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  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    oo sorry jude , was reading too fast as usual and didnt see the first!!! congrats!!

  • having a lazy day so far....didn't sleep well so stayed in bed, have done some housework, and we are off to get the kids soon, then to my parents' - my mum always does them an easter egg hunt, and by that time most of the day will be gone

    was planning on a gym and swim later (leisure centre is open as it isn't an official bank holiday!) but I may just turn today into a rest day!


    Happy Easter everyone.

  • Sorry for being boring again but I'm very proud!!image Elif came first in the 800m and knocked 28 seconds off her PB!!image She had to swim the whole thing from the front as she lapped the others. (None of the other faster swimmers had entered this event, maybe as it's so hard for an 11 year old.) Still have to wait a week to see if it's enough to get in the nationals though....

    right, better start some marking...


  • Jude, you are not being boring at all. That's fantastic you should be so proud. Well done to Elif.

  • Jude - that is amazing! Nothing boring about that at all!! Massive well done to her and hope she gets the nationals, that would be so exciting for you all

  • Wow Jude, that is amazing! 28 seconds is a huge PB. Well done. Hope you are all celebrating tonight.

    Happy Easter! Christ is Risen!

    Been a very busy but good day. Ate a massive roast lamb dinner this eve. Was lovely to have my parents here for the dinner and since the evening was so light we out for a walk image

    Hope my dinner settles before meeting up with Loula in the morning. Am really looking forward to the run.

  • Morning

    Jude That is fantastic.I hope she makes it to the nationals

    Chili Enjoy your run today with Loula Hope ur roasty dinner has settled Have fun

    Work for me today but hope to fit in a short run later image

    Have a nice day everyone
  • Jude that's brilliant - let's hope she makes it!

    Chili roast lamb mmmm - my favourite.

    I am hobbling a little still and have a little bit of a cold, but overall feeling pretty good.  Will do a longer write up over the next couple of days while I can still remember what happened...



  • morning all

    chili/loula - have a lovely run today

    I am off to Nottingham soon for a couple of hours on my own and a trip to sweatshopimage

    have a great day everyone

  • Afternoon.

    Hi Chilli, Happy Easter. You dinner sounds lovely and I hope you and Loula have had a lovely run.

    Hi Louise, Well done. I need to read back but I get the idea you had a race this weekend.

    Mathschick, have a good day. Are you going to treat yourself?

    Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I managed 20 miles today in 3.47. I did it without the backpack but I have a 13 miler next weekend so am going to wear it then. I'm still concerned about being able to do 26 miles with Trev but my friend who is struggling with injury needs a running buddy so we are just going to plod round. I am quite happy as we can help each other to the finish.

  • Sorry Franny, I didnt mean to miss you off my post. Have a nice run later.

  • ecky - well done and in a fantastic time too. image

    I treated myself to some new runnning shoes - don't really need the motion control shoes any more - I suspected as not, and this was confirmed by the nice lady in sweatshop, so I have some new balance cushioned shoes with a lower heel drop than my normal shoes. Will try to get out later for a little run in them, but we are going to drive to Lincoln to find out where my tri is that I am doing in a few weeks and have a drive round the bike course. Hope the weather warms up or I might not risk the hyperthermia in these temperatures! 

  • Thanks Mathschick. I am just so pleased that I managed it as training has been dreadful. Taper time now. Ooooooh I love new Shoosies, I bet you cant wait to try them. Are you excited about your Tri.

    Downside to this weekend was that Big Girl was doing her exercises and her knee came out again image. She has been referred to a knee specialist. She was gutted and is worried that she will never be able to exercise again. I just hope she doesn't have to have an operation.

  • Afternoon,

    Well done Ecky on your 20 miler. You must be relieved to get the long run under your belt.Fingers crossed for your big girl.

    Jude-You have every right to be proud of your siblings. Really hope she makes the nationals.

    Chilli/Loula- hope you have had a great run tohether.

    MC-Enjoy your new shoes. I put a new pair of trainers on today as I might need to get some miles in them and use them for the Marathon as my current pair are showing some signs of aging!

    Louise-Looking forward to your report of your epic race.

    6 miles this morning still feeling tired at the moment. Poor MRS AF was awake all night with a toothache.


  • Thanks Boss and yes, I must admit I am relieved as I was worried that I would struggle with it. Its weeks since I did my last long run. Must admit that I felt really good and strong till 16ish so more prepared thsi time than I was for Asbo.

    Hope Mrs AF feels better soon. Toothache is such an awful pain image

  • ecky - oh, bad news for your girl, fingers crossed she gets it sorted quickly

    excited about the tri, but really need the weather to warm up! I have been to drive round the bike route this afternoon - thought we may as well, I needed to find out where to go for the tri and knowing what the bike route is like is always helpful.

    AF - toothache is awful, and on a bank holiday too when you can't get to the dentist. 

  • It's good that you can see the route beforehand.

  • Oh well done Ecky! And a great time. image So sorry to hear about your daughter. Ouch! must be so painfully and disappointing.

    MC - New Shoes!!!!! image

    Louise - you better get busy with the race report. We do require full details.

    AF - hope your Mrs AF feels better soon. Don't be tempted to do too much, you really do need to taper even if it feels odd.

    Franny - have a good day.

    Woke up this morning and looked out the window to grey skies and snow flurries. But I loaded up the family and met the gorgeous Loula at the Ivanhoe end of the Ridgeway. We managed a very, very cold 15ish miles of run/walk with a bit of a detour and doubling back for a lost Garmin! But we managed to talk non-stop... at least, I did! image I have a confession to make though. And this is a terrible sin, but I forgot to get the chocolate crispy cakes out image. I had them in the car ready for the finish, but it was soooo cold we just wanted to bundle up and get warm. Was a nice few hours.

    And hubby and girls plus my parents and Grandad had a nice trip to the Tring Natural History Museum.

  • Thanks Chilli, I did feel quite good and am glad I rested up when I needed to and the missed weeks dont seem to have made a huge difference. Big Girl is gutted but I'm glad she was at home when it happened so that we could help her. She is off to see a knee specialist next week so will know more then.

    Sounds like you had a lovely run and your family had a lovely day too. I hope you thaw out soon. We can forgive you forgetting the cakes as you were freezing image.

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    aw ecky , hope that big girl is ok!!imagewell done on your long run!!!!

    AF, hope mrs AF feels better too , toothache isnt nice.

    ecks, chili and i were indeed freezy at the start but warmed up running, was chilly on the open ridge section and then i realsied my Garmin had dropped off my wrist!!!oops!!!

    had to backtrack and find it -which we did -phew!


    i hyad forgotten treats tooimage it was so very cold and we wanted to jump in the cars and warm up! was a lovely day out with chili and meeting all her family was lovely as always!!

  • Evening

    Ecky..firstly well done on completing 20 miles today..that is excellent and you will be great at LONDON..I have told hubby to wtch out for you on TV as I will be working that day.

    And secondly Ecky hope big girl is ok and her knee does not need operation.

     Loula and Chilli ..well done on your big run today...bet it was a nice one even though it was a tad cold.

    AF..hope mrs AF tooth is better now...You are on taper now..let body relax and recover for your BIG DAY which yhou are going to be FAB image

    Beditme soon for me..busy day at owrk but managed to fit in my short 4 miler. 10miles planned for tom before work at 2pm

    Night night image

  • Evening all image Wow everyone is so busy! And I'm not jealous at all of Eckys amazing 20 miles or Lou n chilis lovely sounding 15... much! image Franny hope your 10 goes well tomorrow! Have you got to do a days work after that as well!? AF, are you allowed to say what time you are aiming for? I got out for 4 miles, which was tough, but it felt good. Need to loose the extra weight I seem to be carrying. The tights were in the wash so it was time to brave it with the vivobarefoots and shorts. A couple more degrees and the sandals might come out! ps. Jude your Elif sounds like a fish in the water! You must be so proud.

    Have a good Tuesday all image
  • I have a brilliant photo of Chili & Lou pre-run at the Ridgeway, but I've tried for hours to post it and RW doesn't seem to be happy about anyone posting pics at the moment.

    Sorry all, I'll get it up as soon as it lets me.

  • morning all

    taking the kids to get their hair cut this morningimage they were in a major strop last time....


    Thanks Franny, I was so pleased and so happy that I am on a taper now. I will be trying to do 13 with the backpack next week but will walk jog it. I have my fingers crossed for Big Girl too. Shame as she has just got active again.

    Hiya Matt, wow you are brave, Its freezing out thereimage.

    Morning Mathschick. I'm so glad I have never had to take mine to the Hairdressers although the Girls would like to go now.

    Mr Chilli, I just saw the pic on fb and it's lovely.

    Well rest day for me today and will run tomorrow. My legs are sore but not too bad although I felt a bit rough yesterday after Dinner so had a nap.



  • we all survived the hair cut, the worst thing was getting big boy to wear a coat, he admitted it wasn't actually that bad, certainly not worth all the arguing about,which has ended up with him banned from playing computers today!

    feeling stressed about my mother, she always has to get her oar in and try to control me and how I run my life/family etc. I do appreciate that in a way she thinks she is helping us, but there is always an undercurrent of control. Won't go into big details here, but I need to get out for a run/go the gym and work off some of these feelings!

    making some homemade bread and soup for lunch, and little boy staying overnight at a friend's tonight, so at least there will be fewer arguments.....

  • Morning

    MC..pleased the haircuts went well..hope you manage to get to the gym or run to vent off your "feelings" Mothers eh!!!!!! Must admit though I am lucky with my mum and MIL too.I have made homemade soup for lunch too but not bread image

    Matt..yep Iam at work at 2pm today and did my 10 miler this morning with 8 miles of it at hopefull marathon pace image

    Ecky..glad your legs are not too bad this morning image

    Have a good day everyone image

  • I am delurking long enough to say I am still here. I will post when I have run again. Not sure when that will be
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