2013 Marathon Thread



  • OH - Nice picture

    NN - Well done on the intervals. I think your son might be right tooimage

    NP - Good running

    Mace - Sounds like an 'interesting' session!

    Tek - Great running in those conditions.

    Stewart - Good tempo run last night

    AGF/Tek - The idea of some miles before the half is obviously the best idea, not sure it'll be possible tho.


    4.55 miles @ 9.34 this evening. Probably go for a swim in the morning after work.

  • mace- like NP says, 14m is great going in a big week of trainingimage

    NN- good session there!image

    Glad everyone is surviving the weatherimage

    On the subject of running faster, I realise that last week I ran a tempo session on Friday evening before running a parkrun at tempo effort on Saturday morning. Don't think that this got in the way at all when it came to Sunday's 24, so I guess I'm thinking of repeating this experiment more regularlyimage

    Nothing fast today- sports massage yesterday, so took it easy- 6m recovery this morning and 10m easy with a few strides thrown in this evening. Much warmer this evening: 4 degrees!image 

  • Took it easy with only 16 miles hey Jasonimage

    OH well done again with the marathon. Love the photo. A nice pic to keep that one ....

    Well done on everyone's training. Just the one run today and if I am honest it was hard work..... But saw it through ok in the end image
  • OH,

    Great photo.


    Well done to everyone who's got out. The forecast for the weekend is meant to be wet weather so hopefully that will mean warmer temperatures.


  • macemace ✭✭✭
    Nurse I did the same this morning awake at 4 thinking about where to do my vo2

    NP/jason I understand, thanks. Nice confidence boost.

    AGF , still feeling the half ?

    Physio this evening, diagnosed with patella femoral syndrome. Muscle imbalance in right quad means knee cap wanders by 3 degrees so needs to be re-aligned .... so ive got some exercises to do for it and have to tape the knee cap for 6 weeks. Amazing how much relief a bit of tape can give - I can now single leg squat on the offending leg image
  • OK attempt at race report

    1st Marathon of 2013 - Loch Katrine - 10 March.

    Overnight rough boat trip to Aberdeen image then overnight at B+B in Aberfoyle. Porridge and toast breakfast. Bright but cold morning with a few flecks of snow difting down as we drove over Duke's pass to the start at the pierhead.

    Met a few friends from Cape Wrath in the car park as well as putting faces to a few forumitesimage. Another old friend MrsMac managed to quire bib "no 1" for her 70th marathon/ultra.  Few flurries of horizontal snow as we registered and waited.
    47 runners + sweeper at the start.

    About half mile mark did a speed check - 7.x MM - TOO FAST for me and consciously slowed down to end first mile at 8:55. First mile was fairly flat. but then undulations began but managing to run up all the hills even managing to try to smile for photographer! Beannie and Montane jacket now off and tied around waist. 10k turn point past. Glad to reach the HM turn point before any of the Halfers caught me (starting 30 minutes after marathoners). Stunning scenery all around. On the steep downhill after that I began to feel the outside edge of my left foot (the injury that had bugged me in the 2 weeks before the race) but fortunately settled again once it levelled off. Onwards to the 8mile water point where my wife Elspeth was marshalling. Dumped jacket (with most of my edibles) there. Weather still bright but cold. The course continued up round the tail of the loch. At this point I was aware of a few runners ahead and behind but were all quite spaced out by now.
    At 10.5 miles I met the first runners coming back all proffering encouragement. Finally guided through some buildings (to avoid a gate) to the turn point. Met more runners than anticipated after the turn, one of which overtook me at about 14 mile mark. Had mini dairy milk. Now looking forward to seeing Elspeth again at 18 mile water station. Shortly before then I passed a guy who was really struggling with sore feet who had to call it a day at the next station . This was the last runner I saw before the end. Met Elspeth who had walked up to meet me. Ate a few goodies from the stash I had left there leaving jacket and rest of goodies behind. Probably should have take more "fuel" on with me. Walked up the big hill next when the weather closed in with heavier snow. Began to feel a bit isolated alone wearing just running gear and was glad when the road eventually dropped back down towards the loch. Beginning to count down the miles. There was apparently quite a head wind as splits show although I wasn't particularly aware of it (being from Orkney!).  Rather cooler now and any lingering doubts about a post run swim dismissed. Left foot really aching now and affecting my stride. Passed by reurning marshalls including Elspeth in car. Although I now knew I would complete every stride was now an effort. Glucose supplies exhausted (shouldn't have left majority with Elspeth at water station).

    Glad to see the 4/22 mile water station and be on the home run. "Just another 5k" greeted a marshall. Now counting down the kms and feeling it quite hard work. Quite big flakes of snow coming down which was quite refreshing catching them on the tongue.

    Caught sight of Elspeth coming out to meet me after 25 mile mark. She ran along with me a short way. Met a family with 2 little girls, one of which commented loudly - "He's VERY slow!".

    Finish line now in sight and managed to put on a bit of a spurt, spurred on minimally by Elspeth's shout "Come on there's 2 coming up behind you".
    Over the finish line, water and a very hard frozen Tunnoch's wafer log!

    4h55m09 on Garmin (not quite what I'd hoped for but happy enough)

    Hobbled up the stairs to the cafe while

  • ... Elspeth fetched warm dry clothes.
    Hot Cullen Skink and hot tea in front of a log fire
    At this point the weather turned really nasty with white out conditions.
    The last runner came in with at least an inch of snow on his cap brim.
    Good meeting up again with others after the race before my comedy walk back down the steps to the car.

    6h drive the following day is not recommended recovery but hey ho ...

    41st out of 47. 4h55m05 official time
    Official photos all make it look lke a lovely bright day (which it was between the wintry showers)

    8:57 10:16 10:10 9:48 10:17 11:25 10:46 10:28 10:34 10:24 10:23 10:36 10:12 11:22 10:59 11:15 11:18 12:41 13:11 12:49 13:02 12:08 13:45 12:50 12:33 12:14 (9:14)

  • And just to prove it wasn't all blue skies (the sweeper and last man home)



  • OH!!! Great report and two fab photos! Hard to believe they're both from the same race! image
  • NN good intervals

    NP nice 10 m

    Tek great effort in the wintery conditions

    SM6 good little run

    Mace hope the treatment works out nnthe knee

    AGF good run again

    Jason, see double effort today

    Other H great run report well done

    Well was in the gym at 6.30 this morning for a 9 km treadmill tempo run then back again this evening for a hour of cross training and core work.
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Very well done OH, those photos are great and just shows the weather changes in the blink of an eye. A great result for such a tough and solitary run! image

    Well done on the gym session MG1, tough doing a tempo in the gym as usually quite warm.

    mace hope the tape etc does the trick.

    AGF, Stuart, jason nice easy running.

    NN you poor thing worrying about your run! I'm such a softie I don't mind my treadmill. image

    Great early running Teknik and NP.

    Did a couple of miles easy before running with the group tonight as had been told it would be pyramids. A few are doing a 33 mile Ultra on Saturday so ended up a nice easy 8 miles, some hills thrown in; very slow but still some miles.image 


  • Fiona C yes know what you mean , fortunately the heating wasn't too high first thing this morning, right time for sleep very early start tomorow but all for work image
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    AGF nice running yesterday your getting back into it now.

    SM6 nice running enjoy your swim.

    Mace great that you now know what it is and the single leg squats will help image

    OH fantastic race report the photos are very good and show how much the weather changed. I'm not sure if I could do 6 hours in a car never mind after running a marathon.

    MG1 great treadmill and core work.

    Fiona more great hill work from yourself, I'm looking forward to getting up my hill on Saturday image when do you fly out?
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Head to London next Wednesday night then to Faro first thing Thursday. image Got the schedule -  a lot of tempo running on cross country course in the afternoon after a steady morning run. image


  • OH - how very kind of that child to give you that Motivation at the end image Thanks for the report - a nice read.

    Mace - I think the half broke me on the back of a weeks running fast sessions... but a am gradually recovering thanks. Good to hear that you have a solution for diagnosis - hopefully that will see you through.

    Enjoy Portugal Fiona - if your like me - you will like the warm weather training. a chnage is as good as a rest !!

    7 miles this morning before work and hope for another jog this evening ....

  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭

    Tek, the conditions sounded aweful for your run yesterday, 

    Mace, well done with the interval session, and hope the physio has fixed the knee

    NN, I think we all are a bit barmy if truth be told, well done

    SM6, nice run last night, hope you enjoyed the swim

    Jason, well done with the 16 mile double yesterday, hopefully it will warm up before the weekend but more importantly the wind dies down

    OH, great race report and congratulations, it is amazing how quickly the weather can change at this time of year, four seasons and all that, hope you're recoverying well image

    MG, well done with the treadie tempo run, enjoy the core and cross training later

    Fiona, you're right to take it easy before your ultra, who else is doing it with you, I know Ben and Steven are doing it, sounds like a nice run last night

    AGF, well done with the early 7 miles, enjoy the easy run this evening

    JS last night so it was a steady 5 mile run, not as cold as Monday night, which made the run all the more enjoyable

    5.5m 53mins@9:44mm


  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Mace well done on the Vdot in the wind! Hope the knee gets fixed.

    NP nice 10m yesterday

    NN well done on getting the intervals done

    OH great picciesimage. The weather sure did change! Don't fancy that hill either...nice report.

    Stuart nice easy 4.55m

    Jason nice double. Glad the weather's balmy over thereimage

    AGF good you're getting some miles in again. Nice 7m this morning

    HM hope so image

    MG nice treddie tempo and good cross training

    Fiona well done on the hilly pyramid session. Enjoy your holidayimage

    Stewart nice steady 5.5m with the JS group last night


    Weather much better this morning.  1m w/up and w/down plus 9m at "MP" (run with a 83%max ceiling). Turned out to be 7:55mm so very chuffedimage


  • Tek - Pace is coming along nicely now, and you've still a good bit of training time to improve further. Good goingimage

    Stewart - Nice run

    AGF - Nice run this morning, enjoy your run later

    FIona - Enjoy the holiday!

    MG - Nice tempo run and gym work

    OH - Good rce report. The weather didnt look too bad for you on Sundayimage


    52 lengths of the short side of the pool this morning. Think its about 18m, so about 900m total.

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Great trainig all

    OH - fabulous read and photos, thanks. I particularly like the comment about the snowflakes providing refreshment .... made me smile. And a fantastic run image

    Fiona - so you missed out on the pyramids ? Having never done them is that a image or a image ??

    AGF - sure you'll be fine

    Tek - much better here as well .... well done on the sub 8'ing image

    Stuart - do you watch Ant n Dec on Saturday night ? And the 2 little lads who are little Ant n Dec ? Don't get me wrong cos i couldn't swim that far but i reckon you're little NP with that swim image ..........

    ...... and this morning i was little jason with a progressive 14M which went 8:24, 8:28, 8:21, 8:12, 8:08, 8:09, 7:57, 7:47, 7:41, 7:39, 7:29, 7:25, 7:08, and cool down 8:31 ....  ave 7:57 @ 78%


  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    I'm not doing the Ultra Stewart but Craig and Ben are so decided on an easy run which is fair. It was a lot milder, not even freezing! image

    Nice morning running AGF, mace and Teknik.

    Stuart that's a lot of swimming!



  • Afternoon,
    just woke up managed to sleep a little better today, just a 15 MLR to do now before getting ready for another shift.

    Mace I am glad I am not the only one waking up worrying about intervals, bloody stupid really well done on that 14 miler verrrrrrry nice indeed 

    OH super race report, crikey you are 'ard running in those conditions, hope the legs aren't too stiff today or are you coming down the stairs on your bum ?image and what lovely photos I bet is was a beautiful course

    Nice running Tek and Stuart and the weather is a little warmer here too today so looking forward to getting out in a bit.

    SM6 nice swim ..image
    MG1 nice days training wel done on the early tempo run on the treadmill

    Fiona I dont see that running on treadmill makes you a softie, quite the opposite especially mentally, its tough, I have missed something somewhere?  are you
      the Algarve for warm weather training ? who with ? I did that about 5 years ago with 209 events fantastic fun and lots of interesting talks and varied training we finished the week with a 21 miler

  • Tek another good one from you with a nice pace

    SM6 that's a great swim, wish I had a decent local pool or swim that well

    Mace again great 14 this morning nice splits through the run

    NN hope the 15 has gone well, my other half is a nurse and she is working tonight as well! She doesn't like running though !!

    got up at 4.45 this morning to fly out to Belfast for work and not flying back until 6.30 tonight so no training for me today which is not great but feel knackered anyway so maybe not bad thing, back to it tomorrow at least the double session yesterday might have compensated
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    NN that's who I'm going with, went to NY and Berlin with them. Sounds like a busy week they have planned! Doubles every day which should be easy enough with nothing else to do!

    Got 6 miles done today progressive, snow shower just when I was out, typical!


  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    LOL at the little Jason and NP image

    AGF nice running.

    Tek great running HR looking good.

    SC more good running from yourself sir. image

    SM6 nice swimming.

    Mace great 14 miles in to the bank.

    NN hope the 15 went ok.

    Fiona nice progressive running, the trip sounds great something I might look at in the future is it at altitude?

    15 miles nice and steady today after yesterday's tempo running, Having done 6x 22 mile long runs in a row I'm going to do a bit of a cut back week next week with the run up. To my half marathon on the 23rd.
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    MG1 sorry I missed your post where in Belfast where you? Did you see my hill?
  • Mace,

    Good luck hope that does the trick for you.


    Well done & great photo.


    Well done on everyone's training.

  • Had a strange run, I have a hilly 15 miler around the country lanes which I do occasionally if its light enough when I get up which at the moment it it as the days are getting longer...the last time I did this route it took 2.22 which was average time on those hills today it took 2.16 so route PB by 6 mins at same hr although my legs felt like lead my hr was only 73% for the run..it was very windy too, it felt tough on the legs but easy on the hr and the pace was good but it felt like 11 min miles image

    MG1 does she have to do day shifts aswell as nights ?

    NP its about time you had an easy week..well done on the 15

    Fiona you will have great time I loved it and would love to go again sometime

  • Nice relaxing recovery (pool) swim tonight.
    Have large purple bruise stretching down back of left thigh! image
    This is the bit that was painful after the race.image
    Soreness is settling now the bruise is showing. image
    No idea when/how it occurred, but presume I tore a muscle in the cold.

    Maybe run with JS group tomorrow.image

  • NN- Your legs are bound to be feeling heavy at this stage- good runningimage

    Mave- well done on the 14image

    OH- I had something similar after Sniowdon- slight tear to the hamstring, but nothing to worry about or slow me downimage

    NP- Cut back sounds sensible- well done on the MLRimage

    Fiona- well done on the 6- hope the weather improves for you!

    MG1- Like you say, not a bad thing- the rest will do you goodimage

    5m recovery run for me this morning and 15m in a steady 1.47 this evening (7.09 av) splits: 7:28 7:28 7:18 7:28 7:30 7:25 7:27 7:31 7:14 7:08 6:45 6:47 6:42 6:39 6:22 8 Recovery day tomorrowimage 

  • NP had meetings in Belfast and also at Carrickfergus , the road along the coast up to Carrickfergus is scenic, the hills around look like beasts!! Another good run in the bank for you image

    NN she's a ITU nurse works 12.5 h shifts both nights and long days, you nurses earn every penney and more

    Jason D another good two runs today, you must be pretty happy with how it's all looking

    Fiona good six miler, sounds like you are going to be a busy lady.
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