P + D training for VLM 2013



  • chickadee - was that your first marathon and did you do sub 55 plan?  

    Craig - yep doing Wrexham, did you get your number? 

  • Yeah came through a couple of weeks, looking forward to it, not ran a half since Warrington, not sure what time i'm going for, going to run with a couple of Deeside AAC lads, supposedly a flat, fast course, can't wait.

  • Got my Wrexham number tooimage. It is the flattest half I have run.

    A nasty, horrible, evil cold and soggy  20 for me today, Felt totaly off at 10 miles and hated every single step to 19 at which point I chucked (First time ever - running anyway) and dragged myself home over the last mile for an ave pace of 8.03mm. I am a silly bugger. I look back on the week and I have clearly done too much for me hence the fall apart at 10.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Woah Men - that sounds rough. Make sure you recover well.

    Got a similarly cold and wet 21 miles in the morning.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Morning all - had my breakfast and off out soon on long run. Got a bit of mileage creep going on, am down for 20, but then increased to 21...now thinking might do 22. Maybe I'll just keep going forever and ever and ever.........................

  • Good to hear you got your number Mennania, we will have to have a RW meet up with Craig! 

    Good luck on long run 15W and everyone else doing them today.  I had better luck with mine on Friday as weather nicer.  

    7 miles with strides done.  48.6 miles for the week, plan had 50 miles but I have only ran 4 times so happy enough with that.  I am pondering whether to do the recovery run tonight that I have missed but that would mean I am becoming an anal twat wouldn't it...? 

    Just also looking at tune up races for the weeks before the race.  There is the Borders League on 10th April which is 10k but that is on a Wed evening and my birthday is the next day, I could have shifted the week around and done the long run the day after the race but somehow, me popping out to do a 16 mile run the evening of my birthday seems a bit pathetic. image Makes sense though!  I have just entered Salford 10k on Good Friday which is flat one, that is 4 weeks before Manchester and I could do my LSR on the Saturday.  Craig, maybe a tune up race for you too?   Think for the first tune up race I will do a 5k, I could do with getting a new PB.  There is also Stafford 20 miler mid March which could coincide with me doing the 18 with 14 at MRP (obviously would do another 20 but that suits me, I want to do 5 x 20-22 milers). I would have to run first 6 miles easy pace which would be hard but needs must, I couldn't race it, would kiss goodbye to PB at Manchester but makes sense to do my MRP under race conditions. 


  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    well - thought I'd better stop at 22mi. Pretty good run, knackered now though, and very muddy.

  • 15w - Excellent session - I recovered by having loads of booze and wine watching the rugga and you tubing nick cave and big country etc till the silly hoursimage

    HeOw - Will be nice to meet up with you and Craig there! The stafford 20 miler sounds like a decent plan - I am also going to be racing a couple of the border league ones. You going balls out for sub 1.40 then I take it?

  • This thread is moving too fast to keep up!

    I feel good following yesterday's 20m, and ran 6m recovery this morning.  Total for the week was 50m (my joint-highest mileage to date).

    Thanks for the feedback 15w/chickadee- If I feel up to it, I'll change tomorrow's 8m GA, for 8m w/ 6m @ LT pace, take a rest day on Tuesday, then continue with the written program.  [Edit: I realise I'm cherry-picking the answer that I secretly wanted image

    HeOw - I assume you are referring to the American meaning of "Fanny", in which case my bum was fine thank you.  However, I did suffer chafing from the HRM strap.  I didn't notice the blood/sweat mixture on my base layer, which was a pity because I would have saved myself using the "mint source" shower gel method to discover the cuts image.  I have experienced much worse pain from mint source, but you'd have to be a guy - like me - to understand.  Did I mention before that I'm a guy? 

    Mennania - sorry to see you had a bad one.  When I swapped my 20m for a 13m run last week, I remember how awful I felt at 10m and how glad I was that I only had 3m left to run.  Given that I run out-and-back, I would have been in trouble had I gone for 20m.  So I think you did very well indeed sticking it out during your run!

    Following everyone's recent discussions on PB's and training paces, I'm pretty sure I could swap with anyone posting on this thread and be well happy image.

  • MarkfMarkf ✭✭✭

    Some great long runs being ran and reading back lots of key quality sessions being completed again, very motivating image

    Duration run for me this am, wet and windy, 3hr9 and 23.2 miles and 66 miles for the week.

    Just about to jump in a cold bath image

  • I might give that one a try Helen as a tune up race.

    15 miles today, last eight at marathon effort, over did it a little and averaged 6:35 for the last 8, but felt very well.  Except for the cold driving rain and that I forgot my gloves, I loved the run.  

  • Wow great run Mark! 23.2 miles is a impressive effort.

    Sounds like your endurance is almost there already.

    Good running Craig, are you targetting sub 3? sorry im losing track in this thread image

    I had a bit of a sore achilles last night, nothing major just a little ache. Took some ibuprofen today and had my foot in a bucket of cold water and it feels a lot better now, haven't decided whether to run later or not. Im due to do a recovery run so i suppose it wont matter if i skip it.

  • Yes mark1981, sub 3 is the idea, yourself???

  • More excellent running from everyone today...

    HeOw, a proper twat (I should know) would do exactly 1.4 miles recovery. Also, all the best people have April birthdays.

    Mennania, glad to hear you're feeling better, though I'm not sure Nick Cave is on my 'uplifting' playlist...

    Tenjiso, glad to see you seem to be back on track, though I have to say that that mint shower gel is probably not ideal for your (ones) lady-parts either.

    I did my 20-miler this morning, in persistent drizzle and with - *TMI alert* - slight period pain. That wore off after the first few miles, though. 2.42 overall, starting easy then speeding up a bit after 9 miles, then the last 2 miles at target MP because why not. Splits for people who like that kind of thing: 8.36, 8.39, 8.41, 8.38, 8.30, 8.41, 8.25, 8.09, 8.17, 7.58, 7.52, 7.51, 7.42, 7.58, 7.53, 7.47, 7.51, 7.47, 7.13, 7.20.

  • Ooh, and mark1981, be careful with that achilles (she says with the pseudo-'expert' status of someone who's recently had something similar). Is it swollen at all?

  • Lit - No its not swollen, it was in my calf as much as the achilles, its settled down a lot today. Ive had the same pain before and its nothing serious, think i just need to keep an eye on it. 

    Good run today, it sounds like the injury hasnt set you back at all image

    Craig - Yeah my target is 2.59.59! Im happy with how the training is going so far, just gotta keep my training consistent and not get injured!

    Sounds like you are going well so far. 

  • Super long runs, eveyone..

    Lit great splits nice and progressive..

    Glad I did mine on Fri the weather has taken a turn for the worse, still got to do 11 before work though...

    Starting VO2 max a week early with a club track session 1k reps tomorrow

  • Skipped the 20 milers today and did a 13.1mile race instead - the Wokingham half.

    Got a new PB of 1 24.01. Only seven seconds faster than previous but considering the cold, rain and wind plus having already ran 46 miles this week including 14 on Friday not to bad.

    Think I will do the 20 miler next week instead of the marathon pace run. This weeks half probably counts as a long fast run.
  • Well done SR, result on the pb!

    Wonder how quick you'd be with a taper.
  • SR well done fantastic image and yes that counts as a long fast run ....image

  • 15West did you do back to back 21 mile runs? seems strange if you did and what was the reason?

    Some great long runs yesterday and today and well done for getting out in the rain everyoneimage Surry Runner well done on the new half marathon PBimage 

    NN are you reducing the miles or keeping them the same?

    Mark1981 your long run was about the same as mine todayimage ice the leg it will help.

    Ten looks like your back in the game that was a good solid run sir.image

    Lit well done on your long run, thankfully thats something us chaps dont have problems withimage

    Markf great running 23+ miles enjoy the bathimage

    Craig nice running in the conditions.

    Well for me was 22.02 miles in 2:49 starting to bounce and felt strong the whole way round, wet and cold in the rain and wind but happy with the way it's coming togetherimage





  • 15West15West ✭✭✭
    I did 22 last week and 22 this week, is that what you meant?
  • From your post it sounded like you did back to back 22 mile runsimage
  • 'From your post it sounded like you did back to back 22 mile runs'

    That would have been impressive.....

  • Thanks NP.

    NN - Good luck with your 11m run before work.  It's crappy weather here right now, so I hope it's better where you are.

  • Good long runs guys. Important miles!

    22 miles today, first run of the campaign with a training partner (also training for VLM sub3). We didn't think too much about pace, ended up averaging 8.02 m/m following a large chunk of the marathon route. Didn't make the same mistake of running through the Blackfriars tunnel again...

  • Go CazGo Caz ✭✭✭
    20 miles done today, in the rain. I progressively increased the pace as suggested in the good book and did miles 15, 16 and 17 at MP. I won't put my splits on here as they don't look too impressive when compared to some of you speedy whippets!

    Al, which part of the VLM route did you do? I keep thinking I should go and do the Docklands section, as I find that the hardest and most disorientating part.
  • Well done Al and Caz I was over in November and did St James park three times at tempo pace which I wish I could do at the end of the marathon.image
  • MarkfMarkf ✭✭✭

    SR v well done on the PB, must give you confidence for the sub 3 assault image

    More great long runs being recorded. Successes so far are either a ringing endorsement for P&D or the outstanding commitment shown by you all.

    7 more weeks until taper time for VLM'rs.

    NP don't think i'll ever enjoy the cold bath, not as bad this week but still only managed less than 5 mins image

  • I had a lovely warm bath after my long run. image

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