2013 Marathon Thread



  • Fiona great tempo session push that lactate level back a bit more image
  • It felt very comfortable NP (HR about 10bpm lower than pre Xmas for the same) image will get back to the faster stuff next week! image

    Managed to get the run on I think but now can't get into it again so will try tomorrow.


  • Fiona, another great double run again, it is good that you're managing to stay on top of the knee niggle. FYI I couldn't upload to Fetch last night haven't tried today

    AGF, just do want you can this week and as you say you will be able to get some more runs in next week,

    Tek, Another great run and it looked a very comfortable run hope you have defrosted by now

    Mace, I was hoping after the heatwave at the weekend I'll have put mine away until next winter, well done with the recovery run earlier

    OH, hope you managed to get out this evening

    NP, I'm always up past midnight, probably why I'm so grumpy in the morning image, good running today

    HM4, are you doing insanity too, I've seem a info/comerical thing on the telly it looks extreme

    5 miles JS run tonight, P&D has 3 rest days this week and today was another, I may take it on saturday instead, more than likely I'll probably do another recovery run, took the group up Godsmans Brae if that hill was another 20metres longer it would be a total killer image

    Stats 5.16m 54mins @10:37mm avgHR145(76%)

    9 mile with 5@LT tomorrow, should be good image


  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Tek - sorry, didn't notice your post. I take water on anything over 16 and have just started experimenting with gels just to make sure i can handle them.

    NP - 2 nice runs 

    MG - well done on the hill work

    Fiona - lol , but garages are cold places image and anyone who can do that sort of mileage on a treadmill is entitled to dress how they want in my book image

    Stewart - nice 5 and good luck with the LT


    Poxy windy and cold here tody - whenever i have an LT run the wind picks up image

    Was scheduled for 12 w7 @ 10M-HMP but set the wrong alarm on the iphone and was running late so had to chop it to 11 w6.5

    I decided to go for 10M pace and hit it with a second to spare 7:06 @ 87% HR ..... the wind made this harder than it would have been so overall i was delighted to get it done and no more LT sessions for the campaign imageimage

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Oh, nearly forgot ...

    I did an hour of mostly stretching and foam rolling ( with a bit of leg strengthening ) last night and i feel amazingly good for it today .... much much better than i normally would after an LT run

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    AGF glad you're back on it

    OH hope you can get out again soon

    HM thanks for the tipimage

    NP nice double - speedy tempo yesterday !

    MG nice run and good gym work - hope the 18 goes ok tomorrow

    Fiona good treddie run yesterday - nice pace!  Fetch server outtage is now fixed...

    Stewart nice hilly JS run. Hope the LT goes ok today

    mace good idea with trying the gels - you need to find one you can stomach.  Nice pace on that last tempo runimage, and well done on the stretching / rolling.


    Pamper day for me - massage, hot yoga and a 4 mile recovery jog.  Fine but really cold here.

  • Stewart,

    I don't think I'd last 5 seconds let alone 5 minutes.  I'll be doing the 10 minute workout version.


    No worries.


    Have to see.  It's bitterly cold at the mo so may decide to go out on Sunday rather than straight after work Saturday afternoon.


    Well done on everyone's training.

  • SC hope you got on ok with your LT run, early to bed with Horlicks for meimage

    Mace well done on your last LT run is that you now on your taper?

    Teknik nice pamper day for youimage very cold here still image

    HM4 how are the press ups going?

    1 mile swim front crawl this morning and 6 miles easy/recovery tonight, up and down my hill tomorrow then 22/23 on Sunday. image
  • Had a rubbish sleep today after last nights shift and wasnt sure about the 12 miler I was scheduled to do , but felt ok, nice and easy in 1.50 Hr 72% pleased with that as I did my hilly route, and OMG !!! its bloody chilly and windy today.

    At work at the moment proper read and catch up in my next break..image

    Enjoy your beds everyone..

  • Mace, good LT run today, I've still got one to do, good that the roller is doing its job

    Tek, good to have a relaxing day hope the deep freeze doesn't last for too long

    HM4, hope it does warm up by Sunday, last Sunday was like Summer in comparison

    NP, good swimming and running today, hope the horlicks hit the spot image enjoy the hilly run tomorrow

    NN, A good run in the cold today and a low HR on a hilly route well done

    Tonight was my LT run, it was suposed to be 9 miles with 4@LT but I was running a little late and I want to get my Body Balance class in tonight.  So it turn out being 8 with 4@LT

    Stats for the run:  9:38 / 9:15 / 8:38 / 8:40 / 8:38 / 8:38 /10:19 / 9:48                  HR for the LT section 162(85%) / 165(87%) / 165(87%) / 167(88%)

    got done with 15minutes to spare before class, tough session and I'm not looking forward to the 7@LTimage

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Stewart - well done,tough is good ... and nice consistent pacing.

    Nurse - hope you catch up on the sleep. It can't be easy training on shifts.

    NP - not tapering yet, i have 7 and a bit weeks left til Brighton ... just no LT runs scheduled now only VO2. I'm laughing at a mile swim being counted as recovery, great going image

    Cut my session by a mile yesterday and have now realised it's a 70 mile week. So this mornings 5M recovery will have to become a 6 ( either that or tomorrow's 22 becomes a 23 ... no thankyou ) . All in the name of OCD

    So just off to take my boy football training now and i'll do the nice slow 6M recovery at the same time.

    Have great weekends and even better training all.


  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    HM hope you get out tomorrow

    NP good swim and recovery run; enjoy your hill today and good luck for the long run tomorrow.

    NN well done on the 12 miler

    Stewart well done on that LT runimage

    mace hope you enjoyed the plod around the footie pitch


    8m easy this morning.  Hope we don't freeze overnight as I'm looking forward to the club race tomorrow.

  • NP,

    Today is the next day in the plan.


    I think it's going to be a bit colder but more sunnier.


    Thanks.  Good luck with the race tomorrow.


  • NP good swim and run combo

    NN 12 miles when tired if a fab effort

    StewartC good steady run

    Mace nice run round the football pitches

    Tek hope you enjoyed your steady run

    Manged a good 20 miler this morning, conditions were tough when running into the wind, fingers were numb at the end

    2.54 with splits


  • NN Great 12 mile run very cold again and snow hereimage.

    SC Well done on your 8 with 4 @ LT thats what countsimage.

    Mace you not keeping a LT run as well every week also well done on the 70+ mile week.

    Teknik well don on your run and good luck in your club race tomorrow.

    Bloody cold here again and snow, so this mornings run up and down my hill done to bring the week to a close stats are:

    Running 84.06 and Swimming 2 miles. Looking at my plan another 3 weeks in the 80's then drop the distance for 3 weeks and add pace and then taperimage





  • MG1 Cross post and well done on the 20 mile run nice splitsimage

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Good luck for tomorrow Tek

    Great 20 MG

    NP - damn you man image you got me thinking now. I pretty much missed out 1 and a bit LT runs due to weather/illness so do feel i've cheated a bit. But there are no more scheduled and i guess i'd have to do one instead of a MLR. What would you suggest and how far out should i not be doing LT's ?

    My recovery wasn't around the football pitch by the way image i dropped the boy off and ran the sea wall/promenade. I actually wish i'd done the pitch now though as the promenade is on the North Kent coastline and i took the full force of a brutal and freezing cold North Easterly. Still, it's all character building stuff image


  • Mace you could include it in your MLRimage
  • SC hope you enjoyed the body balance class after that LT run you must have been shattered,its weird how we all dread those LT sessions
    Mace after 20 years I have kind of got used to the nights,it is a way of life for me now, and I never have to do an early shift so just have plenty of lie ins and lol @ the OCD I would have to do the same and that sounds like a tough recovery run image !!

    Tek how far are you racing tomorrow ? good luck...and I have booked myself into yoga class next week..nothing mentioned about it being hot though.image.but looking forward to something different as well as pilates
    MG1 nice long run and super pacing with a nice strong finish especially in tough conditions enjoy a well earned easy/rest day tomorrow

    NP lots of miles well done..and when you put it like that its so eaSy from now
    8 miles with strides before work later, then hopefully a decent sleep tomorrow morning as I have to do 22 when I wake up..longest run so far image just need to work out where to do it, do I keep it flat/simple  and boring or hilly and pretty ? image

  • NN know the dilemma about the long runs, I go by the weather mostly and try to avoid the wind tunnel routes!

    mace that sounds like a tough run, the wind can be brutal and I am rubbish at running into it.

    Nice stats NP, snow here too this morning but only a short run for me as had to swap the long run to tomorrow. The 3/3/2 split til VLM really does make it seem very close; I'd best get thinking what sessions to do for max benefit! image

    MG1 well done on the chilly 20.

    Good luck tomorrow Teknik. image

    Well done on the LT run Stewart,

    Running long tomorrow (last minute change of plan) so did 5.85 miles easy in the snow this morning then this afternoon 5 miles with 3 tempo (14k/hr) on the treadmill. Snow has now gone so hope it stays away! image


  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    HM thanks

    MG super 20 miler - looking strong - bodes well for Rotterdamimage

    NP well done on the hill, and great week's figuresimage

    mace well done for battling through the icy wind

    NN well done on the 8m. Good luck tomorrow on the monster run, whichever route you pick.  Well done for booking the yoga - flexibility and balance is key. imageThe club race tomorrow is 10.5m...better stay off the sherbet tonight...

    Fiona nice double, good luck on tomorrow's long run!


  • Tek, counting down now only 3-4 weeks of full training left before taper
  • Hi guys- back from the dead again!! I ran our local bumpy trail parkrun in a comfortable 20.08 today, but apart from a recovery run on Monday followed by a sports massage that has been it! This happens EVERY February- work just gets so hectic at this time of year hat running has to take a back seat. Might well have to reassess my target for VLM, but hey- ho.... The bonus is that the job lets me train like a demon for autumn maras image will read back later, everyone.....
  • NN well done with your 8 miles and strides enjoy your 22 tomorrow.

    Fiona great double today and nice Tempo run.

    Teknik enjoy your race tomorrow.

    Jason Jason well done on your parkrun and hope your able to get a few more miles in.
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    welcome back Jason - hope work settles down soon


    Club tempo / race this morning. 10.2 miles on a rolling tarmac route.  Averaged 7.27mm...Splits 7:28 7:27 7:23 7:21 7:29 7:39 7:31 7:20 7:43 7:13 (7:12 eq).  HR settled at around 87% of max.for the last few miles, so that looks like a comfortable Half Mara pace.image

    Week's stats: 72m @av 8:55 @ av 72%maxHR

  • jason hope you get some miles done but you have a really solid base. Nice relaxed attitude! image

    Great run Teknik, nice pacing.

    Another 20 something in the VLM bank for me. 22.3 miles at 8:06mm pace, no snow lying despite a shower or two, thank goodness. A really cold run but that's 6 done out of the planned 10. image

  • Hey

    Just being nosey, I hope you don't mind. I see that your all training for marathons. Is anyone looking to run a sub 3.45? If so, what pace are you running your long runs at if you don;t mind me asking? Im running my first marathon and I am a little cofused. cheers

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Good to see you back jason ... i'm intrigued now, what job do you do ?

    Smooth racing Tek and great stats, well done.

    Fiona - you've done me by 0.2 of a mile as i got my first ever 22 done today. Great pace, well done.

    I also had a few snow showers and the wind was gruesome at times image but overall it went well. I did a completely new route so i think that probably had something to do with it, and some new tunes on the iphone image and before i knew it was at mile 17 where i'd left a bottle of water.

    Last few miles was run along a main road alongside one of the longest runways in Europe ... Manston Airport. That felt pretty lonely but that was the plan as Brighton is apparently run through an industrial estate of some sort in some of the later miles which is supposed to be similarly lonely and testing.

    22.1M, 8:50 pace @ a smidge under 75% with a couple of quicker ones past the airport image at around 7:45 and 7:30.

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Hi Sophie you nosey bugger image

    Welcome to the thread image

    If you're going for 3:45 you should probably be running the long runs at 9:20 - 10:15. P&D suggestion is to run at PMP + 20% ( about 10:15 pace ) then do the second half ( or a chunk of the second half ) at PMP + 10% ( about 9:20 ).

    Today i did most of my run at the slower end with about 5-6 miles a bit quicker at the end.

    Good luck with your training image


  • 7.5 miles inc/21.23 parkrun (Camperdown) yesterday

    1st run of the week for meimage but very happy with it. My brother reckons Camperdown is a good minute slower than Falkirk (my usual run) so I was happy to get within 40 seconds of my 5k PB. Although that time was set on an ice rink.

    I should go for some sorta run today

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