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  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Happy with the PB! image Harder than easy MG1 but happy that I could have done more if I'd pushed it. image  Nice to feel that I can crack on with the training. Great that the legs are recovered from your 20.

    I'm looking forward to the next 5 weeks. Hope I can still get some quality training in the next 3 weeks that will make a difference. image We all just have to stay injury free now!!


  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭

    Inverness Half Marathon 17/03/2013


    Pre Race


    With it being a12:30pm start I could afford a bit of a lie in, I got up around nine and devoured my breakie. Set off for the sports centre on foot with the OH and two of the kids, Glo and Jess were both running today in the5k fun run. Met up with Gemma and Nikki, who were both looking to get in around 1:55 which was my gold time. Before we knew it we were being led off towards the start line, probably a little early as we were hanging around at the start for well over twenty minutes. The weather conditions at the start were almost perfect, a little breezy but dry.


    The Race


    12:30 and we were off, the plan was to stick as close as possible to 8:45 as we could for the first few miles before the climb out of the town and up to Torbrek, we got to the first water station(3m) in 25 minutes, I was happy enough with this took on some water and got a stitch almost immediately, the next mile was hard as a result and it was up hill too! The girls were now a good 25metres ahead so I dug deep and caught them by the four mile marker and this seemed to help with the stitch. Once we got past Torbrek the run became a little easier, with some small inclines around Stratherrick Road, incidentally passing through 10k in 52mins an unofficial PB.


    The middle miles were good trying to keep the pace consistent in and around 8:30-8:40mm, I was feeling strong and not at all troubled and it felt like I was on for a good time. Once we got back onto Dores Road we told Nikki to crack on and she did, Gemma was now working extremely hard and I wanted to make sure she got the sub 1:55 she wanted, we were still going at a good pace with two miles to go, the weather took a turn for the worse, we were now running into the strengthening breeze and it was now raining hard, and it was around this time Gemma was starting to struggle, she told me to go but I refused, telling her to keep working were still on target. Into mile 13 now and we could here the race commentator at the finish, I was itching to drop the hammer and blast it, but I was determined to finish with my running buddy, once we got to the track with less than 400metres to go, we increased the paced and kicked for home the crowd was awesome and the weather was now awful, crossing the line together in 1hr 52mins and 49secs, over two minutes faster than my gold time and almost an eleven minute PB.


    After Race


    It was great meeting up with the other Jog scotties and more importantly my family two of which were sporting 5k medals, no official time but the got round in about 45 minutes. I'm really happy with the the race and slightly surprised at how strong and untroubled I was overall, roll on Lochaber and the full.

  • Stewart. A brilliant run and excellent report. Well done for sticking with your pal and smashing your pb and gold time. I found last year that training slow to HR for good% of time does work and when you get to races then you benefit... Your another great example image

    Congrats image
  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭

    NP, that must be a nice feeling, great running image

    Jason,  awesome running this weekend, and totals for the week

    AGF, congrats to your wife she must be delighted, and another great run from you sir

    Tek, congrats with the parkrun PB, and a 17 mile run with a hangover, fair play I'm like Fiona it takes me a day or two to recover fully

    HM4, well done with the 3 mile run today

    Fiona, Congrats with a new HM PB you must be delighted, and you thought it wasn't a PB courseimage well done with the 3rd and 10th overall you must be delighted, enjoy the warm weather training.

    MG, well done with the 20 mile run yesterday and I'm glad the legs are recovering



  • Fiona- wish I could get a PB and placed while cruising along! Lol! Well done! As for the 2 20 days- it just sort of happened, but good training!

    Stewart- great PB and well done for sticking with your partner- I would have dropped her and caught up later at the end lol! image
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Stewart fab report. I had a lie in too - maybe that's the secret! image  Nice that Gemma got her time but I'm with jason on running with folks in races! imageimage

    Great training jason. image 



  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭
    I'm just a big softie at heart, I'll need to develop a ruthless streak
  • Not had time to read back yet, not long showered after getting in from my rather late 17 miler..

    I had the little grandson till 6 and didnt get out to run till nearly 7, I just HAD to do it today it was the one session I was dreading and one that I actually skipped the last time I followed this schedule and I had ALL day to look forward to it,image knowing the other P@D ers  had done theirs made me more determined to get it done

    17 miles with 14 @ marathon pace

    2 miles easy then 8.17....8.18...8.16...8.16...8.22...8.21...8.20..8.21...8.22..8.19...8.17..8.17..8.15..8.12 then 1 mile easy AND NO COLD BATH !!

    aiming for 8.20s ave pace 8.17 so pleased to get that out the way.

  • Just seen Stewarts race report, well done superb run and strong finish all the hard work is paying off 

    Fiona you are well on the way to that sub 1.30 amazing you are image well done indeed

    AGF great run by Mrs AGF..and not too bad yourself the day after a 20 miler too !!

     NP nice 16, makes a nice change after all the 22s you have done, you certainly wont be lacking in endurance that's for sure. Jason it must be so nice to get a 22 miler done that quick, hardly makes a dent in your Sunday really does it ?.lol 

    Tek rather you than me running a 17 miler with a hangover, nice run, and nice pb for the parkrun


  • NN - Nice MP run

    Stewart - Great running, and a fantastic PBimage

    Fiona - Another amazing HM for you, well done!

    Jason - Impressive run, especially after 20 yesterday!

    NP - Nice run, and sounds like the cutback week has done the world of good.

    HM - Good running

    AGF - Nice run after yesterdays 20, and well done to Mrs AGF!


    Offical time of 95.08, a Pb of 9 secondsimage 307th of 1251.

    Had hoped for around 91-92, I think the lack of garmin screwed me massively. As I've almost exclusively done MP or slower running the last few months (infact, I've barely done any MP stuff) I had absolutely no idea how fast I was running, and as a result I think I went out far too slow then sped up far too much then ran myself out. The 1st mile was chaos, I'd be surprised if it was sub 9 tbh.

    I had a couple of physical issues, trainers aren't remotely water resistant, so my feet got very wet early on, and had some blistering issues. I also got a slight cramp in my right quad about 10 miles. But I doubt those cost me much more than 30-60 seconds, if that.

    I passed a girl that I recognised from parkrun just after the 4 mile point, I'm the thick end of 3 minutes faster than her over 5k, yet I spent 4 miles behind her...

    Despite being very annoyed by how everything panned out, it changes nothing for Lochaber. I've already decided what time I'm attempting, and a huge PB today still wouldn't have changed that. I was hoping for a good time as a better indicator for Loch Ness, as I expect that's my only HM this year.

    Think I'll go for a swim this morning, then back to running tomorrow.

  • SM6 a pb all the same !! how come you had no garmin ? I must admit I couldnt run without one nowadays, what time are you hoping for at Lochaber ? when is it ?

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    NN great running after waiting all day to get out and do it image

    SM6 take all the positives out of this, the weather wasn't great and you ran in it and got a PB. Your feet where soaked and you got a blister and you ran through that to a PB. You ran without your Garmin and you ran a PB. You ran a PB but your legs are ok. PMA you can still go faster and more PB's are on the cards for you. image

    1 mile swim this morning recovery run later. image
  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Had a bit of a read back, blimey this thread's been moving quick

    Tek - great pb in the 5k

    MG1 - well done on knocking out the 20

    AGF - sounds a bit more controlled than your last half image top marks to Mrs AGF

    Stewart - well done mate, your patience with HADD and the consistency has paid you back .. and some !!! Capable of more as well but a nice touch sticking with your pal

    Fiona - great pb and sounded so comfortable !!

    Stuart - congrats on the 9 second pb

    Nurse - a solid MP run and nice to bag it

    jason - 2 great days running on the spin

    NP - you must feel fresh as a daisy after a cut back LR following your string of 22's

    OH - brave man in the sea !!

  • NN - I left my Garmin in the house, d'oh! I felt like a right tit when I put my HRM strap on then realised the bloody watch was 15 miles awayimage

    NP - Yeah, I've certainly learned a few things from yesterday that shall be remembered for future racesimage Nice swim this morning!


    50x25m swim this morning for me

  • Planned rest this week but feeling a bit rough with elbow infection (olecranon bursitis) anyway

    Well done AGF and AGFW (MrsAGF)imageimage
    Well done for toughing it out on day after run Tek
    SM6 Sorry you're disappointed with Alloa HM but 95 min is still a good time (one I could only dream of)
    StewartC great run, great PB and great report. All the best for Lochaberimage
    JSN 6.25mm at end of 22image
    FionaC impressive running PB and placing
    NN impressive training
    NP "16.5 miles for me today in my cut back week all nice and relaxed and legs feel like I havn't run today" says it allimage

  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭

    NN, great run yesterday

    SM6, it's still a PB, well done mate, not long to Lochaber now

    NP, great swim today enjoy the recovery run later

    Mace, thanks mate, slowing down my easy runs has certainly helped, following the P&D plan has also done wonders, I can't believe how much fitter and stronger I've become since Aviemore back in October

    OH, enjoy your rest week and I hope the infection clears quickly, 

    Still on cloud nine, no running planned today but I'm going to go to the gym and do some cross training with some core work.  I would like to thank you guys for your support.

    I would not mind some advice on Marathon pace, I have been training with 10mm in mind but after yesterday this might be a tad conservative, your thoughts would be appreciated

  • Stewart. Double your half time and add 15-20 mins as a conservative target.... Which means sub 4 for you in ideal conditions....
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Stewart - excellent result in your Half imageimage, well done on sticking with your club mate.  Great race report, too.  On the MP side, you could either go back to the Hadd 10 mile 83%max test, or look at the stats here http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/forum/spring-marathon/conversion-rates-from-hm-to-marathon/173342-11.html#last.  With the mileage you're on, I'd expect you to be in the quicker end of the range given.

    NN tough 17 with 14 @ MP. Well done on the great splits.image

    Stuart, like the others said, it's a PB. Plus you've got to blame the lack of Garmin. If you "only" lost 120 secs in the first mile that's a 10 second improvement per mile on a flat pace you need for the remaining 12 - that ain't gonna happen that easily, running on feel.

    Mace thanks, hope you're ok

    OH hope that elbow clears up

    NP nice swimimage


    Nothing much here - 3m recovery jog.  I'm mini-tapering for my Half on Sunday, which I will be rrrracing.


  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Well done getting out NN.image

    Stuart agree with the others; a PB is a PB!! Well done!! Nice swimming and also same NP.

    OH hope the elbow clears up and the rest gives the foot a chance to get better.

    Stewart enjoy the rest. Make the most of the mini taper Teknik, makes sense after all the miles you've put in.

    Felt pretty rubbish today, sore throat, head spinning etc so no running. image Never like to start the week with a zero. Off to do some work, loads to do before I get away. Hope the snow stays away, the forecast is pretty bad.


  • Stewart,

    Great report.


    Great report.  It makes me wonder how we timed ourselves before Garmins!


    Hope you feel better soon.


    Well done on everyone's training.

  • NN- wow, great going! image

    Stuart- with the others on this image Well done!

    OH- rest up and recover.....

    Tek- best of luck for your half image

    Fiona- hope you feel better soon....

    Nothing much to report here- 6.5m recovery this morning and 5.2m recoveryish this evening- unfortunately I happened to bump into a clubmate who is targetting sub 2.30 for this evening run, so ended up running faster than planned- but nice to have someone to chat to for a change! image

    I seem to have entered a 10k for this Sunday too.....
  • NN well done the run with 14 at marathon pace, need to replicate that myself in the next week, maybe look at it for this Saturday , while since I have ran at that speed over a longer distance

    SM6 good swimming earlier after yesterday's race

    Tek hope the legs are resting and recovering well for your race Sunday

    Fiona hope your feeling a bit better

    Jason good couple of recovery runs

    8 k tempo run in the gym on the treadmill plus core and rollers for me, good to get some speed into the legs
  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Tek - yeah, i'm fine thanks. What's the target for Sunday ??

    Fiona - is your achilles ok now ? hope the head clears soon

    nice training all

    6M recovery this morning @ 9:2x @ 65% , pootling round town and along the seafront with another 4M recovery this evening

    188M to go til Brighton ... YIKES !!!! 


  • Will read back properly later.

    Tek / Mace question for you do you still post on the Hadd thread at all ? Tek my PMP run 14 miler came out 79 % ave with a max of 84%. Brian said he starts his marathons at 83% do you think I am aiming too low going on HR for the 14 miler ?

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Nurse - i pop into the HADD thread now and again but i'm not HADDing at the moment and will go back to it after Brighton. I posted a similar question in there to Brian recently as i have pretty much the same dilemma.

    I've got zero Marathon experience but FWIW, based on my stats/HR, and what a few on here have said about my runs, you certainly are being a bit more conservative than i am, in my opinion.

    Having said that, it's all about HR max isn't it and being confident with it

    And don't forget you're hitting your "MP" in training and at the end of a big week of miles. Add in a taper and carbload .....

    How did you feel during and at the end of your "MP" run ?

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭
    Fiona hope your feeling a little better today

    HM what week are you up to now?

    Jason nice double recovery.  Funny how those races just appear on the spreadsheet, isn't it? 

    MG well done on the tempo and gym work

    Mace I'm gunning for 1:35.  Nice recovery HR!

    NN I'm sticking to Hadd.  So last time I did a few 80%max 10 milers, got to a level HR , but didn't notch it up. I ran Frankfurt 15 secs slower than the test pace, and it turned out to be 78% by mile 10, 80% by mile 13, 85% by mile 20, 86% mile 25, then an explosion to 94% as I hit the last mile at HM pace.  For the first time in 7 mara's I didn't (a) throw up (b) cry (c) cramp up or (d) slow down.  This time I'm running the 10 mile tests at 83%, but I'm failing to get the HR to level out completely, so I'm stuck there.  The guys on the Fetch Hadd thread are notching up their 10 milers to 86% or 87% but they're all sub3 runners.  Ignore averages - if you're at 84% by mile 14 then I'd call that "safe".  Have I skillfully avoided answering the question?

    6m steady this a.m.
  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Bilmey Tek, i know you had problems before you took up HADD but i didn't realise it was THAT bad !!

    What was your strategy in them bad old days ? I assume no HR monitor ? At what stage in those Maras did you know you was in trouble ?

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Recovery run last night and a nice tempo session this morning will do a shorter session later.

    Fiona hope the throat is feeling better.

    Jason more great running from yourself sir.

    NN more great running from you.

    Teknik nice steady run this morning, run to pace and feel here image
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    NP Lol and nice trainingimage

    mace - I just had a "based on my half time I should easily break 4h" strategy. No HRM. Tried running at a flat pace, at a faster pace to allow for fading, at a slower pace then speeding up (laugh!)...always broke down somewhere after mile 20. Now I know it's because my HR was too high, I was breathing badly, producing too much lactate, leading to cramp, glycogen depletion and general misery.  image

  • Tek,

    Week 4 day 1 (12 with 60 sec rest, 14 with 60 sec rest, 11 with 60 sec rest, 10 with 2 min rest & finally 18).


    Well done guys.

    4 miles done this morning (longest run in about 5 months) with ave pace of 10.58 min miles.  I'm really surprised I'm running that quickly so soon.  Could this be an effect of the press ups strengthening my core?


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