Just A Little Bit Further 2013



  • Yes they do, and when an adult collects it, it's nearly always harder to get rid of than when the kid has it... Perhaps because it's a 'second generation virus' or something? image

  • RR - hope you are feeling better soon

    franny - guess I run and she watches and tells me how to improve posture/form. I'll let you know next week!

  • RR - get well soon!  Sounds like a nasty virus.

    MC - hope the running assessment helps

    Hi everybody else! Sorry I've forgotten what has been said.image I feel a bit zapped.image

    Back from school ready for a piano lesson only to find that my student has postponed until tomorrow.  (At least she hasn't cancelled.)

    Have a good evening guys! x



  • enjoy the extra bit of spare time Jude

    planning lessons for tomorrow, I have a student teacher in my year 9 lessons so I feel I need to make them extra special seeing as he is watching me! 

  • moo has just shared his strawberries with his sister. it alnost makes up for him now refusing to eat jelly image

    RR, hope you feel better soon

  • Afternoon everyone. Lovely to read all your news even with sore knees and flu! Hope you feel better soon.

    Byeck - how is Moo today?

    Its my birthday. Would any one like a piece of parsnip and maple syrup cake? It is absolutely delicious and my favouritist cake but I only make it once a year on my birthday cos it is a bit expensive and the calories are through the roof.

    Had a great time at the gym last nightimage. My first circuits class. I couldn't climb the rope to the ceiling image. Then did 30 mins on a stationary bike followed by cross trainer. Was great fun.

    Today was swim.

  • Happy Birthday Chili!image Hope you are having a lovely day.

    I'd love a piece of cake.  Sounds really yummy.


  • Happy Birthday chillimage

    the cake sounds amazing

    I wouldn't be able to climb a rope either


  • Happy Birthday Chilli x

    RR-Hope you get better soon.

    More snow this afternoon a little has settled. Roads could be a bit icy tomorrow. Bored of this weather,

  • AF - I am fed up with the weather too, don't think they are bothering to grit the town where I live as the roads are horrendous. Supposed to be getting warmer at the weekend thoughimage bring on the mild weather, don't care if it rains. Just need to be able to run again. Actually, the physio didn't tell me not to run, but not going to this week - I am doing a swim clinic on Sunday that I have paid loads for, so want to be in good shape to do that

  • Happy Birthday to yoooooo, Happy Birthday to yooooooo, Happy Birthday lovely Chilli, Happy Birthday to yooooooooooooo..Mmmmmmm that cake sounds lovely. We should have a CRAC partay. Well done on the Gym too. I have never been able to clim the rope but always wanted to.

    Mathschick, I am fed up too and now my Car wont work as it's been stood for a few days. Its our fault as we really should have started it up more.

    Road Runner, I hope you feel better soon.



  • Happy birthday chili! The cake sounds wonderful. Hope it doesnt last long.

    We have yet more snow.
  • Mornin' all.  Belated happy birthday Chili.  As a carrot cake fan I'm guessing parsnip and maple syrup is fab image.

    RR sorry to hear you are aren't well.

    Weather here is misty, typical this time of year - a sign of warmer winds meeting cold air, so lots of road chaos (it's the wrong kind of mist image). 

    Less than 2 days to go, just as well 'cos I am fretting at not getting out there but thought it best not to do anything too stupid this week.  Picked up my race pack this week and it was really disappointing - they gave me the wrong sized t-shirt, and that was the only thing worth having since I don't need anti-dandruff shampoo samples and a horrible sweet japanese vitamin drink that went down the drain image.  Not a cheap race to enter either at USD120.00.  I think all the cash goes to attract a few elite runners and get some publicity.

    AF - sorry if you already said but which mara have you entered?


  • MORNUING|!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! louise , which run are you doing?

    MC, i feel the same now-just want it to go i really need to run now-im going nuts

    franny sis- sorry didnt reply yesterday was crazy day at work and geting to and from in snow and ice image

    have a good day all-take care

  • morning

    louise - race packs never really contain anything good, although when you are back in the UK if you can get into a runners world trailblazer there was loads of good free stuffimage

    seems a bit milder this morning and the roads weren't too bad to drive to work, and milder weather on the way for the weekendimage

  • LLB it's the Dubai marathon Friday morning.

    Mathschick, I got spoiled when we did out club half-marathon a few weeks ago - nice kit bag, technical t-shirt, mug, towel, water bottle, luminous strip with flashing lights to clip on for night run / ride, skin cream, Gu gels, biscuits - and a medal!  All for less than half the price.


  • Morning image

    Belated happy birthday Chili...sounds like you had a good day...well done on the gym.

    Louise...thats sounds like a fantastic race pack by your club....what time does your mara start on Friday??? Good luck will be thinking of you.

    MC..hope the running assesment will be useful.

    By'eck...Good luck with Moo today..lets hope they come up with the correct plan for all.

    Loula..sis...don't worry I guessed you were mega busy..will catch up soon.

    Pavements and grassy areas still very icy and treacherous so went to gym for crosstraining.short speed session on the tready and a short swim.

    Have a great day everyone..careful if your running.

    Ecky..hope your car started ..its a pain when that happens..we have been so lucky with ours and hope our new one lives up to the same image

    Jude...not long now till the holidays.

    AF..I too am fed up with this weather but thankful that my mara training hasn't started yet so no need for me to struggle out in the icy conditions YET.

    Hi ,Rocker, Tom,MattPhantom and all.

  • Louise-Good luck in your Marathon.Is it your first. I am doing the Brighton Marathon which will be my 1st.

    Seems snow is disappering which is good! Rest day today will do 6-7 miles 1st thing tomorrow.

    Have  a good day everyone.  

  • Alistair, it is indeed my first - my longest run so far was the 36k training run 4 weeks ago where I injured my peroneals, so I am not racing this one, just hoping to get around reasonably briskly and without re-injury.  At least I managed to train in dry weather, all except one day.  On that day (7 weeks ago) I attempted to drive my car through a puddle that turned out to be deeper than I thought so it has been in the garage since image

    I see yours is mid-April - the time goes by so quickly!  Good luck with the training.



  • Afternoon

    Thank you for all your kind wishes image.

    Byeck - hope you are getting things sorted for Moo.

    Ecky - and that you get your car working!

    Louise  - all the best with house packing. Shame about the t-shirt. My hubby wears two of my marathon t-shirts cos by the time I'd finished they only had huge sizes left. Such a shame cos they were nice tech shirts.

    Well the pavements here are lethal and only the main roads are clear so there is no running. I managed to find a reasonably safeish route for a 7 mile bike ride. But my toes were freezing and it is trying to snow again. Am a bit sick of it now. I only like snow for 2 days then I wish it would disappear until next year! lol

  • Hi Chilli, I hope you had a lovely day yesterday. I have fingers crossed that the battery just needs a charge and that we dont need a new one. I am just waiting for the RAC to come out. I have had enough of the snow too as our paths are really icy. It was hard work getting shopping earlier.

    By Eck, I have fingers crossed that you get Moo sorted.

    Hi Louise

    Hi everyone else that I have missed.




  • afternoon all, snowing again here but hopefully not too much. take care everyone- its not nice out there.feel like ive been neglecting everyone lately so sorry everbody image am trying to keep up with all your news but just dont seem to have much time to keep popping on at the mo :0

    really feeling a little frustrated that im not getting out for serious mileage at the mo so i really need to drag Rocker and my lickle bro Wib out for some running on ridgeway.

    AF, hows the training going for your mara? how are you feeling about it?

  • Louise - getting exciting now.... Good luck and hope your injury doesn't give you any probs.

    By'eck - hope little Moo is OK and a plan has been sorted.

    Loula - hope you get a nice long run soon.

    Chili - well done on your bike ride.

    AF - Hi trainee marathoner... Sounds like you are getting excited about it already!

    Ecky - Oh no to car trouble!  Hope it's something that can be fixed quickly and cheaply.

    Hi to everybody else!!

    Just got the news that the kids have passed their piano exams.  Cem got a merit for grade 1 and Elif passed her grade 5.  So pleased for them as they both worked very hard. They have got their next exams in April/May: Elif - grade 3 violin and Cem - grade 1 guitar.

    Student has postponed piano lesson again.image  It's now on Friday. Hubby and I are going to a concert tomorrow. Walton's viola concerto and R. Strauss's Death and transfiguration.  Sounds depressing but should be good....

    Bye for now lovely people...xxxx

  • Loula we know that life is challenging at the moment, so don't fret about us. But just know that we are here and sending hugs to you.

    Thanks Jude for a 'well done' on my bike ride but I really needed to do 20 miles not 7! Am very frustrated with the weather. Enjoy your concert and congratulations to your youngsters. image

  • 7 miles is better than none and good on you for getting out in the cold.

  • aw chili, thanks. image it really helps knowing i have my 'run family' to come home to image

    am really needing a long run so we will all have to get together and do one soon

  • Awwww Loula, like Chilli said, we are here if and when you need us. Friends can always pick right up where they left off even if the are not in contact all the time.

    Jude, Well done to your kids,they are amazing.

    Just had RAC man round image. I'm glad hubby was here to save me from the lecture. RAC man started the car up straight away and told Hubs that I had flooded the engine. Errrrrrrm, I think that was actually Hubby that did that and not moi image. Good news is that it didn't cost us and the car is working perfect.


  • evening all

    ecky - glad your car is ok

    louise - how exciting about friday, good luck fpr it and make sure you get lots of rest tomorrow

    loula - hope you are ok, don't you worry about us!

    chili - it is early days - so don't worry about mileage, there is loads of time, you don't need to do 20 miles in this weather

    haven't done any exercise for a few days now, had a really long day at work and not really going to have chance this evening so will have to make sure I have an early night and get up early and go on the turbo

  • Moo will be seeing the doctor and the dietician tomorrow to determine how we go forward.  He's been bouncing around at the bottom of the charts for 3 years now, and now he's dropped off the chart, I'm really hoping that they can do something to get this sorted for good.  The current position is totally unsustainable medium to long term.  Hell, its not even sustainable short term.

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