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  • AF - missed your post saying you had your number. Yaaaaa, - just don't find something else to get stressed about

    no doubt the weather will change and it will be warm so maybe you should start planning your warm weather race gear!

    by eck - the wind here is freezing. Kids are refusing to go out - little one was at the allotment earlier with my mum and says he was freezing and not going out again

    can't face going swimming with the club tonight - just a whiff of chlorine will be enough to set my tummy off I think! So a turbo session planned for later

    and OH has a phone interview this afternoon, I have to spend the time until then filling him with positive energy as he is convinced he isn't good enough

  • We have snow flurries. It is April
  • AF...it doesn't mean you have to run a 10k but just  afew miles 1,2 or 3 at that pace..its a tempo paced run but slow and steady is good.As I said its all abou thow you feel..just don't do too many miles the week before the big race..you will be fine....Usually I don't even run the week before the marathon so don'tt think i will actually be following that weeks plan...image although I am still a week ahead of schedule on the plan. I know not running at all the week before would drive you crazy so just 2 runs will probably keep you ticking over just nicely.

    MC..Good luck for hubby..hope it all goes well and then he gets through to the next round..Fingers crossed...let us know how it went.

    By'eck...Aw nooooooooo not snow flurries....we have sunshine and its actually not too cold now...been out for another Chico walk and it was surpirsingly mild...NOT shorts weather though

  • Ugh, I dunno about you guys but I've had enough of this!  I want to be able to jog to the gym, but it's too much of a faff to change out of my full winter running gear into my gym clothes!  Not really running at the moment, but am doing cardio warmup/cool down just before hitting the iron hard!

    Hope everyone's doing OK.

  • According to several websites, the wind chill factor takes it down to minus 10. Thats cold. It means I can't take moo out for a walk because I suspect he is asthmatic and he is getting a bit breathless with any real exercise
  • brrr, by eck, no wonder it feels so cold. What a shame you can't get out with moo, but the cold can really affect asthma, or any breathing condition so it is understandable you need to be careful with him

    my kids have learnt some kind of poker from watching James Bond so we have just been playing their version of poker with monopoly money!

  • the phone interview seems to have gone well, they are going to arrange for a proper interview. Probably not for a week or so as we are away next week. Fingers crossed. He is refusing to get excited (bloody pessimist) but just getting an interview is good news really

  • Hi Lovely Running People

    Have been away for a couple of days on retreat in Cambridge and haven't read back so hope everyone is okay.

    Will catch up soon. *waves*

  • Morning all.

    MC, good news for your OH.  Must help with the confidence to at least get through the 1st interview.

    I have a bit of a cough and a cold, apparently quite common in the aftermath of a very long run.  Loading up with vitamins to have the stamina for the last two days of farewells to Dubai.

  • morning

    chili - hope you had a good time at the retreat

    louise - yes, I keep telling him that getting an interview means his CV and covering letter are good. 

    feeling a bit fatigued today - think I might have overdone it a bit yesterday, ran, did loads of strengthening (squats and lunges etc) at the gym and then a turbo in the evening. We are taking the kids out to Clumber Park today - a National Trust park with lovely tea room to warm up in after walking/cycling round image


    Hope everyone is okay.

    Just had mail back from the Tube for London as I was worried about being able to take Trev  with me. They said I could but not at peak times. I am worried now as I may get him taken off me if staff think he is going to be a Health and safety risk. I have sent a piccie just to make sure but I am wondering if I will have to think again.

    I also just fell down the stairs and now have a very  bruised Bum Bone image

    Mathschick, rest for you today. Good luck to OH too. Sounds promising.

    Hi Chilli, did you have a good time?

    Louise, make sure you take it easy with that cold.

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    wow lots of chatter going on here !!! sorry i keep disappearing , been a bit busy at the mo with everything but am keeping up just about with you guys!

    Louise- fab report! did indeed sound a toughie as franny said -but you did it!!!! whens your next one?

    chili hope you hsd a good break, know how much you were looking forward to it image

    Boss, chill. even if you hadnt recieved your number theyd have sorted it when you arrived. hope you arnt running all out and tiring yourself!

    franny sis, im excited for you about Rand R!!! hope it warms up for you though! god its sooooo freezing here today. i have 5 days off now (inc weekend)so will be busy....have a house!!!!! woohoooooo.....couldnt really get too excited last week as it hyad just come up on web and the owners hadnt moved out. i was first to get in with a viewing and have accepted the house and put a deposit on it today!!!!

    feel like i cant get 100% into feeling its my house yet as the buyers of mine could yet still pull out at any time but most paperwork signed now so hopefully a date can be sorted out. eek!!!!!


  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    ECKY, why did you have to check if yu could take Trev on the tube??!! is he that big?image


  • Wow LLB -  very exciting to buy a house!  When will you be able to be sure of it going ahead?

  • Afternoon

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy so excited for you Loula sis...Is it in the same village you are in just now.image

    Chilli..hope you had a nice break away..you deserve it hun.

    Ecky...aw your poor bottom..hope its not too bruised. I am sure you would be allowed to take a teddy wiv you..thats just ridiculous if you are not allowed.

    Louise..take care and rest up now so as you can recharge your batteries.

    MC..you need to take care too and listen to your body..hope you feel energized soon.

    Well I went out and did 20 miles this morning..was bitter cold at first but I soon warmed up...am fairly happy with my pacing today image Did it in 3hrs 17 mins.image

    Have a good evening everyone

  • Oooh Loula, how exciting. I hope it all goes well. Reg Trev, I don't think he is too big I was just worried but then he cant be any bigger than a large suitcase. I just didn't want to get there and then have him taken off me.


     Thanks Franny. Just went shopping and Big Girl found it very funny as I was struggling to sit down in the car. Massive Well done on your run too. That's a brilliant time.

  • Franny-Well done on your 20 miler. A speedy lady indeed- can you or are you aiming for a sub 4 hour marathon? Enjoy the R&R half we will be running at the same time about 500 miles apart!!!! Out of interest I used a race calculator to get my estimated time for a marathon. I used my 1/2 Pb of 1.37 and they said I should aim for 3.20-----no way!!

    Loula-Really pleased that you have found a new place. You deserve a new start. Good luck and keep us posted.......I say party tiem to celebrate!!!! 

    Ecky-Trev should be ok even with our health and saftey mob. Fingers crossed you get on TV!!

    MC-take care.Don't over do things.

    6.2 miles this morning & a short 4 miler tomorrow to test out my compression shorts that I bought for the Marathon- will go in the afternoon when heopfully it is warmer.

    At the moment I feel my whole life is focused on one thing!!!!!





  • ecky - trev is massive, but I can't see why they wouldn't let you on the tube with him

    loula - brill news about the house, hope it all goes through smoothly

    had a lovely walk with the kids on their bikes - gone are the days when we could walk at the same pace as they cycle though!

    franny - well done on your 20 miler

  • AF well a sub 4 would be a dream come TRUE but will be mire than happy with sub 4.30 image Pace calculators always seem to suggest a quicker time so are there for estimations only My HM PB predicts that I should get sub 4 lol Alot depends on how U feel on the day.Well done on your rum today and hope U get to try out the shorts

    MC sounds like U had nice family time

    Ecky norty girl for laughing at her mum and sore behind lol
  • Must admit though Franny, I would have been laughing so much my stomach muscles would have been sore.image

    Yeh Boss, I may have made it sound like he was a lot bigger than he is.

    Mathschick, he is huge and if I don't get noticed with him then I give up image


  • franny - the kids were arguing so much we sent them in different directions on the bike - then we had a lovely afternoon lol! 

  • MC - that's what I need to do with my girls! They bicker ALL THE TIME!

    Franny - superb run and great time.

    Ecky - ouch! hope it doesn't take long to heal.

    Loula - good to hear that you have found a place.

    Louise - yes it's not unusual to feel rough after a long distance run. Hope you feel better soon.

    Am running parkrun in the morning and then we might do a family bike ride if the rest of the family can cope with the temperature.


  • Thanks Chilli, its just sore now but seems to be getting better. It sounds like you are going to have a lovely day tomorrow.


  • tomorrow we are off to Sussex for the weekimage

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    ooo ecky hope ya bummy is ok !!!!imageimage *snigger*image

    aw fanks for the good  wishes my lovely friendies- hope it all goes through smoothly with the house, will keep you all updated.

    Boss, thank you, and i will indeed announce partaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay time when im officially moved in!!!

  • Tut Tut Loula, fancy laughing at my misfortune *hobbles off  to get the Norty step ready image. It's not too bad thankfully. I may have a rest tomorrow but am going to the track on Sun with real Trev. I will just pootle round while the kids train. It will give them some entertainment.

    Now I think about it, we have been too well behaved recently. image


    Wow, I cant believe I am the first on today. Where is everyone?

  • Packing...fly to London tomorrow at last

    Just in time for it to warm up image

    Sandstorms and very humid today in Dubai.  Sore head, too many farewellsimage

  • Morning Louise. I hope it does warm up for you. image. It must have been very difficult to say goodbye to everyone. image


  • Louise, it is warming up! Today I hung the washing on the line and it dried (unlike last week when it snowed). And the girls spent hours playing in the park and my hubby has got the BBQ out. It's made everyone feel happy.

    Parkrun this morning.

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