2013 Marathon Thread



  • Late on here as more people where out looking at the house, I have never known the housing market so bad......

    SC the books a good read and there is lots to think about and use, hope your run tonight went ok.

    AGF hope your run went ok and it's not long before your fully fit again.

    Teknik well done on the 13 mile run and a few Farlek sessions within it, you know it's the only way to get fasterimage

    NN great running and pace well done with the Pilates.

    Mace nice to see you doing some races.

    MH4 hope you get out into the fresh air tomorrow.

    Well second run of the day was an interval session on the treadmill during lunch time at work, half mile warm up then 7 x half miles @ 5:24 pace with half mile recovers @ 8:20 pace in between and 7 miles in total. Enjoyed this after the first one and felt as if I could have done more and a bit faster so very happy about this.image
  • A quality double NP. image Great to feel the legs still have something in them at the end of a tough session.

    AGF good timing on the hols after the flu.

    Stewart were you at js tonight? Very foggy out there!

    Teknik unusual having a club run in the morning, do lots go to it?

    NN nice MP run, good to make things morre interesting.

    mace great to have some races in the diary. image

    I hope the weather is nice for your run tomorrow HM4.

    4 miles easy this morning and 7 miles with the group tonight. Very foggy and some ice up the hill so easy paced all the way.


  • Training session with trainer tonight on core and legs which was tough, looking forward to running tomorrow.

    NP another great days training from you!!!

    NN - nice 10 miles

    Tek 13 into the training bank, well done
  • AGF, glad you're getting better hope the run this evening went well

    Tek, a tough session by the sounds of it well done

    NN, great running glad you're sticking with class I am enjoying the body balance class

    Mace, go for it I'm sure you'll do great

    HM4, enjoy you're run tomorrow

    NP, the run went well, another great double day of running, and its a good sign feeling you could give more at the end of it

    Tonight's JS session was a 5 mile easy run with a hill in it, ran the hill hard and felt good for doing it.

    5.6m in 58mins @10:20mm
  • Fiona another great double day in the VLM bank.

    MG1 sounds like a nice core session enjoy your run tomorrow.

    SC nice hill session, hills will make you strong.
  • SC yes learn to love the hills ( I bloody hate them )image I get overtaken all the time on hills, When it comes to down hill though look out no one and I mean no one will catch me I really can fly down them,so I make my ground up then,

    Mace nice to get some races to look forward to to break thing up a bit, I would love to get a 20 mile race done but the nearest to me is the Duchy and on the same day as my half, there is the Gloucester 20 on the 17th but its a 2 hour drive,image

    HM4 enjoy your run tomorrow image

    MG1 I bet its a quality work out and no slacking doing core work under instruction well done,

    Fiona I take it the knee is ok ? nice double day image

    NP nice interval session there, I may resort to the treadmill for mine tomorrow , its so undulating round here and hard to find a nice long enough flatish stretch unless I go into town and use the track...now theres a thought.image will avoid the club session though as it tends to get too competitive and  end up tasting blood and feeling sick image

  • Blood/sick. Surely that's what intervals are about NN

    5miles this morning tells me that things are improving.... But mega busy at moment so not sure when next run will be. Will squeeze in somewhere...

    Thank you for the get well wishes... Is appreciated !!
  • MG good core work, hope the legs are not too tired today! I did weights last night after the run.

    Stewart hope your son is home now. We went to the mast but it was a nice easy pace.

    NN sounds like I need to push myself more on intervals! Makes sense to use the treadmill for consistency.

    AGF good to get the run when you can.

    Knee always reminding me that it is not really happy, alarm went off this morning and I did get changed for my run then decided to save it til later as MLR planned this afternoon. Might start to turbo in the morning instead of the short runs, mileage will be less which is not great but I'll still get some cardio and maybe help the knee....not sure? 


  • ....or run the easy 4 miles at a slower pace Fiona.... ( Gobi used to run recovery at 9mm ). Hope it improves for you....

  • Thanks AGF, I could try that. image Problem is so far it is no better when slow but I could try slower!!


  • Well I took the next couple of Wednesdays as leave as the MLR in the middle of the week doing it at 5:15 am wiped me out for the rest of the day, this way I can go back to bed for an hour or so. Just waiting for breakfast to settle first before setting off. Fiona it was the turbo that gave me a knee problem because I didn't have my bike set up properly the first time and I did too much too soon time/length wise but once sorted its been fine ever since.

    AGF well done on your morning run.
  • AGF at least yo are still ticking over getting a few miles in is better than nothing  image

    Fiona have you had someone actually look at the knee for proper diagnosis ? or had an MRI ?

    NP you are lucky to be able to take leave to accommodate your running, I can also pick my shifts to a certain extent as long as I get the hours in, it doesn't always work out but on the whole I am fairly lucky, I don't envy the 9-5 ers who have to do an MLR before work or after especially if they have a long commute.



  • Fiona, My son got home, and he has got enough drugs to open up a pharmacy, it was very foggy out there last night, how were the underfoot conditions up there is it still a bog?  might be worth getting the knee looked at

    NN, I'm not the quickest on those hills but I do like them, sounds like you're a member of fight club not a running one

    NP, I agree wholeheartedly hills do make you stronger, Enjoy the MLR I've got mine this evening, might do some MP miles in it

    AGF, agree with NN, just do what you can do, life sometimes gets in the way

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    HM4 - hope you got out and enjoyed your run

    Nurse - you're right, the races are something different to look forward to, and i hate planning long run routes ! Well worth £20 for someone else to sort it.image Shame your possibles are so far away image It would seem i'm lucky as the start for the 20 is only a 10 min walk away ... the Half is about a 45 min drive.

    Fiona - what are the symptoms with your knee ? I've had some sort of 'weakness' in my right for about a year now which i feel mainly when kneeling, kicking a football or putting pressure on it when riding a bike ( ie standing in the sadle ). The cold seems to do it no favours either. I have no problem with it when running ( *touches wood* ) other than it's a bit uncomfortable ( ie. i can feel it a bit ) doing the VO2 max reps and strides. At some point i'll have to get it looked at but for now i'm bloody terrified if i do i'll be told not to run image

    NP - wise move, i've had the last 2 Fridays off and it's definitely freshened me up. Hope it does you good. I've also come to an arrangement with my boss to start work an hour late on MLR Wednesdays which helps.

    Happy training everyone image

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    NN nice MP run yesterday.  Have you looked at the Exe to Axe ( 7 April) and Grizzly 20 (10 March) down your way? Hope the intervals go ok.

    mace well done on booking the races.  They certainly help with the motivation / pacing.

    HM hope you got out for a run today.

    NP great interval session yesterday. Hope the MLR went ok.

    Fiona good double yesterday.  The club in the week is is a regular little bunch of housewives and old menimage...the weekend gets a bit busier.  Is the knee pain in the joint or the muscle above it?

    MG good gym work.

    Stewart good JS session last night.  Good news your son is home.

    AGF well done on the 5 miler.


    1m w/up and 1m w/d, with 8m as a MP test.  Splits 7:46 8:15 8:07 8:10 8:19 7:59 7:59 8:11 . Only got to 81% in the last mile, averaged 77%max.  Like last week, must try harder...image


  • Fiona,

    Hope the knee doesn't turn out to be a troublesome injury.


    Well done on everyone's training.  I did get out for a run.  Not as far as I want so I ran quicker to make up for it and I've also started the 100 push up challenge. 

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    HM 100 push ups! Eek!image   I've given up on that one several times...image


  • Some nice running going on, gonna take a leaf out of your books and start trying to get a few morning runs in, im far too lazy in the mornings. 

    Just had another what felt like quality run, again with no pain in my knee image

    6 miles at circa HMP. Time: 46:11, Average pace, 7:41

    Splits: 7:44,  7:31,  8:03,  8:01,  7:49,  7:01


    The route i chose was mostly uphill in the middle with a slow downhill last two miles, so wasnt looking for even splits, didnt feel like a hard run, pace felt quite steady going.


  • Tek,

    There is no way I can do a full push up at the mo so I'm doing them on my knees, even then it was still tough & only did 5.  I use to be able to do 10 full ones easily however that was about 15 years ago and I want to do something to get more strength back into my shoulder after breaking it a couple of years ago.  I've also decided against the Insanity Workout and instead will be opting for 10 minute trainer workoout instead.  It looks more or less the same thing but I think it would fit better round running as a lot of the people who do Insanity have to cut back on the running.


    Well done.

  • Hmm, I thought the bike would be good but did feel it after that too! I am just being really cautious and can still run but just want to keep it at bay. I've had this a couple of times before and both times the physio pummelled the life out of my ITB and it worked. I will keep on with the foam roller as it does help. The niggle is outside side of the knee hence the ITB thought. I know that rest works but I'll do what I can to avoid that until April 22nd!! image It is better on fast runs as it seems to tighten up on the slow ones but in the scheme of things I don't have anything to complain about! I will see how it goes this week and if no better I will get it looked at.

    mace I hope your knee does not get any worse, running really is a balancing act of training as much as we can without getting injured!

    Stewart great that your son is home. The direct bit of the path up to the mast after the zig zags is almost non existent as the forestry have been working up there. I guess ankle deep mud adds to the challenge of the steep uphill! image

    Teknik nice MP run. I went to do one today but nothing in the legs. image

    HM4 I think I could do the 1 press up challenge....if I'm allowed to do it on my knees otherwise I'd be scuppered! Well done on your run.

    Took the afternoon off (will try to do this every Wednesday til mid March) for my MLR but what a shocker! Lasted til just over 13 miles and stopped as verging on hypothermic, so cold and took a couple of hours to warm up. Legs did not want to know about the run from the start, think yesterday's run and weights maybe caught up with me?! All miles in the bank I guess! image


  • NN Well it's only a couple of weeks where the miles are reduced a little and more speed is addedimage so with that in mind thats the reason for taking the Wednesdays off as these are up to 15 miles nowimage.

    SC Hope your MLR is going well it's got very windy here.

    Teknik well done on your MP run, looks like your hitting your HR targets.

    HM4 well done on your run, not sure how far it was. Good luck with the push ups but isn't doing them on your knees cheating?

    Spark great running like the look of that last mile image

    Well just over 15 miles done and dusted but I did break the idea of the and put in a mile at around MP.....



  • Fiona cross post, its bloody cold here again with a very biting wind so back into the hat and glovesimage But well done for sticking it out and doing the 13 and bit milesimage I do a core/stretch session every night and always use the foam roller, think you will be ok if you stick with it for the knee do you have a massage booked for the next couple of weeks?


  • Fiona, ITB often comes from imbalances in the body. You may have a tight hammy(s) or weak Glute(s) etc. if you do have weakness/ in balance elsewhere it can cause the compensation issue with the ITB. Thus is why sports massage helps solve overall issue. If you or the sports massage person focus only on ITB then you will ease the symptom and not the cause (eg it will come back or gradually get worse).

    Sorry for the doom... It's not really...as long as you mantain the whole lower body not just the ITB.

    ( easier to give advice than follow myself as I should -embarrassed )
  • SC it must be nice to have your son home, and yes the track gets a bit nasty at times lol..I hate it the way the faster ones all stand around with their hands on their hips looking all cool waiting for the rest of us to catch up..image
    Tek nice of you to look out some local 20s for me, I have heard about both races yes..but..The Grizzly well that speaks for its self and fills up in months in advance
    like...last October its so popular god knows why !! and the Exe to Axe..is also mainly off road and very hilly, and a bit too close at just 3 weeks out to do a hard long run..and a nice MP session well done indeed, a nice confidence booster
    Fiona well done on getting that 13 done, it has been a bloody cold day, at least the knee held out, and racing at the weekend it going to take its toll for a good few days when it comes to pace
    NP nice not to have to worry about work after your 15 and good effort, core and stretching EVERYDAY !!
    HM4 good grief wise move giving the insanity workout a miss..I have seen that its as it says...insane..well done on the run
    AGF we are all good at giving out advice and not practicing what we preach..I know I should take more rest days...but I don't.

    Did my 600s after a 5 mile "warm up"image since when has 5 miles been a warm up

    6 x 600s @5K pace just about managed to hit 7 min miling towards the end but too windy but couldnt face the treadmill
    90 secs jog recs.
    managed to find fairly flat bit just less than 600m so had to keep turning around mid sprint to make the distance up which also didnt help...

    2.40 (7.12) WAKE UP LEGS !!..2.40...2.38....2.36...2.37...2.36 (7.02) nearly...better luck next time




  • Oh nearly forgot, got voucher in post today for 3rd old biddy in Sundays 10 mile race, pleased as it was  largish  field too 600 plus ..not all old biddies though of course, one advantage of getting old I do get a few catagory prizes now and then 

  • NN - Good running, but why did you do 600s if you don't have a 600m stretch?image The path that I do my intervals on is about 1100m long I wouldn't dare try 1200s on it. 

    NP - Nice running

    Fiona - 13 miles is still a good run, especially when it's freezing outside. I think I'll have to face that in the morning

    Spark - Nice run, you were flying over that last mile!

    Tek - Great pace over your run!

    Stewart - Good running, and I'm glad to hear your son is back home!image


    Haven't ran since Monday, so I need to get out tomorrow for 13 or so. Then I'm in Dundee all weekend, so I'll at least get a parkrun done on Saturday but I expect Sunday is going to be an absolute write off. I'd be happy to get close to 50 miles this week...



  • SM6 cos I had to do 600s and it was just short, it was either that or going up and down hills..it so hilly around here and hard to find some where flat/long and I didnt fancy driving 10 miles into town....I dont think  it will make a vast difference to my training..image



  • NN well done on the warm up and 600m also on the 3rd place but please your not an old biddyimage

    SM6 enjoy your 13 tomorrow
  • Right, booking that sports massage tomorrow! image Thanks all, I do need a push sometimes. The hamstrings do feel really tight. With the squats with weights I do my glutes are stronger than they've ever been! image

    Well done on the reps NN and the prize imageimage You could run rings round the vast majority of youngsters!! I get called an old bird but at least we get prizes as consolation! imageimage

    Stuart hope the 13 goes well tomorrow.



  • Steady 5.5 for me tonight, the easterly wind was so cold and tough to run into - 8.59 8.45 8.44 8.45 8.23 8.07

    NN nice bit work there on the 600s

    Fiona , good 13 the tough conditions make it all the more satisfying

    Tek another good one from you

    Stewart, good run today and good news on your boy.

    NP you just keep churning the miles out , great effort.

    24 hours rest until tomorrow night then back to the gym or hill session or both, looks like its going to get colder image
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