pacer and then overtook him in the first few miles.

    The thinking was that i'd stay ahead for as long as possible and either never see him again or keep pace with him if he caught up...

    ...instead, I twice had to watch him and the four hour group cruise past at about 23 miles doing a pace that I couldn't manage at that stage.

    This time I'm thinking of a consistent, sensible run with you always in my sights!!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    15West- great time - I was 3 mins over my pb but happy after my lay off. Not done it before so struggled with the early hills but enjoyed them on the return. Think I did a negative split which I never do . Nice countryside there too. I think the parachutists ran the race too. Enjoy the recovery 

  • There was certainly a lot of folis there today - I started with the 4:45 and 5hr groups together, after about 4 miles we were quite strung out with some going faster than today's target 11min miling pace. There were a few ' get around' folks so I stuck with them to talk them through, the back marker girl at the 7-10 mile stage sent me on - she was getting to an aid station - so I caught up with the next straggler and talked her through to the 20. A big shout out to organiser Chrs for keeping flapjack and isotonic for these 2 back markers. 

    Some folks had made a weekend of it travelling from Bristol or Sunderland ! 

    Us  pacers with have nice fluorescent yellow technical T s with pacer front and back - with projected finish time and pace on back - as 4:45 I think mine says 10min 40 pace. So that's my 2nd 21+ mile run done ( I did a 1.5 mile warm up) . So maybe n 18 or so or a few 16s with pace . Happy running talk soon 

  • 2oldnever: 1:30 for a a half is just brilliant!  Well done!  If you feel good with no injury and can do 22 miles next week without any problems you should surely be fine for 3:20.

    2oldnever wrote (see)

    Thanks for your views guys. Did the English Half today in 1.30 so its really all about endurance and i still have my doubts . I will do another 20 maybe up to 22 this week and see how I feel then though doing a marathon with less tham 5 20 mile LRs is foreign territory to me .


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    SGB-thanks for your positive thoughts-pity I woke up today with my other achilles giving me grief. Hoping its DOMS and will be ok to do the LR on Thursday/Friday after a rest today and some shorter runs.

  • Give it a day or two 2old...DOMS should be easing by wednesday. If still bad then might need to lay off it and/or see someone. Until then any miles you run make sure they're slow. My DOMS is not so bad, definitely got some aches and pains though. Managed 6 slow miles at lunchtime today.

  • can not wait for race dayimage

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    15West-had planned an 8 miler today , achilles improved but not 100% so think I will have another rest day and seehow things are tomorrow as you suggest. Good 6 there

    Compo-time is running out for me...I need another 2/3 weeks 

  • Sounds good Adam J Bristol - shouldn't be too hard to spot me , got the pacer t-shirts sunday - theyr'e bright! bring your sun glassesimage. Plan will be to run 1min faster than 4hr pace up to mile 24 to give an extra minute to get up the hill !.Once we are up there we will of cracked it .ha ha. Come say hello if you see me.

  • Hi everyone, looks like lots of great training going on, I know I'm looking forward to getting into the taper phase next week!  Quick question on the gels situation - has anyone found any Lucozade Sport Elite Citrus Gels in any high street shop / supermarket?  I've only found them on Amazon.  Normally I'm a fan of the SIS gels - but on the other hand I do like the idea of not having to carry them around the course and grabbing a Lucozade gel at the drinks stations instead.  Would be nice to try the Lucozade ones first though.  Thanks v much for any advice anyone can provide.

  • Hello all. 15mi today in the lovely Manchester drizzle. Still feeling sunday's race in my legs.

    Hello Senor Spam...yes, looking forward to taper time! No idea about those lucozade gels...maybe you should just order from amazon. I'll probably stick to taking sis gels with me...bit risky relying on the race providing them in my opinion. Would be good not to have to carry any though.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Me again- still troubled by right achilles so did 32k of spinning. 6miles last night. I am seeing the start line getting further away. . 

  • 2oldnever - Sorry to hear about the right achilles.  I suggest rest and stretch the achilles.  There's still some time to go.  By all means cross-train if it doesn't hurt.

  • Senor Spam, I have a spare one you can try? I gave them a go at the training run on Sunday.
  • Soozy that is very kind of you - but that would mean you having to post it out (or do you happen to live in Taunton?!) so I should probably just order from Amazon.  Thanks v much for your kind offer though.

    Although I'm coming round to 15W's approach (thanks for the comments!) - take the SIS gels and don't worry about having to rely on the race. 

    2oldnever - fingers crossed for the achilles.


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