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  • LOL enjoy your cuppa in bedimage

    Second run later image
  • Hello

    As i entered one of them urrmm marthon things thought i better poke my head in here. Hope all are good hoping  my next marathon will go well as started training for quite a few  and various stuff has made it hard  and ended up not doing it

    Chester is the place Oct 6th

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Stuart - I hear you, but I don't want to break my streak - it's probably the one thing that stops me CBAingimage. I am cutting the mileage however, this week.

    NP nice 8 miler this morning - sounded like a tough session!

    HM freezing here too

    AGF good running yesterday

    Fiona nice double with a speedy tempo - well done

    MG nice gym session

    Stewart well done on the weights and core.  I will get the calf looked out if this carries on much longer...

    NN well done on the track session - nice paceimage. Have fun with the double recoveries...

    Pammie welcome to the threadimage


    13m this morning through the mud and snow.  Massage later hopefully to release the gastroc a bit.

  • Hi Pammie

    Teknik great 13 miles run, the session this morning will go towards pushing that lactate level back image I would recommend a book called the art of running fast to everyone and that includes everyone who likes HADD and P&D
  • 6 miles wit 4x.5mile done at @5:53 pace on the dreadmill.
  • Weather not inviting this afternoon so had to struggle against the spirit of CBA to get out the door. 10 miles done in biting cold wind.

    Sounds like you had more resolve than me Tek

    Hello again Pammie

    NP that is wickedly fast even on a dreadmill

    mace good to hear that you're on the go again image

    SM6 hope the GOAR fairy has taken over from the CBA fairyimage

  • AGF,

    I'm fine & being my usual self when it comes to winter running.  Chris is doing a sponsored topless drive (has a convertible so will have the roof down) round the m25 at midnight on Saturday to help raise money for Homes 4 Heros and has been trying to get me to come with him however I'm wimping out because it's likely to chuck it down.


    Well done on everyone's training.


  • HM, good for chris to do some good like that for others image will soon be warmer and you can join him image

    NP, brilliant fast pace.

    Nice 13 Tek in tough conditions. Likewise OH with your 10. Both of you deserve a satisfying smile after those runs.

    NN, corrie ? Aaaaagh !!! image

    Welcome pammie, you have plenty of time to build up the miles to have a good run!!

    A slow plod for me today in the gym for some base miles. Fed and happy image. ... I am easy to please image
  • AGF,

    It's brilliant when it's a crisp clear winter's day but when it's likely to chuck it down no thank you! 

    Well done on your run.

  • Well done on the core work Stewart image

    NN a well deserved easy run day!

    NP another great double, very nice interval pace.

    Welcome Pammie.image

    Teknik I hope the massage worked?  

    Well done OH, it is a biting wind here too.

    Nice running AGF, good to get the easy miles in too.

    HM4 I'm thinking running is not your sport, you need something a bit warmer or you'll be stuck indoors 11 months of the year in this country!! imageimage

    6 easy miles for me tonight, work getting in the way of things this week but no bad thing, will get back to it properly next week.



  • AGF Tuesday is now my Tempo/interval day and that's the start of them now in the last 9 weeks. image build them now and polish in the last 4/5 weeks.

    HM4 good on Chris he might get away with the rain. You running yet?
  • Fiona,

    I whole heartedly accept I'm not a winter running person.  As soon as there is the sniff of decent weather I'm out there.  I know it's the reason why my times are so crap.  Well done on your run.

    EDIT - Xpost with NP - not yet.

  • Fiona well done on your run image rest of the week for me is easy/steady running image looks like 15 in the rain tomorrow image
  • In a bit of a rush, so I'll read back later, but 11.17 mile for me tonight. 4@MP

  • NN- Nice running- but not planningimage What's Corrie?image

    Fiona- nice speedy session! Training seems to be going well!

    NP- Solid as ever!imageimage

    HM4- well done to Chris, but if you wait for dry weather that limits you to around 4 days a year in these parts!!image

    AGF- good plodding and eatingimage

    Tek- nice running- hope the massage helps....

    Pammie- welcome to the madhouseimage

    Well, my issue with my glutes and back seems to have gone with stretching and a couple of recovery jogs. Only problem was that today was the day that my quads felt the effects of the hilly MT half mara on Sunday! Turned the planned 10m into a slow 8m, but confident that all will be wellimage.

    Except for the fact that I seem to have a choice of a normal smile smiley, or no smiley.... where have all the smileys gone?? imageimageimage  

  • My smileys have gone too, just the regular one! image

    NP your tempos are quality! image

    HM4 image

    Great news on the niggly bits jason image

    Nice MP Stuart image


  • I've had trouble on here on my computer now for a few days, I have to put a smiley face on first so I can then type?

    Jason you will be back to yourself by the weekend. image

    Happy with the tempo and interval session on the same day and a total of 14 miles, I know that the lactate level has moved back in the past number of weeks, it's about 6:10 pace now in November it was around 6:26 I would like it at about 6:00 for the start of April.

    Would anyone race a 10k two weeks out from London?
  • Smileys are ok on other threads.... image
  • I raced a 10k 2 weeks before Amsterdam and it went well, I guess the risk of injury might put me off before VLM.


  • Gym traing session with trainer , leg, core and speed work on dread mill all good hopefully, smileys don't work on my tablet image
  • Might give one a blast there is a half on the same day but think that would be pushing it a bit farimage
  • NP - absolutely NOT!!!!!!!!!!


    Hope that's clear image
  • Anyone in South or West Wales - details of a new Parkrun event here: http://www.parkrun.org.uk/llynllechowain/ image
  • Jason,

    I don't think it's so much as the wet weather.  It's when it's cold & wet as I'm fine in the spring.

  • 6 miles this morning with 5 at around MP. Will be at work til late tonight so that's it for today.


  • Managed to get both runs done yesterday, one on the TM in the morning , then I was on an afternoon shift finishing at 8p so got to the gym for my second recovery run so both done on TM , I found running on the TM easier than usual as they are refurbishing the gym and have moved the equipment into the sports hall where there were some aerobic classes going on so the extra loud music and enthusiastic shouting was very helpful

    15 MLR and pilates class today...my first I am trying new ways of doing some body conditioning/core work as I know this is my weak area in training

    Feeling tired today, first time in the schedule I have felt like this, (I would do a sad face but the faces arent working !!) I shall ease back after today till Sunday I am doing a 10 mile race, not a pb course but I would like to better last years time.

  • Pammie, welcome

    Tek, sounds like the underfoot conditions were tough, hope the massage does the trick

    NP, a speedy interval session, thanks for the book recomendation

    OH, glad you beat the CBA fairy and I hope you're suitablely defrosted after the 10 miles

    HM4, a worthy cause I hope Chris raises a lot of money

    AGF, two of my favourite pastimes plodding and eating image

    Fiona, sounds like you're busy at work, well done with the six miler

    SM6, another good run, well done sir

    Jason, good to see you back at it, 

    MG1, a hard core gym session, well done

    NN, good treadmill sessions yesterday, good luck with pialtes and your MLR later

    5 miles with JS last night, and it was a most enjoyable run, looking forward to my LT run later this evening

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    NP I've followed your book recommendation - can't wait for it to turn up! Nice treddie intervals last night.

    OH LOL. Well done on the cold and windy 10 miles

    HM - Chris's charity drive sounds like funimage

    AGF nice treddie jogging

    Fiona nice easy 6 and nice running this morning - massage did help - Fizz reckons the remaining niggle is a hangover from the night of cramping,as there's nothing noticeably wrong in the muscle...

    Stuart good 11m with some at MP

    Jason well done on the 8m,; glad the glutes and back are geting better

    MG well done on the gym session

    NN nice double and good luck for the MLR today

    Stewart nice JS session - good luck for tonight's LT


    1m warm up then 9m at a planned 80/83%max as a MP test. Couldn't get going at all - ended up at 8.24 mm, only 76%,(2% lower than last week for the same pace). Must try harder!!!

  • Afternoon

    Thanks for the welcomes


    Confidence run today not far just 2.71 miles and a bit run walk collided with the tarmac last week but was just what i needed  cold though. Some good training going on bit behind  but  got 15 weeks to get somewhere reasonable

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Pammie - welcome image

    OH - CBA fairy well and truly smashed, proud of you image

    Nurse - wise move to take it easy and good like with the 10M race

    Tek - i'm a sucker for a book so i'm IN as well , cheers NP. And Tek, that's still a cracking pace/HR and miles in the back pocket 

    Well i'm on a P&D recovery week but it didn't feel like it 400metres into my first ever VO2 MAX session. 9M with 6x800 @ 5k so i was aiming for around 6:40 pace and it came out like this :

    EVEN laps very slightly uphill into a light wind, ODD laps very slightly downhill with the light wind.

    Lap   pace    HRave    %          HRmax      %

    1.      6:26     148     81.8           151          83.4

    2       6:39     149     82.3           153          84.5

    3       6:31     149     82.3           154          85.1

    4       6:42     152     84.0           158          87.3

    5       6:35     152     84.0           156          86.2

    6       6:43     154     85.1           160          88.4

    I was quite happy with that as i've ended up hitting 6:36 average over the 6 reps ( recovery was about 200 metre jogs until HR was back down to 70%)

    BUT ...... I'll be damned if i could get near that over a full 5k and my HR was a fair bit under the P&D range, which has a lower end of 90% . Would i be right in thinking that this is because i'm not used to running at that pace/HR ? And with a few more of them it will feel easier ?

    Tek - i know you're disciple of the HR, what sort of HR stats do you get on these runs over a Mara training schedule ?


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