Copenhagen Marathon



  • Yeah, LL.

    Thanks for your patience!
    I know, I was a "bad sport" today.

    Had to be creative, otherwise I would probably still be "stuck in the muck"...
  • Do the Danish have a word for the German concept of Scadenfreude(spelling?). We English don't!!
    What I want to know is, what happened to those chocolates you promised us?

  • C'mon girls . . spill the beans . . what happened?

    Spose I'm going to have to wait until this evening to find out now, my lunchtime lurk is nearly over!!

  • Skadefryd! You mean Lady Lucan!
    A box of Ferrero Rocher is on it's way!

    Rich, I am too embarrassed to tell...

  • Really!! Maybe I won't go back to work then . . . but will just sit here and wait for the revelations!!!

    Now I do have to go . . byeeeeee
  • Suffice to say that CR finished the "run" in a 4xWD!
  • every runner's nightmare?
  • Have you seen that film "The Hitchhiker" OB?
    Every drivers nightmare!
  • Can't say I have LL. There was an American TV series years ago of that name, was that the same thing?

    Many moons ago when I was nobbut a lad, I both used to hitchhike and give lifts to hikers, but not anymore.
  • My friends and I used to hitchhike back from the pub in the wee small hours because we lived out in the sticks with no buses or taxis - can you imagine doing that now?!!!!!
  • ... those were the days RH!!
  • Actually, the driver was a very sympathetic Lady from the Continent. She used to be a runner herself...

    She even offered me a drink and wanted to drive me the whole way home, in case my fellow runners had abandoned me at the parkinglot.

    Clearly, none of us knew, hitchhiking was so wrong, until I stepped out the vehicle and was met with "You, cheater!"...
    Every runners nightmare!

    Lessons to be learnt:
    "Never to run with someone, who is faster than yourself on a recovery run....",
    "Never to eat the chocolates, that you have promised to bring"
  • The second lesson is more important than the first,CR. But it's difficult to resist temptation when there's chocolate in the house!
    Sorry I abandoned you - was trying to keep up with CA. Had to concede defeat on that "Effing Hill".
  • Presently, when it comes to chocolate,
    I have the "backbone of a rainworm"
    (Danish expression).

    I can't wait to see, if you have the will power to resist!

    No worries, I hope you enjoyed your run. ;-)

  • boys and girls I need to 'un-enable' you're blowing my works email inbox!! ;-)
    I'll have the email police after me soon
    Are we really still six months away..
    I'll be back.
  • Six months. Is that all? I can hardly contain my excitement!Should we be tapering yet?
    PS Does anyone know what a rainworm is?
  • no, but we can assume its vertebra is non-existent!
  • Can we also assume you already ate the chocolates LL?
  • Only 2 of them! Honest.

  • Only 2? Are you sure . . . . . . ?

    Tapering? I'll be doing that on May the 15th . .

    I've looked at a map of Richmond Park btw . . can't find Effing Hill anywhere!!!

    Is a rainworm a pessimistic weather forecaster perhaps? Or a worm that only comes out in the rain? Or one that only comes out just before it rains so that's how you know it's going to rain? Which brings me back to the weather forecaster . . .

    It's okay, I've called a cab . .
  • Maybe one day CR and I will introduce you to the Effing Hill and then we can all go hunting for rainworms together.
    Still only 2. They don't call me Lady Lucan The Opposite Of A Rainworm for nothing.

  • But do you hunt for rainworms in the wet or in the dry?

    Just had a huge bowl of the choccy ice cream I keep here for my daughter . . resistance was futile!!!! Consoled myself with the notion that it's mostly water . .

    Lurve your new long name too . . it just trips off the tongue like a . . . well, like a rainworm really LOL . .

  • I have no idea about best strategies for hunting rainworm. Maybe they only live in Denmark.Will consult CR in the morning.

  • Good point!! Best ask the expert . . you might also find out if they're domestic creatures or do they just live in the wild, and if the latter what sort of habitat do they prefer (obviously not mountains, the lack of them is one of the the three facts I know about Denmark!!)

  • And what are the other two?

  • Well they're related to each other, so they may be just one BIG fact!!

    That the national flag is the oldest in the world, and that it came down to the then Danish king from heaven before the start (I think) of a particularly significant battle.

    I already knew the first two before Dublin race dady and CR told me of the heaven bit on the morning of the race. The bit about the battle I've read subsequently.

    Oh, and I also know that people don't queue, that there isn't a word for "excuse me", and (straining to remember here) I don't think there's a word for please either. Or is it thank you? One of them I'm sure . . I obviously need to speed read a bit more of my CPH guidebook!!

    So that's more than three isn't it?

  • Sorry . . didn't mean to send you to sleep . . g'nite CPH . .

  • Too bad Ian isn't around anymore.
    That was pretty much the summary he was looking for, I think!? LOL

    P.s. I hate to tell you animal lovers, but "rainworms" usually only comes out in the rain and all too often end their sad lives on a hook...
  • I think the Danish for thank you is "tak" pronounced "tahg". At least that what I used when I was there and nobody told me any different!
  • Quite right OB. So all we need to know now is the Danish for Rainworm and we're sorted.

    I recommend a book called "Music and Silence" which is a novel set in Denmark during the reign of Christian IV. 17th Century I think. A lot of the interesting palaces and other monuments were constructed during his reign. It may be a bit girly for you Rich and OB but I'm sure it would give Mrs OB a taste for Copenhagen. It was shortlisted for the Whitbread Prize. I enjoyed it and so did CR's Mother-In-Law. Not sure about CR though.
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