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  • Sounds good Carl, you definitely need them. Maybe get one of every colour as well even if you aren't likely to use all of them ?

  • Ooh yes I do like those calf sleeves Ali. Very smart! Do you wear them with shorts then?

    Carl coloured shoes are definitely the way to go, if only because they don't show up the muck.

    Nice day for a run this morning. 5 miles with middle 3 at tempo pace so 8:11, 7:58, 7:45, 7:51, 8:01. I went out a couple of hours later than usual and it was much easier probably as I'd been out of bed for longer so was already more warmed up than my usual rolling out of bed, getting dressed, drinking a pint of water and then going.

    I am currently eating my porridge at my desk. It's Moma sugar free which you mix with hot water. I normally have it in the tubs for work but bought the sachets that you have in a mug this time as they were much cheaper and seemed to be the same.  This was a mistake. It's revolting. I have 14 of them to eat. Not in one go mind.

  • Footy and beer , footy and beer, footy and beer, footy and beer, footy and beer. 


    Ive got a bit of abductor pain at the moment. Nothing major, but think I will play safe and do my 9 mile P&D threshold run on the treadmill tonight to keep the muscles loose. Looks like its going to snow in Leeds today anyway so looks like the sensible option. 

  • I like footy and beer too. And wine. I will have to get a taste for Miller Lite now.

    What colour are you trainers Sean? Do you like patterned compression socks? image

  • 5 fasted miles for me at lunch, didn't feel too bad actually.

    You can see all the new runners as they are adorned in their new kit they got for Christmas. Plenty of clean trainers, bright jackets and, of course, lots of pink compression socks !

    And in the words of Father Jack: "drink, feck, girls".........

  • I like footy only really occasionally like the world cup.  I like beer but only in the summer and generally after a long run.  I much prefer ballet dancing and wine.

    PS if you like those calf guards I got them in the sale in the Nike store in Glasgow for £7, they had quite a lot of compression stuff on sale image just in case there's a store near you.

    My trainer colour preferences are bright as possible please, my current 3 pairs are yellow, green and blue/white.

    OK glad I got that all out the system.

    Rest day for me today but doing day 13 of the Ab and Squat Challenge... not missed a day so far!  Also it's my boyfriend's birthday so we had birthday cake for breakfast and are going out for lunch soon.image

    Hope everyone has a great day.

  • I like footy only really occasionally like the world cup.  I like beer but only in the summer and generally after a long run.  I much prefer ballet dancing and wine.

    PS if you like those calf guards I got them in the sale in the Nike store in Glasgow for £7, they had quite a lot of compression stuff on sale image just in case there's a store near you.

    My trainer colour preferences are bright as possible please, my current 3 pairs are yellow, green and blue/white.

    OK glad I got that all out the system.

    Rest day for me today but doing day 13 of the Ab and Squat Challenge... not missed a day so far!  Also it's my boyfriend's birthday so we had birthday cake for breakfast and are going out for lunch soon.image

    Hope everyone has a great day.

  • Hello all, it’s been a while!

    Good to see everyone getting their act together in advance of Spring activities – what a dedicated bunch you all are.

    I took some of my own advice to PS at the end of the year and had a break for a couple of weeks in advance of the marathon training plan kicking in on 29th Dec

    I’ll catch up in the next couple of days and comment on any specifics (that don’t involve fashion statements, shopping or shoes), and post back.

     I’m following the generic Asics 16 week plan, with some modifications based on coach Sam Murphy’s schedule for Tim over on the sub 3.30 thread.

    The first couple of weeks have gone to plan and the Week 3 day 2 session today was of the speedwork variety

    2m jog warm up (this is an extra mile to get me to the running track)

    3 x 1600m @ 10k pace (4m/km; 6.26m/m) with 3min or 400m recoveries

    2m jog

    Splits for the 3 miles in the middle were: 6.40 6.25 6.16

    Still finalising plans for races between now and Manchester.

  • Cake for breakfast then out for lunch - I'm very jealous. My lunch consisted on an Innocent Veg Pot. I'm weirdly addicted to them.

    My trainers are pink with green laces. Not actually what I would choose but that's the way they came this season! I'll have a look for the calf guards.

    Carter when you say you did a fasted run at lunchtime do you mean that you haven't eaten yet all day? Don't you start work very early? So have you finished work by lunchtime?

    Pilates tonight. Babysitter sorted so have cheered up immeasurably.


  • PS - I last ate yesterday at about 18:00. It wasn't planned to go so long without food, and I'm sure it's not the right way to do it, but that's how it turned out. And I didn't feel any worse than previously when running either, if anything it felt a bit easier

  • Hi PS, Nice 5 mile. Why not just take some porridge into work and make it up in the microwave?

    Hi Ali, I take it you have had a beer, you are repeating yourself again..

    Hi Canter, Nice splits on the intervals that break seems to have done good

    Talking about food Carter, I was in the office today and there was a guy I had not seen before in the break out area. Now there was a weird lunch. He had a tupperware box with a right strange mix. He started off munching what looked like spinach leaves and suger snaps, then pulled out a whole carrot, which looked like it was straight out the ground and then finished off with a pear. The oddest lunch I have ever seen! Nice unfuelled run by the way.image


    Just about 6.5 miles this morning. Cold this morning and windy with ice on the pathways. Broke out over the fields after 4 miles and looped back home. Traded the wind from the Pentlands for the ice on the path. 7:35 mm average...nice and crisp

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Carter - are you mad. Not eating for days image and then going running !! Are you going slightly off piste with this diet malarky and tweaking it a tad. Amazing. Great run on it so it must be working. And great result on the weight loss so far.

    This thread has gone all luminous on us. 

    Canter - the break seems to have worked for you. A great interval session and you seem to be back into your stride.

    Ali - what is the Ab and Squat challenge ? I think a rest day to celebrate a birthday is a wonderful idea. 

    Nell - that sounds like on hell of a strange detox lunch. Good run in the cold from you this morning.

    I was home a tad early tonight so headed for the track for an interval session. Decided that I would give the 800m intervals another crack. For some reason the garmin did not connect to the GPS so I reckon the 2 mile warmup was circa 9min miling based on feel.

    The track was crowded tonight. Also as the grass is saturated the rugby crowd were using the back straight which made it very tight. It was cold and wet. Horrible conditions for intervals really.

    It was quite tricky trying to do my own thing as I had to constantly weave in and out of people at the start / finish point and also the 200m mark.

    I decided I would do 6 x 800m with only 200m jog/walk recoveries.

    As garmin connect is down again from memory the first 4 intervals were in the 3:15 -  3:20 range.

    On the 5th interval I was finishing at the 200m mark and so as I was coming round the final bend I had the fast group start another set of laps. As they came on my shoulder coming out of the bend I found an extra bit and moved ahead of them to the 200m mark and did this set in 3:12. Shows the benefit of running with others as if they were not there I would have been about 3:15. 

    Last set in 3:14.

    2 miles back home at 9:08m/m.

    Great workout but the legs are a tad tired now.

    Oh and in the middle of the session a military type helicopter landed on the open space outside the track and immediately took off again. It was planned as the park police had appeared and were stationed to stop people wandering into the space. And as this is the area the rugby people normally train on that might explain why they were on the track tonight. 

    A good start to the week and looks like everyone is ticking over nicely at the moment.

  • Canter- nice to see you.  Looking speedy speedy!

    PS- I LOVE innocent veg pots.  Also they are generally really healthy for a ready meal.  Quite low in calories though so not always good for a dinner.

    Nell- that lunch sounds.... eh... pretty crap!

    Carl- That's the Ab and Squat challenge.  I've done every day of January so far (with day 1 being the 1st January).  It goes up and down to give you some 'rest' days as well as some hard days but by the end you're doing 40 sit ups/100 crunches/100 squats in a session.

    I don't believe in fitness fads and this is nothing life changing, but it's a fun way to build in a tiny bit of core work to my daily routine and make it more of a consistency than it has been.  Getting into good habits you could say and hopefully this will continue after January.  I do it in addition to my usual gym/strength stuff.


  • Hi Carl, Superb interval session. I suppose that is the benefit of a few folk being around, you can use them to your benefit!

    Hi Ali, Yes if that is detox, I will stick to my ham and cheese roll thank you very much ... Yes, anything that gives you motivation is worth it, regarding the 30 day fitness ( not the detox lunch).

    I had to abandon any hope of intervals outside this morning. There was snow, wind and ice so off to the gym to have a session on the treadmill. Ran 10.5K with 5 x 800m @ 16kph with 400m @ 12kph recoveries and at the end ran 2 x 300m @ 18kph. After stretching, saw the weights were free so performed some squats. I will probably regret that in the morning!

  • Nell - performing some squats sounds like you had an audience and put on a show! Thank you for the porridge advice Nell. I do make my own porridge at home and have made it at work but now I have 10 sachets to finish and get through them I will......It wasn't so bad mixed with more seeds.....

    Carl that interval session sounds brutal. Did you find out what was going on with the helicopter?

    Plyometric workout followed by 5 miles steady for me this morning. Supposed to do them the other way around but I had to wait for the children's nanny to arrive before I could go out for my run so it was do the plyo, give children breakfast then run and be over an hour late for work. My legs are feeling pretty tired now but not too bad and hopefully will have recovered in time for my intervals tomorrow.

    Ali no veg pot today alas. I'm developing a real addiction to the pearl barley one. How very sad.


  • Just back from a blizzardy run along the canal, it was just snowing mildly when I set off but I was whipped up in a freezing storm the last few miles!

    6.2 miles done.  1m warm up, 4m steady, then 1.2 miles cool down.

    Splits: 10:18, 9:23, 9:51 (uphill), 9:25, 9:11, 9:31, 1:58 (0.2)

    Pretty chuffed with that and I felt mostly good apart from being absolutely frozen to the bone and soaking wet.

    Now for abs and upper body at home and a good foam roll.

    Nell- if it's like this again tomorrow there is no way I'm going out but I'll hit the treadmill like you did today

    PS- any kind of conditioning like plyo always leaves the legs a bit heavy, I prefer like you to do after a run rather than before.

  • .

  • Nell - my lunch next week is as follows: fish, 2 hot dog sausages, 2 carrots, coleslaw, 6 pieces of chocolate ! Sounds like the weather has reached you up there now.

    Carl - so far, I've struggled to find breakfast that I like that is low carb so I've just not bothered. Not right I know but all helps with the weight loss ! Weigh in tomorrow so will keep you informed. The usual cracking interval session from you again.

    Ali - does getting off the sofa and going to the fridge count as 1 'sit up' ??

    PS - have you tried adding syrup to your porridge ? Works a treat for me with some dried fruit. 


  • I got out last night for 8 miles; it was seriously cold so the tights made their first appearance of the year. Tough tough going in the cold and wind plus I had to take in a couple of hills to get the mileage in. Averaged over 11:00 minute miles which is 2 minutes per mile slower than my normal 'easy' pace. I seem to be able to manage to plod on though; I think if I did any sort of speed session I would just fall over in a heap ! Went out at lunchtime with a friend from work; 5 miles of road and 'urban trail' at an average of 9:35. It didn't feel too bad considering it's the third consecutive day I have run.

    The big news is that I have now gone 12 days without alcohol; I haven't missed it at all and I haven't been in anyway tempted, even though there are beers in the house....

  • I don't add syrup Carter as it's refined sugar which I generally try to avoid. I don't mind some raisins in my porridge. I had porridge today in Costa and found it horribly sweet. Should have just treated myself to a granola bar.

    Ali you're right about the conditioning making your legs heavy. They were still feeling heavy in my intervals today. Hopefully though adding this extra element to my training is really going to help me. Good run from you yesterday anyway! 

    So some distinctly average intervals from me this morning. Rest day from running tomorrow but strength work to do. 

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    PS - no idea what was going on with that helicopter.  Was funny watching it circling just before landing whilest I was running around the track. Managed not to fall over and look like a right old twat.

    Carter - Some good miles from you over the alst few days. If I was running at 11 min miles the world would be passing me by. So really well done for taking it super easy.

    Ali - great run in those conditions.

    Carter - what happened to your 17.12 post of last night image

    Interesting on the breakfast front. It is supposed to be the most important meal of the day and skipping it is meant to be really really bad. And it is all about fuelling for the day which is why I think it tends to be more carbohydrate focussed.

    It was very cold and wet last night and I was feeling really tired. Did not sleep too well the night before. So I decided that running was a silly idea. Going out later though.

  • Carl - i think it was one of those spook old posts that automatically copied itself as and when it wanted to ! I accept that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I think every diet or way of eating will tell you that. It's just how things have turned out this week. Next week, however, I am in for a treat. You may, or may not heard of a bullet proof coffee ? Basically ,it is a normal filter coffee with coconut oil, butter and cream added (you can also include flavourings such as cinnamon etc). Blend them altogether and you have a BPC. Absolutely no carbs and loads of fat ! This will be my breakfast and should see me through to lunchtime. 

    PS - have you had a BPC before ?

  • No and I don't want one. I'll stick to my skinny latte thanks! I need some carbs in my life. 

  • Carter – well done on those miles in the past few days. It’s good to get them in the legs even at a pace that may be a bit slower.

    Are you planning on any speed work later in the plan, or are you prioritising the ultra over the marathon this year?

    I haven’t done anything so foolish as to commit to completely giving up on the sauce for January, but Mon-Thurs are off limits for now and I’ll revisit that as work intensifies in the next few weeks.

    That BPC sounds disgusting.

    Carl – Some very good sessions there from you. 3.15min 800s with 200 recoveries are not to be sniffed at! How many weeks to your Richmond marathon?

    Nell- I can’t imagine trying to get some sessions in faced with the weather you guys have been having.

    Reading back I see that you’re doing both London and Edinburgh – hats off to you sir!

    PS – I agree with your comment about being familiar to the other people on this forum. I’ll be continuing to post here through this plan (and likely beyond). I might pop in occasionally to the Asics sub 3.30 and the Manchester thread but I’ve gotten used to you lot here and you’re not a bad bunch J


    Ali – 3rd week of training for Manchester? I see your following a RW intermediate plan – what kind of mileage over 20 does that recommend?

    By the way, good luck to both you and Carl for the forum mentoring thing. There are quite a few knowledgeable and experienced posters out there who would make good mentors I’m sure.

    Swapped my 6m progression run today to tomorrow for 5m slow commutercise today @ 5.16m/km; 8.30m/m  

  • Hi Canter, Well done on getting the run in, good compromise. Hats off when I actually complete them. I am hoping the weather picks up soon, otherwise training for them is going to be hell...image

    Hi PS, lol! I should have rephrased that eh? Good work on moving things around to suit, needs must eh? I try and work the S+C in on a day that is not before a interval or Tempo run, although it can be hard and not always possible.

    Hi Ali, Well done on the canal run. I had to face it today as never had time for a trip to the gym!

    Hi Carter, Missing breakfast, big no-no. That is what gets the metabolism going...well done on the 8 miles and no alcohol, that coffee sounds awful! image

    Hi Carl, Hoping you get out today, I'm in the same boat as you, haven't slept well. Probably cause I am on-call this week

    Went out for 5 miles this morning. No snow or ice today but a brutal wind. Running back home into the wind was pretty challenging. 7:43mm average.

  • Carter- big well done on the alcohol. I couldn't do it!  And yes it will be doing you the world of good. That coffee sounds rank by the way.  Butter... in a drink... I feel sick.  And this is coming from someone who loves, nay adores butter.

    Carl- good luck if you go for your run but don't force yourself if it's awful out there.

    Canter- by mileage over 20 do you mean long runs over 20m?  If so, it recommends 3 20m runs and one 21m run.  I think that'd be more than I've ever done before... I'm rubbish at getting in all the 20 milers.  I have a kind of mental block past 18 I think.  

    Nell- I took the treadmill option today!  Horrid weather!

    So today I was scheduled for 5 miles interval run.  I ended up doing a treadmill run as I couldn't face being outdoors in this wind and weather.  I did 20 minute warm up, then 5 x 400m and 5 x 200m with recoveries in between which started off jogging but ended up being walked by about half way through.  And a 10 minute cool down.  The whole session ended up being 5.6 miles in an hour which sounds slow but if you consider I was walking lots of the recoveries it's not really.

    My fastest 400m was 1:52 and my fastest 200m was 48 seconds and they were the last ones.  I didn't wear myself out so that I had energy till the end.

    Then I did a Total Body Workout Class with my friend as I did last week!  My arms and legs are shaky!

  • Hmmm football, not my sport of choice but I spend every saturday morning on the side of the pitch watching the eldest play ..... 

    Currently have grey and fluro green trainers for racing and blue for everyday training..... and and an old red pair from last year to use if its a bit muddy but not enough for MT shoes......  Lookinf for another new pair too, the brighter the better image


    So did 6 easy Mon, 7 with 4X mile reps fast in middle with club, yesterday was meant to be rest day but had to change it to today so 4 miles with middle 2 7.30 pace and today REST !!! with 11 miler planned for the morning. Thankfully weather isnt too bad here image and will be up early to get my bowl of porridge in me!! Im running with 2 others tomorrow so a good old gossip along the way should slow me down to around 8.45 / 9.00 pace image


    Good to see everyone is training well !!

  • Canter - good to hear from you again. Speedwork - last year, the only speedwork I did was a weekly tempo session. I did a few marathon paced miles in some of my longer runs too. Overdoing the speedy stuff tended to break me so I will stick to something similar this time. Do you commutercise both ways to work ? How often each week will you do this ?

    Nell - well done for getting out in the horrible weather. You chaps have it a lot worse than us and we have it pretty bad sometimes. So hat's off to your for showing the dedication and determination to get out there.

    Ali - how many sessions/runs per week does your training plan have ? I've not seen any of the RW plans so not sure what they look like compared to others.

  • Bullet Proof Coffee (BPC) - filter coffee, cream, coconut oil, sweetener (low carb of course) and cinnamon. Had my first one this morning and it certainly has an acquired taste. Will have to keep experimenting with ingredients but it tastes quite sickly as you swallow all that fat ! Hopefully, I will get used to the taste as it fits in really well with the low carb high fat stuff. 

    Have been struggling with calf issues in recent weeks; not sure why as I have never had problems with them before. And considering I'm not doing loads of miles at the moment I thought a trip to the physio was in order. So I had an appointment this morning and he gave my legs a good sports massage. The calves are tight in a couple of places, on the outer side of the left leg and the inner side of the right leg. He said this could be related to my running style. I don't feel I'm running any differently but during this slow running phase I am focusing on my form; standing tall, leaning slightly forwards from the hips, lower arm position etc. I've had a slight ache in my back when doing this so maybe my running style has changed. Anyway, after he nearly made me cry the legs feel a lot better now. 

    Weigh in day today. I'm still off the alcohol, as previously mentioned, and the healthy eating is going well. There hasn't been any crisps or chocolate which I have also struggled with before. So, in the two weeks since I started this I have lost 10lbs which I'm well pleased with. Still along way to go but feeling confident.

    20 miles planned for tomorrow. I'm going along the Trans Pennine Trail which is nice and flat. This is a real big ask for me at the moment but I want to try and get as many miles in as can so I don't fall to far behind with my plan. There are different trails off the TPT so I wont be too far from my car at any one time in case it all goes horribly wrong !

    Have a good weekend everyone 

  • Carter- 10lbs is incredible, well done.  Do you see a difference already visually?  Sorry to hear about your calf issues but you've done the right thing in taking some action pretty quickly, best way to deal with it.

    In terms of the RW plans they have 5 runs with the option of 6 (one of the rest days always says 'Rest or 4m easy' or something to that effect).  I will just be aiming to do 5 although the last couple of weeks I got in 6 but I had a light uni/work schedule.  This week it is definitely only 5.

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