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  • I haven't been able to get as much swimming in either because of all the pools near me seem to be closing all the time for maintance, but hopefully this week ,y closest one will be open again, I am planning on trying to get 3/4 swims in a week and then when the water warms up to ditch one of them for OW swimming on the weekend.

  • Beautiful 7 mile run done image Felt good, and the weather was spot on

  • Swam this morning, my body had just got used to twice weekly exposure to the pool chemicals but the addition of the third swim has me suffering headaches and sniffles all over again. I know it will settled down as I get used to it but urghh its not fun.

  • My body never gets used to the chemicals. Am bunged up and sneezing every time I go swimming.

    After a lovely weekend away I went for a bike ride. Beautiful weather but I fell off. Really hurt my hand, scraped my knee and bent my handelbars. Wouldn't mind but I hadn't even left the drivewayimage

  • SlokeyJoeSlokeyJoe ✭✭✭
    Oh no! But did you finish the ride SS?
  • Yes did the rideimage Hand still hurts though. I have absolutely no idea what happened.image

  • Ouch SS hope things are feeling better this morning.
    My training week only starts on a Tuesday and already I can tick off a swim , bike and run image feeling very virtuous.
    Any tips for remembering the intervals we have to do now? It doesn't matter whether it's swim bike or run, I get out and then think oops I know I'm supposed to do an effort somewhere some time but no idea when. It's all my brain can handle organising time to do these things and making sure my kit is ready. In my best planned ways this morning I completely forgot what the effort was and also forgot to wear my heart rate monitor so no record of the fact I did 4 mins hard pedaling at 45 mins in with 2 mins rest and 4 mins more hard pedaling. Not that any of that was what I was supposed to do.
    I think it's going to take the entire build phase for me to get the hang of it. image

  • Ali - write it on your hand. Problem solved.

    SS - get a nose clip. Problem solved.

    My work here is done.


  • UB I was going to whine that I wear gloves but that's a feeble excuse isn't it. Better stock up on some sharpies!

  • SS - The swimmers cold, bunged up nose etc is not uncommon. I use BECONASE, a hayfever relief spray, a couple of squirts an hour or so prior to the swim and you should be fine. You can buy Beconase from a chemist or supermarket.  

  • If you can't write it on your hand attach a note to your handle bars somehow

  • stephen kavanagh 4 wrote (see)

    SS - The swimmers cold, bunged up nose etc is not uncommon. I use BECONASE, a hayfever relief spray, a couple of squirts an hour or so prior to the swim and you should be fine. You can buy Beconase from a chemist or supermarket.  

    Why would you want to put steroids up your nose before every swim?

  • Hello Pixie.  I hope I can pop onto this thread from time to time. I have been following you all as you train.  I am doing Fink for Austria so I am 1 or 2 weeks ahead in the training plan but essentially doing the same stuff.    Just going off to do the run with the Z4 bits now.... been procrastinating for the last hour trying to put it off.

  • image... still sat at my computer............

  • I am definitely up there with the best of them at procrastinating!! Today I have brought my kit into work so that I can get changed before getting home, and then when I do get home I am not going to go in the house so can't sit in front of the computer reading this forum

  • 11  miles run this objection from the stomach and no objection from the stomach so i think we are back in training

  • pixie..i don't chnage from first thing in the morning until the end of the day....there really isbn't that much time to waste.......socks stay the need to stop thingnking of wetwipes and total changes each time......unless you are a speedy then you have to get used to running in wet or dirty won't care on the day i assure youimage

  • SlokeyJoeSlokeyJoe ✭✭✭
    Procrastinating? Hmmm. I might give that a go tomorrow....

    You know you want to EP!

    Slow week for me. Right shin flared up the other day so I am wrapped in cotton wool.
  • I am still thinking bike shorts on the bike, change into running shorts - just because in my last race (oly) the pad (trisuit) gave me wicked chaffing on the run.  Socks and bra will just have to stay wet - at least that way if skin is taken off by the bra - you won't really know about it till the end of the day image


    I am the queen of transition though - super quick.

  • anyway it isn't going to rain so all clothes will be lovely and dry problems image

  • It def won't be raining where I am image

  • how is everyone going with training.........


    Monday I did 3hr bike ride ........ which hurt like hell image I covered 51 miles avg17mph ....... not sur where I should be with my training shi88ing it at the moment

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