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  • Hope everyone had a good Christmas. Haven't posted for a while as been busy but reading what you've all done.

    Honk - that's scary to think we're 10%through

    Seren - glad you saved your bikes. Is your living room full up now? Think my OH wouldn't be happy about bikes indoors. (although the TT is in the conservatory)

    I have been moving days of the fink schedule around to suit live so hope it's ok.

    No swimming last week and only 1 this week and a bit behind on time. 7.5hours training done this week. A 3 hour very windy bike ride and now I am shattered.

    Dinner a glass of wine and bed. I do seem to be going to bed earlier and earlier. God knows what time I'll go to bed in a few months time. Probably about 6image

  • yes snail..........6 bikes in the living room.............will make it hard if i want to turbo at all

    the important session is thatlong  bike ride so you have done wellimage

  • Long run done at the Seven Sin challenge race this morning, the race was about 7 miles, and before the start I was wondering why you got a special t-shirt for breaking an hour, after the first hill I knew why, 6 gruelling hills later and having to run twice through a river I finished in 1:06. A little short of the challenge but boy was it a tough course, really boggy and definatly the hardest race I have done. Definatly will be back next year.

    Went swimming after, which in hindsight was a mistake, first time for a few weeks, almost everytime I pushed off the wall I was getting crap in my hamstrings so it probably looked like I was drowning image lucky a lifeguard didn't jump in. So I got out after only 1000m.

    PSC - totally the opposite than you, at the moment I can't find seem to get out the door to do the runs, which is why I had to use a race today to get out, but find it easy to get out on the bike, luckily whatever the weather.

    Seren I will probably, hopefully, be down Cardiff next Sat to do the Park run, I could bring my bike down for a ride after that if you fancy it, and it isn't to late for you. And if you do start using Garmin Connect let me know, I can add you and show you some of the routes I do and vice versa.

  • I could fit saturday into my schedule.......park run followed by a bike ride.............reverse brick image..........but my park run will be a bit slow at the moment

  • After putting it off for 3 days I've finally managed my 1 and 1/2 hr turbo sesh, watching Restless on iPhone. Can now tick off wk 3

    10% done now, guys ????
  • I have just destroyed a toblerone. Just needed to share that lol.
  • Was it one of those big boy ones? There's one in my cupboard with my name on it!

    I've already been terribly naughty on the chocolate and baked goods front today... Never mind.
  • Yes a real big bad boy lol
  • 10 mile LSR this morning, it stayed dry and the sun came out, 1hr40min , been winging it a bit this week only managed to run this cos the pool is shut and CBA to get the bike out in the pissing rain, still need to change to wet weather tyres.
  • 30 min run in z2 swapped days and having tomorrow off can you guess why? Lol
  • 6 bikes in the living room. Thud! Mine are all tucked up in the shed!

    BBT I'm not that bothered as the base of running will serve me well through the late spring when I get more serious about the bike. I know that isn't conventional but it worked at Copenhagen where I had a decent bike split.

    Morning revellers.
  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    S Snail, I'm also going to bed early, 9Pm last night after spending most of the evening dozing on the sofa,  I keep waking up early though so been for a swim this morning.

    better make an effort not to slope off early on new years eve or i will be in trouble

  • Honk - I don't seem to make it up the other end. Naturally wake up about 8. Bed early, wake late.image

    Will run later and am planning on a new years swim in the open tomorrow (heated!!)

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    sounds like a great way to start off new year. heated open water,loverly, where bouts is that?

  • bikes were tucked in the shed until some toerag tried to steal them 2 nights ago......sountil I am happy with our fixed security they are in the living room.........awaiting 2 new padlock the shed alarm isn't very loud... but luckily loud enough on this occassion........

    Hubby went in to work late today so i got up for the early morning swim.............1 hour done and pleased to get that out of the way............just got to wait for a free window in child care to get a 30 min run in

    I am going to cycle tomorrow instead of a rest day as the weather looks promising.....

  • southern snail

    well jealous of swimming much nicer than indoors

    Honk... I'm usually inbed by 9... 10 at the latest...i will no dounbt fall asleep on the settee this evening and they will have to wake me to drink in the new yearimage

  • Ah, that makes perfect sense... why are some people such arses.  Living room + Security... all cool with that!

  • Heated pool in Hampton. Went there on Thursday with much trepidation as normal pool was closed because of  chemical spillage. Got there and car park was full!! I hate cold but actually it was lovely. Steam rising. Just cold getting to and from the poolimage

  • I actually prefer to swim in cold than warm water.........obviously freezing water isn't too much fun.......but I did that all last winter so this year i am making myself go in the pool

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭
    seren nos yn canu wrote (see)

     so this year i am making myself go in the pool

    I ussually get out the pool when I need to go image

  • Pixie.. I'm on advanced ...i think... with extra on longbike/ long run......

  • Pixiie I'm doing the intermediate plan, with the hope that i'll really beat cut off image

    Swam this morning, and will turbo and run this eve (will be leaving work early) then drink.  After this will hope to get all back on course.

    Happy new year all.image

  • and don't worry what other people are doing etc....we are all at different stages........I can remember thinking on my 1st one how some people were comnplaining that they were only doing 18 mph on the bike....and yet i was struggling tio hit 12mph on the bike .....

    what everyone needs is constant training 

    and can we pray for some as wet doing that 30 min run as i did swiming this fact the rain got to me and i went too fast totally ignoring zone 1/2image

  • I'm working on the intermediate program with a few tweaks here and there until after the hols then I can get back to a normal routine. image
  • H0NK wrote (see)
    seren nos yn canu wrote (see)

     so this year i am making myself go in the pool

    I ussually get out the pool when I need to go image

    Cold water makes me pee, which makes the swim a little warmer in the one leg image

  • i manage 7 pees in a normal ironman race......just a warning for when we go to the river in spring to swim image


  • Remind me not to swim behind you when we are going up stream image

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