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  • 1 hour run done. Wanted to go for a bit longer but I have been stuffing quality street down me and its made me sluggish lol
  • seren nos yn canu wrote (see) are amazing cycling in this weather..............BBT.if you want anothe couple of hours on the bike tomorrow i can comeup to your for a ride image.I can see me trying to book in on double spin to avoid this weather


    BBT... go to the pub and then swim back in the rivers that were roadsimage

    Hope you managed to get out on your bike today Seren. I couldn't ride today, by bike kit was in the wash.. and I went to the pub like you suggested image


  • managed to get to Merthyr on my hybrid....first time out on the bike in over a month i think

    great to be out and great to tick off week 2's training

  • 1.30 on the turbo yesterday enjoyed watching stardust whilst I was at it. Then a 1hr run this morning so the week completed. This coming week will not be completed but I shall do what I can.
  • 5.5 mile run this morning, made a conscious effort to stay in the low Z2 felt good and the sun was out. Week 2 done in parts, missed 1 swim and 1 bike but not to concerned at this stage as I have built up a decent base getting over my injury. image
  • seren nos yn canu wrote (see)

    managed to get to Merthyr on my hybrid....first time out on the bike in over a month i think

    great to be out and great to tick off week 2's training

    I'll be getting to Merthyr on Boxing Day but it will be in the car image
    Will have to make do with lots of runs and no cycling and swimming until I get back home New Year's Day.

    Managed a short gym session with my son this morning who decided that it would be a good idea to race me on the rowing machine with me doing 1000m and him 500m. Clever so and so decided to stop with 6m to go thinking that he'd be able to start again when I was almost finished and still beat me. He lost by 1m image

    Finally road my bike outdoors for the first time in ages and tried out my Garmin Edge. Quite chuffed with it. Managed 12 undulating miles in an hour.

  • Well, week 2 finished off with 45 mins on the TT yesterday (did my long bike earlier on the week) and a Z2 run today of 1h 40m - bit longer than I anticipated but hey ho.

    Next weeks training should be ok too (will just have to get up earlier than the kids on Tuesday if that's possible). Swimming will be out the window as the council pool is now shut til next year. Will make it up in Jan, honest...

    Looking forward to a rest day tomorrow, final wrapping of prezzies and a bit of Pre-Xmas Day cooking preparation.
  • I have swapped tomorrows rest day for Thursday, I don't think I will be in any fit state to move after boxing day/night image

  • our council pool wasshut all over christmas new year last year but is much better this going in the morning for a swim and hopefully again on friday...........

    I hate swimming and it will be hard after spin in the morning.but then i can finish cooking the turkey and ice the cake and sit down with a glass or two

  • Little Miss Happy, is that advice or the first 2 lines on the new KFC menu? Will use the Google to find out more.

    Sweet Feet, thanks

    STIL, knew I could rely on you. A thank you eCard is in the post you cheap skate!

    On with week 3! Core and swim session today!
  • week 3 kicked off with an hours spin and then an hour in the pool.which was painfully slow as shoulders a bit painful at the moment................followed by a sauna.

     unfortunately forgot to take clothes with me so had to return home dresed in swimming cossie and a towel

  • What were you wearing to go there?

  • i went in my cycling kit to do spin first...........then changed to swim kit.............after the swim and sauna i could not put on my soaking wet smelly cycling kit from a towel seemed the best option

  • You ladies worry to much, I'm sure the cycle kit has got another 2-3 weeks more use before needing a wash image

  • was mingingimage

  • Like Broke said "2/3 weeks left I em yet" When they are minging and mouldy that's when they need washing. image
  • Stanners - in case you're having trouble with google, chicken wings is when you bring your finger tips in to touch your armpit as you recover the stroke, for fingertips you trail your fingers through the water with a high bent elbow on the recovery. The idea is to get a relaxed hand entry, as if you were writing on the water. Whilst it looks as though it should be more effective to place your hand in the water on entry, blade like, it's actually best to let it enter in a relaxed fashion, fingers slightly apart. Hope that makes sense.

    I too was wondering what Seren had worn to the pool! Glad that's been cleared up image

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • 45 min run done.

    Going to the pub later, going to take my running jacket bike light and trainers, if I "run" back from the pub does that count as a double run day? image

  • Broke......if you get pissed you might finish up running further than you expectedimage

    Ran 4. 5 Miles tonight in the rain but still enjoyed it. Should have been my rest day but switched it to tomorrow because I just might over indulge tomorrow. ...;-)
  • park run done and dusted image


  • 1 hour brick done, and now its turkey time, merry christmas all image

  • 1 hour brick done this morning- hopefully burnt off some of the food I am currenly stuffing myself with lol
  • 45 minute run this morning.
    Skipped yesterday's run so added a bit extra to today. Actually felt that I could have comfortably carried on for at least an hour. Might have done if we weren't heading away later today and I need to sort out what clothes I'm taking.

    At least the important stuff is ready to pack, 3 lots of running tops, leggings and socks plus 2 pairs of shoes.

  • long run done for me this morning........managed to stay in zone 1.....did 1hr 50 mins which is longer than fink but I am going to do longer for both the long run and bike as i am slow and have a few miles in my legs hopefully

  • 17.3 mile ride done this afternoon, managed to do it in 56 mins which is a PB, quite suprised given the pissing weather, must have been all the energy gained from all the turkey yesterday.

    Getting ready for boxing day drinks, rest day tomorrow image

  • so is it onlt those of us in south wales training this week.....where is everyone.......come on get training....cutback week next weekimage

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