2013 Marathon Thread



  •  Mace I am hoping for around 1.40 next Sunday, which is the same time I did before I ran a  far too comfortable 3.40 marathon a few years ago. And yes our Tek is hilarious !! at least this old biddy aint got any bingo wings  image

    Fiona most schedules have a rest or recovery after a 22 so you made the right decision not doing that speed sesh

  • OH had to drive to Lairg today and it was stunning, got to 8 degrees at Bonar Bridge! image

    HM4 still a great achievement, I can do about 4 of these, on the 5th I fall on my face. image

    mace sounds like you are improving at a seriously fast rate! image


  • Fiona,

    They give you a crazy amount of rest between sets!

  • macemace ✭✭✭
    Nurse, zero Mara experience for me so I don't know what to expect. I imagine too comfortable would be disappointing after all the training. What's your Mara pb ?
  • macemace ✭✭✭
    Fiona, losing a few pounds has helpedimage
  • That is my PB, I  was aiming for 3.45 gfa and didn't want to blow it, but realised in the last 10k I had been a little conservative and ended up running a 4 min neg split !!! 1.53 then 1.48 but it felt great feeling so strong and passing so many runners who had obviously gone off too fast, I am using the same schedule this time and plan to be a little braver from the off !! hoping for 3.35-3.38, I too have lost a bit of weight , only 5-6 lbs but hoping it will help.

  • macemace ✭✭✭
    Well the estimate is something like 2 seconds per mile per pound I believe so that's 5 mins from the weight lost image Sure you'll be fine, good luck.
  • Mace and NN

    I have have half m pb of 1.40 and I am aiming for a sub 3.45 first marathon next month, what are you guys hoping for?

    1.5 hours of cross training and core work for me tonight.
  • Life/work getting in the way of spare time last night but managed a 1 mile swim and 6 miles easy yesterday.

    Mace think 3:30 should be well on for youimage I bet everyone has a higher HR the morning of a race and that's one reason I run on feel.

    Teknik well done on the recovery run, your link went to my blog!!!!!!!....

    NN well done on the recovery looking good for that PB image

    Fiona not sure how you manage a speed session after a long run my legs need the easy run the day after image

    MG1 well done on the core work.
  • MG1 hoping for good few minutes under 3.40, training is going well and I have done lots and lots and lots of miles,I saw your long run pace splits the other day, very good image

     NP  I tend to ignore the hr at the beginning of a race it does settle down though, and always tells me when I should be trying harder, I have tended to run in my comfort zone over the years and am sure I could have done much better.

  • macemace ✭✭✭
    MG I'm going for 3:30

    NP yes, i'll have done the training so i think the target is reasonable. I'm very tempted to ignore HR on the day, one less thing to worry about. Nice swimming again.

    VO2 session this morning. 5M recovery w/u then 5 x 600 @5k pace (90 secs recovery) aiming for 6:35 and averaged 6:30. Finished with 1.5M cool down for a total of 9M

    Pretty happy with that 2 days after a 22 miler image
  • Another glorious day here in far North image
    Preobably out in the kayak this afternoon (this counts as tapering image)
    My marathon target is rather less ambitious. Will be happy to complete the course which is not a PB course but probably looking at around 4h45

  • OH Same here it's as if summer has arrived early, blue sky no wind and you can feel some heat off the sun not much but it's thereimage up the vitimin D image....

    NN I think you would have to as the HR is bound to be up, like I said I run on  feel and by pace, it needs to feel easy for the first 15 or so miles, I dont think we get faster we just hold the same pace for more effort.

    Mace funny thing is I was thinking the same thing preety happy with my run 2 days after a 22 miler with some MP in it, well done and nice avg at 6:30.

    My run was 1 mile warm up 2 x miles tempo 1 mile MP 2 x miles tempo 1 mile MP 1 mile cool down.

    Splits:       8:03 6:06 6:01 6:43 5:58 6:00 6:32 7:25 compared to the same run two weeks ago:7:57 6:10 6:15 6:40 6:09 6:03 6:23 7:31  so a little more speed in the 4 miles tempo which is what I am afterimage Think the sun helped as wellimage.

  • np/oh Sun ??  none here still very grey and bloody freezing...nice tempo pace np

    mace nice quick 600s especially on tired legs from Sundays 22

     doubles day 4 easy and pilates class all done  have to do another 6 easy later then work..an extra night shift to cover someones sickness these youngster just cant keep up..just what I need in the week  leading up to a half marathon (just thought I would start getting the excuses in )image

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Race list is here https://skydrive.live.com/#!/edit.aspx?cid=FD94FCEE2B43A00F&resid=FD94FCEE2B43A00F%21154&app=Excel

    or on Fetch http://www.fetcheveryone.com/blog-view.php?id=53497

    HM well done on the press-ups

    Fiona well done on the progressive 6m yesterday

    OH enjoy the good weather !

    NN well done on the weight loss. Good luck for the double today.image Lol re early excuses...

    NP well done on the swim and easy 6 yesterday. Sorry the link would have taken everyone to their own blogs...Awesome run this morningimage

    mace sensible decision. Feeling strong and going past people fading at the end is worth its' weight in gold...nice Vdot session, tooimage

    MG well done on the corework and cross training.


    14m this morning at an easy 68%max. Still really cold here...

  • Since I done nearly nothing last week, I suppose I better get back to it this week.

    So, 9.93miles @ 8.37ave. Legs felt a bit stiff, but other than that ok.

    Quick question for any of the HR brigade. I've been using 200 as my max HR, on Saturday my HR averaged 191 over 5k, hitting 199 a few times. Does that sound sensible? It was also pinned at a minimum of 192 for nearly 19 minutes, that can't be right surely?image

    I don't actually train to HR, I just having more numbers to look at but I had never seen my HR that consistently high...

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Stuart I think that sounds ok - I'm about 5 beats under my max on the home straight of a 5k.  Getting pinned is a sign that you're at a sustainable pace for the distance...so use 200, the maths are easyimage

  • NP another quality run

    Tek nice easy 14

    SM6 good 9 with some good pace

    NN super double session, will be very happy to get under 3.40 come race day plan another 3-4 20 milers left to do.

    30 mins of cross training followed by a 5 k quick run with the new running club that has started to go out from the gym , good to get speed work done
  • Well done on everyone's training.

  • Teknik nice 14 miles in the bank this moning.

    SM6 well done on your 10 mile run, sorry can't help with the HR the only one I look at is my resting HR each morning and if it's up a few beats I am still getting over the day before or if it's down I can push a little harderimage

    MG1 nice cross training and speed work, pushing the speed button is hard but well worth the effort and will make MP feel easy and all the adaptations that take place will last for next time around.image

    Nice easy 6 miles tonight then a cold bath will do some core work and foam roller workouts later.



  • Well done on the double and pilates NN, a good day's training. image

    Great VO2 session mace, your target looks very achievable.

    OH I take it the marathon will be very scenic.

    NP impressive speed session for early morning. A sunny day here but baltic tonight. One of the group is a gritter driver and tonight is their last night out this week so meant to get milder from tomorrow.image Or maybe the roads will just be icy!! image

    Stuart I'm the same as you, I would never race to HR but like the stats to monitor!

    Teknik impressive distance for a morning run. I considered getting out early for a MLR tomorrow but think I'll give it a miss as it will be very icy first thing and I'm too chicken to go into the woods in the dark! image

    MG1 great to have a group to do the speed work with.

    4 miles easy this morning and 7.55m with the group tonight. A bit icy so the first half of the run on rough trail then the last half with 2min efforts/2 min jog. I was time keeper so a challenge to watch the garmin whilst dodging potholes in the dark! image Good fun.

    Where was your run tonight Stewart?



  • NN, busy day for you today a double and a Pilates class, well done,

    Mace, well done with the VO2max run today, my first one tomorrow

    Tek, great run today and at a very low HR, you've got to be happy with that

    NP, great double day, we have been blessed with some nice weather over the last few day but its a tad chilly in the evening

    SM6, I imagine you're raring to go after last week, good run and speedy too

    MG1, it's good to get out with like minded souls

    Fiona, another good double for you today, fair play doing speed work down the canal, I find it hard enough to do it in the daylight image, tonight I took them along dores road up to the ira, and back down via merelwood just over 5 miles

    12 miles for me tonight 2 miles prior to JS and 5 following, it was cold tonight it took me 2 miles to get some feeling back into my fingers
  • What a glorious day for it! Pity I didnt get out till 5.30 and it was dark by mile 5 lol. Hope everyones getting on ok. Didnt manage to get a LSR in on sunday due to work so had to get something in tonight. Longest run since my break, 13 miles, felt great until mile 10 then started to feel abit crap. Mile 7-10 was mostly uphills which I dont think helped. Nice bath and a big dinner and i feel great though. Legs feel abit tight but no pain still in my knee. 

    Iv got inverness half in a few weeks im just gonna try and take at a tempo pace. Looking at my schedule, the breaks done me in with first marathon in 9 weeks. Will likely run that at a LSR pace.

    13.2mi. 2:01:34.  Ave.pace: 9:13/mi

    Splits:  9:19,  9:12,  9:11,  8:59,  9:16,  9:42,  9:31,  9:02,  9:13,  9:11,  9:40,  8:50,  8:54,  1:28.  Splits were ran at what felt like a very easy jog pace.  

  • Good running by you last night Stewart, I was cold even when running fast!

    Well done on the run Spark, a few of us doing Inverness on 17th.

    4 easy miles for me this morning.image


  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Stuart good run yesterday

    MG well done on the gym and the 5k

    HM thanks

    Fiona yep I prefer early mornings in the daylight!  Nice double - that 2m on/off sounds like fun!  Nice easy 4m this morning.image

    Stewart nice 12m. Well done in the cold.

    Spark well done on the 13.2m...hope you're feeling better today


    1m w/up then 10m at 83%max as a MP test.  Pleased the HR is starting to level out on these runs.  Splits 7:49 8:06 7:57 8:01 8:07 8:05 8:04 7:59 8:21 8:01 - averaged 8.03mm so progress being madeimage

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Cooool running everybody image

    Stewart - good luck with the VO2

    Fiona - ICY !?!? I assume you're somewhere oop North ? as if anything it's warming up here in Kent.

    Tek - the miles are paying off for you, nice one. I can see you having exactly the same game plan as me for your next Mara image

    And Tek, how do you view the race list in that link ? Do i have to create an account ? Sorry, i'm total crud at the IT stuff image

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭
    Mace you don't need an account for the Skydrive link, but it keeps crashing unless I refresh it. You need a Fetch account for the Fetch link - just a name and email is required. It's all part of my plan to make everyone a fetchie...;)
  • macemace ✭✭✭

    ... well it worked , +1 fetchie image

  • Fiona great running and another double day banked. image

    SC great 12 miles your going well sir, another nice day here bit grey this morning but blue sky and sun this afternoon.

    Spark nice to have you back and well done on the 13 mile run.

    Teknik nice run with MP looking good.

    Mace welcome to Fetch are you Mace on Fetch?

    Had a little niggle yesterday around the left knee but after ice bath and plenty of stretching/foam roller it's gone and so kept to my plan which was 15 miles easy today, ran to feel and finished feeling fresh legs feeling great. image
  • Well done guys.



    Bet that's a relief regarding the niggle.


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