2013 Marathon Thread



  • Yep think it was more to sitting in the car stuck in traffic image
  • Spark, well done a good run last night and you finished strong

    Fiona, you must be doubling up today, your training is going well

    Tek, good pacing for your 10 miler, looking good and I wouldn't be surprised to see further improvement.

    Mace, got to love intervals, 

    NP, great run and I'm glad that niggle was dealt with, 

    Tonight was my first VO2max session, according to Messrs P&D it was to be 10 miles with 5 x 1km reps with 50%- 90% recovery.

    It was 9.2 miles with the 1km reps with 3 min recoveries split times for the reps were: 7:59 / 7:46 / 7:56 / 7:53 / 8:14, I misjudged the last rep, starting in the mid 8mm and accelerating towards the end of the rep, but I'm happy with the  four sub 8mm especially since my parkrun pb is just over 26 minutes.

  • Teknik nice MP test, great to see progress. image

    mace I'm in Inverness (same as Stewart) but no ice tonight.

    Fantastic 15 NP. image Great pace too!

    I was such a chicken tonight, don't know why but I just could not make myself go out in the dark. image A treadie run instead so 1 mile warm up, 7 miles at 6:54mm pace and half mile cool down. No chance to get away from work early with it being month end but must get out early in the light the next 2 weeks.


  • Cross post Stewart, great reps! image No wonder you're pleased.


  • Thanks Fiona, a fast tempo run on the treadie to finish the day well done, and it won't be long before the JS runs are in daylight
  • SC looks like you will smash that parkrun PB that's great running well done.

    Fiona fantastic double day and great tempo session looking good image
  • Away with work today / tomorrow so had to revert to 25 mins of swimming in the hotel pool, wished I had brought all my running kit as the seafront in Brighton looks appealing although the wind is blowing pretty strongly

    Hopefully back home in time for gym session tomorrow night, work can really get in the way of training ; (
  • MG1 trainers and shorts always packed firstimage well done on the swim.

    7 miles easy reocvery run done and dustedimage

  • Hi all. Last day of holiday. Sitting on beach in sun with mojito. Has been lovely. Not done much in mileage terms but have run every day between activities. Done about 40 miles and most has been quality running. Best effort was 4x1mile @6:02 pace with 2mins recovery. Did an MP run earlier but now plan to rest before silverstone half on Sunday.

    Have seen some super long ru s from you at the weekend and some good faster stuff too. I need to up my game and mileage in march image

    Good read that Julian goater book NP.

    Best wishes to you all...
  • AGF - Well done on getting some running in while on holiday. Those miles are at some pace too!image

    NP - Good running

    MG - At least you got something done!

    Fiona - Nice pace there.

    Stewart - nice speed session, I'd imagine you'd easily beat 26 minutes for 5k.


    7.3 @ 9.17 ave for me today. Legs felt very very heavy for some reason. Might do a bit of stretching before running tomorrow.

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    AGF - good to see you back, and that's a superb interval effort.

    Fiona - the treddy would scare me much much more than the dark image

    MG - i'm doing Brighton Mara and am REALLY looking forward to doing my last recovery run the morning before along the seafront image

    Stewart - great work !! Them V02 reps are strange as i really look forward to doing them then i'm delighted when they're done image

    Stuart - nice run, my legs were the same today

    NP - Yes, i'm always mace image nice recovery.


    6M recovery for me this morning and bloody hell did my legs need it !! I Felt fine after yesterdays 14 MLR, stretched, foam rolled etc etc and was good when i got out the door. But then i started to run like a duck image Is that a delayed response from the 22 on Sunday and the V02 session Tuesday ??

    Another 4M recovery tonight which hopefully will flush the rest of the shite out image

  • mace: "Fiona - the treddy would scare me much much more than the dark image"

    Good going Stewart and Stuart.

    Off to Poole for conference this weekend. Will pack trainers on off chanceimage

  • Mace, the seafront run will be good, plenty of runners out this morning, did bring trainers, shorts and top but not my leggings or base layer which was a school boy error with the wind chill , Good 6 this morning

    NP another good 7 this morning

    SM6 nice 7 earlier

    Other half, if the weather stays the same take your layers
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    mace - upload your garmin on Fetch so we can stalk your training.image  Nice recovery this morning - hope the legs are better tonight.

    HM thanksimage

    NP well done on yesterday's 15m. Glad the niggle went quickly. Nice recovery this morning.

    Stewart well done on those 1k intervals - good pacing.

    Fiona speedy treddie tempo last night!

    MG well done on the swimming. I understand the decision - freezing here too

    AGF sooooo jealousimage. That 1m interval session was really fast!

    Stuart well done on the 7.3m. Hope the legs feel lighter soon.

    OH enjoy the conference - I agree with MG, it's cold down here (but I guess you're used to that...)


    13.70m easy this morning.

    Month end!

    279m (+2m) @ av 8:58 (-0.22) @ av 72%max (-1%)image

  • Well done guys.


    Today's press up challenge was definitely that as the cat decided she'd keep walking under me.  Still a total of 26 done with 9 in 1 go.

  • Not had time to  read back yet, not had 5 mins to to catch up image extra shift has thrown me big time, managed to get 11 miles done last night between shifts felt bit clumpy and heavy though, dropped the mileage down for 15 to save soething of rSunday !

    Just  done  TM run fed up with running in the cold, ran at what I considered marathon pace heart rate and the pace came out @7.38s for the 4 miles..which is tempo pace, but heart rate no where near tempo heart rate , guess thats good..? image

    2 nights down 2 to go image

  • AGF enjoy the last of your holiday, nice running as well 4x1 miles at 6:02 pace image glad you liked the book makes you think a bit.

    SM6 nice running this morning image

    Mace well done on the duck running we all get days when we just don't feel right for some reason.

    OH you could do the park run image enjoy your trip.

    MG1 well done with the six this morning.

    Teknik well don on the 13.7 this morning and the 279 for the month very nice.

    NN well done on all your runs and working extra shifts with your HR lower for the tempos it means you have pushed your lactate level back if you go a little faster you will push it back a little more, but don't over do itimage

    Well another 7 miles in the bank with 7x.5 miles @ 5:20 pace image with jog recoverys between. image

    Stats for the month: 322.91 miles in 40:19:42 avg pace 7:30

    Swimming 6.52 miles in 5:11

    So very happy with that bring on March image
  • Looking forward to the daylight running Stewart.

    MG1 the run kit is also the first thing I pack complete with many layers. image Great that you got a swim.

    AGF that is super fast, you'll fly round your half! image

    Stuart, mace sounds like the legs are tired, also sometimes if I'm dehydrated or not eaten properly they feel heavy/tired.

    OH hope you get a run.

    Nice stats Teknik and NP, great running today both of you.

    Nice TM run NN and good HR!

    6 miles for me, started easy then some slow intervals to speed things up. Now that the month end is over hope to get back to doubles tomorrow.

    Month end stats - 248 miles, 7:54mm av pace total time 32:41:22. Also 20 turbo miles (1 hour)



  • HM4 well done on all those press ups! My cat is the same if I try anything. image A bit dangerous for her when foam rolling!!

  • NP, great running and swimming totals for the month you're right to be happy

    AGF, well done getting some miles in during your holiday, and I agree that book is good

    Stuart, hope the legs are feeling better after some stretching, good run earlier well done

    Mace, yeah intervals sessions are weird like that, good six earlier hope the legs are too quackered

    OH, enjoy the conference and I hope you can get some runs in

    MG, no point getting ill from the cold wind

    Tek, another good run and great totals for the month

    HM, well done with the press ups, I should do them more often , but I'm lazy image

    NN, well done, must be difficult juggling your work with the amount of running you do

    Fiona, great stats for the month and well done with the doubles

    5.5 miles tonight 4 with JS and the rest after, happy that the legs didn't feel too wrecked after last nights VO2max session.

    Stats for the month: 194.11m @10:20 in 33:25:51, avgHR 150(79%)

    My birthday tomorrow(42 years young) so I may reserve the right to not do any running.
  • Tek, Nice 13 and a super month of running, those are some serious miles

    NN fast 4 m and I am sure you have put in a great total mileage this month

    NP , well what awesome month you have had, you got to be very , very happy with that performance and speed

    Fiona C another great month of running with very nice pace

    For me back the gym tonight with the trainer who is now pushing me hard on interval work, really wasn't up for it tonight after 4 hour drive home but adrenalin kicked in nicely, now fired up for the Saturday morning Long run I think only 4 long runs left for me until taper .
  • Stewart C, great effort for the month you got to happy with that, enjoy your Birthday and the day off image
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Happy birthday Stewart !image

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Happy Birthday Stewart! image

    3 miles for me this morning - outdoors for the first work morning this year! image


  • Supposed to be sleeping but there is a lot of noise going on 2 doors down, I can hear a cement mixer through my ear plugs,image will try and nap again later

    Stewart  hey happy birthday fellow Pisces imageand I wish I was 42 its my birthday on Sunday the 3rd I will be 51 image and by the way, I am doing a half marathon on my birthday so you have no excuse really not  to do at least a little run image

    Well done all some serious mileage for the month mine was 265

    Going to try and nap again now..image

  • Tek - Nice run yesterday, and great total for the monthimage

    HM - Hope you didn't land on the cat!

    NN - Good running, even if it wasn't the full distance you wanted

    NP - Nice speedy runimage

    Fiona - Great total, and average pace for the month!image

    Stewart - Happy birthdayimage Enjoy the rest day

    MG - Sounds like a good session at the gym!


    6 mile cycle, plus some lunges, chin ups and dips at the gym after work. Should probably start adding weight while I'm doing chin ups as my fat ass isn't heavy enough. Going for a short run later on, probably between 3-6 miles dependent on how the old legs feel.

    Running for Feb was:

    Total Run 18 22:56:28 78.2% 9:21 6.41 154 147.16

    Piss poor really, but had I not got lazy last week, I'd have been close to/just over 190. My taper starts on the 1st of April, so I'd really like to hit 200 miles this month.

  • Some great running going on. Hope everyone is doing well.

    Weather is excellent today so decided to go a dog run down the park. Felt fired up so decided to do 1mi warmup,  3x2miles at a tempo pace with 0.2 mile recovery jogs and a 1 mile warm down. First 2 miles tempo felt horrible. 2nd lot felt great and the last 2 were a struggle, dropped pace considerably but felt full out. Really feeling the benefit of these faster runs, being scared to introduce them after tendonitis i think has been a big mistake so going to focus on some quality sessions, maybe twice a week. 

    Splits: 6.55,  6.58.  Rec3:00  7:04,  6:45,  Rec2:54   7:45,  7:27  and  1:43 for 0.25mi to finish. 


  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    HM well done on the press-ups.  Our cat stears clear of me doing them - too much whining and swearing (me, not the cat).image

    NN nice treddie pace!  Well done on the month's total. Hope you got some sleep today.

    NP fantastic pace for those 800s yesterdayimage. Storming month too...

    Fiona nice 6m yesterday. Great month's work (and pace!).  Well done for getting out this morning.

    Stewart nice 6m yesterday.  Big month, well done.  Enjoy the birthday!

    MG well done for getting into the gym after all that driving.  Good luck with the long run tomorrow.

    Stuart good training.  Hope you can avoid the lazy days next monthimage

    Spark nice tempo - 6m of fast stuff is tough going...


    4.6m recovery jog this evening, 90 minutes of really really hot yoga this morning (I was late and had to stand by the fire again).image

  • Got a couple more hours sleep then went for easy 4.5 miles with a few strides and called in to the gym on my way back to do some core stuff, probably could have done it at home but I try harder in the gym image

    Tek I know hot yoga stands for itself but is the fire the only way the room is heated ? and how hot is the room

    Spark very nice tempo pace well done.

    SM6 a nice days training already and have a good run

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    NN well done on the recovery run.  The yoga room has air-con on hot, radiators and a fire.  I think it's about 40C....

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