Copenhagen Marathon



  • Det går nu meget godt, LL!
    Knus og kram

  • Oh dear. That'll teach me not to try and be clever!
  • Jeg kan ikke dansk , men jeg kan norsk Kopenhagen til neste år høres meget bra ut.
  • wwwwaahhh
  • Does that mean you'll be entering the Copenhagen Marathon, Hoover?
    (Sorry Hippo Its safe to return now)
  • Back again from Dublin. I really enjoyed my first marathon! Lovely city, good course and great spirit. Even got a taste for Guinness!

    Good to meet other forumites: Richk, Tiger, Snoopy Dog, Mr. and Mrs. Steady, Sarcy, Mr. Silly, Andy and many more!

    Riverdancing at Breakfastrun made it a very special event.

    Welcome to the thread Hoover! Are you a fellow Scandinavian or have you just picked up some Norwegian?

    Anyway, I think we'd better communicate in English, otherwise we won't be very popular!

    Yes, please do consider Copenhagen. Have done my best to advertise WW CPH amongst fellow runners and forumites in Dublin, hopefully it will pay off!

    Was very impressed with Richk, who had already done his studies on DK and CPH!

    Runners who might be interested:
    Peppermint Hippo,
    Ian Wood,
  • Ahh, the bright lights of Copenhagen. Certainly appeals. CR - I've registered so please add me to your list.
  • Great stuff, Pathfinder!!!
    Good to have you on the list. You have been very helpful before!

    Runners who might be interested:
    Peppermint Hippo,
    Ian Wood,

  • Hej! Undskyld, taler du Engelsk?

    (See what damage a guide book can do in the wrong hands!!)

    Welcome to Copenhagen Pathfinder . .

    CR, good to meet you and MrR in Dubs, and well done, you had a great race, so pleased you enjoyed the whole weekend.

    It seems that my parents have a friend who used to work in CPH, may be a way for me to get accomodation with a family, so I'm waiting for my Mum to send me the relevent e-mail address. Now wouldn't that be useful!!!

    I'll keep plugging Copenhagen as well CR, let's see how big a group we can get . .

    Off to play with some Dublin pics . . see y'all later . .

  • Well done, Rich, you are doing a great job!

    Good thing about Denmark is that most people are more than willing to speak English ...

    But you can leave out the magic words
    "excuse me" - "undskyld",
    "please" - "vær venlig" and
    "after you" "efter Dem"
    not very commonly used in DK, I'm afraid!

    Re. accommodation
    Hope you'll manage to stay with a family otherwise the WW Copenhagen website actually has link to

  • Yup, my little black book on CPH mentioned that you don't get to hear those word's very often . . no point in queueing for buses either . . just try to get on at the same time as everybody else LOL . .

    Thanks for yet another link, still haven't looked at any of them (he blushes) but will get around to it once I've sorted Dublin's photo's out!

    Have you seen the RW Home Page - all about Abingdon!!!!

  • Oh no, Richk,

    It's getting really hard, NOT to try to run more than one marathon a year.

    Great to see pics and read Lambs account of the Abingdon Race!
    Very tempting!

    Fantastic picture of you and fellow forumites in Dublin. Can't wait to see more....

  • You don't have to do more than one CR . . but it's nice to dream!!

    Lamb did a good job didn't she!

    Thought for CPH I might colour my hair red with a white cross, like your flag . . that ought to catch the eye!! Might need a GB sticker somewhere as well though!!

  • Hey, just checking easyjet's web site and although May flights aren't available yet, it looks like a return is gonna cost less than £50.

  • Yup, we need to know exactly which day they release May's flights so we can get the best prices . .

    I'll e-mail easyjet over the weekend.
  • Richk - one of the guys on the Paris Marathon thread said that the fares are released on Christmas Eve.
  • That was me ...... Easyjet only release their timetable twice per year. For flights after March 29th the release date is usually Christmas Eve..... last year, there was a slight hitch and they were not available till Xmas Day. Whilst the kids opened their presents, I got 2 flights to Holland and a flight to Belfast for he cheapest advertised fare. That was my Xmas present to myself ....... Re only 1 marathon per year, too difficult a choice so I did 10 ... in the last 7 months. 2004, see you at Rotterdam, FLM or Hamburg, Prague, Edinburgh, Loch Ness Amsterdam and Dublin. Maybe Barcelona and Stockholm if Im not threatened by divorce ......

  • Thanks guys . . for the first time in years I have Christmas Eve off . . it's the office party the night before . . and now I have to get up early . . .

    . . but it'll be worth it, and of course I can always go back to bed again!!

    Starting blocks at 7 am 24.12.03 then!!!
  • You can register your interest in the new schedules and easyjet will email you when they are available. However I would think you may miss the boat by then.
  • Rich,

    I'm sure a Dannebrog hairstyle will catch the eye. Maybe you'll end up in the newspapers again!

    BTW most Irish people thought I was Swiss!

    We'll have to start practising the Danish thou, if you wanna go as a Dane...

    Try this one:
    "Rød grød med fløde" ;-o

    I did not see Copenhagen on your list!?

  • Thanks Eeyin - what with Paris sorted and Copenhagen close to being sorted, somehow I sense a 2004 grand tour of Europe beginning to take shape.
  • Belfast is two weeks before and Prague is a week after Copenhagen ..... Oh gawd you trying to get me divorced ..... If its less than 300 miles from Praque to Copenhagen, I may cycle between the two.
  • Sorry, a lot more than 300 miles!

    Am sure you would have both divorce and very tired legs on the day!
  • 642 miles and a couple of ferries too ... maybe a tad adventurous.
  • Hello CR, I believe I met you at the breakfast run in Dublin during the dancing. I've been to Copenhagen and thought it was wonderful wonderful (!) so am quite attracted by the thought of doing this marathon. The only problem is I'm still in deep trouble for having done Dublin! (the other problem is did I see that plummie might be doing it too?)

  • Hi OB . . be great if you came along . . you could promise to do 30k again perhaps?

    CR . . any chance of typing that our phonetically for me?

  • rich - that way trouble lies. I think honesty will have to be the best policy!
  • Old Bean,
    Great Stuff! Will put you on the list.

    Runners who might be interested:
    Peppermint Hippo,
    Ian Wood,

    Am sure I would have remembered dancing with you! ;-)
  • Rich,

    No chance, but here is how to make it:

    Rød grød med fløde
    Red fruit dessert with cream

    1 lb. red currents
    1 lb. raspberries
    1 lb. black currants
    3/4 cup cornstarch
    blanched almonds
    1 - 2 cups sugar

    Rinse fruit and place in pot with cold water enough to cover berries.
    Cook until fruit has no more color and place a cloth over a sieve and
    pour juice and berries through. Squeeze all juice out of berries in cloth.
    Pour juice into clean pot and bring to a boil with sugar. Mix cornstarch
    with a little water and add to juice, stirring constantly. Let boil two minutes.
    Remove from stove. 1 cinnamon stick may be added to berries when
    they cook or 1/2 vanilla bean may be added after removed from stove.
    When cold, ladle into individual plates, sprinkle with sugar and pour
    cream on top to taste.


  • Hi Charlotte, mmmmmmmmmmmmm - that sounds good.

    I knew it was red and had cream in it but the grød beat me, and I should have known what med meant . . .

    How much more would you need for two people then? And does it have to look like the Dannebrog when it's served?


    Surprises me that the Irish thought your flag was Swiss. If you'd said that about us lot I wouldn't have been in the least bit surprised.

    And now what have I let myself in for? I promised to learn Irish dancing for Connemara . . now I have to pick up some words of Danish.

    When I spent a week in Sweden I got by with "Kan du taler Engelska?" (please excuse speeling AND no doubt pronunciation!!).

    Still, takes your mind off the race eh?

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